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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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what do we really believe that's the man behind the torch. how does he think. the. great designer. that starts september ninth. from berlin great to have you on board again before we get started let's have a quick look at what's coming up in today's. session favorite way the breton strike is an ongoing hit. all changed living outside the box in scotland the. water fishing for
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guy breaks in amsterdam and now. it seems that striped shirts like this one have never really gone out of fashion but they were originally designed as a work are meant for fisherman i'm saying yes and fronts today the iconic design from brittany is a must have and wardrobes would white and now the new york museum of modern art has even chosen it among the one hundred eleven most important pieces of clothing that have had a huge influence on fashions through the ages we took a closer look at the development of the. what better place to sport the nautical look than on a beach in britain. after all the breton striped shirt originated on france's atlantic coast today the pattern is popular the world over. it
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signifies freshness well being. comfortable. at first it was fisherman who wore these striking stripes and they became part of the uniform of the french navy so shipwrecked sailors would be easy to spot in the water. rationing designer coco chanel fell in love with the not a good look when she vacation by the sea she helped make britain shirt fashionable and it is to this day sailor stripes feature prominently in chanel's latest cruise collection. breton shirts have been popular with v.i.p.'s since the one nine hundred sixty s. brigitte bardot wore them and sort of spanish painter public picasso. fashion maverick kid at the renaissance of the not occult style in one thousand nine hundred three. in france for truffaut's film julie zoom is worn by john morrow and one of the two men her character loves that greasy look seems made for
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this tale of freedom an individuality. come pair in brittany is located some twenty kilometers from the atlantic coast red shirts or mountaineer as they're known here are sold all over town like in this book tikrit cross from the cathedral some claim the stripes make people look fat but that hasn't hurt sales. people feel comfortable in them also because the material so nice. you can even wear it in winter. or more look says been producing the sailor shirts and compare for anything years the standard model resembles. one worn by seaman in the french navy in the nineteenth century. each shirt boasts twenty one navy blue stripes said to symbolize napoleon's twenty one c. because. the stripes are all ten millimeters and will fittingly the shirt has a boat neck that. the article arrives precut and is assembled here.
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do the seams fust the foremost in the sail a ship that is brought to the sewing machine and together not having. more looks produces five thousand articles per day and exports from around the globe. from. the original model from eighteen to fifty eight and over the years we change the color and shape before he added. lace and made it into a real fashion. every year we add twenty or thirty. the company's own design department dreams up the latest models export manager mark up the church knows them all. this year no one has a different patent. we also make products in p.k.
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we speak a same as another stripe. it was off one of. them we have the blue ones red the french national colors. which is important for exports it. looks has its own kind of there you'll find a striking stripes not only on clothing but also on everything from bedding to ashtrays placemats scarves and hats bags and backpacks. even on footwear like rubber boots and yes but drills but churches. well the favorite title timeless definitely timeless and fish no matter what people wore it it that you could wear it today and you could wear it fifty years ago fifty young. girl paris hilton. and actresses diane kruger and emma stone have all been spotted sporting
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breath and stripes far away from brittany and the atlantic coast. loved around the world to strike churches here to stay. well i'm still in there also some stars and stripes on the red carpet in venice let's find out what's going on there and to this express. the seventy fifth venice international film festival opened on wednesday with the critically acclaimed space biopic first ma'am by damien should sell its about the first man to walk on the moon in the one nine hundred sixty nine the opening film is great i mean first and damian shows al with ryan gosling playing neil armstrong the first man on the moon it's going to have a huge kick off if you got us and i think really to award season in general. the film is one of twenty one entries vying for the top award in the competition section this year the goldmine for lifetime achievement goes to english actress
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vanessa redgrave the venice film festival runs until september the eighteenth. more than six hundred exhibitors are presenting their newest creations at the world's largest recreational vehicle trade fair the caravan into. the exhibits range from compact models to retro campers to luxury mobile homes like a one and a half million euro camping bus with space for a porsche state of the art amenities such as apps that can set the temperature remotely are rejuvenating the camper vans david image the caravan ends on sunday. gillen for decades the front man of deep purple has recorded the album with his former bandmates from the javelins. british singer songwriter dylan covered rock n roll classics with them in the early one nine hundred sixty s. before going on to work with deep purple. stones and of rock n roll and the little
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jazz and blues and. he was the human chemistry in the band was surely fate and the joy of the music was the most important the key on their new album the veteran rockers put their own spin on songs by such legends as chuck berry and buddy holly. the album comes out this friday. imagine if you could just move the wards of your home around like windows would suddenly appear that hadn't been there before and you could empty your may box a secret compartment if you think this is just possible a movie yes well we found a house in scotland that actually is like that it's ok to eat in the capital edinburgh in the south east of the country i did richard murphy has preferred the green with his adaptable house i knew as a home has already won several prizes it is a perfect example for
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a serious living outside the box. she's full of surprises sliding pivoting pavel's transform each base they can be found throughout the entire structure. this is the murphy house designed by the architect richard murphy. twenty sixteen it was named house of the year by boyle institute of british architects. there are lots of ideas behind this house how it fits into a piece of historic edinburgh how it changes between winter and summer how you get a lot of rooms into a very small space how you save energy. when architects really brings to bear his own inferences interests of other architects he started. that's
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quite a limited volume of space so the shape of the house came from that building up high on one side and low on the other and then try to get as lots of many rooms in that was possible and using those devices to make the house food bigger that it actually is. the murphy house with its unique architecture certainly stands out in that immersed popular new town. most of the houses here were built in the nineteenth century represented the world's largest example of uninterrupted late georgian architecture. the murphy house has eight levels. with one hundred forty square meters of living space it took. ten years to build his house from. drawing up plans to the building. the bedroom is located on the top floor and also contains launch movable panels.
