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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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we're so the return control. box will. of investment bankers don't care so we're going to first on. everybody was wrong to want you to leave new york the reality of the whole thing might go off in the face of a system that spawned out of control. the world and of course is a member of. the current investment bank lehman brothers stuart september thirteenth on t.w. . hi everyone and welcome to another edition of your max let's kick off with a look at today's topics. from pop icon a budding musical on the late michael jackson. levy
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collection fantastic moment photography by your honolulu. and easy rider you're going to is a loyal holland fan from the very hour. the king of pop is back michael jackson would have turned sixty this week to honor him the musical beat it to celebrates its were premiere on the same day just a few days before there was a lot of publicity for the musical him berlin well the flash mob some two hundred fifty people danced like michael jackson outside the city attack and they even set a new world records so the king of pop lives on after his death in the hearts of the fans and in the new musical beat it we were invited to join the rehearsal. before i leave the dress one night i test subconscious that tell myself i am
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michael jackson and it's not a self belief it's just a conviction that i have to carry on to stage so i try my best that's all you can do is really push yourself to say this is how michael would have done it. if. one of the most successful artists of all time the late great michael jackson's still the king of pop his dance moves songs and videos revolutionized the music industry in the one nine hundred eighty s. an errand to me legions of the voted for us. thanks. everyone on the team here in berlin has their own special connection with michael jackson either grew up listening to his music or discovered its irresistible groove later in life choreographer and show consultant that lefties just as peter suge found since he was a child his all time favorite song beat it. playing
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. it was this nine hundred eighty three video that helped seal jackson's status as an international superstar large scale choreographies with synchronized dancers became his trademark for b.d.'s he cast eighty real life gang members and eighteen professional dancers the clippers be enshrined in the video producer's hall of fame and the song is to this day one of his best known hits. is the. because you see him i want him to be visible as an actor but at the same time what you make it clear to the audience look here this could be michael jackson this is what it might look like and be performed today dollars in. the two hour long musical beat it tells the life of the entertainer who died in two. denied it takes firm is a trip through his career with twenty five his biggest hits including thriller and
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billie jean. and with a lead actor who performs remarkably like the real deal. as a performer i try my best to bring out the best michael jackson in me i mean there can never be an another michael jackson all we can do is push ourselves to that to that to that maximum where we can put out that feeling. and looking at folks that feeling more than jackson sensational dance moves known simply as a legendary moonwalk. beat it has its world premiere in berlin on august twenty ninth the day michael jackson would have celebrated his sixtieth birthday. and all the berlin the musical would go on tour through germany austria and switzerland at least that's the plan however that's a bit of
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a legal battle in the air because allegedly there are plans for his state trustees to create their own musical so but if you post it let's find out now what else is going on in europe in today's express. this year's notting hill carnival wrapped up in the british capital on monday with its flamboyant main parade every august to today extravaganza trying to over a million revelers to the streets of west london first held in one nine hundred fifty nine the carnival was organized by immigrants from the caribbean and has since become one of the biggest street trustable in the world the inventor dan included a silence of seventy two seconds one for each of the victims of last year's grenfell tower for. this here's your humble if. good to medals were presented on tuesday in the german city of my mouth the awards went to colombian theatre collective makati outro swiss brazilian photographer and schumann rights
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activist cloudy under shot and hungary and composer and conductor of pay tax whose daughter accepted the award on his behalf. good to metal is an annual accolade recognizing efforts to bring different cultures together. vienna zoo now has its very own in-house artist female pandey young young is proving to be a natural with the bamboo brush she paints away for a crowdfunding project her favorite color scheme black paint with white backgrounds proceeds from the sale of her abstract art will go towards a book on the history of pandas up the famous should bring the zoo a limited edition series could be bought online and fans can snap up an original young young for four hundred ninety euro's. belgian photographer johan you know once or take us on
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a journey to the mountains he says i want people to think i could be there that means right at the top some of which perhaps no man has ever congress before though wants to share this feeling of freedom on the internet but also well this new book . your heart is on a never ending quest for the perfect focus. i am living the dream and the fact that i'm doing what i love and what he loves is traveling the world he spent five months capturing europe's most stunning mountain peaks his instagram. is almost half a million followers want to be his own free roots is a photo we took in greece i saw this little girl and she was like eight ten years old and dressed like a woman for some reason he was such a strong woman strong strong interaction. that it really made me comfortable
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with shooting people would never happen before all the more impressive given the fact that he told himself the art of photography it all started in two thousand and thirteen i was in the students in brussels studying p.r. and i had an internship in paris in a small communication i didn't see and i would say that's really where everything changed in the fact that i really realized. the life i had in terms of my internship wasn't just made for me so that's. one way to get your strata. there's jonah's talent there he's fascinated by both the beauty and skill of nature and our dorm since humans that contrast is what his followers love although he credits his online calculator and tractors to one of the reasons of. my success as a photographer is probably because i've studied p.r.
