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this is d w do you use the live from bird landing inter-national outrage as the op are sensitive to broad as journalists to seven years in jail for two reporters who are investigating myanmar's crackdown on the growth engine minority they say that they were praised by police in western governments condemned the verdict the u.k. calling it a hammer blow to the rule of law are also coming up. setting a different tone fans from across germany prepared to play
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a free concert in the eastern city of candidates to protest against racism and view nazi violence and terror to berlin shines again in the second weekend of the bundesliga season this time against shelter last season's lead runner up. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program two journalists have been jailed for seven years for breaching the on mars official secrets act while investigating violence against him. while loan and cha saying were both working for the voyagers news agency the men say that they were framed by police the un and me on maher has called for their release the case has been widely criticized as an attack on media freedom. and joining me now from young goon myanmar is kevin proly kiki is an asia editor with reuters and a colleague of the two journalists who were on trial good morning to you kevin and
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thank you so much for speaking with us as we just heard your colleagues are now set to go to jail for seven years what's your view on this verdict. well this is a deeply disappointing result it's disappointing for for all of us at reuters it's heartbreaking for the families from the colleagues of lone and joe so who already been in prison for eight months and what happened today as observers have said and you just reported is this is self a threat to the rule of law and a free press and democracy requires what are the next step i mean surely you have been campaigning and advocating for your colleagues are there any possibilities left to help them legally speaking. well you know the. new fairer reading of the evidence a trial could have supported this this ruling in fact it's clear that the evidence
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shows their innocence and. now we want to and will explore every every avenue open to. the government of myanmar have the opportunity here of the responsibility to put this right and three won't show so. in the meantime we know that you your colleagues you continue to work from the on mars yourself are you concerned about your own safety. well i don't think that's a consideration here but it it is what happened today is a chilling result for journalism and martin journalism is not a crime the fundamental issue here that was a slogan of the future is that scores of all of them chose to you know were the core members only you know legal system safeguards free press in this case there was a real crime that was a mass killing of ten minute voice that's what all of the trolls who are reporting on today's verdict unfortunately provide support to the attempts by police to cover
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up the very real crime and i'd like to talk a little bit more about the charge because they were actually found guilty of breaking the on mars official secrets act if you could the less enron on their side of the story what did they say happened. well. while on the show so we were reporting on the events of just over a year ago in the kind stadium in particular the involvement of security forces and the mass killing in a village called. testimony at trial testimony from police officer. stablished that was. the police recognize that they wanted to stop the need to stop this report and this reporting. while on josue say that they were asked to meet a police contact that they had never met. that they were had the documents they never saw and rest of the immediately after that after they left.
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having her look you think you so much for joining us to tell us a little bit more about their stories you know your outlook for their future coming for a look as we mentioned you are asia editor with reuters and a colleague of the two journalists who were just sentenced to seven years in prison for breaching the on mars official secrets act thank you kevin. thank you. for now we turn to an uneasy calm returning to the eastern german city of cabinets after a week marred by far right violence and racist attacks around two thousand people joined a rally against white right we hate stream is that in the city on sunday they called for tolerance and mutual respect following days of anti immigrant protests the far right violence was sparked by the killing of a german man and cabinets to asylum seekers have been arrested on suspicion of stabbing the man an anti-racism concert is scheduled to take place in the city
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tonight twenty five thousand people are expected to attend the organizers message to extremists there are more of us campaign last first man has been shocked by the far right recent show of strength in came minutes. it was a surprise to see so many extreme right wingers there the number of organized hooligans who turned up from all over germany felt like they were there for their annual congress or something as long as first man is an important sponsor of the city's art scene venues like locomotive the bar popular with artists and creatives the pubs been attacked several times allegedly by right wing extremists who predicted in hopes of cultural projects or a cornerstone of a free and open society. where there's no culture there is no free society because of. right wing extremists think they can target such projects attacking the cultural initiatives then we have to defend them. here is another well known figure
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in the candidates art scene he's concerned about the changing face of far right rallies. busts. talk what was new last week was the much closer link between the hooligan elements and ordinary concerned citizens you just have to get out of the way as we're going to toss a philosopher. could know refuses to be intimidated he's continuing to demonstrate against the far right along with many other residents of came next they witnessed shocking scenes of people who looked for and being chased by the mob the essence right back if. i didn't go to work for the first two days because i was so upset life has to go on but i know a lot of migrants who stayed at home because they were too scared to go out. on saturday far right demonstrators were again on the streets supporters of the far
