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the future. i really understand people say to the ones who stay here but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create some. darkness seems to ignore stuart september second on g.w. . if. i ever won the hand counts a year max movies music alex more all this is coming up in today's show. movie milestone the venice international film festival turns seventy five. singing the blues we visit a musical house in the baltic forest. to malta on plastic me
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german artist mock rubens and his synthetic creation. we kick off today in italy the venice film festival is in full swing now a total of twenty one firms are in the ways for the golden lion this year they've and has long been a magnet for hollywood movies also than any other international film festival a series of american movies which have primitive venice in the past went on to an office the festival is there folks breaking but what makes it so unique to this day we ask around the opening. actor ryan gosling got a warm welcome in venice he plays the lead in the festival's opening film first man two years ago he and us director damon says l made a splash in venice which we're going to hamper start from the latest collaboration is a bio pic about neil armstrong the first man to walk on the moon how precarious the
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whole idea of humans in space especially that time was i think to me it raises lots of questions that are that are certainly very relevant today of what what what the cost of a goal is and what at what point does a goal not become worth it anymore and what sacrifices are we you know as a country as a as a globe willing to shoulder in the name of a goal. with my only watson kristoff votes the jury for the seventy fifth edition of the festival includes some of the biggest names in the business. at the first major party guests enjoyed a stunning view from the terrace of the hotel tiny early it's legendary like the festival itself. just as i ask you which the world's oldest film festival what's not to like look out the window there is around the on top of it's such a beautiful beautiful setting and somehow i months for all the chaos you can.
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you know famous last words but somehow you managed to keep the calm because the water surrounds even this is a very nice and beautiful. you know you go on a boat. and then of course a lot of great films this year the festivals films range from mike leigh's historical drama peterloo to alfonzo coeur owns roma about the life of a family in mexico city in the early one nine hundred seventy s. vendors florian hunk of donner's marx never look away the family drama which is nominated for best. foreign language film at next year's oscars is in competition for the golden lion in the ne. venice is the oldest film the first of all and for me the most important one is one that understands well the bakeries of history up in kent. an exhibition is being held to mark the festival seventy fifth anniversary
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it all began back in one thousand nine hundred thirty two dr jekyll and mr hyde back then miscellanies fascist dictatorship left us mark then came italian media relisten in one thousand nine hundred sixty four michelangelo antonioni won the golden lion in the one nine hundred eighty s. german directors were successful at venice like vin venders with the state of things became synonymous with art house cinema and vicious but not very glamorous but that all changed in twenty twelve artistic director alberto barbera i think that american cinema still one of the strongest. in this from the world and one of the most interesting as well i decided to invest in to work a lot in rebuilding strong relationship with them and then we we were lucky enough to open the festival with a couple of films that went to the all scone gravity in burma and so on. this year the mexican gammel del toro is jury president last year and still in the shape of
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water won the golden lion. and went on to clinch best film at the oscars so was hollywood set to score another success in venice. of course we have a bunch of well established to make it in the main competition this year but cinema is changing it to not be the same getting used to be in the past century we don't know it's completely unpredictable i mean julie is made by nine people coming from different countries different culture. and the jury members are already engaging in lively debates about early favorites though naturally their choice. he says are top secrets. between those who are on the jury you think i'm going to say something about the film before they've been shown it's some great artists and i'm sure that we're going to have a tough time choosing which one it's a. huge selection and a lot of american filmmakers. grace like through i'd like to see more
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female directors but. along with all the glitz and glamour the venice film festival also stands for constant innovation so even the hollywood stars of the lido could soon find themselves out shunned by new talents. while van as is all about film by linux currently attracting technology fans that now in today's express. the i.f.a. the leading showcase for the global technology industry opened on thursday in berlin some eighteen hundred exhibitors are presenting their newest products and you know patients the focus this year is on smart homes and artificial intelligence but ultra high definition t.v. is with eight k. resolution are also among the attractions first told in nine hundred twenty four
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the i.f.a. is one of germany's oldest trade fairs this year it runs until september fifth. could have sank at the school paeans founder and guitarist turned seventy on friday now a grandfather shankar has been rocking stages for more than half a century he found at the school peons in hanover in the one nine hundred sixty five. based on a wind of change became an anthem symbolizing the full of the burden will shank isn't considering retiring any time yet when he is basically stressed but in the right balance it's positive stress you keep your fresh and you know you soldier good at seneca is currently touring the u.s. with the scorpion. king harald the fifth and queen song you have no way celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on wednesday the couple rode to
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a service and also concedes will in one thousand nine hundred sixty six lincoln continental when they became engaged over fifty years ago it caused quite a stir sanju was a commoner to guess that this year's anniversary celebrations of the cathedral included two hundred ordinary citizens who requested an invitation via email. when we think of painting with a pattern we have a certain picture in mind is a picture on a sheet of paper a canvas perhaps but german artist not proven creates completely different works of pots with his pattern he can paint in the air so to speak his three d. pen produces then threat of plastic instead of pate he showed us how in his studio . fine threads strung onto a row of twenty frames each a fragment of the entire web. from the right perspective the three d.
