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plan. nine hundred sixty a little start september first you don't. this is the w. news coming to you live from berlin coach joaquim lewis says he deserves some of the blame he thinks the media for the first time since his team crashed out in the first round of the global tournaments also on the program page in the streets farai protests in the city attended strong condemnation from the u.n. high commissioner for human rights and says german leaders grapple with how to
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combat immigrant violence. and the u.s. military says it may resume war games on the korean peninsula that's after president trump agreed to drop the drills at history and summit with north korea's leader is this the end of the fall in relations between the two countries as. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us during the national team coach your humor has been speaking to the media for the first time since his squad's poor performance at the world cup at a press conference in munich today he admitted his own shortcomings including a failure to motivate players who walked into a potential lions den knowing that some media outlets had called on him to resign or be fired after germany crashed out in the first round of the world cup it was given that a contract extension by the german football so. just before the start of this
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summer's tournaments and the association reiterated its support for him after germany failed at the first stage is now revamping his squad for the start of the european nations league next week here's part of what he had to say. i'm not close defeat my biggest miscalculation and biggest mistake was that i believed we could make it past the group stage by playing a brand of dominant possession based football. then get used to speed so we've often played well that way in the past but it's a high risk tactic. so in order for it to work the conditions on the squad have to be just right that's it all has to come together so that we can deal with the risks involved couldn't that's not the case against the opponents we faced. well mark bettors of d.w. sports is in munich and he covered that press conference with your gay lover mark
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good to see you how did nerve explain the team's performance at the world cup well in great detail terry there was an hour long powerpoint presentation this was very very meticulous there was an almost an hour of questions afterwards he went into great depth about what went wrong and yes the key finding that he has found out from week long we'll keep an eye on this is is that the players basically played the ball too slowly there was too much possession football they didn't get round the back of pack defenses enough and he said that was his mistake and it's a learning point the key thing is now he's still in charge moving forward now and they've got to try and find another way of playing they've got to be more flexible he also said the big problem will cope was there was not enough and infusing them from these players obviously having won the world cup in two thousand and fourteen it's a bit tougher to find that motivation to do it all over again and they just didn't manage to find that fire. mark did love answer his critics those who say he made
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numerous mistakes in coaching and even in selecting his squad. he did he was very humble he said these were my mistakes i made a mistake by having only one way of playing by having this dominating position base football i should have had a different tactic and going forward we will do he said it was he's full that wasn't the motivation within the school that they should have been so we took it all along you know normally when you can live through the press come. and we seem to have lost the line to mark there in who's covering the press conference with german national squad coach here gave laura we hope to bring you more on that story later in the program. now the united nations has joined the condemnation of bile and protests in the german city of kemet the un high
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commissioner for human rights politicians to come out in unison against the xenophobia that's after the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants triggered mass unrest protesters gave nazi salutes and attacked people they took for foreigners clashes to show germany and the country's heated debate on immigration fresh protests are planned for to morrow . let's bring in our political correspondent she joins us from our parliamentary studios and you know the u.n. has now urged german politicians to show a clear and determined stand against right wing extremism politicians in this country failed to take such a stand so far. when we look at the state of saxony it has been governed by conservative policy for the past few decades so since the collapse of the communist system and now some people are saying including the coalition partner there the
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social democrats that the conservatives have indeed been slugged when it came to addressing that challenge of tackling right wing extremism when you talk about immigration sentiment that is. nationwide phenomenon has been very clear by her own standards it has been very outspoken what she has said against right wing extremism and how she has stressed the importance to uphold democratic values let's hear what she had to say. is this enough times i was sucked in the night from saturday to sunday a man was killed thankfully two suspects have been arrested already. and doesn't stick it out was a horrible incident of sympathy and my sympathy goes out to the relatives of the victim second what we saw afterwards is something that has no place in a state under the rule of law so there is video footage of a mob and of hate on the streets this has no place in
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a state under the rule of. law and let me underline that one small step toward this kind of the kish to. chancellor merkel there the rule of law in germany i mean as some say the democratic principles of the chancellor is underlining there are being called into question are the candidates incidents symptomatic of a wider phenomenon here in germany. well i'm glad machall and her posse of of course come under tremendous pressure from the anti immigrant party here in germany they are after all the largest opposition party in the national parliament and so. now the city does have to react on conservatives have to react because parties like the a.f.p. they're selling this narrative that they are allegedly protecting the native population from the dangerous migrants and they're criticising on open door refugee policy but of course it's a phenomenon that we don't only see here in germany in germany is winning in the
