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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Rammstein  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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limit boost to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on d.w. . welcome to this special edition of topics but this time it's all about shock rockers the ramstein. we'll go behind the scenes of their video shoot and we'll also be looking back of their adventures on the big screen. but we look at the homicide phenomenon what makes them so popular what inspires them and how did they become one of germany's most successful rockets.
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controversial cutting edge and a commercial and critical success tom steiner germany's bad boys of rock but they're not just in your face industrial metal. kind of bob moved from texas to know if you understand them you'll find beautiful but talk lyrics you can expect to journey into the unknown to the dark side to evil and skousen who claims woozy sunshine or infamous for their militaristic imagery defiance of chaplin's subjects and there are times outrages videos critics either love them or eat them. when there is general agreement is on their explosive live performances with pyrotechnics mastered by front man two lindemann himself with eighteen million
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records sold worldwide are one of germany's best known bands their metal and music circus goes down particularly well with fans in the us. there are more layers intense the crazy out of control i'm learning german for them i just finished my first year but the best. do what's killing the money. all of it to stop schneider and first time law firms the six friends played in various bands in east germany in one nine hundred ninety four they joined forces to form. the sexten are like a family where communication is cheap. and most of those i'm stein is about talking to me like having discussions seventy percent of the time we spent together just chatting on. a trip back into our into the late one nine hundred eighty guitarist hollanders and keyboard push on the fly for
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a long time and were part of the legendary east berlin punk alfred feeling baby. we were really lucky to meet up when you each of the from the old days and had something in common. you could have all come to nothing with the same music. the music isn't any better than other music i was. looking to play a. trick to get. mark on the chinese sound would certainly make its mark the big breakthrough came with the one nine hundred ninety seven single angle which spent several months in the german charts. have released sixty two albums to date everyone.
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was struck by. the band's pension for explosives set design works well on the big screen true as seen here in the concert movie. paris. their tours took the berlin based band from mexico to japan and they show no signs of retiring . if they've got some days we enjoy touring and our concerts are always sold out i don't know what would have to happen for us to stop enjoying it. i can't imagine anything better. and the others feel the same way. to live over two decades since their creation. and look back on an extremely successful career and copied but in terms of sheer originality never in cold live
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. in two thousand and four the boys poke fun at american culture in a song. and in both germany and finland it. live live. live. live.
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live live live. live . it's.
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times antics have also been celebrated on cinema screens just in the documentary ramstein of america and more recently in a concert movie in paris hit the red carpets of both p.b.s. . live to the current technical extravaganza of
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a concert the notorious german band's concert film paris their shows are loud and provocative but on the red carpet the band members look relatively tame all six attended the movie's world premiere in berlin in march twenty seventeen a project that was a labor of love. i think to my core reach new album but we tried to come up with a show that will outdo the last one. and i think it's important to document out somehow. to come to the essence of what we were trying to do. you know in this case it worked really well we can show our grandkids what we were like on stage. peter's footage from two concerts in paris in twenty twelve thirty cameras were spiritually placed to capture the band's mix of music high tech stage effects and
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theater the film was shown simultaneously in cinemas in more than forty countries. so life. it's always tricky trying to reproduce a live concert i think that film is the only medium that can convey at least some of what we're doing. this is. such a big. if since it need to take on like the slow movers we can see ourselves anyway on stage just beat it's like watching a great goal in a football match you can break it down into fractions of a second. this is not conscience first they were previously the subject of a documentary called in america which trying to just go metal band success in the u.s. . is so it is on the us is
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a big part of our band history so we're glad we're finally been able to turn all that material that with accumulated into a documentary. like centers on the band sellout show at madison square garden in new york the documentary ended up talking music charts in the u.s. and britain. that's the premier of homs time paris at a famous theater in berlin and its director eunice opera london has put together numerous video clips for the band. my job as a filmmaker has always been to help to bounce and acts that i work with to bring them to different places that they never been before and and of course a drum sounds hard because they were already done so many great things so it's a challenge to keep up on their artistic level it seems safe to say in homs time
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paris has taken concert movies to the next level. back to the small screen now since one to twelve the band released a compilation of their most memorable songs the d.v.d. also featured a new video for mind hits banks with imagery that even by i'm stein standards what's disturbing be afraid.
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of it. play play. play play play. play. play. play play play play. play. play play. play play play play.