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right alternative for germany party alongside violent extremists on one street counter-demonstrators managed to stop the right wingers in their tracks. now strassmann protested in his own way symbolically piling copies of germany's basic law in the path of the extremists opponents of the far right are planning to fight back with music several popular german bands will be playing a free concert on monday under the motto there are more of us. and before chemists there was candle the western german city has seen months of pro and anti migrant protest over the killing of a teenage girl the fifteen year old was stabbed to death in december last year her ex-boyfriend an afghan refugee is accused of murdering the girl after she broke up with him the verdict is expected today. this small german city of condo was unknown
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to most people until last december. that's when a teenage girl was stepped in front of a local drugstore her boyfriend a young immigrant was the suspect. what followed was a situation not unlike that in kemet migration protesters flocked to the small western german town from all parts of the country back then the poster stated cundall is everywhere the goal was to utilize the tragedy for right wing propaganda . but they were met with resistance the citizens of candle did not want the town to be utilized and with the help of the state government they staged counter protests . kamel is not nazi brown it's colorful and diverse we have an open society and absolutely no reason to instrumental lies this tragedy for right wing thinking. but then the counter protesters were targeted local residents like this family were attacked after exhibiting. outside their home police had to protect the family as
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rightwing hooligans attempted to forcefully enter the house you know item is how humans are kunder for these people are abusing our towns. they have reasons for doing this but the real reasons are different when the sindh. owns in kunduz they shut us down effectively we have to hide in our houses all day because it's too dangerous to take our children outside in. even after today's verdict their ordeal isn't over for condo roy when protesters have already decided to march again. well now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world a huge fire has ripped through brazil's national museum in rio de janeiro gutting the two hundred year old building the director of the historic institution has called it a cultural tragedy the museum house to some twenty million valuable items because
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of the place it's not get no. large crowds have turned out for the funeral of a pro russian rebel leader alexander zucker tenko who has been killed in an explosion in eastern ukraine last. russia's foreign ministry has accused ukraine of organizing is murder but kiev has blamed his death on separatist infighting. and protesters have rallied in several russian cities against government plans to raise the country's pension age this despite recent budget by president vladimir putin to soften the popular measures the government's new proposal would delay pension eligibility by five years for both women and men. to. turkey state of emergency was lifted back in july but the government is still cracking down on its critics a group of women who have been holding peaceful vigils in istanbul for decades are now being prevented from gathering by police the women known as the saturday mothers demonstrate every weekend to protest against the disappearance of their relatives in the one nine hundred ninety s. and the one nine hundred eighty s.
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during unger as war on kurdish extremists. he stumbles police getting ready for action combat gear and gas masks shields rubber bullet guns. and these are the people they're preparing to confront the such as a mother it's about a dozen women many of them past retirement age and their supporters. in the first row the saturday mothers have been meeting since nine hundred ninety five for the vigils and the lady with the dog green had scarf has joined most of them she's no longer afraid of the police she says. tensions attention this protest is not legal police disperse the police has now blocked every street in the area around until sun and the others are forced to stop the protest quickly and this
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time the women and their supporters couldn't even get close to the location right behind me where they usually hold the city policemen many of them heavily armed blocked all the passages authorities. probably wanted to avoid images like last week when the group was about to stage their seven hundred demonstration police forcibly dispersed the crowd several people were injured dozens detained. after her short sit in i meet her mental son again she wants to tell me her story and the story of the saturday mother's for more than twenty years she has been fighting for justice she says and for her husband me tolson. cremation even though some of the day it happened my husband left home around ten in the morning. around six in the evening my daughter happened to see him being taken away by police i thought the worst would be that he's in prison but they'll eventually release him but i never heard from him again after all these years i've given up hope of
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getting him back to. her has been fake me is not the only one in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's thousands of young men most of them kurds were reportedly taken into custody and their families never heard of them again there were no charges no trials and no information from the authorities. back then the mothers and wives of the disappeared began to organize themselves they met every saturday in central istanbul and they still do until today. the two could be in song of the fall when someone in your family dies you bury them and try to move on but we don't have this consolation for us mourning never ends we don't even have a gravestone to put flowers on the set but our ability the current government is not responsible for the disappearances it happened before they came to power but they still order the police to crack down on the saturday mothers the interior
