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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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player. play. play. play. this is you know we news line from girl and all out assault on it live the united nations warns of attentional bloodbath the syrian government and russian forces prepare to take the last major rebel stronghold also coming up a powerful typhoon batters japan the strongest storm or more than twenty five years unleashes a wind gusts of more than two hundred kilometers an hour more than
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a million people evacuated plus a from a few of the stirred up to internet giant google turns twenty having conquered the world we'll look at the tech titans search for the next big idea. and also coming up in the next sixty minutes of germany's big debate about organ donation thousands of people are in dire need of an organ transplant but fewer and fewer are willing to donate them to a possible but controversial change to the long maybe dissolution and taking sides over taking the knee sports giant nike puts american football player collin capper nikken at the center of its new ad campaign and ignites a new controversy. playing . little rock thank you so. much for your company everyone. we
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started our broadcast with what some are calling the final showdown in syria where millions of lives are at risk while today the united nations is calling on military powers involved in syria to avert a humanitarian catastrophe and it lit the u.s. envoy to syria staffan de mistura has said ongoing talks between russia and turkey hold the key to resolving the fate of its live it's the last major rebel held region in syria the area saw several airstrikes today that rebels and an independent monitor said were russian russia and syria are said to be considering a deadline next week to launch attacks on the enclave meanwhile u.s. president donald trump appealed to the syrian president to avoid hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties and it led. and he did when you spoke to mark lowe cockhead of the u.n. office for the quarter nation of humanitarian affairs now that previous rebel
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enclaves in aleppo and eastern who have fallen we asked him what makes the situation is live so explosive the way that the. siege is in the conflict in aleppo and has to go to ultimately were resolved was by large numbers of fight is being passed out of aleppo and used. and being taken to it live there are thousands of fighters many of them very extreme many of the members of prescribed terrorist organizations and there's no mutilated for those people to move to way are doing everything we can straining every sinew to avoid a great big bloody battle because if it happens in the way some people are talking about it could be the biggest humanitarian catastrophe you seen for decades certainly the biggest in the twenty first century a dire warning and there for the u.n.
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let's cross over now to on shiloh over who is covering this story from beirut for us a very good evening and shall put this in perspective for us contextualize it why does the battle for it live matter what's at stake. well first the numbers are huge there are three million syrians in libya as we speak and that's basically that the dust of the that is about to occur if it is attacked which seems pretty imminent now now if you look at if they have sixty percent of this territory is under the control of an extremist or how this group known as the which was earlier an affiliate of this organization. and experts believe journalists believe as well that this still have ties with our part what they've done is they've embedded themselves in areas which have huge concentrations of civilians while sixty percent of it is under their control and most of the people in the live are civilians and
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these people were bussed from areas like a leper and there on the several reconciliation deals most of them are against the sit in government and they were told this is your city but if it is attacked if the status was attacked and clearly they would be attacked too so it's not a promise kept it is not safe for them where would they go and we just heard that you were presented over before you came on air warning of a bloodbath or hearing you were put now as well on the situation of the civilians in libya is a bloodbath inevitable now. well it's not inevitable casualties will happen and they will be high but what we're hearing now from several stakeholders that i've been talking to even the iranians have said and some that i've spoken to personally then going to live may not be one big battle but several smaller ones though it will be difficult for that to be organized the reason is the presence of this devastation eyes ation and that russia and the syrian government
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are pretty adamant on taking it in the back so a catastrophe is likely we don't know what the scale of it is going to be because russia are also talking that meeting in istanbul later this week to finally decide how it is attacked a battle is inevitable but how large it's going to be we don't know but there will be casualties and they will be massive casualties just because of the numbers the three million citizens in that area and that can't be reassuring for people in in libya currently there at the moment let's talk about stefano de mistura i've got forty seconds left he appealed specifically to turkey and russia to help find a solution i mean what is that in their interest to find a solution at this late stage. it is in their interest to find a solution because turkey is up to three million refugees duckie also does not want a wall there to have war refugees not going to go and then an additional problem perhaps where europe as well it is there in that interest they have already
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cooperated when it came to offering which was under the control of sit in class that pretty much handed them over to turkey but it all depends on what sort of an exchange takes place what sort of a negotiation is going to be the expos that i've been talking to all of them say one thing if turkey can't can raise this debt it is extremist organization of. i did disband all of the board rate or islamist rebel factions then the scale of the war would be limited but this group is not is refusing to do so so we still have to actually wait for saturday and see what the two countries talk about over our reporting from beirut thank you and we shift our attention now to japan which is being battered by the strongest typhoon hit to hit the country in a quarter of a century authorities have urged a million people in western and central regions of the country to leave their homes and move to temporary shelters if people have so far died as typhoon hit the cities
