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and there's. a seventy seven percent deet abuse platform for which charge. is indeed of use live from berlin taking a stand against to the u. nazis in germany. more than sixty five thousand people turned out for a free concert against racism in the eastern city of hamlet it's a show of defiance after last week's violent protests there against my friends. also coming up i went to sleep thinking it was a nightmare i thought i was going to wake up from it so to go to this devastation
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in brazil as people realize the extent of the damage done to the two hundred year old national museum in rio de janeiro after it was gutted by fire at how some children in the afghan capital kabul are benefiting from a new mobile library it is the brainchild of the former oxford graduate she wants to offer the children and respite from the country difficult security situation and the opportunity to learn to read. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program it is not about being left or right wing it is about doing the decent thing that is how the lead singer of one of germany's best no rock band g. told holes in described last night's concert against racism in the east german city of kemet now musicians there they said that they wanted to send
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a signal after anti migrant protests erupted in violence in the city last week tens of thousands of people turned out to watch the concert. you. mean there are more of us that was the motto of the candidates concert is liberal germans responded to calls to stand up against far right racism before it started there was a minute of silence for the thirty five year old whose fatal stabbing unleashed last week santi migrant protests. the mood was peaceful albeit with a clear message to the racist moms who shocked the country with thousands chanting nazis out. i think. this is absolutely fantastic because as the people of cannot we have to show that our city is colorful open to everyone and that we have no sympathy for what has
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happened here in recent days. because international observers were never far right city the majority of the population is totally normal democratically civilized but not far right took out saying we don't want that here we don't want any such people. you know. several well known german bands performed encampments including local group comes close the driving force behind the concert as the group singer explained at a press conference earlier. not today asking shafter all this rubbish happened we called friends on tuesday evening and asked them if they would join us for the concert. within twenty four hours everyone had said yes everyone got in touch with everyone else and then all these people here agreed to join the concert at the mention gets him and i'm starting the lead singer of one of germany's most popular rock groups in explained his motive for taking pot. it is essential that we are
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clear this is not left against right everybody who is in any way decent and it does not matter what political beliefs they have opposed as a radical right wing mob which attacks people. few people at the candidates concert would disagree with that their city put on a different face on monday with thousands united in a fun loving show of music and tolerance. but the rise of right leaning attitudes it is not just a problem in germany we're turning to italy now where critics say that hostility toward migrants is being fanned by italy's new populist government far right interior minister met tale salvini has promised to make the issue of illegal immigration a priority and then in an interview with max hoffman salvini said that he believed angela merkel had underestimated the challenges of allowing so many asylum seekers
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into the country max began by asking me if after one hundred days the new government had addressed italy's most pressing issues such as poverty and unemployment. so. i'm very happy with one hundred days on the my remit which is security immigration and public security we've achieved extraordinary results we're getting employment taxes and pensions in the autumn the new government will make its mark with a new path of change growth so i'm not worried about data for this period we're already working on growth which should finally rebound. but you know that let's talk about the european union and the topic of migration a little bit european union you seem at odds with the e.u. at some point do you feel like the goal going forward is to find compromise with the e.u. or confrontation. you know a church of course am even though i'm often described as an extremist i'm always
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trying to reason to discuss to ask questions take the revision of the treaty of dublin and operations to feel if instance we're making proposals we're waiting we're suggesting it's clear that i had to stop the migrants landing last year in the period up to august one hundred thousand migrants arrived and the european union digital nothing this year we had fewer than twenty thousand landings and the e.u. is still doing little nothing so i'm still willing to debate but more recently we've also been talking with some non european countries like albania serbia and montenegro. said becoming more than a little when i saw you go with me to orbit the prime minister of hungary and you talked about this new alliance somehow i thought what you want is closer to what i'm going to america wants because you want the redistribution of migrants within the european union the doorbell and doesn't want that aren't you closer to me than to orbit. man chip that i'm trying to get something good out of everybody
