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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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this is d. w. news the live from berlin tensions over migration turned violent in the german city of cabinets several people are injured after a second day of protest in a german chancellor condemns the rest and warns that the government will not tolerate mob violence against foreigners. also coming up our killer robots the future of warfare experts from around the world are meeting in switzerland to discuss how to deal with weapons that can fight wars and kill all on their own plus
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as america mourns the passing of john mccain a war hero and a politician known for reaching across the aisle for a contentious senate battle in arizona and the ins that his home state may soon be represented by a very different type of politician. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. the german government says that federal police are ready to back up local law enforcement officers in the eastern state of saxony that's after two days of growing tensions between neo nazis and left wing protesters beyond rest is triggered was triggered rather by the fatal stabbing of a german man over the weekend in an apparent alter cation with migrants opposition parties have criticised the police for failing to prevent further violence on monday chancellor angela merkel has said that there is no place for hate on the streets of germany. violence erupted again under streets of can it's
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a monday as far as demonstrate has faced off with counter protest it's a call by a right wing group to as many as two thousand protesters in around one thousand counter-demonstrators several people were injured as the two sides threw fireworks and other objects the protests erupted over the fatal stabbing of a thirty five year old german man on sunday during the city's annual street festival two young men one from iraq one from syria were taken into custody authorities have provided little information on the outer cation that led to the stabbing but what is known about the case along with rumors circulated online have inflame tensions and cabinets. about the are. going to start get out over city they chant social media posts include videos depicting what appears to be vigilante attacks on people believed to be far innes. participants in
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the writing demonstration say they're angry at the situation in the city but also at how the media presents what's happening. to every evening this trouble encounters between groups i don't want to say it's only the foreigners this plenty of troublemakers. if you want to go out you can't go into the city without being scared of what might happen if i wouldn't call myself part of the mob and i don't want anybody calling me that just because i'm standing here. what happened in cannes it's being closely followed and a national level german chancellor angela merkel condemned the outburst in the eastern german town good enough because in what we saw there has no place in a country where the rule of law prevails we have video footage of people being hunted down and of gangs of rioters hatred on the streets i cannot stress enough that this is incompatible with the rule of law and the. police and politicians
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continue to one against vigilante justice yet after two days of fire lines and cabinets the city remains on edge. and as germany's politicians weigh in on the situation as we just saw there being funded mark spoke with the leader of germany's green party and asked her why eastern germany is facing problems with right wing extremism. time and again violence breaks out in the eastern drum state of sex and the why always saxony we're not talking about whole eastern germany but we have a problem in some of the stays that rightwing radicalism was not taken seriously enough and this was definitely the case in sex any where the stage government ignored the fellowmen for some time then they tried to put it on the agenda but they didn't really do anything against it they didn't find any program for democracy ation they didn't find and said programs against radicalization of the
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right wing and therefore now we have the consequences on the streets and this is a horrible phenomenon and therefore we call for the stage prime minister to put it on top of the agenda for his political projects was in the next ones and yes. thousands of protesters went on the streets of candidates has something got out of control in the german society we're not having a problem was in the whole german society but we have a problem with ten fifteen percent who are radical izing in the right wing field and unfortunately some of the politicians also from the democratic parties didn't draw a strong line between right wing extremism and conservative politics and this we can see now in six in the which is the deep problems also of the government there and therefore we really call on the government in sex and to put a strong commitment for the fight for democracy and against racism and right wing
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populism you mentioned already but what should be done in order to prevent situations like the one in chemist's in the future the problem of right wing extremism has to be on the top agenda of the government in sex any meaning that we have to finance programs. fighting for democracy daily daily daily programs and we have to finance the police we have all the problems that in the rural areas there's a lot of policemen in the area and this was also one of the it's a phenomenon within the next last few days that we didn't have enough police men on the streets and this is the responsibility of the interior minister in sex and he and i both thank you very much. as the leader of the green party speaking with g w a short while ago let's turn to some other news now because government experts from around the world are meeting in geneva to discuss the future of quote killer robots these autonomous weapon systems they can operate until without human guidance
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critics calling for the new generation of weapon tree to be banned globally before it goes into mass production. germany's armed forces already make use of semi autonomous weapons base add offenses to can seek out targets on its own. for now soldiers still have to give the order to fire but fully autonomous weapons are being developed they can select and attack targets without humans at the controls. the highly controversial supporters say the new weapons are needed in modern warfare and will help people make ethically responsible decisions. warfare is becoming so fast right now that human beings are not capable of making intelligent informed decisions like they could in the past others have voiced concerns that autonomous weapons could diminish human responsibility in war we don't want to have