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art merges into a male only. it's a work i don't want artist mark be a. man that idea out there this is a technique that's not very well known here in germany want to turn it over to money and it really takes the viewers by surprise does the series was the heart of the hour they have to walk around the objects to experience them fully and the scope for all of the images it's a book i've known them for is for me as an artist that's great to see the information's been slowed down or. been used to work with brushes and paints in twenty seventeen he discovered the three d. and fell head over heels in love with us. here at his daughter and studio hicks parents with the technique almost daily creating offbeat sometimes spectacular works of art. as is not our complex it's a totally different way to work than painting in painting i'm dealing with
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a two dimensional surface and creating my three dimensionality through color and perspective alone. but mostly the treaty pen i make a drawing and lifted off the surface and hang it in the room space so i've got the entire room to work with what is the war my number of arms of. the pen works much like a hot glue got a plastic filament is heated until it extra it's from the panes to the molten plastic hardens interest thread within seconds. or minutes of the first i had some problems adjusting for the speed of the pan. the plastic strand comes out of the tip at a constant speed and i have to work with it damn it must have some control over how thick the straw. through the speed i work at. them but i can't just dust something off i have to go with the flow. mark bellhorn it does still work with
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conventional paint. he says his three d. artwork as a thematic extension of his paintings on canvas. one of his main subjects is flying you know x. to draw. in three d. he can hold it and turn that. results in a kind of reduction mitchum cornstalk of the top i know i know. i might have a given shape a single fish that they reproduce with the material you have the portraits you a number of this medium is a completely different means of expression of the painting. the environment is another at mark billons principal themes in his task he deals with threatened to be colonies all plastic trash. and he only uses biodegradable materials that's important. is
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measurement monarch. for them i'd like my art to inspire lots of people to change their thinking. maybe look at how we live and i threw sixpence videos minotaurs dot often refers to them as i try to buy as few products in plastic packaging as i can and local products of possible. that's not easy but i want to live a sustainably as possible and pass a little bit of that on to others to live in one most of the some other form of p m . time now for a sneak peek into a special house in another episode of a serious living outside the box and for that we're headed to lithuania to the countess region west of the country's capital then yes we went to the small town of to met up with house owners who have great bruce fans in fact they've built a home which entire structure has been designed to optimize the acoustics off the
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music they've built their home in the woods so no they can play blues music as loudly as they want that's why the couple advised visitors to bring along if plucks when they come along we did just that so have a listen. its natural surroundings remain untouched a modern home nestled in a little way in pine forest. that was built as a tribute to the blues. hello i'm either it's my way or finger that has to meet you a little come to my blues cause. by this colonoscopy an architect has lived here with his family since two thousand and fourteen the woods aren't far away from the city of quantised but far enough to blast the blues as loud as they want any time they want it's a house full of passion. goes a wrong month because for the blues romance i'm taking it easy this isn't just my
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lives music but little by little my wife has grown accustomed to listening to the blues every day i've taught her about it it's very important to us a little bit more so she might. that's apparent throughout the one hundred seventy square meter house its design is inspired by the music genre even the kitchen island is embellish with old vinyl records. the center of the house is an open living area spread across several floors. and put in a more this is the center the heart of the home. it's the room where we hang out together. and close and we listen to music watch t.v. . or work in the op i am. it was designed for good acoustics. that's one of the acoustic ceiling construction and paneling
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a foam. of course the newsprint nélisse. the sound is as clear as it would be in a concert hall the integrated sound panels round off the is that x. and ensure optimal. who sticks without interference. true to the open plan design music accompanies every family member as they go about their business. including when their son ignace visits. the musical atmosphere is controlled from a single sound station. so there is this some troll music station where we can choose which rome where one music to play and by pressing one or the other but we can turn on and off music and sound. in a terrace or in the living room. speakers are integrated in groups throughout the house. so the bathroom and bedroom for example are single unit acoustically
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speaking. for the dinner. we spend most of the day with music that's no exception in this room as you can see we have speakers and music equipment. we end the day with music of course with something slightly more relaxing. but music sends us off to sleep. the family spent many years in the city but they were looking for a place where they could relax and train quality and listen to the blues under stirrups. once they found the len the main question was how do you create a house that fits into its natural surroundings and differs from the building style typical of the area but also pay homage to the blues. i've always listened to the blues even before the house was built had come here
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regularly and the sound from the car radio felt really special here we go blues the combination of birdsong on the blues. fit really well together. then we took a family vacation by the sea listening to lots of blues music and suddenly the idea came to me so i joined outline of the house in the sound. their son ignace is also an architect. he and his father drew up plans on the computer before creating a three d. model. this kitchen island that swings out to the terrace was a this is idea it bridges the homes interior with the exteriors which is also connected to music. it's a place where where you connect. with nature and the building itself and our architectural philosophy we thought about this a lot about this the motional connection that formed between people and buildings
