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moments in the life of a great fashion designer. sun smash and. start september night w. . this is d. w. news a live from berlin and a landmark ruling for gay rights in india. the country's top court strikes down a nineteenth century law that made gay sex of crying joy and hope now for gay people in india who have been forced to live their lives in the shadows we'll go live to delhi also coming up a father in syria as it lived prepares for the worst he's making gas masks for his
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children fearful residents brace for bloodshed by syrian and russian forces threaten a final assault on the last rebel stronghold and. a rock star reception for my tale salvini italy's far right interior minister he helped launch the populist coalition into power you know the one hundred days in office d w looks at how well people think the coalition is doing and actually govern the country. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program india's supreme court has struck down a colonial era law that criminalizes homosexuality under the legislation having what it termed unnatural sex had been punishable by ten years in prison and fines
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now the l g b t community in india fought many years against that ban in its unanimous decision the supreme court said that the law. it was a rational indefensible and manifestly arbitrary in court filings petitioners had given evidence of the emotional cost of living living closeted lives and fearing police prosecution because of their sexuality. and for more let's bring in d.w. sonia founding carr who is joining us a live and from delhi outside of the courthouse where that decision has just been rendered and as we mentioned sonia this is really a landmark for the country walk us through this verdict. you're right i mean this is really like a ghost story the. only you know the funny looks like the supreme court we're going to many activists and to the lawyers for the petitioner and the speeds are really very thing you know people celebrate your every pretty freaky don't think peelers
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and you don't look at the body and the chief justice of india people. said you know what reading the georgian invention we have to say a big favor is a greater distance and power also doesn't and what we did which was choice you know if people see the edge of the community they lose it because he quit right under the constitution really there is no doubt here that just laws really you can only read and or can't find be. scrapped and remember i mean this is a really long time to accompany you know going to the floor and of course back to you judy since two thousand and one and from pure light that you are the one week between a really emotional to be to the top court over the right to keep in mind and quite a. absolutely a very a very long very emotional battle as you mentioned there it's had an emotional cost of course for gays living in india you know previously they have been living in fear that they could be picked up by police be persecuted you actually reported earlier from lock now and i'd like to have a closer look at your reporting and get your reaction after.
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and nineteenth century mostly i'm in luck now a refuge for gay men like our if jeff find his partner of over ten years it's a place where they can be free from society's glare in a country where a lot criminalizing homosexuality known as section three seven seven has been used as a cover to hound gay people it is making their lives hell they are they fear every day a fierce black males extortion. harris men beating a slut important of them just commit suicide just because of the fear that they would be outed by the police or the by the community because it is seen as a true irish knows that all too well he runs h i v awareness programs among the working class gay population and activity fraught with risk in india several years
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ago he and his colleagues were thrown into prison they were charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy and for possessing so-called obscene materials. but it was a shock because the crying was trying to save lives and media being imprisoned and that was horrific because. they deny drinking water or be the being beaten up or a girlie. left so many scars i reflowed most of his teeth because of the beatings and the poor hygiene in prison he was shunned by his friends it took years before he dared to enter a police station again but he hasn't given up the fight on that he's one of the petition is who fought for india's top court to decriminalize homosexuality among the gay community the poor of the most vulnerable. in no one at this workshop on
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safe sex wants to show their face their husbands and fathers some of them a sex workers all of them lead a double life that will get to my boyfriend there was a lot of pressure on me to get married as a man you're expected to do that and run the family more liberal have a target goes up there and no one in my family or my neighborhood knows i'm gay if they did they'd call me a faggot my family wouldn't accept me anymore it's a serious i didn't have the. irish spends long hours at the office he draws strength from his face and his family especially his mother he's been hugely supportive. in the evening irish work is far from over he goes to public parks where homosexual men can find sexual partners and yet remain anonymous in the shadows the risk of contracting h.i.v. is high and that's not the only danger. the men when they're approaching defroster will spawn thread will thread them off putting them in the game on the under the
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pretext of section three seven seven. and and use dark pretext to blackmail them extort money or rid them and out of why we feel that the law should go with it if while it's obvious that fundamental rights do exist. but india is supremes coaches just decriminalise section three seven seven making gay sex legal there's finally hope that people may be able to step out of the shadows. and now gay sex in the country and no longer a crime but sonia we have to mention though being gay is still very much taboo in socially conservative india right i mean how are indians likely to react to this court decision. yeah i think you're right i mean you know the good six still remain very much trouble even conservative you know there is widespread sometimes
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it is alive and well almost all be there's a lot of police brutality and how to reach one hundred one i think most of the light i spoke to today of all you know things that the speaker looked at that it's really the state throwing are always the first state but it's just the thought that the longer the far more difficult journey off you know battling the social i fight that also the spike regularly you know and india that almost actualities is a disease which can be cured so i think the real battle now is really about acceptance in the jobs in colleges in housing crises even in family gatherings and it's really about getting people to rethink that perfection about what is normal and i think often simply to fight to debbie is very young sonia fall in the car joining us to live from outside india's top court which has struck down a nineteenth century law making gay sex a crime sonia thank you so much for bringing us up to date. well now more countries
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are warning the syrian and russian governments against attacking adlib province in what may be the final showdown of syria seven year war the united states has urged the assad government not to use chemical weapons while the united nations is warning of a potential bloodbath in libya's the last major stronghold of the rebels and is home to about three million people. with nowhere left to go civilians an aid level struggling to find ways to keep their families safe having witnessed a massive military build up over the last week this father is preparing for the last. of the civil i'm not making protective masks for my children and others in the area because people fear there will be a chemical attack on the chemo. in this densely populated region. seeking safety underground. but
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most people in this village have a cave connected to their homes. these caves were abandoned during the truce that lasted six or seven months now people are again preparing for an offensive and stockpiling food inside so if an attack takes place we can go into the. fearful residents are bracing for bloodshed as the syrian government masses its troops on. the first strikes hit the rebel enclave on tuesday syria's ally russia released footage purporting to show russian warplanes attacking what it calls terrorist targets but human rights groups say several civilians were killed. international calls amounting to avoid an all out onslaught and an insta un humanitarian catastrophe. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the u.k.
