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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Ekaterina Zaharieva  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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came to see. my mistress. is a. little seeds of civil rights. piece meal. plan. to. start september first. this week on conflict when i'm in berlin to talk to a cutter the in that second the foreign minister of bulgaria she is being among the politicians such ng for comment e.u. approach on the question of large scale migration now that a compromise has been found is the fair deal for everybody and will the agreement last.
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the catalina exactly have about well come to conflict so your country has just concluded six months in the presidency of the e.u. with the most pressing was and is still migration now there is a deal on this but it is very light on details isnt it. i think. there are many challenging during our presidency and migration fortunately the most divisive topics very high in the agenda more than three years and so what we try to draw during our presidency is to propose promises but you didn't succeed yeah but we are who are really close to these and to succeed those doesn't mean that i'm endorsing a brutal ugly yes you're right if you will refers to control center for saddam
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seekers on european territory the decision not of outside yeah the decision to build these will be voluntary let's be honest no one will volunteer for that it's also inside inside and outside inside and outside yet it is so what is it inside know nobody wants to do it even you decided that there are some existing and. what what is the bulgarian position of this i'll speak now after the press that he can't speak much more all out bulgarian positionable good proposal dead three people worse our pm and three dimensions help to say to solve this long long perspective mine are not just crisis after crisis a crisis and we wasn't prepare for the first christ one of the european members that it was living in their crisis in the world everybody knew that their cries and right there was on his i was well over and you know it was also for some crisis
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responsible so now you beauty don't work. you know ok is europe responsible for some crisis maybe maybe yes. and the problem getting proposal for the duration it's not two hundred three years. out we in crisis are not. and took us three years with a decision to sign for example your turkish agreement which actually decrease eighteen one percent the pressure of the border but let's talk about the use of these are these are old solutions so this talk about of interest more than we're just had a summit a european summit is bulgaria willing to build an asylum center like that will you volunteer no we don't so here is saying no so what does it mean everybody's saying oh everybody decided bulgaria also decided the last text so what
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does it mean if you say no we accept our border as you know and we protect our external bore border extremely good not our european union external border and we have centers and we register actually we have register and register all refugees that cross our border so according to the regulation existing one. and what happens actually if they're refugee they have to see through to through to find the first safety place but most of those people don't want to stay in bulgaria they don't want to stay greece they don't state either leave them but end up as perhaps or remains we were told as well as their country in europe which is not the case that we can we were told about that were refugees don't want to stay in bulgaria but let's let's continue to a little give and then also in greece are let's let's talk about the control
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centers because this is a very important issue these processing centers are closed and controlled that's the idea right the process is center. in the beginning there are hotspots the tension centers now we call them processing processing but they have lost control of that and that two types of this close control for the people who don't actually receive you don't assign in advance who is really allowed and not allowed basically a closed processing center is like a prison for escaping people many of them barely survived the journey to europe is that what you want closed sentance. first of all what we want is to close our external border is not normal everybody who wants to come fully from europe and look for a better life which is normal well for the people who can cross illegally the border and if you nice way of doing speak about these ones who want to have
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a better life we are speaking and talking about these ones who have to escape like syrians because there is war in syria there unfortunately your eight years actually already that's why these forgotten and learn not to quit cold air and the asylum legal rights are not to compare with these people who want to have a better life so really let's talk about these ones so let's make the necessary between the refugees and illegal migration that's awesome fortunately what we see in europe that people start to make these differences because of many legal migrants that are still coming and continue to come in europe and this is the problem even in bulgaria but not only in bulgaria i just spoke with we did germany france and unfortunately even in germany the people. have to make this difference refugee an illegal migration and then the worst of the tension stays explain to their population and we also did try to explain. politicians wants to explain to
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the population the opposite that the refugee crisis is a crisis not because refugees are coming i mean another part of the deal but you know we got there and that's it was of it is absolutely different two thousand and twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. ninety percent from the people who are crossed or the european or the where refugees and now it's not that not not like that but you have to create role of them you have to have a legal aid to understand migrants yes but you have however regardless of that remark there is a legal process which has to be done another part of the deal with which your prime minister will resurface expressed support for is the so-called disembarkation platforms in north africa we agree with what we what we say yes this is a bulgarian position or up we support is three measures and they cannot work separate so one on one of them it's enough i understood so on is north africa and
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this implication so what is your artists are our opinion and this is in this declaration actually is european the gratian its european leaders the question achieved after hours and hours of discussion and it's across external borders but solidarity with external partners countries because we yes ok we manage to tackle ourself but it's much more difficult for greece and spain but we should not forget also bulgaria cyprus malta and so on and so for also when we talk about solidarity it's sort of there are only the external borders country to accept all of the refugees illegal migrants that want to come in europe but you know what is not so you know it's not fall in there during we're talking about that north african states have already rejected this idea there is not one north african state who said here i am we are helping europe but we have to support also then to of course through this africa trust fund that we created and if you see the date as one
