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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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right. you're watching g.w. news still to come electronics companies show just how flexible they can be as europe's biggest electronics show opens here in berlin. christophe will be with you to bring you all the news and a lot more on the business side of things you're watching t.v. news stay with. bodhi eckel why return to fast lane. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live but i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure . they're in witness global news that matters. made for mines every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first
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word illusion the cook. is in germany to learn german why not live with him simple online on your mobile and free. d w z e learning course you need to speak german made easy. is this the end of the ceasefire president has rejected ideas to completely abolish terrorists in automotive trade between the united states and europe the move could further sour trade relations between both sides also the program if you have trouble falling asleep at night at this year's consumer electronics fair here in berlin might just have the right thing to get your snoozing. this is your business i'm christopher. u.s. president donald trump has slammed the brakes on an e.u.
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offer to eliminate tariffs on cars mr trump has frequently criticized tariffs on u.s. cars saying they're too high on thursday that use trade commissioner reportedly offered to do away with tariffs completely but only if the united states did the same the two sides agreed to a tariff cease fire last month promising not to impose any new automotive duties on each other it is. so once again worries about trade with the e.u. but it's not just that the united states has also renewed its threats to leave the world trade organization w t o donald trump claims the international body is treating his country fairly now for more on this let's bring in our correspondent paul brits in frankfurt paul howes that threat going down in frankfurt financial industry. chris of investors here in frankfurt are getting annoyed at these power displays from the u.s. especially since that claim of unfair treatment is nonsense if you really look at
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it the u.s. wins most of the cases that it brings to the w t o and this by come complained over complained over complained about the body it is still keeps bringing cases new cases to it just a couple of days ago about russia terrors that were imposed on the u.s. so the picture may not be as grim as donald trump would like to make it look but still what would happen if the u.s. followed through on the idea of leaving the w t o. well the w t o is kind of a fragile body it is the only body the international community has for a trade and it's based on this idea from one thousand nine hundred four where everyone sat together in america show one table and said you know let's agree on this set of rules that will follow if someone breaks that rule you know there's there's a kind of reminder so hey you know remember america. process of arbitration
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a long process that started at the end of which if there isn't a conclusion the case goes before judges now if the u.s. goes out that essentially means weaker countries won't have a chance to to go into battle with with us over that but the u.s. might have even more power for it stays in it's already putting pressure on the on the body by vetoing judges new judges the appointment of new judges which could essentially break down the whole system for everyone because the w t o needs at least three judges to work at all call boards taking a closer look at the world trade organization and paul thank you. now one of the biggest trade shows for electronics and home appliances has opened here in berlin there seems to be something for every tech fan at the annual event and if the anticipation is keeping you awake at night there is something for you as well. going to sleep problems this year's eve might have the answer push on some
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headphones and a sleep mask and you can be literally tulips to sleep if nothing else a tough is a brief interlude from the busy trade fair pretty good but not just relax not at the gym so this is sleep and this entrepreneur has created a sleep robot for five hundred euros sleeping alone can be a thing of the past once in the bathroom you will school with a robot like this and if you do so you will feel a breeze so there's the physical sensation of the following embroidering of the breath so you can synchronize your own briefings today out of the rope. and it goes down. goes up. next stool there's an electronic not pay which sends and then numb to it can give us phone when it detects moisture. adults can also find and trying to clothing accessories here these highly flexible thin screens can be stuck on the t.