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happen is robotic system isn't out there causes some kind of mass casualty event and we know humans have all. these activists in berlin are protesting against autonomous weapons they want the german government to campaign for them to be banned worldwide. what's dangerous about artificial intelligence and robotics is that they're altogether removed from human decision making about a good deal about what's useful for people and what's not about a concrete situation human intelligence is still required for that. an international ban on autonomous weapons systems would only be possible with the unanimous support of the united nations but with the u.s. and russia both opposed that's highly unlikely. that a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world the united nations human rights council says that all sides in the yemen conflict
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may have committed war crimes a report by three experts say that children have been the most vulnerable people in the conflict saudi arabia is supporting the yemeni governor. against rebels who are backed by iran. washington says that the international court of justice has no authority to force the u.s. to lift its sanctions against iran iranian lawmakers have demanded the u.n. court lift economic sanctions re-imposed by washington over its nuclear program the u.s. state department says the u.s. has a right to protect its national security. and thousands of fans are expected to line up in detroit over the next two days to pay their last respects to the soul legend a wreath of franklin the singer's body is lying in state head of a private funeral on friday the seventy six year old died earlier this month from can create a cancer. now in death u.s. senator john mccain has united democrats and republicans who have been eulogizing
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him as a statesman and as an extraordinary politician mccain represented the state of arizona in the senate for thirty one years the republican was known for his fierce independence and for reaching across the aisle but with the vietnam war hero gone arizona may soon be represented by a very different type of politician. a veteran stands watch at a local mortuary in phoenix where john mccain's body is being held before the public viewing on wednesday many our assignments have already visited this makeshift memorial to pay tribute to the late senator. but one of the things that i admired the most going about him was a drive that he believed in something and it wasn't being done they would know he got mad about it. he stood his ground pretty distressed as he was easy to get along with says tommy espinosa. the latino advocate in the senate who were close
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friends for over thirty june is the younger my so close that mccain asked espinosa to be a key player in his senatorial campaigns. john i said you know i'm a democrat so i'm not sure it's going to get you any votes you know and he said i don't care you're my friend i want you to be my co-chair i said well let me sleep on it because no i want to know has sir yes or no. yes. espinosa says he wants to attend every single ceremony in honor of the senator who will first lie in state at the arizona state capitol. arizona is honoring one of its most influential politicians on the national stage john mccain was one of the last republicans standing up to president struck he believed in bipartisanship at home and strong alliances overseas but it seems that the worth of mccain's death
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his brand of conservatism is losing out that republican party is increasingly taken over by the president's rentals divisiveness and isolationism the one man who typifies that divisiveness is joe arpaio he's one of the three candidates running in the republican primary for arizona's second senate seat which will be up for grabs in the november midterm elections the former sheriff a controversial immigration hardline and supports trump one hundred percent a lot of people. maybe would never run for office or a not controversial other controversial want to go to war should help the president were before. standard politics as usual for republican candidates in arizona have embraced trump and distanced themselves from mccain his life will be honored over the next days but his party seems to have moved away from his ideals.
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fun to see the football news now and shall have signed germany midfielder sebastian rudy from a rival club byron munich rudy made thirty five competitive appearances after joining byron last year from hoffenheim but with a coaching change at fired rudi hasn't found many opportunities to have signed three midfielders now. and german football star bastian schweinsteiger made a name for himself here before going to play in the united states but this week he is back in germany for a tribute in munich and a friendly tonight against his former club byron munich. has been see the fans miss him shrine steiger and his new club the chicago fire have come for a testimonial match in his honor the thirty four year old former captain of the german national team was with byron for seventeen years on sunday he was awarded
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the bavarian order of merit with the state premier calling shines tiger the thing legend of the mean time in the world of tennis it was a bittersweet match for spain's david for a rare at the u.s. open he was forced to quit because of injury for the first time in two hundred eight matches and it was his last grand slam tournament before retirement but his opponent was his davis cup teammate and friend on a doll for a rare was once ranked third in the world but has slipped since then and plans to play only in selective tournament's next year meantime in paragliding harasta lawrence of spain wrapped up victory in the arco world tour finals with his flight high above late to eva in switzerland all of the paragliding acrobatic competitors performed some spectacular aerial stunts like this one right here but it was thirty five year old lawrence who impressed the judges the most check that out almost thirty thousand spectators witnessed the. in all of this year's world tour.
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it is not for the faint of heart a quick reminder of the top story that we're following for you here at g.w. the german government has condemned violence far right protesters in the eastern city of kemet several people were injured after anti immigrant protesters clashed with police and with counter protesters. thank you so much for watching. what we were. when we were. in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen to. the minds.


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