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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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would put coach under scrutiny. you're watching news live from berlin we do have more coming at the top of the hour but don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock by simply going on tall website that's called thank you for watching. the banks. and so watch the language of. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. what's coming up in the book going to sleep so much movement to completely get
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these things plentiful like here. is funny take a look at what all that means for the taking of. the bundesliga every weekend here on w. . after months of negotiations the u.s. and mexico have finally worked out the details of a new trade agreement that will replace the old north america free trade agreement known as nafta to which canada is also a signatory u.s. president donald trump was opposed to for us critic of nafta and had made renegotiation a priority canada also wants to be part of the new agreement the one with mexico has changed mostly details of trade many in the car industry the new deal requires
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up to forty five percent of carp. arts and mexican factories to be produced by workers earning at least sixteen dollars an hour the sector's minimum wage in the u.s. transplant is to secure jobs north of the border experts say german manufacturers such as dimer benz b.m.w. and v.w. could already meet this requirement now but another demand could pose a problem for some manufacturers seventy five percent of the components used in production must now also be produced in the u.s. currently dimer and b.m.w. don't pass that test on the whole however german manufacturer has welcomed the agreement they've invested billions in mexico and are dependent on open borders. in an interview on thursday donald trump also announced he wants to move ahead with additional tariffs on chinese goods worth two hundred billion dollars starting next
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week the trade dispute with the u.s. has already led china to launch a new economic stimulus package companies there are now eligible for tax cuts totaling up to five point six billion euros beijing also wants to strengthen exports and has already promised more investment in infrastructure. to ensure nothing like volkswagen's admission scandal happens again the u.s. government appointed an official to keep a close eye on the german carmaker we're not in his first annual report larry thompson called for greater transparency at the company saying the w.'s lawyers were uncooperative when it came to sharing certain information thomson wants proof that volkswagen is complying with agreements the company made with u.s. authorities. german foreign minister heiko must has proposed an alternative international money transfer system to help circumvent u.s. sanctions against companies doing business with iran at present a majority of global money transfers between bank institutions use the american
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controlled swift banking system and the u.s. can monitor all those transactions in the past weeks many large german companies like dimer and deutsche bahn have either stop doing business in iran or have drastically reduced it. the i.f.a. electronics trade fair kicked off in berlin on friday more than eight hundred exhibitors are showing off their latest products at the event hot topics include networking computers household devices and intertainment platforms as well as tech that responds to voice commands the latest generation of high definition ultra thin t.v.'s was also on display alongside fun stuff like this cuddly robot around two hundred fifty thousand visitors are expected to attend the fair. german chancellor angela merkel has been accompanying an official business delegation in africa on the tour she's visiting senegal ghana and nigeria merkel
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assured the west african countries of german support and expanding infrastructure and in the energy sector but she's also called for better cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration like on this stop in senegal. there isn't any one this is a human we know that your country is a young country she said with three hundred thousand young people entering the job market every year and looking for opportunities therefore it's in both our interests that there is successful development in your country. german companies are planning to invest around a billion euros in africa this year several deals were signed during their eclipse visit. what many europeans are demanding is already a reality in kenya at the popular can game the market in nairobi you can find practically anything except plastic bags they've been banned for
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a year breed usable bags are available at each stand but they cost about twenty cents each that's why many people bring their own bags along now they've adapted to the change but not everyone agrees with the ban including mouth and into. the meat in ethics that look when you don't know the van is to help the environment she says it's bad for my business. she used to sell her yams and plastic bags so they would stay fresh longer that. but now they dry out quickly but you know i think it's a. nearby there are piles of discarded plastic bags people have simply tossed them there illegally nevertheless a officials from kenya's environmental authority the bag ban has been a great success a year after the laws were passed they insist fewer bags are being discarded in public spaces and fewer are ending up in fishermen's nets. the beginning
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it was a talented. continue to patch things but we were able to demonstrate a lead time now over the months that it is possible to carry on your own business and activities without it and therefore change of behavior that set that we need and that destiny that people have had to do. that has been positive. violators face a fine of thirty two thousand euros or up to four years in prison so far nobody has been jailed. but around one hundred people have been fined. one vocal critic of the ban is the kenya association of manufacturers its chairman such and good heads a company that makes products labels for african markets he says one hundred seventy plastic producing companies have shut down and that sixty thousand people have lost their jobs the timeframe given. of six months for school short to make
