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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the fight over the future of migration to europe italy and hungary join forces to pursue their anti immigration agenda ahead of next year's european elections. also coming up pain in the streets in the wake of violent far right protests in the city of quetta that germany grapples with the rise of right wing populist. also coming up an art installation gone wrong officials in one german town are forced to remove the likeness of the turkish president that's after a sudden appearance provoked angry reactions from locals. and saying goodbye to the
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queen also did a few close to detroit for fans of aretha franklin lined up to pay their last respects at the museum where her body is lying in state. played. i'm sumi so much going to get to have you with us italy and hungary say they will work together to push for a new hardline policy on immigration in europe and prime minister viktor orban and italian deputy prime minister matteo salvini vow to make migration the central issue in european elections next year the two met in milan to cement their political ties on tuesday. ally seeding that political alliance with a handshake congress picture all about the man who built the wall to keep out migrants entering by land. the need was close italian ports to most migrants
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arriving by sea it's time for the to see things like them to take control they say . in europe there will be elections in may we want to change a lot of things we new commission and a new european parliament a start up on him because legally for the protection of borders and stop a migration. to make. it what starts today is a new journey that will lead us to a different europe we need to change the european commission european policies and focus on jobs the right to life on health security. even. think outside the talks a protest against racism and intolerance these demonstrators are deeply suspicious of the right wing alliance taking shape. and obama trying to break the salvini wants to bring into the out of europe. further south near rome those caught up in
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solving these new hardline approach after being prevented from disembarking the it's having coast guard ship to chelsea for five days last week about one hundred migrants arrive at a catholic church facility the standoff between it to the in the e.u. is over in this case but it's only a matter of time before the next migrant ship arrives and southey has made it clear he's prepared to lock call ins with brussels again. let's bring in did his band record he's following the story for us from brussels hi there and so what does this valve to work together on a hardline approach actually meaning what could it look like. mrs arena mr obama both certainly try to drum up support among populist governments in europe and among the right thing how does in europe perform. and migration coalition of the willing if you will and they're quite successful they already have poland the czech republic slovakia austria in this came been also germany is getting closer the
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german interior minister has. on the same. when they met in austria reason the they agreed that external borders has to have to be closed and they also want to deter as far as possible and this is also a consensus among all twenty eight member states they decided to in june that the borders should be closed and that migration is legal migration should be friends of as far as possible so then we're talking about a growing alliance of countries that have been pretty critical of european immigration policies until now and they want to work together so how are you officials reacting. well you have brothers that you commission of migration says they are talking about a crisis that doesn't exist because the numbers of new arrivals far down there is no influx no big influx of margins actually and if we could cope with these those numbers if they wanted and italy is now acting unilaterally not taking any migrants
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of whatsoever and this is against european migration or i saddam rules the commission says that we have to find a solution that applies to all twenty eight members stage. a kind of a relocation mechanism but this is a way because many countries say we won't take migrants anymore are italy and hungry really united here or they differ over their views on what should happen to migrants. where they have differences because nationalists tend not to be very. much sort of very sort of very t. among each other because italy us hungry actually to take some migrants from the rescue boats in the harbors and hungary said fiercely no but so that any and all been tried to paper over these differences and all done says well if you don't have a migration at all we don't need relocation and they're just briefly how do you think they're going to try to influence european elections next year. the coalition of migration is one to form
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a new commission that then starts to take. a turn back markers to to bring them back to africa this is a new approach they want to change the system. for good and change policies as we know them. all right kitties band regular reporting for us from brussels thank you dan. here in germany politicians are searching for answers after a violent far right protest in the city of kennett's the unrest was triggered by the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants from iraq and syria scenes of protesters giving nazi salutes and attacking people they took for foreigners have shocked the country now leaders are asking what can be done to stop it from happening again. violence. hate speech. and illegal gesture as the scenes have touched of national debate in germany far right groups taking to the
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streets of candidates insisting the city belongs to them not foreign as. video from sunday shows what appeared to be vigilante attacks in kenya it's targeting people believed to be foreign us. opcode over what. chancellor angela merkel has condemned the violence to stop. them coming no place no street for these kinds of unrests should the state of saxony need help to uphold the rule of law then the federal government is ready to support saxony regarding this issue is a father to one of. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend sparked the n.t. migration protests police have apprehended two men one from iraq another from syria over the stabbing now officials are also investigating several participants in the protests for giving the hitler salute
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a punishable offense in germany. germany's political leaders are facing questions about what can be done about extremist sympathies in the country the problem of right wing extremism has to be on the top agenda of the government in six in the meaning that we have to find ins programs. good fighting for democracy daily daily daily programs and we have to finance a police bit. but germany's foreign aid party says the stabbing in candidates and the anger that followed highlight the failures of the country's current approach to migration this is. this is a nationwide story and it happened in cabinets but as one can see during emotions everywhere in germany and on both sides it is evident that the political class has failed here. for now can needs and the state of saxony remain on edge further protest organized by right wing groups are planned for may to in the week.