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spaces. disguised. as a seat. this is a panel which opens up between the bedroom in the living room i mean one does things for. you didn't. this is more of a piece of that when. you could talk to people living in if you want to the reason it's designed this such as that. because you don't want to be able to see straight ahead because if you saw straight ahead we'll see from the bed into the neighbor's windows which is not such a clever idea. for a long time. after
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a lot of wrangling with the planning department they actually recommended refusal but i went and talked to a couple of local councils who are on the planning committee and they understood what i was trying to do and they talked to other counsellors and we got to the committee meeting the council's overturn the recommended refuse of the money which is extremely. so what did the neighbors think although complained of course all lots of them did anyway and there was a bit of a campaign but it's almost those to quote shakespeare they compose a little bit too much actually. i think that rebounded a bit on the counsellor's having finished the house i thought exactly the opposite reaction from neighbors they all love it. murphy's use of concrete levels and geometric shapes were inspired by the later talian architects carlos. even here out in the garden there is great attention to detail.
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and. crumb top to bottom helps give the visitor a better idea of all the details of the house. richard murphy has lived in his house for two and a half years now and wouldn't change a thing if you have to build it all over again. well as awesome isn't it when the murphy house also be a dream home for you or would you are the life in a castle let us know how you would like to live just go to d.w. have comes less lifestyle and join in our draw than maybe your max watch. so good luck. well there are also plenty of interesting buildings and another lands on the
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famous canals for example but we have also discovered something else there are people fishing for plastic so it's weird but it's super sustainable because the passageways is not only fished out of the water but recycled and so or trash becomes something completely new. this is one of amsterdam is most unusual trips the plastic fishing tour of the city's canals younger visitors love the idea of sightseeing while helping to tackle plastic pollution. the tour guide is called to give me. what it was giving quilts for the company plastic whale which raunch four years ago with just one boat now it turns ten each one made from recycled plastic bottles the tours are offered almost every day rain or shine anything that doesn't belong in the water is fished out and collected in bags. plastic wales offices are located on a small canal age people working now twice as many as last year for their motto we
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stop moaning oh let's do something they separate the waste themselves. these bottle caps will be melted down and turned into the company logo. these bottles we take to a company and they shredded for us and make these are to shred the uses and they make a laid out of these pieces and regret delayed is like the raw material raw material and that's a nice nice thing about plastic bottles bring them back to their own material again and then create something completely new outfit such as this office furniture one thousand bottles go into a table like this. go into a chair and just over twenty into a lamp. everything you see is recyclable so as not to add further to the global plastic problem. ten percent of the proceeds go into
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a similar project in india and with any luck soon in body as well. our mission is to get world's water plastic free again and we also know that it's an impossible goal. we will do as much as we can to reach it. and yeah of course we are not going to pretend that we can fix everything but we can make a difference. back on the canal the hunt is on. this special way of touring the city costs twenty five euros per person or. where i didn't expect that much of the waste. with that when you take a closer look so sure quite a lot especially with a posse raft it's quite transparent so you don't really see them and we've already filled the hole. so it's a process we could take surface work just to to keep going.
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i believe this community or the city is on the right track. to date the netherlands doesn't charge deposits on plastic bottles tourists rolling up their sleeves really helps amsterdam curtail rubbish in its canals a single garbage bag like this fits fifty bottles and several get filled each day. no rules skill sets of course not so much but we do create an enormous awareness and that's right and that's what you see. and maybe the awareness is even more important. than anything else you do. raising awareness and showing people how their own contribution can help tackle the big plastic problem two good reasons for taking this special sightseeing tour of amsterdam. and we stay on the topic of water you also have to
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keep things clean if you own and ferry you but first it has to be said i will plan stones and a lot more of it how want to home you know that's quite a lot of work many call in experts for help one of them is all about not in fact he's probably one of the best he also prepares underwater words that are much bigger than the ones most people have at home. underwater worlds can be beautiful. this one was designed by all of a cannot for the natural history museum in cars who are. not is one of the world's top accor ists or designer of aquarium interiors and has received prizes for his underwater won't so he took his first steps along his career path when he was sixteen really out of the market like a job at a pet store and i gained my first practical experiences that was over thirty years ago hearing cosworth benchley i specialized in their free tail and began only
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designing a maintaining aquariums after that i just got bigger and bigger jumps. what cannot simply calls jobs are impressive creations the german now travels the world designing aquariums he knows how to bring life to a fantastically big or relatively small fish tank whenever he gets a new project he begins by asking himself the same question. my first priority is to find a design that's right for the animal where the animal feels comfortable in terms of decoration for right implants we thought of the ownership like the design to but i mainly design for the animal the man asked.