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investment decisions and for people to reallocate resources and you're not given time to plan investors face uncertainty and this causes mendus aftershocks for manufacturers when when of a short time span is given. despite the criticism of the environment management authority says it hopes that kenya is setting an example for its neighbors as well as countries beyond africa. everything is getting pricier in argentina food electricity buses schools this year inflation in the country is expected to reach around thirty percent and at the same time the peso continues to tumble since the beginning of the year the argentinian currency has lost forty five percent of its value against the dollar the country's central bank has spent weeks desperately selling off its currency reserves in an
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attempt to stabilize the peso but it hasn't helped nor has president maurice your mccready's appeal to the i.m.f. to speed up december first months from the country's fifty billion dollar line of credit foreign investors and the public have lost faith we could have given it the market doesn't trust the government and especially the government's economic team i think that if the finance minister and central bank president louise capital doesn't step aside very soon things will get much worse the main problem is that those in charge have lost. credibility. that they're only. and yet until recently the center right president was seen as a dynamic reformer he opened argentina up for trade and investments attracted companies to the country all paid for with foreign capital but now it's not clear if the loans will be repaid debt payments of almost twenty five billion dollars are due next year. one reason for the crisis rising interest rates in the
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us it's becoming more lucrative depart cash there and that's not just affecting argentina the russian ruble the south african rand the turkish lira and the brazilian riyadh are all falling against the dollar political conflicts and those countries are making things worse argentina may have further to fall protests against the government are growing and the nation's biggest union the c g t says it has a strike planned to. german industry fears the racism and xenophobia being expressed in the current wave of anti migration protests in the eastern german city of chemists could deter foreign applicants from seeking work in germany leading economists agreed that foreign professionals will only consider coming to germany if it remains an open and tolerant society. that protests could undercut efforts by firms and service
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providers like berlin shout a hospital to attract skilled four and staff. in albania and. he was unemployed along with twenty thousand other nurses but here at the shop they tell you he found a job only applicants with good german skills were considered for it otherwise the paperwork would have been too difficult. how i'll go through the hospitals at home he says we have a different system here the documentation is more important everything has to be recorded the organization here is better structured though that it is in my country or. you know best. there are jobs are scarce and the pay in germany is attractive here in berlin christian earns twenty two hundred euros a month net in albania it would have been a tenth of that. the working conditions are harder here he says with far fewer staff on the wards but the twenty four year old sees his job in germany as
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a huge chance he has an open ended contract because skilled workers like him are sought after in germany the seventy's three main facilities lack hundreds of caregivers so the director in charge of nursing hired workers from abroad and missionary from albania soon more will be arriving. we said one basic conditions says you to taper it had to be a country that was not itself suffering from a shortage of nursing staff albania surprisingly produces and trains more caregivers than it needs that's how we got the idea of albania. movie louise s. place was hired to help integrate the seventy albanians in the program question has come for advice on finding a new apartment ever since he arrived last year escalation has been the go to person for any problems. we help take care of a lot of official things she says we get them health insurance open
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a bank account go to the company doctor get the contract signed. by christian isn't sure how long he'll stay. in germany but says he feels comfortable on the ward a sign of the program's success in october it'll start bringing a nursing staff from mexico and that was the week in business. perhaps the longest our gallery in the world. sweden subway. some one hundred stations have been decorated by local artists. riding the subway is now an artistic excursion. tonight i mean the film out. of your romance next w.
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b ten at africa. to me says comes to ecosystem is at risk industrial pollution and overfishing are threatening people's livelihoods. and the mission to is trying to save the fish stocks and revising ostomy jimmy. the funding will put a stop to the chaos in the fishing sector in a go at africa in sixty minutes on t.w. . staying up to date don't miss our highlights of the w programme on line d.w. dot com highlights. these creations weren't just brand a mistake about colonoscopies icons of the fashion. look what do we really know
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about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel tragic moments in the life of a great fashion designer the winter sun smash and stuff it starts september ninth double. hello from berlin greats to have you on board again before we get started let's have a quick look at what's coming up in today's show. space saver check out a tiny house in albany germany. up to the soup is a favorite on eggnog.


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