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will brief the united nations security council on the arrest warrants issued for two russian military intelligence officials they are charged over the noble chuck nerve agent attack on a former spy and his daughter alexandra petroff. are russian citizens but police believe their names are elliott. north and south korean leaders are said to hold a summit later this month to discuss practical steps toward the things you can raise ation of the korean peninsula north korea's kim jong un has again expressed his willingness for close cooperation with south korea and the united states to achieve that goal. and u.s. president donald trump has lashed out at the new york times calling it a quote family newspaper his comments came after the paper published an editorial by a senior government official claiming to be part of a resist. went against trump working within the white house.
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turning to italy now where the country's populist government is closing in on one hundred days in office taking center stage is the interior minister. he's behind the new policy of banning migrant rescue ships from entering italian ports but certainly pleased his far right league party and polls indicate its support has doubled since the march election but skeptics say that migration isn't the word of the country's problems and fear that the populists are ill equipped to navigate italy's troubled economic waters did reports from selling his home turf near the northern italian city of birth. the site of the show is about to start after hours of waiting such enthusiasm begs the question is this really the interior minister of italy or popstar. the little girl was found it close to where we are right now and it's been hosting this festival for many years so this is classic home for. and you can tell people here absolutely adore
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him. and his fans appear satisfied with what he's done in the first one hundred days in office especially on migration why i should be supportive trying to protect your right to give us a better politic. before i knew you could. we believe in and what he's doing this can be a revolution for. a lot of things are moving forward and he's keeping his promises . i mean that is. no surprise that his promises on migration are a big part of the show but outside the populist bubble many are getting nervous about what the new government is actually achieving especially the financial markets. there are people who are against us our government is free and independent from the multinationals from big finance from the banking powers both international
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and european we have no fears the italian economy is sound italian business is sound. and most economists disagree insisting that italy's in trouble but facts don't seem to get in the way of success. across the river from the festival people are trying to do something about that. a local engineer has organized a protest picnic they are sick of their new government claiming that migration is responsible for everything. you got that immediately thought of them while in reality it is problems like elsewhere we have high youth unemployment and many other people have only temporary jobs there are very few young people who get permanent contracts. we have a high poverty rate in relative and absolute terms. it's
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no surprise that the event on this side of the river is the only one to host some migrants. on the other side show is drawing to a close the interior minister's folks and sometimes funny demeanor is one of the reasons why he's managed to govern and gained in popularity he admits though when pressed that it's not all been fun and games it's. well it's not easy it's really is a big country we have important challenges but i was tired of being in the opposition and. in the opposition answers to complex problems are often easier salvini has survived the first one hundred days in power unscathed but soon he will have to show if he can actually cover. the past.