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big to oban talks about defending europe's borders about protection in the countries of origin and investment in africa and i agree with him and gloom urkel is proposing a redistribution inside europe and i can agree even with this position in the very near future what we have to do is help these people so that they don't flee their own countries we should be rapidly investing five hundred million euros in africa i believe that both germany and hungary are right with god in certain issues. but i join us what do. you so what's happening in cabinets in germany right at the moment . with the right wing with if what's happening. somebody said that this is also i'm going to america's fault what's happening there because of the migration crisis do you agree. to comment that american i would say that i'm going to merkel certainly underestimated the risk of a social clash when she claimed that there was space for hundreds of thousands of people in germany i still remember what happened during the new year's eve
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celebrations in cologne in two thousand and fifteen and also elsewhere however violence is never a solution violence coups for violence but the german government has been underestimating the problem for years and the rise of the f.t. is clearly a reaction. and that interview with italy's interior minister was conducted by our brussels bureau chief max hoffman who joins us now from brussels welcome to you max when we look at solving the for example he's one of the newest representatives of arguably a european wave of populist what is their support based on what you say. situation in every country of course is different for example in italy they have huge economic and financial problems at the moment but they don't have those problems in germany in fact the economy in germany is better than it has been decades so what's the common denominator here is clearly the issue of migration the
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right way populous generally speaking managed to connect the issue of migration to what people fear to what the daily problems are of the people in the respective countries so you know who i talked to who you just saw is a master of that to do that in italy saw him when he talked about it later at a big debate and he really does he really addresses the problems that the people have people feel like he he really has easy answers to something that the established political forces really have because the problems are very complex so it's hard to say what. what the if there really is something that every populist party does in the different countries but the one common denominator is the fear of migration connecting it to the daily problems to the daily lives of the people and something that you also asked him about quite interesting lee is what we've been seeing recently in the east of germany especially about is racism zina phobia remaining strong playing out on the streets but we've also seen you know counter movements concerts for example movements demonstrations like we saw in cabinets for
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example just yesterday how big of effect do you see those counter initiatives having. we've seen some of that you mentioned earlier but not a whole lot in the last years take for example there was a huge wave of euro skepticism and e.u. and euro across europe and there was some response you had for example a movement that was called. the heart of europe and there were people all across europe demonstrating that huge numbers but very regularly and that was full of the first move of people trying to do something against that now really demonstrations against racism against what we saw in cabinets that is fairly new it's pretty hard to tell what the effect will be there and it's also going to be a measuring stick to tell how far these right wing populists have moved into the mainstream already i mean in italy where i was it's clearly part or almost part of
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the mainstream and then you really can say we're demonstrating against and the extreme party because there are already at the heart of italian politics that is the main challenge they change their topic they try to also address different topics than migration i mean you just saw the interview with any when you interview him like that he saw like a reasonable politician somebody who was the interior minister of italy so. unlike in germany maybe these politicians have understood they need positions on all kinds of topics not just migration it is the normalization of these ideology which is so troubling to many men are brussels barrow chief thank you so much. well it's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world the u.s. president donald trump has warned syria against launching an attack on it live the last rebel stronghold in the country syrian forces are massing around the northwestern province trump tweeted that an offensive could cause a human tragedy russia and iran are expected to back any assault. thousands of
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bolivian cocoa farmers have marched in my pockets in protest of the government crackdown on illegal cultivation of coca the plant used to make cocaine two farmers were killed in clashes with anti drug police last week many growers are unhappy at laws redefining areas where coca can be legally grown. now to brazil where officials are blaming chronic underfunding for the fire which has gutted the country's oldest and most prestigious museum the national museum in rio de janeiro house to twenty million items including the oldest human skull found in the america the cause of the blazes not get known but the institution had no sprinkler system and fire hydrants closest to the museum were dry. angry scenes the morning after the disastrous fire which ripped through brazil's
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historic national museum. protesters demanding to inspect the damage for themselves they want to see the museum rebuilt and punishment for those who failed to protect the two hundred year old building and its priceless contents. how can we explain in words what you have lost we are here to say goodbye to the museum and to fight for its restoration our national memories are here. but here like this i went to sleep thinking it was a nightmare i thought i was going to wake up from it all together as a police official just as i feel more anger than sadness because it could have been avoided there wasn't even water of course there are guilty people and they have to be punished. devastated stafford devoted their careers to looking after the twenty million pieces in the museum's collection this curator came straight to the museum on hearing about the fire she helped to recover some valuable make sure writes.
