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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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you know. this is news live from berlin another day of street protests in cabinets and immigrant demonstrations gathering in the eastern german city while counter protesters hold a rival demonstration all this after days of unrest sparked by a fatal stabbing allegedly committed by migrants we'll get the latest in just a second from our correspondent. also on the program at the memorial service in washington former presidents george w. bush and barack obama paid tribute to senator john mccain who died last week he
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made us better presidents both of the reset. button welcome my name is christopher thanks for joining us here in germany the eastern city of kemet was the scene of demonstrations and counter-demonstrations again today far right groups including germany's largest opposition party the mt migration a.f.d. gathered for what they called a silent mourning march for a german man stabbed to death in its last month counter demonstrators also converged on the city to support an anti racist pro diversity stance tensions were high off the violence broke out at demonstrations earlier in the week two suspects in syria and in iraq he has been arrested in connection with the august the twenty sixth stabbing. and standing by for us. very close to when that
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stabbing actually took place. charlotte six days since that fatal stabbing over german national encampment still many people out on the streets how tense has the atmosphere been that today. good evening christopher will the protests have now putting some police officially come to an end but there are still pockets of people on both sides who say that they're not ready to leave you're quite right where you're joining me at the moment i'm student friends at the location where the killing took place on saturday night that started sparks these days of violence at the moment things are still con there have been some small coffee scuffles throughout the evening but police have so far it seems managed to keep both the protesters and the counter demonstrators apart of course that is now that task as the continues to ensure that we don't see a repeat of the violence that took place on monday night and show that you've been speaking to some of those counter-demonstrations counter-demonstrators rather watch
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as the central message being. as i've been speaking to people from both sides here throughout the day we spoke to counter demonstrators who said that they wanted to go out onto the streets to convey to the world that some of the images that we broke last on monday evening images for example of some small men some members of the far right protest forming the head to salute some of the violence that we've seen over the weekend they want to show you that that is not representative of chemists as a whole they told me that they think refugees are still welcome and let's have a listen to what they have to say. it was teachers it was important to me to be here to express my opinion just to show that community is not racist that the country as a whole doesn't want to be racist or fascist and to show a positive attitude towards migration these are simply people who are in need of how some came here to seek it but they just find rejection and insults and of course that was the lie to the system and from this comes it's really important to
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make a stand against the right wing and for a tolerant diverse germany to send a message to foreign people here to say we support you we are a diverse and peaceful country and you're welcome here. because. i think the time is past here in germany when people could be chased through the streets without anybody speaking up against it this is really a time when people come just to tome and do nothing we have to stand up and take to the streets for democracy. now whether while there were those that we spoke to he was clear that they think migrants are welcome that we also spoke to people who are deeply concerned here in saxony about the influx of migrants to this region we've heard over and over again that medical must go the german chancellor must go this of course is the state where last year in the national elections. voted for the a.f.p. to be the strongest party here in the state of saxony there is deep concern here
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about america's migration policy and just briefly charlotte how strong is the police presence might what's their strategy to ensure that everything remains peaceful. yeah we've seen hundreds of riot police here on the streets night police on horses we've seen water cannon as well as far as we can tell not have been you say father merely as a terrorist that police want to ensure that they keep these two sides the protesters and the counter protesters a pause they are keen to avoid the scenes that that unfolded on monday night and the ensuing criticism that police here simply weren't prepared for the many thousands of people who took to the streets tonight we have police from around the country gathered here keeping the situation under control ok sean that many thanks for that bill reporting that from chemists. we're going to catch up now at some of the other stories making news around the world the government in jordan says the u.s.
