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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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and i had a feeling of being part of something. not remains of those events today. pseuds the civil rights. peace movement and women's movement for. this period. nineteen sixty eight the global revolts start september first on d w. are the police in eastern germany helping instead of hindering a tide of hate against migrants and foreigners after those violent protests in the city of candidates this week new questions and old suspicions plus that the far right party capitalizing on candidates using social media to target journalists it's being called an unprecedented threat of violence against the media. in berlin this is the day.
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i mean there is that image is really quite shocking. the use it or not since the city continue to drive these sort of these extreme right. in his proprieties complete musha i think it's fundamentally important public official story europe. denounce for all of this. to return would soon be concealed from our memories traumas of the process. because that is frightening to see how the same devices are being used. also coming up tonight in germany hands over human remains from the namibian
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genocide but does it go far enough to atone for germany's colonial era atrocities. just demanding three things an apology on recognition of genocide and reparations break something you have to fix it wasn't about him on the bus to put him up to it . or we begin the day with new questions over the role of the police in this week's violent anti migrant protests in the german city of kenneth's of those protests erupted following the stabbing death of a german man in cannes it's on sunday authorities today confirmed that the arrest warrant for the main suspect in that killing was leaked and ended up in the hands of one of germany's leading far right protesters the warrant contain the name of the suspect in revealed that he is an iraqi national a migrant suspected of murdering a german authorities say that information is being used to fuel zina phobic protests similar to the scenes of men hunting down foreigners in broad daylight or
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the far right a.f.p. the country's largest opposition party is facing accusations that it is taking advantage of this surge in hate and fear the a.f.p. today deleted a facebook posting in which journalists were threatened with being dragged onto the streets it went on to warn the media saying quote when the moon it turns it will be too late germany's association of journalists is now calling on the federal office to protect the constitution to place the a.t.f. tea party under surveillance. well i'm joined tonight here at the big table by carsten millionaires he is the vice chairman here in berlin of the association of german criminal investigation officers and hughes is good to have you on the show considering this is that the police in the far right may be cooperating in
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kim that's what should be happening right now inside the police departments not only encampments but everywhere i mean what needs to be happening well first of all we have to establish a positive democratic democratic spirit within all the departments that can happen at the police school but also the older detectives the veterans have to be the idols for the younger ones and it is their is their deficit or a lack of that right now. that is hard to say. we heard last night on the program we spoke with a professor in dresden who said that the police particularly in eastern germany often identify more with people from the far right than they do from the left because they're told that they're hated by the left what do you say to that well by its nature police tend to
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a conservatism and law and order. the left of groups by nature or rather reject or despise conservatism and law and order so that might be the root of the reason for that opinion the these accusations that we were seeing this cooperation possibly between the police in the far right and can this in in eastern germany that is nothing new and it's something that seems to continue to persist how do you explain that i mean why can't it be broken. that is a very good question you have to consider that the police of a german state we call it it's a mirror of the population so if you have a certain opinion you know. within the population within the people that might reflect on to the police force and if if there are police officers
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in a department anywhere for those of us who are in the police and you suspect that this person may be a sympathizer of the far right what happens. wealthy a police has to be have to be neutral neutral to the left no to the right so whatever my private opinion may be i have to be neutral on the job and we have to emphasize that this will take place this neutrality. we've also heard that there is a significant shortage of manpower in the police forces across germany how significant is that in contributing to the problems that we're seeing for example in camden's yes the numbers have we have lost a lot of police over the last decade. due to the lack of money and even though a lot of states. that employ more police officers they have to have to go through
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the training it takes time for them to arrive at the force and is it easy to keep police officers once they're trained yes their retention rate is high yes are you satisfied with what you're hearing from the federal government now following these violent protests and cabinets i mean do you think that the promises in the words that you're hearing from berlin are going to be matched with action. well we have to consider that the police is a federal it's not a federal. issue but every state is responsible for its own police force so birds from the federal government always good to hear but the state of sex and he has to take actions and that of course is where the actions where the decisions are going to have to be made you're right about that cross amelia's vice-chairman here in berlin of the association of german criminal investigation officers israelis we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you you very much
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. yeah i think it really is really taken advantage of a lot of people and i think it's a very serious thing and it's a very serious charge we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that so i think that through growing twitter and facebook they're really treading on very very troubled territory and they have to be careful. well that was the us president donald trump accusing google twitter and facebook of bias he also tweeted this about google google search results for trump news shows only the viewing a reporting of fake news media in other words they have it rigged for me and others say that almost all stories on news is bad. all right to talk about this i'm joined by the tech journalist david meier he is
