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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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security. a german man stamped to death to wrested both suspects or foreigners that was all it took to trigger protests men chasing down complete strangers who police say didn't look german well tonight federal police are on standby after two nights of violence from the chancellor to local lawmakers condemnation of street thug behavior and from right wing members of parliament calls for people to begin protecting themselves i'm often berlin this is the day. that you should alice sympathy my sympathy goes out to the relatives of the victims and as a senator it's a terrible act the right moves is all i think. we saw off to it's something that has no place in
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a state and the rule of law with us those of them what's being made of it on the back of the victims is tasteless and disturbing and it is not talks after all that we see demonstrations being held and people that being attacked because they look foreign. it must be said that the mobilization on the internet is stronger than it is being in the past in the forgotten time to through some of the calls now circulating on the internet to our in our view based on false information on fake news of fake news. so coming up tonight will wars of the future be fought with lethal autonomous weapons at the un conference this week calls for a global ban to prevent the rise of the killer robots. which who's accountable. when there's a violation of the laws of war charge in order to seek justice that is a huge issue. or we begin the day with german police bracing for
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another night of violence in the eastern part of the. country yet after two nights of anti migrant protests triggered by a stabbing death we know very little on sunday a german man was killed in a stabbing attack in the eastern city of kemet two men a syrian and of iraqi are in police custody now police are under fire tonight for being unprepared for what happened next they say that six thousand far right supporters took to the streets in cabinets to protest the killing videos show men chasing down complete strangers apparently because they looked foreign witnesses claim that police failed to intervene even when they saw people performing the hitler salute which is illegal in germany where there has been widespread condemnation of this zena phobic violence from the chancellor to local lawmakers the far right party the a.f.d. accused of advocating vigilante justice and tapping into frustration with police
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one member of parliament has used social media calling on people to start defending themselves. violence and unrest as protesters and can nets faced off on the one side groups who claim the city for themselves saying candidates does not belong to foreigners on the other side counter-demonstrators saying they want the city to stand for openness the german government has been following the events in cannes that's chancellor angela merkel condemned the unrest busted enough because in what we saw there has no place in a country where the rule of law prevails we have video footage of people being hunted down and of gangs of rioters hatred on the streets i cannot stress enough that this is incompatible with the rule of law is going to fuel the kef to. the protests in canada erupted over the fatal stabbing of a thirty five year old german man on sunday during a street festival police identified two suspects in the stabbing one man from iraq
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another from syria authorities have provided little information on the altercation that led to the stabbing but what is known about the case along with rumors circulating online have inflame tensions in cabinets. oh god. you are going to start to get out of a city they chant social media posts include videos depicting what appear to be vigilante attacks on people believed to be foreigners participants in the rightwing demonstrations say their anger by crimes in the city but also at how the media presents what's happening. to every evening this trouble encounters between groups i don't want to say it's only the foreigners there's plenty of troublemakers. if you want to go out you can't go into the city without being scared of what might happen. i wouldn't call myself part of the mob and i don't want anybody calling me that just because i'm standing here. politicians continue to warn against vigilante
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justice yet following two days of violence chemists and the state of sex any remain on edge. why are we so. this violence in xena phobia better ponselle it is a professor at dresden technical university specializes in populist movements in eastern germany he joins me tonight from dresden professor upon so it's good to have you on the program eastern germany has the smallest numbers of migrants in foreigners than any region of the country yet it is a hotbed for right wing extremism in xena phobia wa well there is a quite easily understandable reason for that seat with germany increased its percentage of foreigners in the country from ciro after the bill go to something like twenty eight to twenty five per cent in a number of to kate that is slowly in east germany the percentage increase during
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the last five six seven years from zero to something close to ten percent so the dynamics between migration much higher in east germany then invest and so if the reaction of the society against immigration which a significant minority of the people here doesn't want to have there's an interesting observation when it has to do really with numbers i'd like to point out something that happened last week in eastern germany a t.v. news crew trying to cover a right so far right demonstration was detained by police for about an hour now this video that we're watching has been released and it shows a member of a far right group peta confronting the journalist it turns out that man is an employee of the state criminal police department now there are demands for an investigation into this how serious is the danger in germany of the far right
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infiltrating the police. there is without any doubt significant percentage of police people who sympathize with. movement with the f.t.c. because they feel being left alone by politics because the number of policemen has been cut down significantly during the last years such that the verdict load imposed on the single policeman is much higher than it ever was and police experience is on the street that there are hate it nearly headed by leftists whereas if they protect their own stray sions of rightwing demonstrators they're welcomed and people are grateful to them and this without any doubt is not without results in how policemen perceive about the political situation but it would be highly exaggerated to say well there is infiltration of
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the police by right wing extremists this is not the case but the sympathy is clearly not on the left side as far as policemen are conserved in germany and since you have said that use fear that kim is just the beginning what do you mean by that . see the political elites the intellectual elites in germany comes from germany into a multi-ethnic and multicultural society which has been happening in west germany for many decades such that such as a society is something quite common in many cities and parts of his germany but the transformation of a society so far not being multi-ethnic and multicultural into such a society is a process which will not go on without any conflicts any struggles input to couldn't not if the east german society which strongly dislikes being similar to