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polls you can see that in the state elections next year in eastern germany stands to see massive gains but also when you look at eastern european neighbors of germany's like poland or hungary parties are selling the same narrative and also in countries like italy. you know thank you our political correspondent nina house of . now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today monsoon rains have overwhelmed the child in myanmar inundating around one hundred villages and closing the country's biggest highway authorities have ordered fifty thousand people to evacuate their homes no reports of casualties so far. police in the philippines are hunting two men suspected of planting a bomb that killed two people on tuesday the attack struck a market in the salon in the country's north the are in the country's south rather
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the so-called islamic state claimed responsibility. british and french fishing boat clashed off the normandy coast in a dispute over scallops french fishermen are only allowed to collect the shellfish from the first walked over to preserve stocks but british boats face no such restriction led to a flotilla of around thirty five french boats attempting to see all their british competitors. in a surprise turnaround the u.s. military says it may reestablish joint military exercises with south korea the war games have been a major sticking point in the run up to u.s. president trumps historic summit with north korea's kim jong il and at that summit trump caught his military commanders off guard by agreeing to drop the drills the reversal now by the pentagon comes amid a broader breakdown in diplomacy with north korea over its nuclear weapons.
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a historic handshake between two former foes in the months before their singapore some as donald trump and kim jong un traded insults and threats of nuclear war but the leaders pulled back from the brink to deliver a diplomatic spectacle as an unexpected concession from the u.s. . we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see that the future negotiation is not. going along like it should. the u.s. military exercises with south korea have infuriated p.r. nyang for decades trump's decision to suspend them surprised both u.s. allies in the region and top u.s. military officials critics said he was handing kim a major symbolic victory without getting any concrete commitments that north korea would denuclearized since june so most trumps diplomatic gamble has delivered some
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modest returns pyongyang has returned what it says are the remains of u.s. troops killed in the korean war it is also put its nuclear missile test on hold though the un's atomic watchdog says it's still developing nuclear weapons and it's the lack of progress on that front that could wind relations back to the animosity that characterized the early months of trump's presidency the year yes there are regularly were threats to the united states. they will be met with fire of fury. like the world has never seen. last week trump acts plans for his secretary of state to travel to north korea saying. i feel we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the did nuclearize ation of the korean peninsula and now the u.s.
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military has hinted is will resume its war games with the size. we took the step to suspend several of the largest exercisers as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercisers. both trump and kim like to raise tensions when it suits their interests the question now is whether they'll teach diplomacy and return to the brink. let's bring in korea analyst caught foster carter now who joins us from eggs that are in the u.k. in the u.s. has suggested they may restart large scale military exercises with south korea what do you make of that well it is about sign as as it's just at the same time most of the quotes from president trump the suspension. one sided yet
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a rather surprising suspension that we had of this what would have been dishonest exercises was always conditional only denuclearization process talks going well they're not going well little korea hasn't really conceded anything at the moment. not really a surprise that said nothing is imminent or the next major exercises would be in march and april so there is plenty of time to put the train back on the track before the end which i very much hope will happen so this is clearly a step back and diplomacy between the u.s. and north korea where does this leave relations between the u.s. and south korea. in a difficult place also because it's important to be aware that while the u.s. and north korea is obviously a very key new relationship the good or bad of the nuclear issues or some most important issues these are not the only things going on there's also the rules prevent to get senses with china prato bracket not for this purpose but it all
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started with south korea with all korea's outreach to south korea for the olympics and really south korea has been a kind of go between south korea currently under neath the central government that believes in engaging all spray which many conservatives do believe and now move jay in of south korea he's supposed to be going to coming out for a third summit in september that's going to be pretty difficult now so it's kind of hope but there are some in washington who think south korea is getting out of line i reject that the u.s. i think south korea oversea is uniquely placed because of the tragic division of the country and i think there are a lot of to pursue their own agenda and a basic you know my what i think the opposite of an agenda so it's all getting a bit tricky so we also have another announcement from the u.s. on friday washington also abruptly canceled a planned trip to north korea by secretary of state mike pompei oh north korea has warned that the talks are at risk of falling apart is the peace process unraveling . it is slightly on the raveling i mean the problem all along was that trump signed
