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the life. starts. this is the news live from berlin warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe for the last rubble stronghold in syria the united nations raises the alarm of incoming blood that it is serious and russian forces launch a final assault on live problems these images could be just the first glimpse of the destruction to come. also coming up america's top diplomat visits pakistan
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seeking a fresh start with a new prime minister but has washington decision to cut millions in military aid already cookie dough any hope of a reset for the on easy allies. and german foreign minister ehud goldwasser traveling to turkey today high on the agenda is the release of seven german citizens being held in jail they were arrested after the failed coup two years ago . i'm sunni so let's cover good to have you with us it may be the final showdown in this seven year war in syria the united nations is warning of a bloodbath if syrian and russian forces moved in to take the last rebel held province of which is home to around three million people many of them fled to elope from elsewhere in syria the first big influx came in december two thousand and sixteen after government forces took control of aleppo then in two thousand and seventeen the. asked the rebel fighters left the city of homes and in march two
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thousand and eighteen after fighting ended in eastern guta convoys also headed to. the u.n. has called for diplomacy between the major players to avoid a bloodbath the leaders of iran russia and turkey are set to meet on friday in tehran for a summit that could determine the course for an often. dark clouds warn of an impending catastrophe the first strikes on the liberal were reported on tuesday these images posted by activists show bombings in villages close to it live city several civilians have reportedly been killed the syrian observatory for human rights says russian warplanes carried out the attacks on behalf of its ally syrian president bashar al assad his regime is preparing its forces ready to close in on one of the last enclaves of rebel resistance. the united nations wants the assault to stop before it reaches the city of it live and its three million residence. we
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cannot at war and it because it's fin to the brim with the internet this space would send billions we have been forced hannity know at the end hopefully of this the worst for that generation civilians hoping to flee to the nearby border with turkey may be met with force turkey has moved military hardware to block another mass influx of refugees. meanwhile in ad lib a lesson in patience schools of carrying on with classes half full some parents keeping their children close as they await the unthinkable. such scenes of normality could be erased after friday when regional powers are due to hold a summit which may decide the fate of the people of it lib rebels and children alike. the derby's correspondent laura is following all the latest developments for us from beirut i am sure this is the battle that everyone has been
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fearing the un is warning of a bloodbath we have nearly three million people in what is going to happen to people. well that's a big question but we will see an armed confrontation in the province of we don't yet know what the scope is going to be but however small all large it is there will be civilian casualties because this is a very congested area and where the. extremist you have the school now known as her thirty though sharm where their members are there are many civilians so even if russians and the city in say we're attacking just the extremists civilian casualties are bound to happen and most of these people are against the syrian government and found a place in it live under several reconciliation deals this was supposed to be this city when where are they going to go if it is under attack are we going to see another refugee crisis that's the big question and to remind us why this battle for control of the globe is so important. well this is the last rebel stronghold and if
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syrian government and russia does win here then that means that the assad government has won the war and that would mean that they would possibly be no political because he issued this is also where all the rebels are some of the leading leaders of the revenue groups are in turkey in the border areas but the rebel strength is in this province so what sort of reconciliation will come out of the assad government witness and that's and this will be the final chapter of the seven doing long civil war before and are fans of of this launched a flurry of diplomacy is planned for the next few days until can a solution be found to limit the destruction of it live in the impact on the civilians. and do limited yes but gallup peaceful solution be found that's next to impossible we have to remember russia and the syrian government attacked and attacked who dr abdullah are see these areas have hired thirty to charlock others
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affiliates and the members of this work present of these area and very few numbers even if they live they are present in huge numbers they control sixty percent of the territory so they will be attacking what sort of a peaceful solution can be found none bought it can be can do the conflict can be can be turkey's saying give us time so we can split. the extremes you have these groups and russia wants to salvage just a petition it also wants the e.u. win other countries to be able to reconstruction in syria so maybe it will attack not all the places at once but if you will places in the strategic manner and can deal with that much and as a what role does the u.s. play here president trump warned us not on monday not to recklessly attack ad lib our world powers on a collision course here. well what does it really means recklessly attack the us our government and russia have been attacking many other revenue head on and even after the chemical attack and boom our medical response along with britain and
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france seem to be quite slim we seem to not really have had an impact on the ground and american policy is not really clear and so the i will get after we call it is i don't think that what follows are on a collision course i think the us will be blaming russia if the conflict gets out and be not looking at. the moment but it does depend on how many casualties at the end of the conflict we see. correspondent poured in for us from beirut thank you. now some other stories making headlines around the world british prosecutors are seeking to arrest two russian men for the nerve agent attack on a former russian spy service and his daughter in the u.k. the suspects are being charged in absentia with attempted murder and other crimes police say traces of nova truck were found in a london hotel where the men stayed in march the botswana government is disputing reports that some ninety elephant carcasses found in recent weeks were the result