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the author of control shift help technology effects you and you're right it's good to have you back on the show. how much credence is there for the you put in these accusations from donald trump it's simply not true there's there's no there's no evidence to show that google is biased in the results that way i mean the thing is google in its results attempts to show people what is most useful to them and the way that it treats news publications is by how credible they are how many people link to them and the fact is that what's the he calls left wing news organizations which are not necessarily so right. mainstream publications that have a lot will credibility have a lot more weight to them and so google gives and will prominence and google says it doesn't have a political agenda but it does have algorithms and we don't know what those
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algorithms are doing i mean it is the same way with facebook so it's the secret recipe that they won't reveal that determines what we see in these surgery results right that is correct and news organizations obviously always want to be as high in the results as it must be counting so it's a constant game for them to try and figure out what it is google wants to see from them so yeah it is a bit of a mystery there is there is a battle going on to influence the search results as you say i mean the second example if you type the word idiot into google. now this is what you get to see there on the screen pictures of donald trump and his sons and we did not do that i mean that is what you get if you put that into the who is that a coincidence or does the u.s. president does he have a point those are people who have figured out. a little bit about how google's algorithms work gaming the system to try and make a perhaps
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a satirical point that and the way that they've done that is to make sure that there's a lot of activity around offical zx which put the of the word idiot next to a picture of donald trump and so because google sees that there's a lot of activity there and it's thinks that that is there for relevance to pay so it is possible to influence these search results but i mean it would it would take a small army what need to get the results to constantly come out a certain way like you like idiots and strong absolutely and and they're the key the key word there is constantly because you can do this for a little while but as soon as people stop you know joining in the fun then it'll the and the results will become a little bit less influenced and that way it's a good point i want to ask you about google being under fire from human rights organizations more than a dozen are urging google not to launch google china which is
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a censored internet search engine in china is google prepared to capitulate on free speech to break into the chinese market what do you think. this is a very serious question i mean google pulled out well it didn't entirely pull out but it pulled out its search services right china in two thousand and ten because of the censorship issue and also because of state level hacking as well and those concerns have not gone away in fact the chinese regime has become even more sense of mad when it comes to online search. and online results and if google does. play ball with them then that would be an immense complete capitulation the google's own employees have voiced serious concern about this and only i think today or yesterday. coalition of some of the world's biggest human rights groups have also voiced concern about it so it could happen but there's an awful lot of
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pushback said journalist david meyer they were just good to have you back on the show we appreciate your insights tonight thank you thanks well still to come on the day the man in the hot seat germany's football coach. faces a grilling over his side's disastrous world cup performance work well here his mayor culpa to a disappointing public. well today germany handed back human remains taken from what is now the african country of namibia and they are skulls and bones of members of the a retro and nama peoples law under german colonial rule more than a century ago and a church service representatives from namibia paid tribute to the victims of the mass killings together with german religious representatives and state officials outside demonstrators demanded an official apology and reparations from the german
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government well the german military reportedly massacred tens of thousands of herero and nama people one of the darkest chapters in germany's colonial past. it was here in berlin that the fate of africa was decided at the eighteen eighty five conference the continent was sliced up and divided among european powers prior to world war one germany had colonies around the world after losing the war german overseas land was emery distributed unlighted d. colonized. millions were affected by the brutality and greed of german colonialism. an attempt to exterminate the herero unama people in german south west africa today namibia resulted in the murder of at least eighty thousand people out of fears of costly reparations german parliament has never officially recognized the much as genocide but the government has promised if ever assessment of the
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country's colonial history. well i'm joined now here at the big table by the kuwait is the paramount chief of the over herero people it's good to have you here in the studio with this we saw the remains being returned to namibia what are your thoughts about that for well. oh it's a step in the right direction. that's one of the months. and therefore we are delighted to but we could be here and receive that immense and yes it's. your delighted are you are you satisfied do you feel that a sense of justice has been carried out. in
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a small measure indeed yes. they don't belong here they shouldn't have been here in the first listening. and therefore. it's it was a good day there are demands for a full apology from the german government. and recognition of the genocide and reparations how much progress is being made on that i mean do you think that that will actually be realized well as of today zero progress. in spite of. we understand some more than five years of. serious engagements between the what two governments. hundreds of millions of dollars and euros spend in those negotiations.
