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bialik asked transferred. managed by from part. this is due to be a news line from berlin united against migration italy and hungary joined forces to pursue their anti immigration agenda ahead of next year's european elections will get reactions from brussels also coming out the hate in the street in the wake of violent far right protests in the city of cabinets in germany grapples with the rise of rightwing populism. and more than one hundred thousand refugees are missing
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worldwide we took a look at efforts by the red cross to reunite them with their families. i'm sumi some of their good to have you with us italy in hungary say they will work together to push for a new hardline policy on immigration in europe and garion prime minister viktor orban and italian deputy prime minister my tail salvini vowed to make migration the central issue in european elections next year the two met in milan to cement their political ties on tuesday. with allies ceding that political alliance with a handshake hungers viktor orban the man who builds a wall to keep out migrants entering by land i'm not tell you solve the need who is closely tied in polls to most migrants arriving by sea this time. leaders who think
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like them to take control they say. in europe there will be elections in may we want to change a lot of things we new commission a new european parliament a start up on him because legally for the protection of borders and stop a migration. to make. it what starts today is a new journey that will lead us to a different europe we need to change the european commission european policies and focus on jobs the right to live on health security. even. going outside the talks a protest against racism and intolerance these demonstrators are deeply suspicious of the right wing alliance taking shape. and obama trying to break the salvini wants to bring into the out of europe. further south near rome those caught up in solving these new hardline approach after being prevented from disembarking the
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it's having coast guard ship to chelsea for five days last week about one hundred migrants arrive at a catholic church facility the standoff between it to the in the e.u. is over in this case but it's only a matter of time before the next migrant ship arrives and south he has made it clear he's prepared to lock horns with brussels again. let's bring in our correspondent ben breaker and he is following the story for us from brussels hi there good to see you what does this vowed to work together between italy and hungry on a hard line approach actually mean what could it look like. gathering support the european union among many member states already of poland the czech republic slovakia austria in this and the migration campaign notes of germany is shifting actually the german interior minister as a whole is also on the same subnet when they met a couple of weeks ago in salzburg so and then you twenty eight already decided that
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the aim to fend off migration to deter migration and to close border as is a common and only the means different but this is a direction so the union all but it can push the whole you yet there they are fierce critics of how european immigration policy has worked on till now how are you officials reacting to this pledge to work together with the commission of migration here buses of course is criticizing italy because it's it's acting now you know letter of the italy is still on the european rules to take care of these migrants to take them in but if you says no we won't take anybody this is all it's legal and so the union italy is blackmailing the e.u. countries this is not a brussels ones of cause brussels one's a long term solution of the relocation mechanism for all the countries but it's still far away because of the countries say we don't take any margins anymore but then how united are italy in hungary here they do differ over their views on what
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should happen to migrants. well but it comes to practical terms the defense lot because italy hungary actually to take some migrants from the rescue ships in the us but hungary says fiercely knows so this sort of buried among nationalists of cause is very limited but they are papering this differences over hungary that says don't let anybody in so there's no need for relocation. hard to get these then freaking reporting for us there from brussels baron thank you. here in germany politicians are searching for answers after a violent far right protest in the city of camden the on rest was triggered by the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants from iraq and syria scenes of protesters giving nazi salutes and attacking people they took for foreigners have shocked the country now leaders are asking what can be done to stop it half from happening again. violence. hate speech.