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i was in a rush to get in because i knew where the meteorites where they were brought out of the ashes the real phoenix. officials admit the museum suffered from years of underfunding and neglect under successive brazilian governments it's necessary for all the authorities that have the resources specifically the federal government to help the national museum put its history back together. we've already lost part of our collection but brazil cannot lose its history. but as you. start. it's feared as much as ninety percent of the museum's collection has been destroyed even if the structure is rebuilt huge numbers of irreplaceable artifacts have been lost forever . relations between russia and the west hit such
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a low point earlier this year that some were asking is this a new cold war at least the political level for on the political level at least the scribble affair and the u.s. sanctions against moscow made it seem like it could happen so perhaps it comes as a surprise to find out that right now russian people actually view americans more favorably than they have in years as the truck sorts found out. he used to be a pro. now the steady one year old manager plays in the amateur league. but he still has one hell of an eye. as a kid he was fascinated with baseball and started trying to get an early age he's playing again today for his club the record on the outskirts of moscow. the more you know about the more people are becoming interested in baseball or the parents come in watching their kids play but it's not a hugely popular sport it's not mainstream or stop us don't. not like in the u.s.
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anyway where games attract thousands of spectators i can tell a few years ago american diplomats and business people used to play here but after the two thousand and fourteen luke rain crosses many of them left moscow. since then diplomatic relations between the u.s. and russia have to teria righted further something good many locals regret. you know the more stirring yours intially no one in russia or the u.s. wants to see the relationship between our two countries worse than yours which mr young the most thought i think the relations between our two countries will improve and then the world will become more civilized and conflicts will be resolved in ways you may my us yeah right first job i like to see the political relations improve because in a community level where good i knew how to shoot. the most recent opinion poll showed that anti american sentiment has dropped drastically in the last few months in may nearly seventy percent of russians had a negative attitude towards the u.s. now that figure has dropped to just forty percent two thirds are in favor of
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improving relations with the west. partly to confront that to me it seems that the politics of confrontation just isn't working anymore and i was this clearly a trend towards closer cooperation brazen cooperation it was in my view and over the coming isolationist thinking shows they thought so for a blistering and. let's. just like in the us tasty snacks are a must while watching a baseball but instead of hot dogs here in moscow pancakes are on the menu talking politics during the game is strictly. good when we play against american teams whether at home or abroad but amateur sports changed bilateral relations either for better or for worse. and that's why the few russian baseball fans who come along simply concentrate on the game. and now afghanistan has one of the high. it's
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a literacy rates in the world more than sixty percent of the population and one in three children cannot read or write now one afghan woman an oxford graduate has set up a mobile library in the capital kabul to try and give at least some children the chance to discover the world of books. this is no ordinary bus it offers hope to children in capital every day it tears the afghan capital as residential neighborhoods for two to three hours children can discover worlds otherwise little known to them and get lost in a good big. books with stories about princes and beggars best. dragons too. i read books in two languages here in past two and dari. pressure karim started the mobile library with the help of donations she studied at oakford tonight wants to encourage critical thinking among children back
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home the bus isn't a safe space in an otherwise dangerous city. explosions are a problem and that can happen at any time but then we are we are trying to park the car inside the communities where it is far better it is much more secure but i think overall the security problem in the country exists and that can exist for any projects so we cannot stop our work just because of security problem life sunday and security issues as. nine year old shot eagerly waits for the bus to come by each day. and it find joy coming in because there's so many exciting things to eat i like stories about kate's best i don't have any pics at home that. shot nuns father always picks his daughter up from the bus the family fled to kabila from conducing northern afghanistan thinking they'd be safer in the capital but explosions rocked the city nearly every week recently a car bomb exploded near their home panicking shutdown's parents went out to look
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for her. but. after the blast we finally found shot nam at the mobile library we were relieved but except to go to the bus we don't let the children out of the house. afghanistan has one of the highest a letter. in the world at more than sixty percent one in three children cannot read or write so fresh the cream also reads to the children a lot keeping hold of for me is really important because if i'm hopeful these children will be able for that together to get the big big something they have that was in this country so i'm i'm hopeful fresh to karim has started collecting donations again in the hope of renting another bus and bringing more pics to more children. and time is five time champion roger federer has crashed out of the u.s. open to australia's john millman federer cruised through the first set against his
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unseated opponent but nolan claimed that the next three claimed or rather the next three sets in and he won them moment now advances to the quarterfinals for the first time where he will face novak djokovic who powered into the final eight with a straight sets victory over shows of portugal joke a bitch has won the title twice before. sports retail giant nike will feature former american football quarterback collin capper nick in a new advertising campaign capper nick is the athlete who sparked a racially charged controversy by kneeling during the u.s. national anthem in twenty sixteen he was protesting racial injustice and police brutality toward african-americans other players joined capra nick but the protest movement became bitterly divisive for some fans and us president donald trump who said that protesting players disrespect the american flag and the military