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of kobe osaka and kyoto were to wrenshaw rains and violent wind gusts. as typhoon jeff he roared ashore near osaka some structures were tossed through the air as if made of paper. the end of a heavy rains and winds of over two hundred kilometers per hour put countless lives in danger near coby harbor this truck and van were nearly blown off a bridge. in kyoto high winds caused part of the city's train stations roof to collapse injuring several people. and in osaka bay the powerful winds blew a fuel tanker into a bridge causing serious damage to both. that bridge is the only link to come site international airport japan's third busiest airport is built on an artificial island in the bay with the airport forced to shut down thousands
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of travelers were stranded it's just a slice of the travel misery caused by the storm over seven hundred flights across the country were canceled rail and road travel was also disrupted by the storm is now moving north over the sea of japan but authorities say the country is not out of the woods of high winds mudslides and flooding remain a serious threat. let's get you caught up now on some of the other stories making news around the world a highway overpasses collapse in the indian city of kolkata officials say at least one person was killed and a comedia report about twenty others were injured police and firefighters are searching for people who may have been under the bridge when it fell. the wife of one of two journalists jailed in myanmar has called on the country's leader aung san suu kyi to free her husband for the sake of their daughter wallonia and
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sue were convicted on charges related to their reporting on army attack. me and mars were henge a minority are lawyers are considering an appeal. mali's president abraham will bucker case that has been sworn in for his second term in office the ceremony in by marco went ahead after the constitutional court confirmed that he won last month's runoff election and this mr fraud accusations form the so opposition candidate well kate has vowed to strengthen national security against extremist violence. german chancellor on the america will visit the city of chemist's next month the city in saxony has been warned by demonstrations after an asylum seeker allegedly stabbed a local man three years ago americal was booed when she went to another saxony town that had seen right wing protests. you're watching demi's mr have
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a lot more to come and we're going to have chris top actually coming up because germany is seeking to rein in internet giants like google and facebook that's right we're talking about some bold plans here reforms to germany's competition law would strengthen the authority of its regulators to prevent internet platforms from becoming well non-police german economics minister paid ald meyers at the initiative will make competition a lot more effective in germany and prevent the abuse of market power in future companies like google or facebook but no longer be allowed to prevent business partners from working with its competitors the proposed legislation is also designed to stop big players from buying smaller rivals just to shut them down. now executives in the silicon valley will be watching this development closely especially if a company has risen to become such a market dominating force like google twenty years ago today a pair of ph d. students working out of the proverbial garage wanted to make the internet and the
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searchers on the internet better google's ambitions were courageous delivering the world's information to anyone with access but a lot has changed over the last twenty years. google's business model is simple users searching the internet tell google about themselves allowing google to sell targeted advertising to businesses the firm i.p.o. at eighty five dollars a share in two thousand and four and quickly rose in value. new products like google mail and acquisitions like you tube expanded google from a search engine into an online network where users could shop news. as the mobile internet and apps begin to rise google moved to make up ground to pioneer apple releasing the android operating system and app store. today google employs more than eighty five thousand people worldwide and is worth more than seven hundred billion dollars it has fifteen data centers around the world and
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that's part of the problem information is increasingly seen as something to protect tech firms are being held to new standards of social responsibility. and inside google there are pushes for gender diversity and against collaboration with governments like the u.s. or china. so a lot of transformation in only twenty years. the market valuation of online retailer amazon surpassed one trillion dollars on tuesday if only briefly alison stock rose during tuesday's trading session sending it beyond their mark before it fell back a short time after the company is the second u.s. firm to hit the threshold and measure of outstanding shares multiples by their value apple surpassed they want trillion dollar mark earlier this month. crisis ridden venezuela is breaking with tradition president nicolas maduro has put a stop to massive fuel subsidies the country boasts the biggest oil reserves of the
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world so up to now gasoline cost next to nothing but not any longer less a country lurchers ever closer to economic collapse it socialist government is desperately looking for sources of revenue. venezuela's gasoline is the cheapest in the world but that also lures people across the border to fill their tanks so last month president nicolas maduro said he'd raise prices and give some venezuelans a fuel discount card instead he blamed foreigners for the move. it to norfolk timothy you know this new system aims to cut the hands off colombians good jews who steal our gasoline and steal billions of dollars of gasoline along the venezuela. maduro claims venezuela loses eighteen billion dollars a year to gasoline smuggling but analysts say the real problem is political favoritism and corruption venezuela's once proud all industry is only