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some problematic areas invest seventy if this society reacts and even revolt against this transformation and this is why i feel that my best educated guess is that such clashes streets in particular it is jealous that it will be able in the future israel one developed colds that we have been seeing from the on the far right political party b a s d a member of the a in the parliament here in berlin using social media and telling people to begin protecting themselves that's a call for vigilante justice how in the world should the government or the police for that matter respond to that. well it must be clear that the monarch probably of legitimating. legitimately accepting power and
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even power against citizens rests with the state with the police and there is no right to. own discretion and there is not even a need for that because usually there is safety all around germany and of course many people with a feeling that the safety situation has deteriorated but it's simply not the case that it will be necessary to step in for the state of the police and this must be made clear and it can be make clear often enough professor venter ponselle joining us tonight. for your insights and your time professor thank you. artificial intelligence it is considered the next frontier in high tech and its promises seem endless facebook uses a despondent remove heat speech medical doctors say that can reduce the chance of
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a wrong diagnosis and what about ai and the military and a un conference this week in geneva switzerland there are loud calls for a global ban on lethal autonomous weapons including robots which need no human oversight to search and kill. germany's armed forces already make use of semi autonomous weapons base add offenses to can seek out targets on its own. for now soldiers still have to give the order to fire but fully autonomous weapons are being developed they can select and attack targets without humans at the controls. highly controversial supporters say the new weapons are needed in modern warfare and will help people make ethically responsible decisions. or fair is becoming so fast right now that human beings are not capable of making intelligent informed
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decisions like they could in the past shouldn't have voiced concerns that autonomous weapons could diminish human responsibility in war we don't want to have happen is robotic systems out there causes some kind of mass casualty event and we know humans have all. these activists in berlin are protesting against autonomous weapons they want the german government to campaign for them to be banned worldwide . what's dangerous about artificial intelligence and robotics is that they're altogether removed from human decision making about good and evil about what's useful for people and what's not about a concrete situation human intelligence is still required for that. an international ban on autonomous weapons systems would only be possible with the unanimous support of the united nations but with the u.s. and russia both opposed that's highly unlikely. and joining me
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tonight is no one sharkey he's a professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the university of sheffield in the u.k. he joins me via skype tonight from geneva switzerland where he's attending that you and conference mr sharkey is going to have you on the show let me ask you about this current says under way right now the u.s. china and russia it doesn't look like they are going to sign on to any so is it even worth talking about. that's not true what you just set china have said they want a provisional thomas weapons they sent it all and they said it again this week we have twenty six nations who have signed on for prohibition and tomorrow there will be various statements to show movies supports war we'll be here for five years and it's been a long slow struggle and as it's becoming coming to fruition we could really do with germany being on site though because your coalition government twice in two
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elections have said they would buy. thomas weapons there's been a parliamentary question in recently and germany has made it very clear that they will never use a thomas weapons systems and that the don't want ever developed them but their idea is to go for a political declaration at the u.n. and i don't like that. why used mr sharp do you think a political back liberation does that have less teeth then outright ban would have . yes and it's not really it's if they're working with france and france is late the a is that we just need a political declaration and should stop there whereas germany says that a political correct. clinical tonight can say that we're not raising his or her haitian base and yes it should be intermediate step towards the plan so this
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difference there and we don't know whether to be able to resolve that difference in time but we're hoping that by the end of this week we will get a new man the it's for next year to start negotiating a new international law and what the international law will be. i don't know who will be there pushing our to get a complete who have vision and this not that we want a prohibition of the weapon it's what we're asking for is that all weapons should have meaningful suman control that seems reasonable and let's assume that a prohibition of some sort is you know is realized there isn't it similar to what was done with chemical weapons in the last century you also have somewhat of a global ban on that and yet as we've seen for example in syria chemical weapons are still used is that the same type of future we're going to be looking at with these killer robots. well of course i mean you can't stop anyone from using them
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but what happens is the international community turns on them and statement i says that the international community have not been happy with what happened to syria at all and they will you know that they're putting strong sanctions on russia as well you know the old turns a vis you don't have a law you let it let for it let's an arms race start until everyone has it and this is totally illegal it's you draw all straight line not many people will use and you'll get the person but they won't be able to do it for long and that's why it's important the law isn't perfect with the circular me just ask you before we run out of time here where are we in terms of technology do we how close are we to seeing killer robots being ready you know to hit the battlefields and to be mass produced we're extremely close russia's working very hard the united states of prototypes of fighter jets forms of lots of planes submarines and battleships so it's moving very
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quickly china also quite a few weapons and the israel israel's another big maker so you k. . so these could be nice to be rolled out tomorrow if it was needed but of course they wouldn't be very compliant with the laws of war and that's one of the trouble i don't think they will ever be music compliant with the laws of war and be able to reliably discriminate between military and civilian targets but if we weren't too worried about that when those numbers and situation fall of a stand to be here tomorrow those are key joining us tonight from geneva switzerland mr shorten we certainly appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. and. today thirty years ago a crowd of more than three hundred thousand gathered at the u.s. military base in ramstein germany to watch an air show the base usually off limits to the public on that day was covered in picnic blanket some families enjoying the
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show the high point a performance by the italian military team a performance that we know went horribly wrong a midair collisions and a jet crashing into the crowd killing dozens of people on today's survivors and relatives of those who died held a memorial service in ramstein three decades on many still live with the physical and emotional scars of that tragedy. huge crowds had got that at ramstein for a display of precision flying instead they saw. three. jets collided and crashed into the ground one directly into the spectators seventy people died including the pilots. thrown into chaos there was no emergency plan no coordination between german and u.s.