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out to a remarkably sin document again rather like the north and south korea comment on the correction which has some very concrete things in it until it seems to believe that this was a muffin everybody was sent suggesting that maybe this wasn't enough i do think that north korea if they want both sides are good but not invested it as loss of face with kim jong un to trump if he doesn't go ahead a bit north korea at this point is at risk overplayed its hand definitely they need to that's a phrase of dennis rodman's come back to the member of the do me a small little bit of something substantial needs to be done. just so much a fair analysis that was career analysts and foster carter there speaking to us from exeter in the u k. germany has handed back human remains taken from what is now namibia in an official ceremony they are skulls and bones of members of the herero and people slaughtered under german colonial rule more than a century ago in a church service here in berlin and the human remains were officially handed back
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to namibia representatives from namibia paid tribute to the victims of the genocide together with german religious representatives and state officials outside demonstrators demanded an official apology from the german government as well as financial compensation german military killed an estimated seventy thousand herero unama during colonial rule. moments always in those months does it mention some by some of them would chop off the prisoners heads. and then throw the rest of the bodies in the water to feed the sharks. when i think about this history it makes me sad. and bitter. totally sure israel cannot is the only herero activist in germany one hundred years since the end of german colonialism the seventy one year old now maybe n.
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is calling for the german government to take responsibility the amount that i would just demanding three things an apology or recognition of genocide and reparations break something you have to fix it was at the podium on the. it was here in berlin that the fate of africa was decided at the eight hundred eighty five conference the continent was sliced up and divided among european powers prior to world war one germany had colonies around the world after losing the war german overseas land was in redistributed unlighted d. colonized. millions were affected by the brutality and greed of german colonialism. an attempt to exterminate the herero unama people in german south west africa today namibia resulted in the murder of at least eighty thousand people out of fears of costly reparations german parliament has never officially recognized
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the murders as genocide but the government has promised us several assessment of the country's colonial history. germany's commissioner to africa is involved in the process doesn't. we are of course holding reconciliation talks with namibia right now. trying to formulate what happened a hundred years ago or more so that we as europeans can apologize for the terrible things that and take responsibility. but also so that this is accepted by the african side so that our future is not because we talk about the past. but what we can do together now as we it's. but for israel talks excluding herero unama people count for nothing some activists have gone as far as filing a lawsuit in new york against the german government calling for that participation . their return however of some twenty herero unama human remains at
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a ceremony in balance french church is being regarded as at least a step in the right direction if you did as positive i think this is a positive from what isn't good is that it's taken place in a church why not in parliament and then recognize the genocide at the same time focus more on the. like many herrera nama activists israel wants all planned out work and human remains to be returned to their home country the german government however favors more provenance research by museums. but israel isn't about to give up like mice of his fellow activists his campaign for germany to recognize the murders of herero unama people is genocide is a personal one. i also have german ancestors that means that my history has something to do with germany and i tell you no i will fight until i die.
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authorities in the german city of the spot have removed a four metre tall golden statue of turkish president richard barrett on the art installation was intended as a protest against one but it divided local residents putting organizers of the local market first of all on the back foot. this gigantic statue in the center of the spot and was meant as an expression of criticism against the turkish president and his authoritarian form of government the director of the v. spot an art festival sees art as a means to provoke debate as. they certainly appropriate to conceive of as a controversial figure we are allowed to discuss freely here in this country it's very regrettable that's not allowed in other countries but here we can have a discussion about the stuff and this man. but some locals fear the ironic statute could fuel conflict in their community and provoke the turkish government
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more localized. and i don't think it's ok if you ask me it's not it's a provocation and it damages the good relationship between turks and germans on. this at yvonne supporters saw the statue as a tribute to his hero prompting a heated exchange with a critique of the turkish president. and the everyone has their own opinion which they're entitled to voice and i'm a voice in my mind of my kind of mind and this isn't an opinion it's a provocation this is a man who has hundreds of people on this conscience why. why. why he's got people on his conscience as well as he should because he lied his way to power he's a dictator he is and i picked up toys. in the end the debate proved a little too much for the local authorities the statue has been removed with the city council deciding it couldn't provide the security needed to keep it safe.