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and this is the place for me where i really can serve and the marriage with the with the surroundings with her natural materials with music going from the house and birthing up the same time loser loses really authentic music to seeing them was a cow every night in the forest near corners they're singing the blues inside and out. and staying on the topic of music we continue with down's music ballet to be exact the bolshoi ballet is among the world's oldest companies and it's recognized as one of the best so it's an honor to be accepted into its academy in the past one hundred eighty is only a handful of british dancers have been accepted now seventeen hero rachel armstrong has made it a parent's even turned the gas into studios so she could follow her dream and win
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a place in the world's number one down school. it's the stuff dreams are made of. rachel armstrong has what millions of young girls long for they're just seventeen years of age she's landed a coveted place at russia's bolshoi ballet account. she spent most of her young life working towards that goal training for several hours a day. it's just everything to me. it's all i want to you. rachel grew up in gateshead a town in the northeast of england she knew she wanted to become a ballerina at the age of six and her parents helped her to realize her dream when their living room grew too small for her to practice or pirouettes simply is they turned their garage into a ballet studio they even hired
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a private instructor who focused exclusively on rachel's nutritional needs and muscle development such it does not like. having self control self just. the bolshoi is among the world's oldest and most famous classical ballet companies rachel's fifteen minute video application was so convincing that the jury accepted her into the academy straight away without him and her future that rarely happens. now four years of training a waiter and possibly an international career many graduates of the bolshoi ballet academy have gone on to become superstars in the ballet were. those to do is get issues other girls from the north of england decided to attend the russian ballet school turned into a kind of local hero it's a good example of what you can achieve with a lot of hard work up a steep you if that was being your desk. and soon rachel armstrong will be setting
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up home in russia to. what she loves to do most to dance from morning till night. now it's time again to get creative in our weekly d.i.y. serious we show you how you can make a lot of things to brighten up your home and just a few steps today i expect fun sysco eva's shows that you can use a light chain for more than just a christmas treat sometimes love the light let us can say more than. hey it's me franziska you're looking fine i pitch in to your living room and this is the perfect attire for you today i would show you how to live that degraded let
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it all on your own. to start you will need to buy a top but later you can find them in an art and craft store a lot of them online you also need of box cutter acrylic paint and a paint brush. and a string of lights. use the knife to cut along the front edge of your letters. you want to remove the whole front. of it off and take the carpet out of the letter . is there any cardboard left over sticking out at the edges you can trim them off with this is. now you can paint the letters with a paint. you don't have to paint all sides but i prefer doing that to avoid sloppy edges i chose red because i think it matches my lights kiss. make sure to let the paint dry well. if you're not sure how many string of lead has
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now is the time to count i have twenty now i'm sure ending with two punch each show to distribute the lights evenly. and to make sure i don't run out of space i've made a little sketch of where i want each slide position and. use a ruler to measure what each leg needs to be placed and marked the position with and i estimated the distances more than i really measure them. and using my battery power drill to make the holes but if you don't have one you can also take a screwdriver or. and the other point the object such as a letter opener. one zero down is a shop and said to tidy up each hole and round up the edges. now you can correct the string of lies into each hole and start at the first letter . my life have
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a lot of calls between each so i'm talking the left of a card into the lettuce as well as i can. i'm reading it thin wire around the card at some spots to x. debility. make sure that straighten tight and voila your handiwork is ready to brighten up your home especially in the dark. you can also turn the led us around and into the bugs from behind so they light up inside and another fun variation is using a colorful string all the way. into your design at it's best check out our you tube channel detail the use interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home tinker ration will take you inside the most beautiful european
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homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out. on you tube. that brings us to the end of this edition of your mags let you can join us and from all of us here thanks for watching and hopefully see you again tomorrow by. the next time on your next stockholm's metro is called the world. longest alp gallery for every station is different because it whether it resembles a cave all features symbols that characters from video games over ninety stations have been decorated by local artists see their stunning works for the price of a subway tickets underground next time on your imax.
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blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah blah. blah take off the book long is a simple game of football a supreme. mystery the magical book come back we'll talk about do much of the good men from younger players and if you know the personalities of the team you live too soft for that job it's difficult to understand. at least. three months.
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take it personally your wedding with all of the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true sounds. fun. because more than football on line. these creations. just brand understandable cumnock off the icon of the fashion. look what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer is going to someone smile and that starts september ninth a w. plane turned sixteen and i cried in code around the world. young people the build
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against their parents' generation. to see if it wasn't honestly dusty from the stupidity in teaching kids to street. demanded nothing less than a home system. might maelstrom of the toilets with the vietnam war plane which would roll in the my generation watch the war every day. things we wouldn't remember though for most of the first time i had a feeling of being part of something. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement. one place is. losing sixty eight the global story september first double. glazing.
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plane. this is due to be a news coming to you live from berlin calling time on a long running dispute the european union is set to end the practice of putting the clocks forward and back in summer and winter he uses it's responding to the will of the people we look at the pros and cons of scrapping daylight savings time also coming up a rally by the far right in the eastern german child of tenants passes off peacefully despite the violence for earlier in the week but the situation remains tense.


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