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and illegal justice these scenes have touched of national debate in germany far right groups taking to the streets of candidates insisting the city belongs to them not foreignness. video from sunday shows what appeared to be vigilante attacks in kenya it's targeting people believed to be foreign us. opcode over what. chancellor angela merkel has condemned the violence and stuff. there can be no place and no street for these kinds of unrests should the state of saxony need help to uphold the rule of law then the federal government is ready to support saxony regarding this issue is a father to. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend sparked the end to migration protests police have
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apprehended two men one from iraq another from syria over the stabbing now officials are also investigating several participants in the protests for giving the hitler salute a punishable offense in germany. germany's political leaders a facing questions about what can be done about extremist sympathies in the country the problem of right wing extremism has to be on the top agenda of the government in six in the meaning that we have to finance programs who. get fighting for democracy daily daily daily programs and we have to finance a police. but germany's foreign aid the party says the stabbing in candidates and the anger that followed highlight the failures of the country's current approach to migration. this is. this is a nationwide story that happened in cabinets but as one can see during emotions average we're in germany and on both sides it is evident that the political class
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has failed here this is all from gloomy for now candidates and the state of saxony on edge further protest organized by right wing groups are planned for later in the week. our political correspondent nina has been following the story for us and joins us that are studio nina good morning right wing extremist extremism is not new in germany is politics failed in taking this seriously well of course section section is very much in the news right now and we have to also remember that sex and need became famous when the father right until immigration piggy movement was founded in dresden so dresden has been very much in the focus now it's. and there are those smaller incidents that have happened in eastern german cities so this is something people are asking where's the link to maybe history to something that happened during east german economy in this times where people were not properly.
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they didn't learn probably about the disadvantages of totalitarianism but having said that there are lots of people who are cautioning against making selling this as an east german problem at the same time we can also see the statistics in places where there are fewer foreign knows there's a big fear of foreigners and this is for example this is the case in sex we saw in a report that politicians are searching for answers and we heard chancellor merkel say there is no place for hate on the streets what do you think her government is going to do well i'm going to machall is faced with this challenge of countering and immigration sentiment she is faced with it on the day to day level the far right party one tremendously in last year's federal elections and now the biggest opposition party on the national level so. they are very much selling this idea of those failed immigration policy the open door policy they call it and so she is trying to take this very seriously she spoke out against right wing extremism her
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interior minister has come out and later this week family minister will also travel to chemist is to people that might be exactly looking at cabinets itself there are supposed to be fresh demonstrations i had as you said politicians will be traveling there what can we expect what we can expect this story to continue for at least a couple of more days because at the moment there is a very strong sentiment politicians underestimate what was going to happen the police underestimated what was going to happen they didn't call for enough support they underestimated the possibility to mobilize hooligans also if you travel to candidates nationwide this is probably going to continue for another couple of days all right our political correspondent covering this story for us nina thank you so much for joining us in a studio this morning. now to some other stories making news around the world
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a giant gold statue of turkish president to one has been removed from the center of the german city of the spot in two days after being aware active it had been installed for an arts festival but left residents confused and divided the city removed it saying it could not guarantee the statue's security border u.s. defense secretary james mattis has said washington will not suspend any further joint military exercises with south korea the move comes during a breakdown in diplomacy with north korea over its nuclear weapons program at a summit in june president donald trump surprised military planners by suspending joint drills. flooding in the south korean capital seoul it killed at least one person after heavy downpours in the wake of typhoon soulik more than sixty people were evacuated around south korea. local media reported that seven hundred buildings were flooded. so many refugee families are separated due to conflict and my question without any idea where their relatives are or the ability to search
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for them by themselves people around the world turned to the red cross to be met up with a refugee from afghanistan one of thousands helped by the charity here in germany. we. can now phone his sister and share a joke with her but just a short while ago he didn't even know where she was the siblings were separated on their way to europe after fleeing afghanistan that now being reunited after nearly two years of uncertainty. in my give winds the living i always cry is why i feel i thought they were dead. why because so many refugees drowned i dreamt so often as i was all that maybe they were gone. in its wake. fled the violence in his home country with his mother and sister traveling first to iran and then to turkey the family were separated when they boarded the smugglers