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and communication also one day i woke up and i saw that national geographic account featured want to my photos and that's instantly like changed my whole life because from that very day i woke up with a new for. hours and never stop since that day when it comes to the perfect shot it's the right composition that matters far more than the technical aspect these three tips for beginners number one get up early shoot with a morning light or shoot late in the evening that will help you have some of the images and beautiful beautiful contrast number to practice your composition it's very important so spend a lot of time with friends who share the same passion that you photography get out in the mountains making friends pose for you but composition really number three don't spend too much money on even a smart phone will do the job so don't spend too much time and too much money on
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looking for the best year just use what you have is the best the best can write the one you have in your pocket when we. went out came back from all the travels around the world i thought maybe it's time for me to rediscover my own continent with a fresh with a photographer's. and maybe find new stuff you know you face is a new approach to wrangles new stories to share and that was the reason of. an almost constant companion his troubles as his girlfriend. simply from the logs on instagram the stories provide followers within science into the making of a photo another element that is hoped to boost lolo's popularity. traveling for five months straight is not made out of rainbows every day being away from your family a lot. not being able always too often to plan in advance you know for
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a long time i couldn't pin anything more than six months in advance. when i worked on the book it was like four months sit on my desk and i almost didn't go out of my . mean you know it was like rocking rocking walking because it was so much work to realize that. to begin with the couple faced the daunting task of browsing through his catalog of twenty seven thousand photos. over two hundred of those select images peaks of you and your one. nature. charlie the word song is kind of funny about people who used to live in the so called totally insolvent italy at little to laugh about it was anything but fun but for many reality in the
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a poor region for example their can still find some off the small round ones they were shelters for poor farming families but today they have beautiful holiday homes from top to greenhouse we show you how this works in a new episode of a serious living outside the box. tree a valley in the southern italian region about poorly is famous for stone houses with conical roofs known as truly. farmers used to live here with their livestock today their much sought after holiday homes. from there located far off the beaten track like elizabeth or jodie only through it with its true cooper the first. word used to be stored in the smaller building the other one was the living quarters. with of course it was when i saw this building for the first time i fell in love with it instantly magically it was
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situated magically in this landscape like a little doll's house in the midst of an olive grove with their radio i bought it immediately even though it was just a heap of stones more of the stuff. that was two thousand and three in question here later she had the true role restored to its many knocks and crannies in four metre i don't work carefully reconstruct. it. was that we had a college and the family used to live under the central dome the parents slept together with the youngest children hid in the side on the left or know that. the older children used to sleep up here on wooden boat. under the roof. to create additional light and space it is a better job he only had openings made in the meter thick dividing walls and the
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windows and marched. in and dining table are located in what was once the go check . the reconstruction of the true rose conical roof was particularly time consuming it was completely dismantled stone by stone and then reassembled. the stones individually shaped and laid in such a way that eg consecutive days but that rain will taste diverted and doesn't get through to the inside and he says it's an old cruft which is now being taken up again by young people in the tradition. of the brain that. there was an ulterior motive here in the past when imperial jacks were imminent farmers used to dismantle their roofs transforming their homes into a stall for livestock and thus dodging taxes. that entire tone was even created based on this principle of i'll bet a battle in the seventeenth century if you would lord made this tax saving method