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forces to help the more than a thousand injured. thirty years later the victims' families and survivors are still remembering the tragedy. of it. he dreamed of becoming a pilot himself each. everything to keep my son mario's memory alive as long as i live. mocked was four years old when the inferno took his father's life the ball of flames left him with severe burns and yet he sees a positive. to the ramstein air disaster they learned a lot about such events and how to better organize them in the future and ensure everyone's safety. at the memorial seventy candles were lit for the victims with one large candle for those who later succumbed to their injuries. in his death just as in his life u.s.
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senator john mccain is uniting democrats and republicans they are eulogizing mccain as a statesman and a politician mccain represented the state of arizona in the u.s. senate for thirty one years the republican was known for his fierce independence and for reaching across the political divide but with mccain gone arizona may soon be represented by a very different type of politician. a veteran stands watch at a local mortuary in phoenix where john mccain's body is being held before the public feeling on wednesday many arizona and have already visited this makeshift memorial to pay tribute to the late senator. but one of the things that i admired the most going about him was a drive that people lived on something and it wasn't being done david no he got mad about it. he stood his ground pretty years stresses that he was easy to get along with says tommy espinosa. the latino advocate in the senate who were close friends
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for over thirty june is the younger my so close that mccain asked espinosa to be a key player in his senatorial campaigns. john i said you know i'm a democrat so i'm not sure it's going to get you any votes you know and he said i don't care you're my friend i want you to be my co-chair i said well let me sleep on it because no i want to has sir yes or no. i say yes. espinosa says he wants to attend every single ceremony in honor of the senator who will first lie in state at the arizona state capitol. arizona is honoring one of its most influential politicians on the national stage john mccain was one of the last republicans standing up to president struck he believed in bipartisanship at home and strong alliances overseas but it seems that. death his brand of
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conservatism is losing out that republican party is increasingly taken over by the president's rentals divisiveness and isolationism the one man who typifies that divisiveness is joe arpaio he's one of the three candidates running in the republican primary for arizona's second senate seat which will be up for grabs in the november midterm elections the former sheriff and controversial immigration hardline supports trump one hundred percent a lot of people. maybe would never run for office or a controversial lot of controversy want to. help the president were before you know standard politics. republican candidates in arizona have embraced trump and distanced themselves from mccain his life will be honored over the next days but his party seems to have moved away from his ideals. of thousands of
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devoted fans are lining up in detroit michigan to pay their last respects to the queen of soul aretha franklin the singer's bodies lying in state ahead of a private funeral on friday the seventy six year old died earlier this month from pain gives or you don't use my schwager is in detroit. this is where rita franklin learned to sing her father was the head pastor of the new bethel baptist church while she was growing up. with her upbringing here in detroit and her incredible talent franklin grew into a superstar. for me to be here and i grew up listening to liberate the franklin my theory and if it will be differently and the fact that she's from detroit is if it's just an honor she's the hometown hero we love her she's the queen she was an african american icon that has. you know music for.
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all of america. we appreciate everything that she brought to this city to scout and gave to the world and never forget where she came this is why we're here today franklin is lying in state here at the right museum of african-american history in downtown detroit. despite her worldwide fame she always maintained a strong connection to her hometown and lived here until her. here in the heart of detroit people have been waiting in line overnight to pay their final respects to the queen of soul people came from as far away as chicago and even new orleans and alabama is a real festive atmosphere here is her music is playing on a loop while people wait and everyone has a story of how she and her music touched not a lot of everything like i was raised on a week to find music and to come and see my family her music touches everybody
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to see if you gave us hope and we didn't have to be just people she twisted and she said. you know. that's what i did and i love listening to her she was a she's an icon. the making is she the leaders she knew. the film she. told herself. it's indisputable that aretha franklin had a global impact. she was a legend in her own time and detroit was proud to claim her as its own. well the day is really done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news where you can write directly to me brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. comes.
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to. the temple of technology. with. the market.
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your made sure seen next. tronic royals in developing countries it's an industry and a deadly threat to people and the environment it's in doubt as a version of the for some of its fans has been used to fight to bring it down to two hundred i guess really. wide reports news children were trusting the next generation also by. the life the hazards of electronic waste in forty five minutes. so you know today don't miss our highlights w. program online w. dot com highlights. his creations and
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his brand think about colorado because of the. book what do we really know about the man behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer has been someone special. starts september not w. . the working life nine to five monday to friday weekends off and three weeks holiday a year well that's how it was for many of our parents and grandparents i can relate
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to that can you welcome to the show now you can be what ever you want to be you just have to work hard and believe in yourself.


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