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and what what's what's the what's the problem what's stopping any progress in the talks was basically because belief is that if you sing to acknowledge that what germany did to us constitute in october genocide and up to no they still can get to the point to offer an official apology what would then would that suffice be because there are legal ramifications of calling an act genocide but if the apology came from the government would that be enough or would you also want it to come with reparations in full i mean is it is it everything or nothing well i'm not speaking on behalf of the namibian government is parliament you've of the overhead of people one of the communities that way singled out in targeted for
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extermination. we first things first there was an extermination order. no thirty two who fell. and that's stood for something and it meant something. it achieved a certain result eighty percent of my people were wiped off the face of the. by any standards but any definition that is genocide. and that needs to be acknowledged and then everything else flows from that would do you think that what happened today do you think there is a step in the right direction where what i heard from the german minister. flood i'm a show the mood of fear in the things that we hear. is something that we have
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never had before from the german foreign office and one can only hope that this should present a new thinking. in german foreign policy in that it goes beyond mere rhetoric and that it would be followed up by concrete steps. and that can be translated. into new approaches and a new congress mischa's. not only between the two governments but that will also involve us in the affected communities because without the affected communities becoming part of the equation. any kind of attempted solutions will be elusive and will never end up in
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a sustainable solution mr kerr you know when and if those. you know moments of progress happen please come back and talk with us we would like to hear from you again the riku the paramount chief of the over here are people if you say you've taken the time to be on the show did i thank you for the pleasure thank you thank you for. a mayor coppola to the nation today germany's soccer coach your welcome love faced his first extended grilling by the media he's faced a barrage of criticism over this summer's disastrous world cup for germany which saw the defending champions crashed out in the group stage today he admitted he made mistakes this one minute on a course to feed i checked some my biggest miscalculation and biggest mistake was that i believe we could make it past the group stage by playing a brand of dominant possession based football. then get to speed so we've often
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played well that way in the past but it's a high risk tactic on this now and so in order for it to work because the conditions on the squad have to be just right cool that's it all has to come together so that we can deal with the risks involved and couldn't that wasn't the case against the opponents we faced but once the. mark meadows joins me now he was in munich today for their press conference used back here at the big table the football press can be tough on losers we know that so what was it like in munich today it was quite tense in the room normally you can live presser there's a few jokes here and there but he was pretty serious today because he knows he's got a lot of making or to do after such a dreadful will come up and i think because he was quite humble he might come away from it with a bit of credit from the jim press because he basically held his hands up and said it was my fault the tactic for wrong and also very interesting lee he said that
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there wasn't enough motivation for the players they lacked fire in his words and enthusiasm now normally when a national team manager says the tactics are wrong and they were motivated he's going to leave his job but the german if they have hind him he's staying until twenty twenty two i've been given that he has admitted that it was his fault he's probably going to get away with it with the german press of the way also said a very interesting thing he said he'd been average and to think that the way they've won the not the two thousand and fourteen world cup could be mirrored in two thousand and eight well yeah you know talking about arrogance it's been two months since the world cup right and it's taken in that long to finally say something publicly about what happened i mean how do you explain that well pressed on this was held in munich today because next thursday they're playing the first game since the will come in a new competition called the nations they fortunately for the it's against the new will champions france probably not the match he wanted after such a disastrous world cup but in the two months since the world cup he's been having