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thousand five percent greece think of. of. migrants and refugees illegal migrants and refugees. in the measures that we took to signing the turkish statement agreement since creating can develop an african trust fund i'm so sorry again you were telling to your population into the europeans the disembarkation platforms will be in north africa there is not one state who is saying we have we agree on that we continue we continue to talk with them and that's why one of the most important pillar of this is external pure we have to continue to work with those countries to support them and it's not only not north africa countries let's be frank we talk about the region about corner of africa region we are talking about libya we are leading libyan story difficult to go see it with libya do you support the i went to libya we have to make you support this idea yes we support
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this libya does not have a functioning government. this very complicated situation they have two governments as you know was going on when very difficult border control you wanted them to negotiate yeah we won when they had it with your laws smugglers criminals which are not have the loot on the other not only got shared with the smugglers but you negotiated with with the governments without any power if we were not very silly official government but unfortunately of clearly in power no it's i would not say that this i am not agree with you if there isn't be as powerful as you are just saying you wouldn't have problems with your in when i was criminals they can take care in their own country it may express our pleasure it's a possible story but what we do if you continue to accept their legal migration actually we support. smugglers and criminals who don't care about
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those people and just take the money and. put them in the water said i don't care about you and not on in the water in the truck store so we have to tackle and we have to stop we simply go across the border faster. because through continued support of this illegal crossing we actually support the smugglers but faces now are not your solution so we will not negotiate with smugglers and traffickers that you're negotiating with libya or this already or what you're saying that olivia's. because the governments the government is not the government how of all and you know this as you know that the north african they don't they are not interested to negotiate with europe you no doubt you're telling renegotiation you frustrations no you're not right we negotiate and we actually work very. un and. international organization of migrants and we have actually
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a huge successes so let's be frank we are not there where we have to be drawing a common decision to be are really very close but we have a huge difference since ninety. two hundred twenty fifty so we have ninety five percent decreasing of illegal crossing borders and this other fact that's a look at those records you have taken in a few refugees the bulgarian helsinki committee human rights and geo based in the capital so if you're says quote the situation of zero integration of refugees in bulgaria has been going on for fourth year in a row zero integration and then you astonish the refugees want to live to leave bulgaria you know i think that of course i know this reports i'm not agree with everything what is written there so the fact that. people that come and absolutely free politicians but not bombing different organizations to see what
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happens in our border it's many speculation what we do with the refugees but it's proven that it's not we it's not it's now it's not ok according to the turkish statement actually they are blight if they try to live across the border to take this and to send them back in turkey with all we don't forget with other opinions let's take the amnesty world report twenty seventeen they say quote the necessary services were not provided to migrants and refugees including two unaccompanied children it documents a case from february for example last year syrian family had been granted humanitarian status symbol garia the major in the town of ilene palin said quote muslim from syria were not welcome. in truth doesn't want. to host refugees i see no problem brigade doesn't for want to host the refugees it
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we have to take care for the refugees but see what happens and that's why i started with this we start to do difference between migrants and really go illegal migrants and refugees in there and this is because of when we want to tackle if we think that we can tackle populism with more populism it's her uncle approach and what is this issue now and all the european member states to build fences among us saying in the work is it isn't it better to protect our sterno borders and to create for the countries who want migrants because they need their working forces to create a legal program for migration because actually we save six hundred fifty thousand people from that ok so let's talk that let's we continue in my opinion if you also it's pretty simple get an opinion if we want to tackle and to safety people's life actually stuck with illegal migration to traffic and smugglers and those criminals we have to stop illegal crossing borders so the european union i got a letter g.
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you don't try to alter ego border if you think that according to the to the convention for refugees you are refugee you have to go and i am a refugee this is my appeal for. asylum seeker i understand so this time talk about something else you seem to have no problem with the bulgarian national movement with according to a report by the council of europe is quote notorious for systematically propagating hatred against neighboring people in the balkans as well as anti gypsy propaganda it's a coalition partner. yes we have coalition partners and we have different opinions but we have very very clear corniche of agreements that it's not even when it's our with this party another example of this hatred is coming from the deputy prime minister your deputy prime minister simeon of he was found guilty of hate speech against roma he's still deputy minister and you don't say anything is the prime minister not getting in their party prime minister and you don't say anything and
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in part i often i was not a great what is the thing and why different political parties and the wedding ceremonies of her in germany that they have a different proposition are doing great. like that about minorities in the german government another vote let's listen to your deputy prime minister he said in the bill you have to have an employer and i'm not agree with his being wrong or people are we have to try to integrate them but the one about right and we try to integrate them but we need we integrate roma refugee our deputy prime minister our twelve percent of arrogated. ferocious humanoids demanding wages about labor demanding sick leave benefits without being sick child benefits for children that play outside with the street pigs and maternity benefits for woman with the instincts of street bitches this is your deputy prime minister you are still in a coalition with such
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a man we are and since here this was during his presidential campaign he said he is in the government he absolutely changed his approach you know he's evolved them to responsible you'll post with such a gun i don't this is a race is this a racist statement yes or no for the gypsies it authorizes they have month but so you are you on the government with the racist party and the i mean. i was everything it was during the production campaign and i was not agree with what he just what he was sacked and since we are in the government we have absolutely clear position that is stick to the european values and also conventions that we signed in joint and if we continue to be blind to that illegal migration it's a huge problem and every who we're told every. talk is a very mild situation we're not talking about migration we don't we look towards