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boat that would take them to europe was left to fend for himself travelling first to greece and austria before landing in kill in the north of germany that he got in touch with the red cross to find out where his family was i'm told that made it to the u.k. often handy. i can see her face on my phone so i feel completely. it's like hitting the jackpot. raiser is not alone the red cross is looking for one hundred thousand missing people worldwide the highest number in ten years. one reason why we get so many requests is certainly to do with the fact that there are more people fleeing now than for a very long time and there are over sixty eight million displaced people worldwide and many of these people whether they are refugees or displaced in their own countries lose contact with their families i'm turn to. the red cross uses
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placards photos and the internet to search for missing people and in many cases they also find them. having contact with his family again has given me a new zest for life. which is my first i would like to finish my training and then i would like to see my family again so my mother my sister. is in his second year of training to be a plant mechanic after that he says he might even go to university. a church service is being held in berlin today with a delegation from namibia part of germany's ongoing efforts to come to terms with the genocide of indigenous people there under german colonial world a century ago during the ceremony germany will return the remains of around twenty victims for some descendants of the people the move symbolizes progress but many are still fighting for berlin to pay reparations as well as issue
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a formal apology kate brady reports. momos ours in those minorities are mentioned some by some of them would chop off the prisoners heads. up. and then throw the rest of their bodies in the water to feed the sharks. when i think about this history it makes me sad. and bitter. totally sure israel cannot chica is the only herero activist in germany one hundred years since the end of german colonialism the seventy one year old namibian is calling for the german government to take responsibility. just demanding three things an apology or a recognition of genocide and reparations break something you have to fix it was everybody and women over. it was here in berlin that the fate of africa was decided at the eight hundred eighty five conference the continent was sliced up and divided
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among european powers prior to world war one germany had colonies around the world have to lose in the war german overseas land was in redistributed unlighted d. colonized. millions were affected by the brutality and greed of german colonialism. an attempt to exterminate the herero unama people in german south west africa today namibia resulted in the murder of at least eighty thousand people out of fears of costly reparations german parliament has never officially recognized the murders as genocide but the government has promised if ever assessment of the country's colonial history. can turn germany's commissioner to africa is involved in the process doesn't. mean we are of course holding reconciliation talks with namibia right now. trying to formulate what happened
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a hundred years ago or more so that we as europeans can apologize for the terrible things that and take responsibility. but also so that this is accepted by the african side so that our future is not because we talk about the past. but what we can do together now. but israel talks excluding herero unama people count for nothing some activists have gone as far as filing a lawsuit in new york against the german government calling for that participation . their return however of some twenty herero unama human remains at a ceremony in balance french church is being regarded as at least a step in the right direction if you do does the do i think this is a positive from what isn't good is that it's taking place in a church why not in parliament and then recognize the genocide at the same time focus more on the like many herero unama activists israel once all
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planned at work and human remains to be returned to their home country the german government however favors more provenance research by museums. but israel isn't about to give up like mice of his fellow activists his campaign for germany to recognize the murders of herero unama people is genocide is a personal one. i also have german and sisters that means that my history has something to do with germany and i tell you no i will fight until i die. now thousands of devoted fans are lining up in detroit to pay their last respects to the queen of soul aretha franklin's body is lying in state in her hometown of detroit a private funeral will take place on friday the seventy six year old died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer. this is where rita franklin learned to say
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her father was the head pastor of the new bethel baptist church while she was growing up. with her upbringing here in detroit and her incredible talent franklin grew into a superstar it was for me to be here i grew up listening to meet the frankly my period listen it's a different planet in the fact that she found the courage if it's just an honor she's a hometown girl we love her she's the queen she has an app. for . that. we appreciate everything that she brought to this city to scout and gave for the world and never forget where she came this is why we're here today franklin is lying in state here at the right museum of african-american history in downtown detroit. despite her worldwide fame she always maintained
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a strong connection to her hometown and lived here until her time. here in the heart of detroit people have been waiting in line overnight to pay their final respects to the queen of songs people came from as far away as chicago and even new orleans and alabama is a real festive atmosphere here is her music is playing on a loop while people wait and everyone has a story of how she and her music touched them. i was raised on a week of frankly music and i had to come to. the heart of my family her music touches everybody. it gave us hope when we didn't have to give people hope she told us that she slipped out you know. that's what i'm good at it and i love this so much that i heard someone say she's an icon. the making is she the leaders she. should get the film she. told herself. it's indisputable that aretha franklin had a global impact. she was