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decision to hold funding to united nations united nations agency for palestinian refugees before you'll radicalism and harm the prospects of peace in the middle east jordan hosts around hoth of almost five million displaced palestinians in the region most are descendants of people who fled their homes off to israel was founded back in one nine hundred forty eight. authorities in amsterdam say there was a terrorist motive behind the stabbing of two american tourists in the city on friday police shot and wounded a suspect at amsterdam's main train station immediately after the stabbing they identified him as a nineteen year old afghan national who holds german residency to americans recovering in hospital. and a massive explosion at a sudden german oil refinery has left at least ten people injured fire officers managed to get the ensuing blaze under control but smoke forced the temporary evacuation of around two thousand local residents or thought he say they still
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don't know what calls the blast. now in the u.s. two former presidents have been among many many people paying tribute to the late senator john mccain who died last week of brain cancer but barack obama and george w. bush spoke at his funeral at washington's national cathedral praising the man that they both defeated in the race to the white house politicians from across the spectrum attended the service but there was one notable absence president donald trump who had a bitter feud with mccain was not invited to attend. john mccain long serving senator an american war hero lies in state. becoming the great and the good from across the political divide paying their respects. by his own account john was a rebellious young man in his case that's understandable what faster way to
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distinguish yourself when you're the son and grandson of admirals then to munich. eventually though he concluded that the only way to really make. his mark on the world is to commit to something bigger than yourself and for job that meant answering. the highest of calls. serving his country. in a time of war mccain's family emotional and his daughter meghan unafraid of politics the america john mccain is generous and welcoming and all it is resourceful and confident secure. she meets her responsibilities she speaks quietly because she is strong america does not boast because she has no need to. the america john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great a swipe at president donald trump's divisiveness. many feel that the death of john
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mccain comes at a time when american politics really needs more fuel like him politicians who can reach across the widening political divide. ok let's get some analysis on this now from times in bucca u.s. if as an analyst with the aspen institute. tyson good to have you with us again that message that we just heard about at the end of our report reaching across the political divide very close of course to john mccain's hot right to the point that he even designed his own memorial service in such a way that it stressed his wish to bipartisanship just walk us through some of that symbolism yeah i mean well you know he's having three services this week the first was in arizona that he's got actually two in in washington and then he's going to have a private ceremony at the naval academy where he will be laid to rest with his family and each one represents a different identity that he has one is arizona and the second which we just saw a statesman the third is soldier and family and so here what we see is you know in
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a deliberate attempt to say ok who are the people who made an effort to reach across the aisle and that's first and foremost represented by these two presidents one republican one a democrat both of whom he was rivals with but he had the grace obviously to welcome him back work with them as as politicians and he wanted them to speak to his character and of course they had this common message he made us better presidents right right and that's it's a clear contrast contrast with with president trump what he was trying to say is you know we want leaders who bring up the best in people and that message is openness that message is you know bringing people across the aisle tolerance you know and making keeping america great as meghan mccain said you know it doesn't need to be great in the divisiveness actually hurts the country talking about meghan mccain of incredibly emotional very forceful address by john mccain's
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daughter meghan how strong do you think is the voice of the mccain family going to be moving forward well as you know as she mentioned as president obama mentioned. but service is something that's very important to the family it's a very high calling for john mccain and his father and grandfather that was of course military service he's got several sons in the military who have served for megan mccain that might take a different role she's currently on a t.v. show called the view she's on every day but she's clearly shown political aspirations so that public call to public service is going to take different forms but i think she will be the standard bearer for that public face and what about her mother cindy mccain is she going to be going to take over that senatorial seat do you think well it's really difficult to say i mean there have been calls to do so but. the thing about mccain was he was so unpredictable as president obama said and he cast that deciding vote in the health care the obamacare repeal attempts last year one of president exactly the thumbs down moment one of president trumps number
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one priorities and twenty seventeen so what the republican governor and president trump are going to be looking for is a solid republican vote and i don't think should provide that would be looking for loyalists you know you saying mccain was unpredictable you met him yourself what was your personal experience with john mckay he was irascible inner jadick he you know i met him in the context of you know some work we're doing on ukraine and russia he's somebody who is extremely gauged in the region in ukraine cared a lot about the country was very suspicious of lattimer putin that's something that he you know always made clear aha towards putin a very strong voice for nato in the senate and you know the the loyalty he inspired over decades from generations multiple generations of foreign policy professionals in washington is very unique ok many thanks for that touching bucca from the aspen institute. thank you.
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german football now by munich vosburgh have continued their strong stance of the season on the bundesliga second weekend of play champions byron away to stuttgart but they won comfortably three nil in while the wolves won three one leverkusen hoffenheim freiburg braman struck late on in their match away. they went to one all the other games so far ending in draws including dortmund stalemate at hanover on friday two matches still to play on sunday now germany's women on the brink of qualifying for the twenty nine hundred world cup in france they beat iceland two nil a crucial win after they surprisingly lost to the very same side in a home match last year here are the highlights of today's match for you. germany's interim coach false rupesh knew only a win in iceland would put world cup qualification back in their own hands just before the break melanie leupold strike
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a look from distance. netted the rebound one nil for germany. in the second half the visitors failed to profit from chaos in the iceland defense . germany hoped they would be left to rue the mess. and soon iceland almost equalized fundies free to narrowly missing the target. a nervous period of play for the germans. but the twice world champions managed to seal the victory on seventy four minutes to be no potsdam struck a hoot practice second of the game iceland's defending again letting them down. germany late for iceland to the top of the group a win over the faroe islands on tuesday will secure qualification. a quick reminder for you of our top story at this hour rival demonstrations have been hauled in the eastern held rather in the eastern german city of cemex the city in
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the national focus made a wave of unrest following a thankful stabbing allegedly committed by my current last set. of sure news for half an hour be back with more at the top of the hour you're watching q. topping used to stay with us if you can. stay in school. clooney was in the door as grandma was arrives. join your regular training on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orangutan returns home on the w. don't come to tanks.


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