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kaepernick has been unable to find work in the last two years but nike has kept him on their endorsement payroll. alan humphrey is here now we're talking business we're heading to frankfurt first of all that's right because german chancellor angela merkel is due to visit a late hit today she'll be talking about the future of the financial center well aware of the fact that when britney see you in march next year london's loss could well be front and that's because often brags that banks and financial service providers will no longer be able to do business in a u. countries from the british capital many bank is based there have already traded their apartments on the banks of the river thames for the river mine but paris is also looking to those on the move. with the eiffel tower the new four gallery or the arc de triomphe globally recognised parisian landmarks and germany's frankfurt cannot hold a candle to the its room
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a city hall pales in comparison still frankfurt is germany's financial hub and was so even before the european central bank was headquartered here that's why many in the banking district are cautiously optimistic about britain's exit from the e.u. . front foot isn't he a few months frankfurt's an important european financial center but it's also obvious that the city of london remains the european financial center it will take frank for quite some time. take the title still the increasing number of london banks are looking at paris and frankfurt as alternatives because it seems clear that all april first they'll lose the right to conduct business from their london offices over twenty five it will institutes have already decided on frankfurt. fun for talking for time right for it has the advantage that it's well established more so than paris frankfurt has the advantage of hosting the european central bank guys it's important for financial operators to be physically close to it to understand
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what's going on with paris got a boost with the european banking agency decided to relocate there from london. group. frankfurt also. but paris was offering rent free offices and now paris is offering tax breaks for the banks as well. let's talk more about this now with baptist faith he's the managing director of frankfurt main finance thank you for joining us so frankfurt as europe's new number one financial center what are its chances. well good morning how and i think that john's is a pretty good friend from took an early lead which has been however a road it was a loss of clearly perry's catch up but as of today we have more than twenty five banks that decided on frankfurt as a new european headquarters and that's a strong and clear lead he just mentioned that paris caught up what do you think the german government can do to attract the outflow of bragg's it financial
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services. well clearly the most important thing is that they show that the financial services want it what president microland did he personally got involved a lot whereas from the german side there was a little bit of reluctance to really shows shows strong support for the financial sector but that's been changing last week we had the finance minister in frankfurt which made very strong statements and also made clear how important a strong financial sector is for the overall economy and we're very happy to have the transfer here today which we believe is going to be a strong signal with that signal giving us had wins we we believe that that we can maintain our leading polite i think now is one thing though but what's the german government actually need to do you know to rival for example tax breaks. it will tax break is
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a very good example of the multitude of incentives that paris and also us are giving paris is not alone there look at amsterdam look at milan or milan always also giving a very attractive tax package first of all what we need to do is to fulfill our promise and the brownness was that we going to reform labor law that the high. the high level of changes which is very high actually in the industry can be can be maintained better spent managing director of crimes that mine of finance thank you very much indeed thank you. fight is way to rolls out a new payment system today for its heavily subsidized gasoline in border areas the pilot projects an effort to combat smuggling in the country which is in a deep economic crisis shortages of food and medicine have fueled hunger disease and i know exodus of citizens and experts estimate the country loses at least five
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billion dollars a year as a result of not setting ghastly international prices. as well as gas prices the lowest in the world a temptation to smugglers in neighboring countries president nicolas maduro said last month the country should raise gasoline prices to international levels and apply a subsidy scheme for drivers with the venezuelan government issued bonus. damage to this new system aims to cut the hands off colombians good just to steal our gasoline and steal billions of dollars of gasoline along venezuela but there is a moment of silence. the government will install new electronic devices for charging at service stations like a did in eight states near the border crossings with colombia brazil and the caribbean to try to stop fuel smuggling the measure is part of a broader plan with which the madeira government seeks to get the oil nation out of a recession and hyperinflation. thanks for your company and c.c.
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. claims to live. and sing away victory over a neighbor who sang. i last talked a first rank in the final seconds of playing instead of such.
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i lack the guts. is reinventing itself egypt is pouring some forty billion euros into the construction of a new capital in the middle of the desert this because both cairo is bursting at the seams for government offices in some parts of the population the move is already planned but many from the slums are set to fall by the wayside. three thousand and sixty minutes long. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa
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on the road. stories for both people in a different shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series food for god. does come from africa.


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