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a shadow of its former self output has dropped to its lowest level in more than fifty years thanks to decades of under-investment by the state owned oil company the country with the world's largest oil reserves is now barely able to pump it out of the ground venezuela is in the grip of hyper inflation the i.m.f. expects the inflation rate to exceed one million percent this year g.d.p. could fall by one fifth higher gasoline prices for foreigners are unlikely to change that either. credit rating agency fitch has downgraded its growth forecast for turkey citing significant and widespread downside risks its not project in three point six percent g.d.p. growth this year followed by one point two percent and twenty nine t. turkey is mired in debt much of it in foreign currency and the turkish lira has shed forty percent of its value against the us dollar since the start of the year
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that's driving up import prices costs rose a fifth on average in august alone. frank world wants to be the heart of europe's financial world after the u.k. and london will have left the e.u. but there's fierce competition more on that a little later in the show for now back to you later thank you so much christopher all spain has become the primary dissipation for migrants making the dangerous journey to europe or across the mediterranean sea more than six hundred people have been rescued from boats in the past few days crossing from morocco to southern spain the number of people crossing the mediterranean has in fact dropped significantly this year but due to at least a new closed border policy many hopefuls are shifting aiming for spain instead while at least a refusal to accept ships carrying rescued migrants was spearheaded by mateo so being italy's interior minister who leads the right wing in our party. max hoffman
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spoke with mr south. let's talk about the european union and the topic of migration a little bit european union you seem at odds with the e.u. at some point do you feel like the goal going forward is to find compromise with the e.u. or confrontation. you know even though i'm often described as an extremist i'm always trying to reason to discuss to ask questions take the revision of the treaty of dublin and operations to fear for instance we're making proposals we're waiting we're suggesting it is clear that i had to stop the migrant landings last year in the period up to august one hundred thousand migrants arrived and the european union did little or nothing this year we had fewer than twenty thousand landings and the european union is still doing little or nothing so i am still willing to debate that recently we've also been talking to some non european countries such as albania serbia and montenegro when i saw you deal with the prime minister of hungary and you talked about this new alliance somehow i thought what you want is
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closer to what i'm going to america wants because you want the redistribution of migrants within the european union victor orbán doesn't want that aren't you closer to me than to orbit. chip i'm trying to get something good out of everybody viktor orban talks about defending europe's borders about protection in the countries of origin and investment in africa and i agree with him angela merkel is proposing a redistribution inside europe and i can agree even with this position in the very near future what we have to do is help these people so that they don't flee their countries we should be rapidly investing five hundred million euros in africa i believe that both germany and hungry are right regarding certain issues. i join us what people do. you saw what's happening in cabinets in germany right at the moment . with the right wing with you know for you what's happening. somebody said that
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this is also i'm going to america's fault what's happening there because of the migration crisis do you agree. comment that american i would say that angular machall certainly underestimated the risk of a social clash when she claimed that there was space to hundreds of thousands of people in germany i still remember what happened during the new year's eve celebrations in cologne in twenty fifteen and also elsewhere however violence is never a solution violence calls the bobbins but the german government has been underestimating the problem for years and the rise of the a f d is clearly a reaction. to do this. so you've done one hundred days now you think this government is going to hold another year so yes i think that this government will have a long life if it respects its obligations to the italian people harder than you thought it would be. i'm happy that i can finally participate in what is happening
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you know meant that you also michael lavarch is it harder than you thought it would be yes or no. but it's not easy it's a little big country we have important challenges to face but i was tired of being in the opposition got out to you know started their work. and you can see the interview in full with them i think it's i mean by heading to our web site that's dot com now back here in germany thousands of people are urgently in need of a new organ like a heart or a kid name but fewer and fewer germans are willing to register as organ donors or currently organ donation is allowed only if permission has been given or if close relatives the site to allow it but that could change if health minister young gets his way he's proposed that organ donation be made automatic unless people explicitly declare they don't want their organs used now eighteen european countries already have these so-called opt out systems in place spain is one of