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a legend in her own time and detroit was proud to claim her as it's own. way to reporting there in detroit now a new north american trade deal is in the making but i christopher still needs a key player to get on board that's right sue me now it's up to canada to go she shows whether the country will join a fresh north american trade agreement resume later on wednesday the atmosphere during initial talks in washington was described as optimistic but there are pitfalls prime minister so far insists on keeping up tariffs that are meant to protect the country's dairy farmers u.s. president trump says these tariffs need to go there's a lot at stake neutral trade between these three nations totals more than a trillion dollars after the u.s. and mexico reached a preliminary agreement a sign kind of debt to like soon be on board. what's. really leaves
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the way out and it leads you to believe. that. significant. it's really. hard and easy steps. are easy down. into canada and the united states at the same time that their job. is to stick the comedian prime minister said he would only sign a deal that was good for kind of debt but he praised the progress that was being me . we're pushing hard to conclude an agreement that is win win with a moderate and progressive agreement that is in line with our values and our ambitions and that will benefit not only canadian businesses but all canadians u.s. treasury secretary steven minutiae believes an agreement with could come later this
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week he said the talks have made the canadians demand it's working with canada are trying to work minute this is a complicated agreement there's lots of things in here or whole new i would think again it would be very much on board with stronger intellectual property stronger protections modernizing the agreement so i'm hopeful that the open issues with canada can be resolved. without a deal to us prison donald trump has threatened to impose tariffs on canadian made vehicles but that could weigh on the automotive sector on both sides of the border because the neighbors rely heavily on each other's parts if talks with kind of wrapped up by the end of this week trump only plans to seek approval from congress for the bilateral deal with mexico. not on europe the italian pilots union has approved a collective labor agreement with ryanair it's the latest breakthrough in the budget airlines efforts to staff protests in europe after a deal with irish pilots last week and
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a large majority of the more than three hundred ryanair pilots in italy approved to remain following eight months of negotiations that ensures better job security and pay conditions strikes by writing products across europe have left to the cancellation of hundreds of flights in the past two months. china continues its shopping tour through europe snapping up companies whose products and technology fit into the country's concept for china twenty twenty five here and there regulators are blocking deals like the recently attempted takeover of german grid operator fifty hertz but another deal just went through with china picking up automotive component maker grabber. it's specializes in seats for trucks and buses along with head and arm rest but very an auto parts maker gama is now firmly in chinese hands the jobs here are reportedly safe and the company is to remain on the frankfurt stock exchange it's being touted as a successful example of
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a chinese takeover chinese investments in europe have risen dramatically in the past few decades from one hundred four million euros in two thousand to around thirty billion and twenty seventeen on the face of it a welcome development but some investments are state controlled. and all private funding from china is really private at the end of the day and that means that chinese influence may be endangering parts of the german economy that are significant for germany's future development and its high technology. and the fed it's and and in may two thousand and fifteen the chinese government published its master plan known as made in china twenty twenty five the strategy focuses on ten key areas including energy air and space travel medical technology and robotics china aims to be a market leader especially in those areas that industrial nations such as germany rely on for economic growth that can affect security interests as in the case of fifty hertz the german government recently stopped
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a chinese firm from taking over the electricity transmission company the economy ministry says it wants to lower its threshold for investigating takeovers by non e.u. investors from a shareholding acquisition of twenty five percent to fifteen percent the ministry says it's not just about control. europe needs to define its industrial political interests or to ensure that it's at the forefront of large scale innovations and technology if we want to have enough workplaces and a vision of wealth in europe in the future. about sports. and you know. me. the business friendly free democrats agree he wants germany to step up involvement domestically and at the european level. to encourage domestic investment we must improve the tax laws offer motivation for employees set up sharon's program and on top of that i'd like to see
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a digital equivalent of the air bus project that i mean an industrial political initiative for the european digital market with cooperation based on the arab model . that is european cooperation at company level while china knows what it wants in germany and europe have yet to forge a clear strategy. reminder of the top story or falling for a new ontario prime minister. italian deputy prime minister he has said they will work together to forge an alliance against a migration ahead of the european elections next year the two met in the last of their political ties on tuesday. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin we've got a fresh bulletin coming up at the top of the hour from out for me in the entire team thanks for watching.
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