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of poaching the charity elephants without borders so the animals had been killed for their tusks in what's thought to be one of africa's biggest poaching incidents of its kind. a south korean delegation has flown to north korea to prison present president kim jong un with a personal letter from president mugabe in this comes ahead of a planned summit later this month at the south hopes will lead to complete the nuclearization on the korean peninsula. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has met with pakistan's newly elected prime minister imran khan pakistan is a linchpin of the u.s. anti-terrorism strategy in the region but relations between the two countries are at an historic low after the u.s. canceled hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance earmarked to support pakistan's fight against terrorism. it's not the easiest mission for u.s. secretary of state mike pump a zero to trumpet ministration has never quite been on good terms with pakistan the
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president's first tweet of the year set the tone and it's only gone downhill since then. the us is foolishly given pakistan more than thirty three billion dollars in aid over the last fifteen years and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit taking of our leaders this fools to give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan with little help no more awaiting pompei on islamabad is pakistan's new prime minister imran khan an outspoken critic of the us congress said to receive bad news ahead of the visit the u.s. announced. it's cancelling another three hundred million dollars in aid on top of the five hundred million already cut earlier this year. the aid was meant to compensate pakistan for its efforts to fight terrorists on its own soil but the u.s. says pakistan has been dragging its feet previous presidents have always hoped they could turn around pakistan's behavior but i think we trump we're finally seeing a disillusionment sinking and a sense of conviction amongst congress amongst the administration the white house
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that it's too late we simply have to now use more sticks because the carrots just haven't worked bewas accuses pakistan of letting armed groups operate within its territory especially in the tribal areas in the northwest of the country on the border to afghanistan there the country is said to be providing a safe haven for terrorists like the kani network a terrorist group responsible for some of afghanistan's most deadly attacks accusations pakistan sharply denies the country's new ruling coalition wants to change tack in its relations with the u.s. it's going to be equal partnership like doctors them but we will not fly. by the u.s. will the americans have to understand that the lead to come up and certain on the table with doesn't these pressure back to work especially on this regime even before pumping his plane landed in pakistan officials were calling on imran khan to cancel the meeting khan's first with a high level u.s.
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official since being sworn in as prime minister last month. german foreign minister hagel mosse is on his way to turkey the first high level this it there by a german politician and some time relations between the two countries have soured over human rights and other issues before leaving mosque call turkey an important partner for germany despite the recent problems and he indicated the issue of seven german citizens detained in turkey would be high on his agenda they are being held on political charges after a failed coup two years ago. i spoke to our chief political correspondent melinda crane and asked how likely it is that the german foreign minister will be able to secure the release of the detained germans. well we have seen a thawing of relations between turkey and germany which had been very very tense ever since the attempted putsch against president after one two years ago and in recent months in fact several very high profile releases both the journalist and
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its your and most recently a journalist translator named tolu and that particular release of mrs toller who at the end of august was viewed as a sign of a warming in relations which not cope with settled coincidentally is taking place against the backdrop of very strong tensions between turkey and the u.s. so perhaps a recognition on anger is part that it really does need closer relations and support within europe and especially from germany which of course is home to many many. residents of turkish origin so for all those reasons there's hope here that we may see some movement on the detention of the remaining seven germans and by nationals who are in detention on political grounds in turkey. tennis now and rafael nadal has squeezed into the semifinals of the u.s.
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open after a five step test against dominic team of austria the defending champion got off to a dreadful start but managed to outlast team in a match that ended at two in the morning and lasted nearly five hours. dominic team couldn't have asked for a bit to start the austrian punishment doll in the first set to hand the defending champ what's known as a bagel a six nil thrashing butts in the sweaty rainer of flushing meadows natal full back in the topsy turvy encounter an adult took the next two sets to pave the way for a victory only for team to once again cause him serious problems in the fifth and final set team doggedly survived five break points before he went along with a routine smash and adult victory in the tie break just after two a year it was game over in the epic confrontation. when adele will meet argentinian one martin del potro in the semifinals on the
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women's side left vs anastasio save us still the knock to defending champion sloane stephens out of the tournament save us now actually retired in two thousand and thirteen because of injuries but she came back and will now compete in her first ever u.s. open semifinal tiger woods comeback is getting a boost the forty two year old golfer has been added to the u.s. the ryder cup squad will play a team of europeans later this month what has been played in recent years by injuries but worked his way up to a second place finish in the p.g.a. championship last month it's incredible and it really is to look back a at the start of the year and now to accomplish a goal like that to be a part of this team. and now to be a player is just. beyond special. you're watching d.w. news still to come a wake up call for germany's banks a new player has just bumped some big name lenders off the bullshit backs.
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first we'll have that story and a roundup of all of your business headlines coming right up. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're
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so clever the media. loves what little loving miss milray poultry farmer selling will never stop. him.


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