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play play play play. play play play play play play. play play play play play play and now look at the new positions exploits outside the band in all public sports special extra section claim not to shine children women hasn't just enjoyed success as a group scrunch man has teamed up with swedish metal musician patriota playing in
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the duo linda money in twenty fifty in their first album skills and kills going shot into charts from britain to australia plagiarised the close but has his own son project going on with his band to emigrate comes times members enjoy taking time out for extra curricular activities exploring it's more important than rush trying to keep the band healthy. happy and just you know follow i do you're off to in this place. today emigrate have released two albums and collaborated with such big a musician says japanese guitar legend the time. chilling given right song lyrics and he's dabbled in poetry his first volume messer was published in two thousand to his dark verses inspired by everyday life since the
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life changed born son of a children's book author. so this is untold if you have a dream if i could note it down fast enough for it fades. to grandma crossing the intersection and you thinking is she going to make it and i think about what would happen if she hadn't made it. that moment always sounds so gruesome but ultimately it could be real. although of course i do hope the grandma makes it across. to release his second volume in twenty thirteen entitled instilling nation war on quiet nights it was published in russia three years later and sold out within a day. the border closed john lawrence aka flocka has also branched out into writing his twenty fifteen autobiography recounts his life before lunch time when he admits that there i'm a style of wrong was not his thing its mission was to naturally i'm no longer
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afraid of loud music and i know the meaning musicians look and behave the nicer they are on stage. and as the co owner of a vintage model rental company he also gets to indulge in his passion for classic cars. elaborate thing from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook at d.f.w. music story stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook and send us a message we love hearing from. five of ramstein six albums today made it to the top of the charts in germany two thousand and five was an all to produce the single bed scene which is our hit number three on this topic sport i'm starting special.
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length. the leg if the. one thing ramstein not afraid of its pushing the open up and their videos are no exception next we look at the making of some of their more examples and discover that the lads are not shy of offending sensibilities. from forgeries on the beach to monsters in the bedroom. music videos are a no nonsense affair and is key to the band's image as its music ever since the clip to its debut single jew least so good the band has created its very own branded visual. list
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very few artists that i work with bring out the best out of me. out of everybody you know to me. ever since the first time i work with ralph i'm always felt like you know it's special and it's different and it makes me. creatively do stuff that i usually wouldn't do. in the field or that you tell me one single song of the band played more slaving away and snow white spoke my twisted take on the original brothers grimm fairy tale live. live he's from barry's evil not the caring snow white from the fairy tale which read the story a bit of it that's. it was not the
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first or last time the band called it controversy. it's a really nice story in itself with snow white in the walls but observation is out for trouble lizzie tells would force a mind trial was based on a real change to. cannibalism in germany each member was told to improvise their part on camera looking and it was mine time it's mine and i saw mine tiles by my part as my second personality my alter ego there are times in life when you try to find a balance with your shadow. along with a little i. ran the nomination thanks in no small part to a video that didn't pull any punches. live. live band members say their videos are an exploration of their own limits. but critics
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don't experiment you want to anything when you. live in two thousand and nine invidious of the single currency was shot as a hardcore pornography movie and released on a russian sex site the video was probably censored for mainstream television back home live. still the calculated reach of child little helped land the song at number one on the german charts. kristof's mr can't do anything for the band and i say the others think similarly live in the trench eleven clip two minute lunch the banter made a surprise appearance as clear cut beach boys they shot the video where else but in
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sunny california live. on a mission off we always dreamt of shooting a clip on the beach just the girls the way rappers always doing now i know why they always doing it it's a lot more fun with ramesh boss living up. so there are bad boy image nonchalance to lots crossing the red lines but behind all the costumes and makeup when the cameras are off they're basically six feeling to the sky it's the hour lol glenn . and finally we revisit i'm stein's days the band's first number one album was the same soaked from one thousand seven it featured the single angel album heavenly time and see you soon on public school.
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may nineteenth sixteen and crime echoed around the world to. young people with gold against them comes generation. did it but it was an awesome dusty from the stupidity insistence who sees. jimmy. nothing less than a home system and. white male strum of himself. with vietnam playing the role of my generation watch the book war every day. brings me to remember the mr the first time i had a feeling of being part of something for. the seeds of civil rights. peace movement. planned this field. in sixty eight. stores the first double.
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this is g.w. news live from the un investigators issued a damning report on myanmar's crackdown on the ranger using the words genocidal intent they also say of military commanders who must face justice for crimes against humanity the army's brutal offensive a year ago led hundreds of thousands of revenge of muslims to flee the country look at the latest.


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