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minister has even accused the women of having leans to the militant kurdish to take a group in a speech she said yesterday should return a blind eye to motherhood being exploited by a terrorist organization. hunnam tilson and the other saturday mothers have experienced a lot of hostility over the years but they refused to give up that's why they plan to meet again next saturday and demand justice for their sons and for their husbands. in the but this legal last year is league runner up shocker we're trying to recover from last week's opening loss they hosted hatchability in but it did not go to plan but the berliners producing a second straight oppressive victory. excitements in the shocker stands mirrored by early action on the pitch and defended now as i with a golden chance which is he reflected on what might have been the a r officials
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were taking another look at the build up on bull their verdict on your kind of jury given the chance from the spot. he fluffed his lines. they couldn't believe it but soon it cost a whole lot worse defense times were attacked with the slickest of touches patches andre do down the goal scoring i within two minutes home hopes have been turned upside down. in the second half frustrations only grew a shocker press to equalize rates on your own corner plan care was sensible for this cynical shot. gyrate free kick. devastates me dispatched by ginger it was the last kick of the game patter ballin the ones bouncing at the end. of the entire life they had a nightmare bundesliga opener against dortmund last week and
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a tough europa league qualifier in the middle of the week that is scheduled may explain why disregard were able to move so easily against them early in sunday's win the second match as the leipzig defense looked on with tears in my mouth put the driver in front but lights a brick. their footing and john kevin augustine managed to tie the score after sixty minutes like think came within inches of winning in the last minutes but they had to settle for a one one draw against just. so the bundesliga on sunday saw two surprise results in the second weekend of matches shaka lost two nil at home to have to be leading while leipsic were held to a one one draw by promoted to savor on saturday will spur the leverkusen and byron beachhead gart they are the top two teams in the league right now formula one now and mercedes lewis hamilton has won the italian grand prix to
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extend his lead in the championship hamilton dealt a blow to german sebastian fatso who suffered an early spin after his car made contact with hamilton's that left him playing catch up to finish fourth ferrari's can be right conan finished second. time now for business news with howard humphrey and we have to start with the markets it is not a nice monday for stocks no it's not fortune the serifs major major asian indices looking blue or rather of all right we should say asian exchanges dropping for the third consecutive session on monday dragged down by rekindled fears of a china u.s. trade war u.s. president on a trump is threatening to impose fresh sanctions on china later this week and before the weekend now after talks with canada also ended without a deal exerting more downward pressure on asia's markets meanwhile a private survey showed china's manufacturing grade slowed to a fourteen month low in august exporters shrank rafiq month and employees can't
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move stocks. well chinese companies have a strong foothold in africa often to the envy of european enterprises that invested huge amounts in african infrastructure building roads hospitals and stadium paid for often in real materials now though some african countries are going deeply into debt to pay for the projects an issue which will be up for discussion before him on china africa cooperation currently underway in beijing. chinese workers on african construction sites a normal site nowadays china says it's built more than five thousand kilometers of roads and over sixty two hundred kilometers of railway lines on the continent and phasing claims it's also distributed about one hundred billion dollars in loans in africa via its new silk road infrastructure project the new president of zimbabwe
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took a trip to the chinese capital last spring to try to drum up financing for new railway lines and power plants and loans are just one aspect of development billions in direct investment also flow into africa every year around eighty percent of it in the energy sector over seven billion dollars in chinese direct investment went to nigeria alone in the first half of the year it's followed by zimbabwe which had one point six billion and south africa with one point three billion. in kenya a new train route between the capital nairobi and the port of mombasa opened in twenty seventeen and the brunt of the costs were borne by china extending the four hundred seventy kilometer long line cost around three point four billion dollars critics say kenya is buying outdated technology that's too expensive to boot and will have to pay back loans at a high rate of interest. you know african leaders think china is santa claus
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they're not santa claus they want returns on their investment we've already had a levy on each liter a fuel sold in kenya there is a libby going towards the repayment of that loan now this is more sophisticated banking than china has been known for they have got a fantastic group and they've got security they own and run and manage the whole thing the train line is now slated to be extended to uganda south sudan rwanda and burundi at the cost of about fourteen billion dollars a month of new debt for african states. and my colleague often a correspondent from german public will cost a r d joins me now for more on this good to see you now china is well we've just heard it they're being criticized for essentially exploiting african nations will african leaders be bringing that up at this conference. i think the
