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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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it will secure qualification. and of course we still have the bonus think a showcase coming up for you after the break for the earliest bringing you the highlights so far this weekend including alpine munich go on a way to stuttgart a question that was group of champions make it two wins to. an up or interest minute you know bonus league show with pavlova ileus that's up next here on to w. bush. make your smart t.v. smarter with the d w for smart t.v. . what you watch when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what's on sunday more than dot com smart t.v. . time for an upgrade.
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how about furniture that grows on buying. a house with no roof. poor design highlights you can rate yourself. trends tips and tricks that will turn your home special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you too. much day to be done with a very disappointed dortmund as the black and yellow fail to build on their great start to the season in hanover. and captain marco rubio has had his side's best chance in the first half but he could only hit the bar from a close friendship can. the second half maximillian philip went close as dortmund
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source a breakthrough but it's deflected header also. and welcome to the bonus league on the w m pablo only yes another great weekend of football is upon us and dortmund slip was just one of many surprises so far this season so let's see what's coming up on today's show. byron travel to stuttgart to face a side hungry for their first win of the season will see if the hosts talk a bite out of the champions brimming confidence. and bring a lot of the years of oxford provided the biggest shock of the match day one could they do the same this weekend against laver because. they have to feel for stock car they spend big over the summer but have yet to reap the benefits of their investment they slipped up in their opening match and this weekend they faced byron munich could they get their campaign on track against the country's strongest club
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let's take a look. six germany players run show for national team coach you can learn of him by end game. including midfielder les on go red handed his first league start through his new club a great atmosphere awaited the players while a very defensive minded stoke guards awaited by a. typhoon cork side kick the champions at bay for thirty seven minutes but that was all they could manage. the risk of found a gap in the stock up defense. so by on. the free transfer signing from shout finished off the first big chance of the game. by and went in the head the great shock guards had not lost at home since january but the second half turned out like the first. oliver crashed a free kick against the post a stuck up again son back. by and finally doubled their lead just after the hour
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robert leaven dusky score for the fourth straight game across all competitions this term. the redskins this time with the assist but the poland striker still had a lot of work to do so find the next way. levon dusty turned provider when he set up thomas miller for three nail. two league games two wins for the champions. in contrast have no point so far as for love he seemed to be wondering why by and german players hadn't shown that form at the world cup. now to our second big match and i have something has changed that phosphoric there was no sign last weekend of the lackluster side we've grown accustomed to seeing over the past few years but was it just a fluke or could they be rattled leverkusen and give the club's faithful free reign
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to dream big. live accusing got off to a flying stuff after just twenty eight seconds yuan brown finding the gap but failing to finish and the hosts continued to impress most so than leon bailey. by one nil after twenty four minutes the jamaican with a delightful kolo his first goal since february. but both spoke have shaken off last season's demons. they were confident quick and clinical. yannick hearts took a punt and forced an arrow from rama's honest late accusing stand in keeper with an own goal that lets the wolves back in the game. bring a lot of these men kept it up in the second half jerome will see you all with a cross to find food they cost. new signing got off the mark and the game was deservedly going both forms way. shortly after living in defense was once more
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completely at sea the wolves showed bites as were not so stephan grabbed the third on the. win puts most ball second in the type of i was the image of the job i think the whole team what their socks off for the way in the word work has been key for us the last three months we've worked on everything with great intensity as if. we all have to be more self critical myself included we have to be men it's time to clench up the tax on the dash back into some kind of. goal spoken joy a perfect start to the season and love a dia beats one of his former clubs for the first time in his career. well for half obviously plenty to smile about after that win and the team wanted to include two of their teammates who missed the match and that's our tweet of the day and the club dedicated the win to captain just vokey who picked up
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a serious knee injury last weekend. will be out of action for an extended extended spell they also honored regular goalkeeper stills who also missed the game board for good news as he and his girlfriend became the proud parents of a baby girl just before kickoff so congratulations to them. coming up two more clashes first up frankfurt who hosted braman with their goalkeeper kevin trapp donning the club's jersey again after three years and just a day after signing on loan from paris on three month and see how he and the eagles fared. kevin trapp barely off the plane from paris and thrust straight into adding her to starting eleven the trapped second frankfurt save you didn't start too well damon's yes sako slotting through his legs though the assistant referee ruled the goal out replay showed a sucker was on side when the ball was play tree. they are over ten
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the decision one nail with twenty minutes gone and it got worse for the hosts a trade villian sent off for this shot. especially in our penalty got frank right back into it soon after the break out their second goal of the season that had looked enough to win the mature. that was until this. rush it so with a stunning free kick in stoppage time cold over the wall and well beyond straps reach his return from the city of laos ending in heartbreak. just should so to go it's a nice feeling to come back here but conceding a goal in the last minutes in the last few seconds makes it hurts to be disappointed because we did a lot today to at least take a point over the film innocence been mentioning as for braman a first win of the season and first in frankfurt and nearly
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a decade. freiburg to lead against the run of play in their match at hoffenheim. a pole clearance falling kindly at dominique kinds. that defending was a theme in this one a similar ball into the bouts also caused freiburg problems. adam soloing on hand to equalize for the hosts and his quickfire doubles had the match in their favor not long after it was no more than dominance hoffenheim deserved. as freiburg per string equaliser they were caught short at the back andrei crammer if sealing us. three one win. well let's round up all the action now on match day two so far and as you can see there is confirmation of course of byron second consecutive win leverkusen of course losing yet again but another fantastic win for vols byrd frankfurt lost at home to bremen and there's oftentimes
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first win of the season against freiburg now meanwhile. and. gave the home team the early elite the austrian opened his account for the season with a nice taking go first which they're. both a visitor's hit back in the second half as twenty three million euro signing players tied the game one final score. that was a game of two halves in europe visitors mind started off the dominant side. scored his first goal for minds to justify his seven million euro price tag. but the hosts struck back after the break a clever corner routine bringing striker his first one does need to go in the new boys held on to earn their first point of this. now as you can see
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there is dortmund on hanover's draw from friday and they don't forget we have two games will be hosting just off and shell will play berlin so let's take a look at the table now much they two so far. leading no shock to many munich but what is shocking is to see evolve back up there at the top of the table after several years we haven't really been used to seeing that dortmund round up the top four and if you take a look the bottom end of the table is going to be bit of a shock they're at the bottom of a team that we really didn't expect to see there and that is of course still cards and leverkusen to them are without a win so far. this season now it's time for the blunders leaguers play of the day as voted by our followers on twitter and the winner with forty five percent of the vote is milord. the midfielder's a brilliant free kick stole victory for braman in frankfurt in the six minutes of injury time what
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a way to step up and earn your side their first win of the new this league campaign and in the process spoiled kevin trops return to frankfurt. your play of the day. to go there now on sunday we'll be joined by former bunder snigger player michel didn't say besides talking about the two big games of the day we'll be looking at the issue of hooliganism and racism in german football so do send us your questions for him too the address is on your screen now and it's time to say goodbye for now to todd you over until sunday hear some great moments from the weekend so far so for me and the rest of the bun this league team here in berlin.
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