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those countries and last year it had the most organ donations in europe some two thousand one hundred eighty three organ donations germany with its march much larger population didn't even manage to eight hundred donors in twenty seventeen while mr spano hopes by changing the system that organ donations will rise in germany. york philip had a good life with a family and a solid career that's until an infection destroyed his heart when he was in his late forty's in the hospital the tormenting wait for a new organ began. killing one of our more you lie in a hospital bed and suddenly you hear someone rushing down the corridor pushing an emergency resuscitation car then you hear is a person's relatives arrive something because the person has died you go through all that with the family and the medical staff it's the worst thing your scared also that you could be next when you can also and couldn't. philip had to wait
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seven months for a new heart that's not uncommon because the number of organ donors in germany is falling with more than ten thousand patients on waiting lists donations have dropped to just eight hundred a year in feeling clinic and many clinics organ donations happen so rarely that the concept of all donation is quite foreign when it does happen the staff often don't know the proper procedures and overwhelmed follow ups and it's not that people are unwilling to donate experts say but rather that they fail to give written consent before they die as often these grieving relatives facing a momentous choice. even follow those for sht albums honestly i mean at the moment when a loved one dies all these relatives are not in a strong position to make clear decisions inside in full force on easy if they know exactly what their family member wanted done this is large but otherwise it can be very difficult to decide on their own discounts really that's why germany's health ministry and spawn wants to change how organ donation works in germany currently
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people voluntarily opt in to donate but under the new proposal they would have to opt out if they didn't want to. and if. lawmakers declare everyone an organ donor it is an infringement on people's individual liberty but i still think it's necessary for. some call the proposal an ethical. issue i believe it disregards the fundamental concept of organ donation it's no longer a donation donations are voluntary and this initiative is forced fleet which is against the very nature of organ donation. spending but for organ recipient york philip the decision is clear especially top could shift the horrible waiting time experience could be shortened substantially and people in this situation would be happy if the circumstances were improved in my view that wouldn't be hard to do this philip has been living with someone else's heart for three years he is
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grateful for every new day it gives him. your r.'s ready saw him featured in our report i'm joined now by mr peter de brock he is chairman of the german ethics council and i hasten to say that he is not speaking on behalf of the council during this conversation because the council hasn't made up its mind on this topic yet and that's a nice thing word into a congress into our conversation because this is such a sensitive topic still before we delve in are you registered to become an organ donor i am registered for many years and i'm very much in favor of all than the nation you're part of a minority in this country about thirty six percent carry one of those donor parts the number of actual organ donors as we've been reporting in the twenty seven has fallen to a record low about eight hundred out of a population of eighty two million what are some of the reasons why people are so
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hesitant to become a donor. presuppositional feel question is a disease on the people why we have this low level of donors we could all to ask why perhaps are the procedural all the financial procedures and schemes also complicated and the main reason why we have this low level so i'm not sure that this is about the people i'm more focused on the financial and organisational schemes what do you mean by that needs to be a financial incentive exactly at the current state of the. transplant hospitals have very much problems to get reimbursed for all this very complicated procedure and for them it's a risk to have procedures
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a procedure of transportation mostly then lot especially when it's a new will air. as familiar with all the stuff around the procedure at least a major reasons and we know from many of the countries that does not own the attitudes of the people primarily on the organisational frame of the transportation system but still i mean eight hundred organ donations out of a population of eighty two there must be something more there must be something that people are afraid might happen if they do register as organ donors. that could be yes we haf still will have had to endure least some discussion on the issue brain death we have scandals in the last year is about the recruitment procedures they got a lot of attraction attracted a lot of attention and because they really ill conceived notion surface i mean
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there's this ill conceived notion that if physicians is less likely to help you when you're probably dying just to ensure to get your organs that is that is a fallacy isn't it i mean a physician is out there i'll help you i'm very convinced that this is a fallacy we have no indication that this is really true right so that is something that needs to go to work at but it's a token that we need more communication with regard to the issues of organ transportation what is clear is that the current system isn't working and that is why we're having now the health minister proposing to implement this opt out or basically everybody is automatically a donor you are not in favor why not this is the only thing that might solve this for all those people on the waiting lists and no i'm not convinced that this is the only city so my rule is that we should start with these means which have
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not such a high level of friendship in the individual. stop with the means lie improving the system and then look for incentives are and so on mr peter and mark thank you so very much for that we greatly appreciate it and this question that needs to be held in the months ahead thank you so much we're going to take a short break and we'll be right back with lots more. they promote health but seven p.c. and diabetes. multinational fico. but people seem to prefer the business of positive forty five minutes on doubling in. germany state by state.