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our military force to go into our almost all racial moments about the fact is the fact is that most of them we have six point eight percent unemployment five point eight percent of the union and all of those are all insanity people only point people fortunately from so this is what is what is what we do what we do we create a special program to oblige there almost to send the children in the schools and in the kindergarten to give them a future so we put a lot of effort and they're building up their bulgarian their poor ghettos we have . gary of so with trauma origin we have also twelve percent of brigands with thirty shortages. and we are proud we are proud with the ethnic tolerance and we never compared with other baucus country didn't care station between the different people we didn't have tension between the bulgarians it was good and now it is you know between jews you can use military sollie many people said
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a lot of things before the election it's not many people may know many people in europe also say a lot of people many things before elections not polling garia after you lections and after they join the government it's a different position ok ever. never in our history we have tension between them to get answers but get an origin and get us out there so we are proud of this ok you also have the letter you also wrote about your important relationship with russia. you have a good relationship with russia we have got a relationship with russia but we absolutely. will stick to the european principles and we mention a point bulgaria is the best friend of pressure gauges that south stream will get a star or stop a nuclear power bell and what's. your position about sanctions and also bogosity to look at this project so we are suited toronto european partners are you in favor for the sanctions against russia us just the european leaders to be seasoned to
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continue with the sanctions you are obviously bulgaria support or support for these and these are sanctions not again russians it's the sanctions it's our red lines about rational behavior to ukraine and crimea or so but what about the ukraine what's about the crime crimea crisis what's about syria what's your opinion about vladimir putin and his policies. for the reporting obviously want to be very strong men. there and. now for example for crimean or absolutely it's unacceptable and country can just decide to take this is my part. to the to the international rules and values for syria we condemn them for us yeah russian behavior in the korean for for syria for example and what we can do together with with russia we have to work together with russia on european level
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not on the also on bilateral able to tackle for example terrorism to try to solve the crisis in syria. north korea but you are very dependent very depend on the russia yes yes russia guests no less one hundred percent right more than one color can not only around ninety two let's talk about its dependence of russia guests but we work on the versity and what what i. what actually happened i saw could have a little bit more about to get supplies we stopped our stream and some of the member states develop our streams to solve and i. was we are what we are we will be dependent on russian turkey the same time because if we stop supplies to north at the same time and you know same time will be scrapped once a multi blend we think that it's important for bulgaria to have owned to develop
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routes of gas supply. where are you while the while sharing your goal to build your own trouble just to use a nuclear power plant with russia rosenthal it makes you even more dependent from russia we start building but now we face a billions for two reactors that are like monuments and we want to develop this project as private projects without dependency so we look for private investment. they are different candidates we still didn't force a candidate so but then decided you know in your parliamentary mistah for us it's important mr ball we saw your listeners resolve said that it is a good idea to restart the project yeah we try to fight investor because we've been from our taxpayers for to the actors that sit like a monument and we look private investment they are interesting some primitive message from china that interesting given from united states they're coming from
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russia so we didn't force what we will negotiate let's talk it lands on the. when we got here if it if is if we speak about russia let's talk about corruption because this is also one of your responsibilities your deputy prime minister in charge of judicial reform in this and it's twenty seventeen report on the fight against corruption and organized crime in bulgaria you talked about quote unpredictable legislative decision making process and should gesture that your government has rolled back earlier reforms which is this report that you're in which here it is the report of the e.u. which are twenty seventeen. from terrence seventy one and seventy report says twenty seventeen. perception said the same thing they said that corruption is increasing your own president said just a few weeks ago there is a lot of talking about corruption in bulgaria it's your president but i think too
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little is being done why does he say that. you know the first reports from twenty seventeen. before and then the last one it was the last one. said that we are absolutely moving quite a while. mechanism that we have and we just adopt and create in the beginning of twenty eighteen. to corruption body which actually already here for success is so let's give a chance to this body to those in a few years and huge global financial target a washington based research organization says every year the country last if you three hundred twenty two if you see our let's talk with numbers because they are much more. precise something we here for almost four percent economic growth we have seven point five billion trade with germany and
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increasing investment from germany and german investor stuffing very well for example the biggest. foreign investor in bulgaria is netherlands so if the business here well. this means that they smell so dark picture in bulgaria of course they hear problems with corruption and they want to tackle corruption not because of brussels or not because of transparency international not because of headache or burning of paris we think that we have problems and we work to tackle these problems but it's not so dark and if you see actually for example for because our prime minister very. like you don't know who i was an example for example i'm listening to mangling smuggling of cigarettes we are less than at present compared with other member states what is this is corrupt they're corrupt of course we hear problems with corruption i don't deny this but knight we all know what i'm saying
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we have problems with corruption and that we don't deny this but we work to tackle these and we are much better compare with what was five thought it had there is a. thank you very much for being on conflict so it was a pleasure thank you thank you ily ily. ily ily. yai. to.
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