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a detailed analysis of what went wrong and today in the press conference we were treated let's say to a one hour powerpoint presentation about all the failings in the world cup really detailed lots of stats you know speed of play speed of passes ball possession the problem is the conclusions he came to the pretty obvious i mean soccer fan watching that will called no. knows that there was a problem with the tactics and that they were motivated but actually the reason why it's taken this amount of time from the command speak is because he wanted to leave a little bit hope some of the heat went out of the city mayor should have every i mean but when you look at him you know talking about passion and motivation does he still have the fire i mean or is he if you tired he was asked directly and his reply was i'm good i'm good i'm good i'm good which maybe didn't convince a lot of people in the room because obviously it's been pretty harrowing for him especially with of the message there is well if you ask you about this you tell me
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about that you know it's been a thorn in his side yeah i mean it was quite surprising today because he actually criticized now obviously if you remember before the world cup was photographed with turkish president everyone he has to his roots some german fans are very upset about it as a played in the world cup didn't do very well and then with this explosive statement a few weeks ago retired from the national team and actually in that statement will actually name checked and live is the only one to be praised in those four to eight so it's very interesting that live actually was quite harsh on ozil he said that those accusations that the german football federation are racist was exaggerated he said there was never any racism in the german team while he's been coach and also he was quite critical about how those who went about retiring from the national side you can actually have a little listen now to. the mr touchy feely on the beat and she says
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it is will chose a different path and he hasn't contacted me to this day even though i've tried calling and messaging him several times and a lot of two or so weeks. at two different i wasn't able to reach him get woman issues to different to common sense if i have to accept his decision and from a short i think overall we underestimated the whole situation surrounding the pictures for. ops yeah is that what happened they underestimated the power of images i think so yes obviously if jim had done well in the will cup no one would really have kids right and it is important to know that in the squad that he announced today for this game against france going to one was in the squad and going on was also in the photo with the one and this will it's just going to end is the sort of player who gives one hundred ten percent and apologize very quickly afterwards many many weeks go out of his statement and live also mention that so he
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was surprisingly critical of all right mark minutes from our sports desk it's good to have you back here fresh from munich thank you. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write directly to me brant off t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day was either. the fuel.
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pump. into the conflict zone the for the fellows to summarize. so as the drug trade shows corruption my guess is human capital budgets all his reaction president. to say sure when those votes you strifes have to drain back to america's most distressing so to speak but does he deserve the conflict so
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few men feel w five. so much of it coming. to link to news from africa and the world or link to it simpson stories and discussions from only was a busy hour while web site d w dot com slash africa join us on facebook at dublin for god. and his creations around for his brand understandable column logoff an icon of the fashion world. so what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feels private moments in the life of a great fashion designer when someone special. starts september not
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w. . but on what it. is you know i mean in your minutes he. goes oh no there's cynical media. us all up with out about our. vision of. what. this you know i mean in your monotonous incline you think i have focused on a moment tonight it's. what i'm focused on in this you know what i'm with what it took and i said i know what is a time. this you know i mean in your mind not a single you are getting in when you cry i don't want to. me number one and unanimous. the show could go because i see if i had yes it's a. question i. cannot i've only said that i thought of going on with the game fun to. see it because as if to say i said.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight the u.n. he high commissioner for human rights condemns far right demonstrations in the german city of camden by you dr al hussein says that political leaders must speak out forcefully against zina phobia forgiveness is bracing for another protest this coming weekend also how much of it was almost our going to hold me as i wanted to perfect a fine shooting the still means even more when hit much worse and i should have
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realized that we needed to be less risky. cocksure.


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