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the new north american trade deal is in the making but it still needs one key player to get on board terry that key player being canada and the gauche ations rather the country of all join a fresh north american trade deal are resuming later today the atmosphere during initial talks in washington was described as optimistic there are pitfalls however kind of his prime minister so far insists on keeping terrorists that are meant to protect the country's dairy farmers on the other hand u.s. president donald trump says these tariffs must go there's a lot at stake here trade between the u.s. canada and mexico adds up to more than a trillion dollars. after the u.s. and mexico reached a preliminary agreement signed kind of the two but soon be on board. what's. really leave. like to leave you with me here. if that makes it. significant. it seems that their.
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cars and these. are easy value. into canada and the united states. is some time that their job. still sticks the comedian prime minister has said he would only sign a deal that was good for a kind of debt but he praised the progress that was being me. we're pushing hard to conclude an agreement that is win win with a modern and progressive agreement that is in line with our values and our ambitions and that will benefit not only canadian businesses but all canadians the u.s. treasury secretary steven minutiae in the believes an agreement with all to well could come later this week he said the talks have met many people's demands working with him and are trying to work minute this is a complicated agreement there's lots of things in here that or paul knew i would
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think the candidate would be very much on board with stronger intellectual property stronger protections modernizing the agreement so i'm hopeful that the open issues with canada can be resolved. without a deal to us present almost trumpets threaten to impose tariffs on canadian made it comes but that could weigh on the automotive sector on both sides of the border because the neighbors rely heavily on each other's parts if talks with canada not wrapped up by the end of this week trump only plans to seek approval from congress for the bilateral deal with mexico. claimants who is the president of the for institute one of germany's biggest economic research institutions earlier i asked him if there were any lessons to be learned here for europe from the talks regarding a potential trade deal with the united states. good morning yes there are lessons i think the first lesson is that the u.s. is talking to us by lateral deals on the way from obsolescent agreements that
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makes things more difficult we see that canada is now in a more difficult situation so u.s. trade policy is becoming even more strategic and europe needs to be counted all of the other thing is trade deal means opening up european markets as well and opening up markets in sensitive areas in particular agriculture so these will be difficult negotiation about negotiations but the good news is we are talking about free trade robin talking about increasing tariffs that was caymans who was head of the economic research institute now poor results and only share prices germany's big banks are in trouble a bank just lost the title as the country's most valuable financial institution to a start up in the tech sector and germany second largest bank could soon be ousted from the decks how to bring germany's banking giants up to speed is the focus of a conference in frankfurt this week is there a way to shake things up without letting them full that's the challenge facing
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gemini's big banks right now with greater competition from abroad and trade conflicts dominating world politics europe's financial institutions must pull their strengths says dr banks customs evening it's got to deal with it it's a clear the pressure is on to consolidate in europe there are five thousand five hundred financial institutions in the eurozone above the feet of one how many of them can manage risks in an increasingly confusing world economy the minute you open up all of europe there's a need as many banks as possible what it needs is strong banks. bank plans to be among them it's retained its global aspirations under savings leadership stands even took over running germany's biggest bank in april for the past three years the financial giant has suffered losses falling behind competition particularly from the u.s. savings says that now politics must play
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a part too. i mean order to produce true european champions and we need uniform regulations in europe we need a unified financial market and i know is that he not smart. a strong european financial center to say that europe can better focus on finding strong solutions to upcoming challenges like bracks it for example. and here's a reminder of the story we're following for you here on the w.b. germany has are directed allegations of racism within the german football association he was responding to claims made by midfielder means of the who quit the national team in july after the size of the small showing at the world cup in russia. but watching get over here is coming to you live from berlin a fresh call of him coming up at the top of the hour. thanks for watching.
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so clever the medium control the risk lots. of investment bankers call carousel with their first on. everybody wrong the wanted to ignore the reality of the whole thing might blow off in the face of a system that spun out of control. they were one of the this is. the crunch investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . the working life nine to five monday to friday weekends off and three weeks holiday a year well that's how it was for many of our parents and grandparents i can't
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