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of construction obligatory nowadays it's listed as a unesco world heritage site and draws tourists from far and wide. and is a better choice he already has extended her truro adding a swimming pool and moderate and accept the rear of the bedrooms and guest rooms are excessive all from the front she retained the original line stone walls and floors wherever possible. to smallest room is located under the cupra of what used to be the wood store. what used to be a dwelling place for poor farmers has been turned into a luxurious office with two hundred. square meters in area tell us a bit to charity or his favorite spot is the large field living room. place in the scheme of the blue pink this is the rear of the main terminal and here i had
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knowledge of law schools installed to let in more nice and to protect against the wind and the cold in winter. would be better but they feel as though you sitting outside but you're in the warm house if they're not might be packed. into the head first or these are better charity or a plan to use the trudeau as a holiday home but family and friends enjoy visiting over the whole year round. even. some of the ceilings are maybe a bit you know but they also give you a sense of how the film is that it did a minute years ago you couldn't even if you had to contend that. you don't want to use a better chair he already has begun producing their own olive oil on their durable jason blair. you know lives and works most of the year in her tool you know poorly on. one. round or rob a square in the mountains or on the water how would you like to live that's exactly what we want to know from you at this week you can find all the details on
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a website and if you take part you name would enter into our draw for your next watch so good luck but we don't just want to have nice homes we also enjoy a nice summer holiday but don't be sad if you didn't have the time or money to go on vacation this year because holidays can sometimes have their setbacks and if you haven't been on vacation yet maybe you might want to think again let's find out why in a new episode of our serious high five. find scientifically proven reasons why you can be glad your summer vacation is over. many people go on vacation to rejuvenate and charge up their batteries but a survey by a german university has provided renewed confirmation that. can't make you sick so if our number five being on vacation tends to make you more susceptible to headaches sleeping disorders and the flu why our immune system also decides to take
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a break becoming more vulnerable. to a well deserved holiday can be great for a couple's relationship right think again it's often a location that unresolved domestic issues come to light turning a holiday into a nightmare. a range of studies show that for many couples became a shining together can be a wrecking ball for romance and that puts it in fourth place incidentally one third of divorced petitions here in germany are submitted right after the summer holidays . another reason for strife amid this summer's certain sun is that heat excessive temperatures can also see a rise and aggression levels that's the finding of a survey conducted in the u.s. based on american football players they tended to become more aggressive in warmer
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weather reason number three for being glad that your summer holiday is over even if you don't play american football this phenomenon can also apply to the cation basking in the midday sun. most people don't let the heat get to their heads of course not directly at least. a study by a german psychologist suggests that lounging around and doing nothing for weeks on end can have a negative impact on your i.q. other surveys support that the. second place for that it seems it really is better to keep your brain busy while on holiday. people who go hiking go on other kinds of. actively cations tend to return home with a higher i.q. . at the same time you have to be wary of overdoing it on the brain exercise front excessive sightseeing can cause culture overload our number
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one reason why you should be glad to be back home from vacation doctors refer to stand down syndrome originally diagnosed among tourists in the italian city of florence it's a psychological state brought on by exposure to a deluge of art and history symptoms include panic attacks dizziness and a quicker pulse. curiously locals seem less prone to the syndrome perhaps italians are less easily impressed by their cultural treasures. the motorcycle collection of you have an old and his father have that from germany is definitely quite impressive they've got a favor for holiday it's. a very special do you remember the film easy rider it made them huge fans of the us motorbikes and for them they are much more than
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a way to get around. yes it was a she and his father how about like to get their engines running as they cruised through the hills of northern victoria. they might not be born to be wild but for them there is no bigger thrill than reliving those iconic scenes in the legendary movie easy rider with dennis hopper and peter fonda on a harley davidsons. it is all there for me hardly means the whole world and all that is beautiful in its it's that crucial element that gives me freedom fun and a really special ride a special experience for me there's this for me bliss is being on a harley davidson. his passion began with the cover of a magazine for german motorbike fans called easy rider it featured the harley wide