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the most colorful. the clearest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w talk calm. hijacking the news. where i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a script do a reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china church people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to give beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just a. well the prayer for burial is we're being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was going to go and i want you to. great to have you back with us you're watching the that we do some way our rock and roll in this is our main have lined this hour the united nations negotiators stuff in them a store has called on military powers involved in syria to avert a humanitarian catastrophe and live it's the last major rebel held region in the area saw several airstrikes today that rebels an independent monitor said were russian plus japan has been hit by its strongest time food in twenty five years typhoon gippi has battered the country's west with rainfall and gusts of more than
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two hundred kilometers an hour all authorities have told a million people to leave their homes and go to sixty. at least forty eight soldiers have been killed in an attack by boko haram militants in northeast nigeria all that's at least according to military sources the strike raises questions about the group's apparent resurgence and troops ability to fight back scores of jihad is fighters in trucks stormed the base on sat on thursday in zhari village in northern borno state and briefly seized it after a fierce battle has been waging a deadly insurgency in northeast nigeria since two thousand and nine in recent months it has intensified attacks on hard military targets undermining repeated claims by the military and the leadership that they have the upper hand. all right indeed abuser correspondent funny sharp is tracking this story
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a story in nigeria capital the capital good to see you funny what more have you learned about this attack well it's actually very difficult to verify details about any military attacks or before i'll buy a car of militants here in nigeria which has to do with the fact that it's a very sensitive issue today during government they want to do is make headlines with victoria against the koran and not us hacks which have taken place again in july and no once again because what we can confirm a lot was confirmed through military sources is the fact that this attack took place last week and of the casualties on both sides as the nigerian military was trying to reattach sure the tempura the seeds to a military base in the north east of the country so this is what he knows so far and he's stood in the unfortunately not going to be the last attack bible koran carried out by boko haram militants in the run up to the nigerian elections early february twenty nine hundred and this a brings me to my follow up question
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a to you funny i mean this just proves that the government just i mean has no handle over the situation. not only that but it also proves that there's a change of tactics when it comes to her antibodies and that is that when the early yeah attacks sort of soft target it was more remember that the so called book became now the kidnapping of the still good sheeple girls started twenty four teen there was always another kidnapping in twenty eighteen but other schools the other school girls make it now to the soft targets but now boko haram is really focusing on hot targets to say to a military compounds and governmental institutions and this is exactly the change of tactics that they are carrying all here right now and even though the nigerian government is saying that they are pushing boko haram back unfortunately the news that is coming in again and again is proving something else that there is a resurgence by boko haram and not only the northeast but in very many parts in the
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north in nigeria not only in the stronghold you know in the northeast very worrying development so that you a sketch there for you know today here in berlin a donor conference they came to to help the region and they came to a conclusion i mean how much can this really help places like nigeria. because they create awareness for a huge problem that doesn't only affect nigeria but a list of the neighboring countries nigeria shot to come over with these countries and these neighboring countries of the jury are all are affected by the insurers it's been stooges you know book around but not only that of course also about the effects of climate change of poverty so that what was decided in berlin right now is of course very important that two billion u.s. dollars hopefully soon a grueling to go to countries that has a name but of course this is just a very small fraction what is needed given the fact that in this region fifty
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million people are living and ten million of them are directly affected by the named situation by the name problems so much much more needs to be done but not just by foreign. attendees entities of course domestically in these countries that are just many as well you know julia for example of whom was a lot of things have to change that people actually have a better perspective for example they don't even joyful her and radicalise funny fish are reporting from nigeria thank you. and staying on the continent the former democratic republic of congo warlord has announced a long delayed december presidential election as a quote parody after the country's top court banned him from contesting it member was one of six presidential hopefuls excluded by the election commission from the vote he appealed but the constitutional court has upheld the ban saying it was because of his conviction by the international criminal court also known as the