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our political correspondent nina been following the story for us and joins us in the studio nina good morning rightwing extremist extremism is not new in germany is politics failed in taking this seriously well of course section saxon is very much in the news right now and we have to also remember that sex in need became famous when far right. movement was founded in dresden so dresden has been very much in the focus now it's. and there are those smaller incidents that have happened in the east in german cities so this is something people are asking where's the link to maybe history to something that happened during east german economy in this times where people were not properly. they didn't learn properly about the disadvantages of totalitarianism but having said that there are lots of people who are cautioning against making selling this. problem at the same time we
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can also see the statistics but in places where there are fewer foreign those there's a big fear of foreigners and this is for example this is the case and we saw in the report that politicians are searching for answers and we heard chancellor merkel say there is no place for hate on the streets what do you think her government is going to do well i'm going back to is faced with this challenge of countering and immigration sentiment she is faced with it on the day to day level. the far right party won tremendously in last year's federal elections they're now the biggest opposition policy on the national level so they are very much selling this idea of . failed immigration policy the open door policy they call it and so she is trying to take this very seriously she spoke out against right wing extremism in her interior minister has come out and later this week family minister will also travel to chemists to speak to people that exactly looking at cabinets itself there are
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supposed to be fresh demonstrations or had as you said politicians will be traveling there what can we expect what we can expect this story to continue for at least a couple of more days because at the moment there is a very strong sense of. politicians underestimate what was going to happen the police underestimated what was going to happen they didn't call for enough support to underestimated the possibility to mobilize hooligans also if you travel to candidates nationwide this is probably going to continue for another couple of days all right our political correspondent covering this story for us nina thank you so much for joining us in our studio this morning. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. defense secretary james mattis has said washington will not suspend any further joint military exercises with south korea the move comes during a breakdown in diplomacy with north korea over its nuclear weapons program at
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a summit in june president donald trump surprised the military planners by suspending joint patrols. officials in puerto rico now say nearly three thousand people died as a result of hurricane maria which struck the u.s. island last year the government previously put the death toll at sixty four although it admitted the real figure was likely much higher the update was prompted by an academic survey. flooding in the south korean capital seoul has killed at least one person after heavy downpours in the. the typhoon soulik more than sixty people were evacuated around south korea local media reported that seven hundred buildings were flattened. you're watching d.w. news still to come a golden statue of turkey's president so was confusion and anger in the german city of the spot and we've got that story for you in just a few minutes. that
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was just one of the thousands of devoted fans lining up to pay their last respects to the queen of soul aretha franklin's body is lying in state in her hometown of detroit a private funeral will take place on friday the seventy six year old music legend died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer. has this report. this is where everything franklin learned to sing her father was the head pastor of the new bethel baptist church while she was growing up. with her upbringing here in detroit and her incredible talent franklin grew into a superstar. for me to be here i grew up listening to liberate the franklin my period listening to the franklin in the fact that she's come to carry it if it's just an honor she's the hometown hero we love but she's the queen she was in africa . for.