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birds exploiting been not he said or heard here in beijing beijing wants this to be about wind wind that's also the motto of the slogan of everybody should win and i think also the leaders from africa that came here they will also not openly criticize china because they get money they get investment they get infrastructure and all that the out any strings attached so i think openly there be no big discussion but maybe behind closed doors to mention the depth problem some african nations are hugely indebted to china and also other problems but not openly openly b.b. all only you see i think nice pictures and right interesting propaganda all right well chinese policy makers clearly see the african continent is main supply of room materials but doesn't see anything beyond that doesn't have any big plans for that
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partnership. i think it's true that africa is a huge supply of for example raw materials copper is coming from south africa or from and go all of this is still happening but africa is also a huge market for china a lot of technology mobile phones is going from china to africa and. that important is on the other hand of course that there's a bigger picture and the bigger picture is that africa is part of to bed and wrote initiative of the chinese government the new secret that should connect china to the world with new trade routes of course under chinese oversight so a lot of trade is going through it is the not only trade but also military interests for example in she booty in the horn of africa there is a first military bases overseas base of china so this is also very important in this bigger picture. and but what about the band of. it stands for african nations
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. i mean of course undoubtedly there are benefits five thousand kilometers of roads have been bit by china six thousand kilometers of railway if you have just seen it in the report the railway from nairobi it's almost or from this of about to djibouti all of this has been bit but the question is what is going on in the future. for all of this how can it be paid back. too much in depth if you see that for example in sri lanka chinese companies of course there and sri lankan government was not able to pay back the debt so china reprocessed this port so is that problem is a huge topic. in beijing thank you very much. now imagine your alarm clock going off sending
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a signal to turn on your lights opening the curtains and brew your coffee automation to make your warning less stressful for many of us it might be a vision of the future but the international can see we're actually expect our underway here in berlin the smart home is already reality. even the klutzy and cook can chill out in base kitchen a camera checks what's in the fridge and projects recipe suggestions on to the countertop like how to make the perfect roast the stove opens automatically taking things from their. table keeps the chocolate brownies warm and gooey till it's time for dessert it's a kitchen that takes color mary worries away and even loads the dishwasher in the future nearly everything will be connected to the internet through voice control the door the t.v. the lights and the oven. so now. the. experts believe it won't be long before four out of five household devices are
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online. small simple machines are starting to take on more work they even think ahead and able to spend time doing more pleasant activities and yet even if these all around us gradually become cheaper we're still be paying a high price for that on the one hand they make us depend on the take chinese like amazon microsoft and google that provide the networks that operate them and on the other hand all the technology would say and its ability to operate safely. but away from the flashy demonstrations this company is warning about the dark side of online everything with an experiment can a hacker steal cryptocurrency through this internet connected lamp. the answer is yes the hard drive his hijacked the voice assistant and all the network devices under the hackers control giving consumers something new to worry
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about. today i don't see much of a reason economic reasons for companies to invest in security that is the device vendors because they basically get away with vulnerable devices they have able to throw vulnerable devices to the market for many many years with no real problems and so i think something has to change in this regard we need better regulation it's a call for the government to step in to ensure that vacuum robots don't go rogue and show hackers the way to your hard drive first. you're watching t.w. news from berlin plenty more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site that is d w dot com and on and on free in balance see very soon.
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more than sixty suicides in the french police force last year and. officers face a constant battle against public austerlitz over work and above all the dangers of terrorists. many feel abandoned by their government. company of the french probably. next on d w. go wrong to gather with seventy
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thousand altar servers from around the world. a chance to explore the sites celebrate announced panda law must attend an audience with the book. there then believe. the international pilgrimage of altar servers general. sixty. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the leader of the rich. that's what's. causing. the carousel with the first stop. everything is wrong. the reality of the whole thing
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might blow up in the face of a system that spun out of control. in the world and called everything the crush the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t w. o n welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and countries across europe a facing the challenge of how to respond to racism and xenophobia as well as to the threat posed by the far right in germany is so.


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