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i.c.c. for bribing witnesses at his more crimes trial. all right let's get you one more on this for that i want to turn now to journalist louise dust in the democratic republic of congo's capital can show us a very good evening liza called the election the today a parody because the government a would pick its opponents does he have a point here at all. so then then his a party the m.r.c. are saying that gilad shalit commission and the courts are politicized essentially that they were influenced by the president and this is a claim that the government strongly denies but questions arise because this comes just after another major opposition leader can't be was by. presenting his candidacy projections and you know that there's never been a peaceful transition of power in this country and so these are historic elections scheduled for december and things are not looking good right now for the opposition
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well let's talk about mr bender specifically what does his involvement at all mean for the electoral process in the r.c. . sure so you know even before the cause of this decision to pull him out the opposition was already calling full protest and to deja vu about this party that nazi has been saying that they're going to assess whether or not to doit caught the elections and you know finally what i want to add is that the united nations and many people here in in the country have been saying that if these elections are not inclusive they will not be seen as credible and so there's a real question here on the kind of it is each of these elections that arise from twenty decisions to bar and some candidates a number of them has a very complicated some would say very troubled past or what what role is he likely to play in d.r. sees political scene in the future. you know
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when he was released after spending ten years behind bars the prospect of his return to the scene was a real game changer in the political landscape is he still very popular in kinshasa and a capital and in the north as well today it's very unclear what his party is going to do whether they're going to boycott the election whether they're going to support and all the candidates and their hands down he still is and it's not right now he's in brussels and it's unclear as well when she will return to the country are i thank you so very much louise of us to reporting from kinshasa. the deer season come of president joseph kabila as the term ended two years ago but he refused to step down in the violent unrest that followed the roman catholic church led negotiations to agree conditions for a new election well after more protests rocked the country at the beginning of this
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year could be left finally agree to stand down and not to seek office again solo nicko went to find out how those who participated in the protests are doing today. here they stand together the activists the church members who live in hiding and those who lost their loved ones during pro-democracy protests earlier this year together they've won a small victory president joseph kabila who's ruled the country for seventeen years one run for a third term in december he says. the lord was always there for those in our fight . it's he fought for and gave us the small victory. gatherings like this one a rare since the protests those who organized the live in fear.
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one activist agreed to meet us at his home eric has been agitating against could be live a nearly ten years this is where he and his wife have been forced to live since their last home was raided by intelligence services army's eighty second ship my house was ransacked because of my activism. these. are the first these flash drives they contain photos of friends who were arrested during our sit ins are protests no sitting is and yet it is one of the seats in the marsh. eric hopes that one day these images will serve as evidence many of the photos are already in the public domain even a video of his friend being shot. eric's fellow activists were arrested distributing flyers in the protest that followed several people were killed one of those shops was rusty mckenzie. eric takes us to the place where he was killed he says rossi had been trying to shut the church gate
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to keep the police away. from the rally where others parish sent. it was here that russell was shot and even his right side. but to do what they're really of liberal do he wanted to protect the church members and other activists who were also in the church. the protesters tried to help him eric says but the police had surrounded the place when they finally got rossi to hospital it was too late. six months after his death rossi's family a still fighting for justice for them the government's response has been hard to handle. the government made an official declaration on t.v. they said the person who died on the twenty fifth of february was a troublemaker he was a criminal or you he was a thug. rossi was