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glide for your gun who was then seventeen it was love at first sight as his pocket money wasn't enough to buy one he said about building his own chopper. it became a labor of. the truth i felt like easy rider except it took a couple of years to get a real harley i had to wait until one thousand nine hundred eighty five before i could afford one. but even that wasn't enough for him he still dreamt of owning a genuine why glide. it took twenty five years for me to find it's one of just a thousand produced i bought it in the us state of kentucky and back in germany i could finally enjoy the sensation i've been dreaming of riding a harley davidson wide glide an easy rider style that's what. it was while pursuing that dream that you're going to became an avid collector of the classic bikes among the forty plus models in his garage is this one nine hundred forty one flat. and
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a k. model from nine hundred fifty two. while some fans are desperate to get their hands on their very first model of a particular edition you're going prefers the last one to have come off the production line this x r boasts seven hundred fifty c.c.'s and was a successful racing bike. in twenty sixteen fulfilled another dream when he and his father took part in a motorcycle cannonball run and in durance rally one hundred harley enthusiastic ride one hundred year old bikes on a five thousand kilometer trip across the u.s. no easy ride as they faced scorching heat blistering desert terrain and mountain slopes you suffered a defective cylinder head. i found troy who heated up the head in a pan with hot charcoal and then he welded it put it back in the charcoal and let
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it cool down slowly everyone who was there said it would never work no way. i had nothing to loose and fitted it back into the engine we ended up writing a letter to now have thousand kilometers with that head and it's still working today. and. bikers sometimes show their sentimental side. and i wanted to own a harley davidson the same age as me born in one thousand sixty five. this model it was even licensed on this same day he was born but there was a slight problem. because the owner didn't want to sell it so i kept on calling him at some point he gave up and said before you carry on for another six months you can have it. you can order it has already seen most of his harley dreams come true but he'll carry on collecting his
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coveted bikes out of passion. you can sort of they might not be the best motorcycles but the most beautiful of my dream bikes. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our duramax instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. on instagram. i will be back with lots more exciting topics tomorrow so don't miss the upcoming episode of your own don't forget you can join us on facebook thanks for watching. next time on your own max the world don't strike me as a summer fashion street movement refuses to go out of style pablo picasso or
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information. to paris hilton and diane kruger a cultural icon and to bring drumming the look every french neighbor uniforms for centuries. grandma. next door on your own back.
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lifestyle. transfer comes from the small chum the luxury features. racing spirit the formula student germany international competition brings funding can these honest i'm going to bring some.
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polls. into an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia. has already been was returned to. i visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. getting witness global news that matters g.w. made for mines. his creations. his brand the mystical calm like effect on a convoy of the fishermen. but what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of
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a great fashion designer because when the sun smashes stuff it starts september not w. d c or your five keys to safer food. keep clean to prevent contamination. draw and cook foods to avoid cross contamination. cooks thoroughly to kill microorganisms. keep food it safe temperatures either cold to prevent bacterial growth. use safe water and safe well materials to avoid kentucky. food
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producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food or both but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and home by plying the five kilos to sea for food use them you also have a role to play. germany's government says it's ready to send federal police as backup to the eastern city of chemist's that's after two days of violent anti immigration protests and counter-demonstrations the unrest was triggered by a fatal stabbing of a german man over the weekend in an apparent ulta cation with migrants chancellor angela merkel has said there's no place for hate in the streets.


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