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the forty six year old doesn't mind whether he's designing an aquarium for a private household all for a business so long as he's allowed to do his best this is muscle memory i guess it's always a shame to crush creativity i try to listen to what the client wants but i think it's best when i'm given free reign on top of that it's on my fourth. quarter is active on youtube. in the trade his work is known in europe america and korea when he's in asia he said he too happy to stand with fans who want to have a picture with him. he can usually know who i am no matter where i am in the world and i used to get at least a free lunch with his many projects abroad all of a cannot save his moments in his hometown. he doesn't like to speak about the price of his aquarium designs and only says he makes a comfortable living. and from the water we are heading to an
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eye lens to a sicily to be exact it is the largest island in the mediterranean sea and it's located so to say southwest of the wood of italy i would us a nation is only a few kilometers away from the town of no top especially now in the summer it's pretty hot in this region for those who live there an expensive air con is normally a must if or you simply do it like william about his pool he lives in a house with sustainable construction thanks to its architecture that is based on traditional dwellings in the area it's never too hot inside even when it's more than forty degrees so is it we take it out for today's episode of who is your next elects. more power sport those are all lies we need cicely's scorching sun. the house looks as if it was shaped by the wind welcome to my place. full of.
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the building blends into its natural surroundings and there's practically no corners. the facade is lime based plaster a traditional building material and sizzling. the flat rounded form of the houses influenced by traditional mediterranean architecture specially that from the islands around sicily north of africa. in particular the movers. but the lady and little items around safely. traditional moroccan and. architecture from i grew up. that's what inspired us. a spacious kitchen dining room is the focal point of the one hundred twenty square meter house. colorful excess reason our provide the only access to the stark point to the interior. this is meant to be the heart of the house the warmth irrigates from year on. we have the sun coming in the
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chimney right behind your shoulder the causing us of the places all here and all the activity supposed to start from here and he radiates the rest of the house. to other sports spend several months of the year with his family the furnishings are practical but well designed. a freestanding bath tub helps residents cool in the summer. even when the mercury climbs to forty degrees celsius it's still cool indoors the windows are laid out so as to circulate cooling breezes within the house and the thick walls. for me as well. there was the two actually two and one is built perpendicular the other one is diagonal and leave in the middle so they create a space of space over between the two worlds which is supposed to isolate properly we don't even turn on the head condition actually. outside an olive tree more than
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a century old provides more. the further away you get from the house the while loop in surroundings we've got. the fans weeks down to a pool that was intentionally built some distance from the house the swimming pool . the sea and the passage the gradual passage down into civilization. from nature the passage of a gradual wilderness fading until you get to that alone which is all the land and finally civilization the businessman has realized a childhood dream in the garden he's built a tree house in a caravan hideaway for young and old alike i thought there was also a possibility to isolate. from the crowd from the rest of the family and friends where you can come here and read and even see me. and so
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that's why i created it i decided to do. to prove your innocence provide more space for relaxation and feature an added bonus of you with the neighboring nature reserves. of the mediterranean. and with that we're running out of time now let you go join us and don't forget you can follow us on social media hopefully see again tomorrow and don't forget to join you now and all from all of us in berlin but by now. next time on your home. x. artist mark cuban's uses a special three g. pen that spins a synthetic thread and draws from the green. cast to work quickly and precisely because of fred only stays manageable for a few minutes before returning the song this sunday morning next time on your oh my
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god. after. more than sixty suicides in the french police force last year and now. officers face a constant battle against public hospital over work called. all the dangers of this . many feel abandoned by their government. come to the end of the french probably. thirty minutes w. . my name is along that i look back. i'm
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a mexican conductor. come with me and meet great musicians and friends from all over the world. rehearsal break in monaco to munch on the film i'm going to call this place was mexican folk music and a brazilian improv set on the balcony until the police arrived. you know this isn't a nice hot tub. time for an upgrade. how about furniture that grows all by. a house with no roof. or design highlights you can make yourself. against tips and tricks that will turn your home just for special. upgrade yourself
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with d w's interior design channel on you tube. the scars on some of. the pain still tangible. the surface for god. to see these edge but. they have survived do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who. who want to stay here and who decided to create something. new beginning in peace time or more the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance it is for the issues bubs words are really difficult complicated
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forgiveness reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your struggle to play out of darkness cities of. stark september second on g.w. . the united nations has condemned the violent far right protests in the german city of kemet the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants triggered mass unrest protesters gave nazi salutes and attacked people they took for foreigners more protests are planned in the coming days. i think we did a fantastic job in florida we're still open for the u.s. president donald trump has defended his handling of the hurricane maria crisis this after the islands of.


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