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a father of two a university student he wrote books he was not a thug insists his sister his family was always concerned about his activism but his sister understood. let us go to the street to reclaim the rights of the congolese people because we only have congo that's what he used to say. that fight is still an everyday reality for erik whose friend's death has only hardened his resolve. all sins of the brother he left us with the juicy he used to say that the people always win and i believe the people will win again. you're watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about including an exhibition and munich celebrates the art of illusion and illusion is an art and how shut culture will be here with all the
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details. but first i got michael is in frankfurt today trying to boost the german financial capitals chances of taking over from london as europe's banking center christophe where she's making a convincing pitch well we'll hear about that in just a minute now the german chancellor certainly makes personal appearances in frankfurt but just to finance what berlin is to politics but she made her way there today to support the city's bid to take over from london as they used to financial center when britain leaves the european union next year and that it chancellor underscored the importance of frankfurt's financial sector for germany's export dependent economy frankfurt is vying with paris and dublin to attract banks leaving london after breakfast so they can continue to do business within the european union. now for more let's bring in our financial correspondent only bartz in frankfurt only just finished finished first speech minutes ago you listen to him
8:44 pm
closely how did the chancellor make the case for frankfurt as the year's new financial capital. she spoke right in the room where i am right now where there was a big audience so she was at the podium and then she sat right in the middle in the chairs behind me very interesting she pointed out the usual arguments that go for frankfurt like the e.c.b. being here the bundesbank major european supervisory authorities and all sorts of other banks as well that are already here but she made three interesting points as well she was ready to go without tax hikes and that didn't wasn't clear whether that referred just to the financial industry or to germany as a whole but she wanted to rule out tax hikes and she wanted to make. aber law more flexible that is only in the financial sector to accommodate the anglo-saxon kind of culture where you have hire and fire and she wanted to introduce less stringent
8:45 pm
standards for for firing people and of course then being able to hire interesting point and she made a strong case for supporting the deutsche oppose this plea to locate euro clearing right here in frankfurt that's big business and if it's euro denominated stuff angela merkel says it's logical it should not be in a third state outside of the e.u. but right here in frankfurt now frankfurt is facing stiff competition by paris and dublin how likely is it then that i go america's lobby work will be successful in the end. while she says that she had some practice in working to the good of the companies but also in the days was minister president folk of both here of the c.d.u. and he poured a little bit of water into the wine himself and he said that it would be illusionary to expect that countless thousands of people from london would come over and indeed the financial market professionals are also looking at other places like paris some at milan and madrid but many banks have said that they're going to
8:46 pm
move staff here and one hears from several dozen to a couple of hundred but the financial district in frankfurt is not that big to begin with and a couple of thousand more people would already be a great step forward believe art's reporting from frankfurt only thank you so much . sports goods giant nike is weighing in on a racially charged controversy in the united states potentially putting it on a collision course with president donald trump jonathan green from the sports can't talk through it get to see it johnson as always now this is cents at the time but just remind our viewers where did it all begin this is all about the taken the movement as we can see from the picture here this was led by carbon cap in it back in the twenty sixteen he decided to kneel instead of stands during the national
8:47 pm
anthem in protest. police brutality against african-americans against a ratio and justice now how does knight fits into all of this we have just launched a campaign to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of beth just do it slogan captain it is one of the stars involved this is what he tweeted believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything that's the slogan on his part of the campaign and this is very pointed statement because not one n.f.l. national football league team has offered the make a contract since this all happened he didn't play it's all season because this is a highly divisive issue a lot of people came out in support of cap and a can of the other players critics though accuse them of disrespecting the u.s. flag of being unpatriotic and donald trump u.s. president was among them this is what he had to say on the issue in september last year love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now out by. fire.