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we appreciate everything that she brought to this city to south and gave to the world and never forget where she came along this is why we're here today franklin is lying in state here at the right museum of african-american history in downtown detroit. despite her worldwide fame she always maintained a strong connection to her hometown and lived here until her time. here in the heart of detroit people have been waiting in line overnight to final respects to the queen of song people came from as far away as chicago and even new orleans and alabama is a real festive atmosphere here is her music is playing on a loop while people wait and everyone has a story of how she and her music touched them. i was raised to find music and become a. part of my family her music to choose to everybody. here gave us hope and we
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didn't care for her but he gives people hope she told us that she slipped out you know. that's what i'm good at it and i love this so much that i heard someone say she's an icon well the making is she believes she. should get the film. she told herself. it's indisputable that aretha franklin had a global impact. she was a legend in her own time and detroit was proud to claim her as its own. authorities in the german city of the spot have been forced to remove a four meter tall golden statue of turkish president to one the art installation was intended as a protest against their one but divided local residents forcing organizers out the local art festival on the back foot. this gigantic statue in the
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center of a spot and was meant as an expression of criticism against the turkish president and his authoritarian form of government the director of the v. spot an art festival sees art as a means to provoke debate as. they certainly appropriate to conceive of that as a controversial figure and one that we are allowed to discuss freely here in this country it's very regrettable that's not allowed in other countries but here we can have a discussion about the stock show and this man. but some locals fear the ironic statue could fuel conflict in their community and provoke the turkish government more localized. and i don't think it's ok if you ask me it's not it's a provocation and it damages the good relationship between turks and germans on. this at yvonne supporters saw the statue as a tribute to his hero prompting a heated exchange with a critic of the turkish president. and you know my and everyone has their own
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opinion which they're entitled a voice and i'm a voice in my mind of my own that's the kind of mind of this isn't an opinion it's a provocation this is a man who has hundreds of people on this conscience and of why. why. why is your people as conscience of well is it because he lied his way to power he's a dictator he is and i picked up towards him. in the end the debate proved a little too much for the local authorities the statue has been removed with the city council deciding it couldn't provide the security needed to keep it safe. right chris of copper. is here with business now christopher talking nafta a new north american trade deal is in the works but a key player is to come on strike the u.s. and mexico have reached a political agreement now it is up to canada whether the country will or will not join a fresh north american free trade agreement the talks about that broke resume later on wednesday now the atmosphere during initial negotiations in washington was
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described as optimistic but there are pitfalls canada's prime minister so far insists on keeping tariffs that are meant to protect the countries there are a farmers u.s. president trump says these tariffs must go there's a lot at stake through mutual trade between the united states canada and mexico totals more than a trillion dollars. after the u.s. and mexico reached a preliminary agreement signed kind of the two likes to be on board. what it's. really leave. and it leaves you it. is. next. significant. it seems that there. aren't any easy steps. down there in canada and the united states. has some time that their job.
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statistics the comedian prime minister said he would only sign a deal that was good for kind of debt but he praised the progress that was being made. we're pushing hard to conclude an agreement that is win win with a modern and progressive agreement that is in line with our values and our ambitions and that will benefit not only canadian businesses but all canadians the u.s. treasury secretary steven minutiae believes an agreement with the auto well could come later this week he said the talks have met many of the canadian people's demands of working with canada are trying to work minute this is a complicated agreement there's lots of things in here that or whole new i would think again it would be very much on board with stronger intellectual property a stronger protections modernizing the agreement so i'm hopeful that the open issues with canada can be resolved. without a deal to us present almost trump has threatened to impose tariffs on canadian by
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the end of this week trump only plans to seek approval from congress for the bilateral deal with mexico. now clemens who is the president of the for institute one of germany's biggest economic research institutions a short while ago i asked him if there were any lessons to be learned for europe from these negotiations regarding a potential trade deal with the united states good money yes there are lessons i think the first lesson is that the u.s. is talking to us bilateral deals on the way from macho leftward agreements that makes things more difficult we see that canada is now in a more difficult situation so u.s. trade policy is becoming even more strategic and europe needs to be couch all of the other thing is trade deal means opening up european markets as well and opening up markets in sensitive areas in particular agriculture so these will be difficult negotiation negotiations but the good news is we are talking about free trade robin