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shirts or even hats that way companies can use them as modern advertising ban is perhaps they'll be the next big thing over the coming is. such niche products are certainly interesting but to make great profits the sector needs a mass market for hi fi equipment cameras and televisions the t.v. sales have dropped by almost five percent of the for us this year although it seems many people are just not interested in swapping their h.d. t.v.'s for a newer model. even the eight k. television except to have a tough time it screen might show images four times clearer than today's four k. models but most t.v. channels don't even offer such shock pitches in the first place. a popular theme is the linking up of machines and people like adopt this device for example meshes your body's vital functions it then shows the data on a. eight k. screen and saves it in a cloud privacy groups are unarmed child be unleashed no i'm from it says because
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it i won't have one link devices it's an entire smart home that means being monitored from a variety of different areas. the data is saved and can be put together so if i then connect these to my facebook or google profile i become a completely transparent user and these organizations have information about me that i probably don't even know about myself. as if she was this nation goes. into connected devices are the biggest trend here and experts say it will soon be impossible to buy gadgets that aren't collecting our date. so a lot of tech trends to talk about and to do just that i have with me in the studio let's. he is the founder of the berlin startup get started robotics and he's also a lecturer at berlin's technical university welcome to the w yes all of our gadgets collecting data all the time is that
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a viable scenario and if so how much does data security need to increase to make it safe. so maybe first of all collecting data is not only abodes knowing the customer and building better offerings for the customer the important thing about data is also the data is empowering the algorithms and the machine learning and that means the artificial intelligence of the future because the technology that we have right now in intelligence is mainly based on data and that means that if you have the most the best data you would have better resumes and the future of solutions is deeply motivated by i deficient intelligence also collecting the data table data security is becoming an even bigger issue than isn't it for sure yes and in my opinion everybody coming to us should be aware of the fact is especially in the internet they are is no service for free if you are using search engines for
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example we are providing data so on the first glance it may be a free service for us but in the second or in the sort lens. this empowers these kind of companies in the internet to make their algorithms better and better and we are giving free information to them and help them through those now you mentioned artificial intelligence already hollows ai impacting our our lives nowadays already . so it's pretty new seeing and. it's not a biology revolution so it's evolution and we have intelligence and. for example in the industry since decades what is new is that these kind of robots are getting more flexible and that means that they can also be used in domestic scenarios for example so we are at
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a point where robots for example begin to a. stands they are environment and don't need to rely on fixed and biomass like we have it in the industries but we're still on the very beginning of this technological trends and briefly what can we brace ourselves for when it comes to ai in the next years so cause there will be more domestic applications besides to lawn morals and vacuum cleaner we don't need to wait for the all purpose robots in our home environments so this won't be the case in the next decades but there will be more specific tasks. to my eyes and where we can support consumers at home was flexible and intelligent robotics thank you so much for your insight and for your visit to thanks for having the. we started the show with trade tensions and we're ending it on that very same topic president trump said he plans to terrorist
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on chinese goods worth two hundred billion dollars now that means punitive terrorist would have half of all goods trade with china economists are concerned about what could that mean for the global economy and of course uncertainty in china is also on the rise. lucky charms and fortune tellers have a long tradition in china and since donald trump began being tariffs on goods from the country things should be masters have seen business. g.n. china owns a shop selling skincare products like many others she's concerned about the future . to all the hydro call home my shop is in hong kong many of my clients though come from the mainland if the economy worsens due to the trade conflict i'm afraid i'll lose customers. so i'm consulting must to check out to find out where the now is the time to move my business over there. are things i taught the whole algonquin
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they were. the aim of things surely is to create harmony and that's more challenging since donald trump arrived on the scene. he is not organized he disturbs the general order of things. affect the whole world he's a very disruptive person. thanks for watching. the . problem. was.
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a. moment i'm going. to shake off life from football is a simple game of football a simple game now. the mystery of the match come back we'll talk about much of it it makes me younger players and if you know the personalities of the team it's your news too soft for that job it's difficult to understand we will give you the answer at least. half the time.
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one tree gone international talk show four journalists discuss the topic of the week this week the german city of ten minutes witnessed street clashes reminiscent of the mob violence place the way for the nazis what is the root of this hate that's a topic on quadriga join us. quadriga in sixty minutes on g.w. . lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the reason control the risk of us what the good of investment bankers who called the carousel when they never stopped everybody was wrong the wanted to
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ignore the reality the whole thing might blow up in my face because of a system that spawned out of control. over the woman and it caused. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d. w. . h. football is a simple game not really not really now you know why who's ill o.c. and quit germany do you know what the nation's leak is we will give you the answers at least try football is a simple game it's a mystery match coach. what a great world cup this.


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