8:48 pm
very colorful language there and the caprona guys you mentioned has sacrificed a lot what has been the reaction to nike's decision well dorm front has been surprisingly quiet so far on this issue going on for it's a day others not so because this night campaign really has quite literally added fuel to the flames there we can see some of the treats now under the hashtags or just burn it that's a riff on the just do it slogan that people setting fire to their night gear or hundreds of dollars worth of gear going up in flames this one the us country singer john rich has said he is a night off his socks for going to very short so it's not happening because obviously on the night payrolls the others have accused him of being the campaign being exploited for commercial gain but other people have come out in support serena williams the tennis player who was also part of the campaign said she was especially proud to be part of the night family i mean this is quite
8:49 pm
a gamble by nike will it pay off where they go from here yeah it is a gamble because as we've seen this could end up alienating a lot of consumers we've seen the anger of that night probably one of the most recognizable u.s. brands generates billions and billions of dollars but it is known for its rebellious streak and i think it would've done its research it would've taken this to focus groups and it's probably banking on attracting some new consumers who actually admire it for taking a stand of course not the first time knight has been out there and has set the kind of high with things like this they will be thinking it will pay off it is a gamble worth taking had a gamble worth taking because they wouldn't be doing it jonathan crane for indeed at least for thank you so much always a pleasure having you with us and person and next up some tennis and defending champion sloane stephens has been knocked out of the us open in the quarterfinals the latest in a series of surprise results in new york while the american lost in straight sets
8:50 pm
to a lot of vias understands. see you joining roger federer and maria sharapova now after their shock defeats on monday well so if a stove a server word for her victory is a first ever semifinal at flushing meadows and a potential meeting with the great sort of we know. now in today's world and especially here on the news where continually appease to discern and communicate the truth and we were to rightly be taken to task if we were to tell you something that isn't true but carrying on start from our culture desk is here to tell us about those moments when we relish a little trickery and the seeds a special exhibit at the consulate in munich ok that's not like a riddle they're mystified ok well this is an exhibition that's really about the
8:51 pm
fact that we can't trust our own sense anymore on so many different levels for one thing digital imaging technology has progressed so far that we it is really difficult to know if we can actually size something up by merely looking at it as to whether it is real or whether it is fake we know that for a fact but this is also all about the thrill of deception which is actually the title of the exhibition and i'm going to quote a guy named the knees who once said that man is his own dupe because what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true and you know that could be a statement today in our age of fake news and distant from asian but developed and he's actually lived in ancient greece about three hundred years some three hundred years before christ so it's very interesting that what we'll see in this exhibition is that artists have been playing around with our senses for millenia they have managed to pack four thousand years of optical illusions into this show so it's a real opportunity for a classic double take. things are not always what they seem the third
8:52 pm
dimension here is pure illusion. a corridor that looks more than one hundred meters long but what's this it narrows and after just a few meters gets a little bit cramped. in talking to collusion this is where it all begins how does the brain process information coming in through the i applied to religion how do i visualize something that you cannot see seeing is believing xen it's called an ellipse reproduction of a mural from a roman monastery most people can see a landscape from the side the true motif becomes visible st francis with hands folded in prayer. wherever you look there are surprises in this veritable chamber of miracles this is the ear bone of the whale painted around sixteen twenty by an unknown artist. in the office in the rene songs they
8:53 pm
invented to central perspective look at this fantastic wardrobe it was then that artist began to understand how the depth of effect works this is an absolute masterpiece. since time immemorial artists have been interested in deception food in the viewer was a way of showing off your craftsmanship and finesse the viewer could enjoy having the eyes deceive but not the mind it's the perspective is important this is how art produces the little lives that we love. and the disappointments is part of the fun to. this yes exactly because that's part of it if you don't understand that it's just painting yourself then the meaning of the thing is lost so this disappointment it triggers the fun. the latest development in the art of deception for a. on from video installations virtual reality. in laurie
8:54 pm
anderson's chalk room you can immerse yourself in a work of art made of chalk and letters and take flight on a voyage of discovery the space becomes a living world of endless possibility. that's all this is the wonderful thing about virtual reality you are actively involved as a participant in this work and that really is a new experience. each new era creates a new threshold of astonishment and there are plenty of surprises in store at the munich can start. karen it seems like the art of deception is of all ages it's just fascinating how far back this goes you know right back to the antique frescoes which of course eventually gave way to something like coldplay which is you know is the french word
8:55 pm
for for deceiving the eye quite literally that's an actual artistic technique that had its golden age in the area and around less hundred century when walls and ceilings were painted to give an illusion of three dimensions and our hands extra space and this exhibition really has a lot of surprises like that and interestingly enough is going on until the thirteenth of january so there's lots of time to go see it you know and it's so awesome because it's like all these mind games are how frightening as you're walking through the you through the exhibit exactly and if they trick you with one sense the other senses confused it's very very interesting that when you get out of your your comfort zone or what your expect your expectations are that a lot of funny things can happen and out more on our website interesting for kids to have you know yeah i'll wait till mine's a little. thank you so much as are you soon and thank you for spending this part of your day with us so stay tuned bryan dawe for is up next on where you are rock and
8:56 pm
roll landcare house that was here with me i'll see you again starting in seventeen hundred seat for an hour to get right to care. i'm.
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