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talking about increasing tariffs. head of. economics research institute now poor results and only share prices germany's big banks are in trouble now come out spike is facing a possible ousting from the dax index and it's not alone but it's a bank too is looking less than solid when it comes to the euro zone's leading share index experts say the banking giants have dragged their feet in the face of digitalisation and now financial startups are giving them a run for their money. challenge is the focus of a banking conference in frankfurt this week financial experts say they hope to find potential solutions to get the big banks back up to speed. now our financial correspondent paul briggs is at the conference in frankfurt paula the head of germany's biggest bank dodge a bank i just spoke with now the head of germany second largest bank is speaking what are they telling their audience. what christopher banks are
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going to survive this digital revolution so much is clear to everyone in the room here and. just said so in his keynote speech nonetheless of course everyone's convinced their bank is going to make it even though it seems that german banks have missed the update they've done e-commerce getting their foot in the door there early with digital transactions and they've also missed the train of mobile payments people paying with their mobile phones whenever they can which are areas where these pin techs are really growing fast and growing strongly which is led to this devaluation in bank stocks and supportive of the rise of these taxes specially wired card so paul if traditional financial institutions are experiencing this stiff headwind from new players on the market how do they want to address this new competition. savings and as much as he doesn't believe
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that is the competition he wants his bank to focus. more on their experience in risk management and use their existing customers and what they know about them however in that area fin techs are also making much faster progress because they're already using that data and that they have from customers where is and i specialist here at the meeting told me earlier large banks can do things they don't talk to each other within the company and experts are separated and they can't use that data to make any progress there even though some banks have started to create smaller hubs where they're putting id and specialists together but the question is will that be fast enough to stay relevant. for bed like you. china continues its shopping tour through europe snapping up companies whose products and technology fit into the country's concept for china twenty twenty five
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here and there regulators are blocking deals like the recently attempted takeover of germany good all right or fifty hertz but of the deal just went through with china picking up automotive component maker grabber. it's specializes in seats for trucks and buses along with head and arm rest but variant auto parts maker gama is now firmly in chinese hands the jobs here are reportedly safe and the company is to remain on the frankfurt stock exchange it's being touted as a successful example of a chinese take over chinese investments in europe have risen dramatically in the past few decades from one hundred four million euros in two thousand to around thirty billion and twenty seventeen on the face of it a welcome development but some investments are state controlled. all private funding from china is really private at the end of the day and that means that chinese influence may be endangering parts of the german economy that are significant for germany's future development and its high technology. and the
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fagots and in may two thousand and fifteen the chinese government published its master plan known as made in china twenty twenty five the strategy focuses on ten key areas including energy air and space travel medical technology and robotics china aims to be a market leader especially in those areas that industrial nations such as germany rely on for economic growth back in effect security interests as in the case of fifty hertz the german government recently stopped a chinese firm from taking over the electricity transmission company the economy ministry says it wants to lower its threshold for investigating takeovers by non e.u. investors from a shareholding acquisition of twenty five percent to fifteen percent the ministry says it's not just about control. europe needs to define its industrial political interests or to ensure that it's at the forefront of large
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scale innovations and technology if we want to have enough workplaces and sufficient wealth in europe in the future. you know. michel. the business friendly free democrats agrees he wants germany to step up involvement domestically and at the european level you often see if you encourage domestic investment we must improve that tax laws offer motivation for employee are set up share a program on top of that i would like to see a digital equivalent of the air bus project by that i mean and industrial political initiative for the european digital market with cooperation based on the arab model . that is european cooperation that company level while china knows what it wants germany and europe have yet to forge a clear strategy. to relieve you know some more emitters of the thousands of our
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research franklins fans who have come to bid farewell to the legendary queen of soul. mug. oh man ali. come a. long. moment man. and i love. her.
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body. six the coach acknowledged. the result for market. more to. your business magazine. the sky was on fire. from a damp plane condition a kind of at the ramstein air base such music and. music mine
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is an experience that. i'll survive. just coping with the tragedy today. mainstream american and banks and the village of around shining. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the elite control the rich but it's worthless of investment bankers cultic ourselves with their first stop. everybody was wrong to want you to meet the new reality that the whole thing might blow up in the face of a system that spun out of control. the little bubble in the world and the going
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through everything the crunch the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . the working life nine to five monday to friday weekends off and three weeks holiday a year well that's how it was for many of our parents and grandparents i can't relate to that can you welcome to the show now you can be what ever you want to be you just have to work hard and believe in yourself.


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