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now we're heading to japan where at least four people have died and hundreds injured after a powerful earthquake struck the island of hokkaido in the country's north the magnitude six point seven quake triggered landslides and left nearly three million homes without electricity power has since been restored to the tamari nuclear power plant which had switched to emergency backup generators to keep spent fuel safely cooled roads and hospitals were also damaged dozens of people are missing. a spring and michael pena president of the sing it soon news agency in tokyo joining us now so michael tell us what is the current situation in the area. well yes the the area is still quite a disaster zone most people do not have power and all of the public transportation essentially shut down the airports the buses the trains the bullet trains the
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casualty figures at the most recent word have now risen to nine people confirmed dead and thirty three people missing and most of that death and missing it has to do with the landslides particularly in one town called off. where the hillsides collapsed on the houses while people were sleeping so it's a very grave situation absolutely very grave and also you know a logistical nightmare probably for the emergency authority as we hear electricity knocked out also we heard about that power plant which was switched to emergency generators for a short period what more can you tell us about you know how those emergency services and how people just generally speaking are coping. right well a lot of people for example when outside of home appliance stores trying to store up on water and gear because electricity for the entire island of hokkaido was knocked out for about half a day we have heard just in the last half hour or so that some electricity is now
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being restored to parts of sapporo the largest city but the main reason was that one of the thermal power plants was seriously damaged and will not be able to be restored immediately and as you mentioned the tamari plant also lost power the nuclear power plant and is running on emergency power so they're starting to restore power but it's probably not going to be fully restored for some time yet michael pan in tokyo thank you. germany's national football team is preparing for their first outing following their stunning world cup exit the bad news is their first matches against world champions france in munich tonight the showdown opens germany's campaign in the new nations competition. the german press a not best pleased at the world cup debacle and have to wait to see team training but the squad hit their stride once they're on the pitch confidence is slowly returning. to loosen of course we're expected to create
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a positive atmosphere. town is still there we just have to find the best way to bring it out. there's one who does the culture you learn has moved on from the world cup upheaval there are some new faces but most of lawyers attention is focused on adjusting the team's play reducing productive ball possession and working more on defense. much. of us you know if you can already begin to sense a bit of optimism but we're also not naive enough to believe that we can forget everything that happened after a good match or to come and the. world champions france on short on confidence and spirits are high following their world cup triumph despite that they're not considered favorites in the nation's league group but their own coach d.d.a. de sean live disagrees. she said they totally deserve to be world champions
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especially because they are so balanced and strong in defense with lots of good tacklers that can win challenges and take possession and they have speedy players up top that can go deep and transitioning from the back. should be looked the. indeed. if they can manage it a strong showing against france will be a start in repairing germany's battered image after the world cup. munich could be in for a classic. well you countries are under pressure to improve their air quality helen humphrey has the story they are indeed under that pressure sara but that doesn't necessarily mean electric cars are doing particularly well in terms of sales we've just gotten numbers out for what kind of cars people here in the european union union are choosing to drive over the past quarter and according to the european automobile manufacturers association the a c a where fifty seven percent were petrol over thirty eight six percent days ago and only one in sixty sold was an electric car now for
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a long time talking about electric cars meant talking about a test that's changed you know musk's baby is no longer the only vehicle in the race competitions revving up china is racing ahead and german car makers or so want to get in on the action. misleads hopes this s.u.v. will be its breakthrough into the electric car market a direct challenge to u.s. competitor tesla they say he says it's like this model will cover over four hundred kilometers on one charge it's the german car makers first purely electrically driven car nine further lists a d.c. models are expected to follow by twenty twenty two the companies investing over ten billion euros in them knowing it has a lot of catching up to do in the each race. americas tesla holds first place among international makers with almost fifty two thousand cars sold across the world in the first half of this year germany's b.m.w. is close behind with over forty eight thousand and china's d y d with forty six
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thousand votes again is in tenth position. audi and b.m.w. also unveiled their latest electric cars this month almost all german common effect your is a pumping billions into research and development to make sure the country's champion industry stays in pole position on the markets. and we can bring in the horse now head of global automotive research at ev a call i s i in london good to see you i understand you've just recently returned from california where you took a look at test the production what do you think can german car makers catch up firstly i think that test lock and rampant the production of the motor three which is very important in terms of volume adoption of evil delivery i see no reason why the germans can't also gets to a significantly higher level of he said in that context it will be very very important when v.w.
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starts in the launch of its product family at the end of next year because that's going to be the first really for the even product that people can actually buy i mean is it just that for example tesla started. or is there something else which let's be honest at this stage makes them better. well i think tesla tesla is faster in adopting to change they're very dedicated in their approach to very dedicated platforms which are very functional for for a full battery. you know for battery costs they create a more spacious interior so they can have a movie mover advantage i don't see the necessary why the traditional players would have a huge disadvantage because they really have the production know how how to ramp costs pretty quickly with a test that struggles. and i think every i mean german comic cept it that e.b.'s the future we just need to wait until the product is hitting the market and that's
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why we're you know you're reporting this and we get all these launches in the next twelve to twenty four months going to be a very important phase a is going to be an important phase and we are still awaiting seeing more of these genin cars on the market is that something that you can identify that essentially the german automotive giants need for a break very well what i what i what we believe is that comic is need to reconsider their traditional business model they need to consider what they have to do themselves and what can be moved out of their current manufacturing focus we need to believe that comic is don't necessarily need to make all these engines themselves because the engine the combustion engine is becoming less and less important so that in order to focus on the future drivers for success whether it's evil billy whether it's comic to vittie something has to go from the traditional business model these companies need to get leaner they come to everything at the
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same time and i think that's going to be a very important development over the next three to five years or i aren't adding horsehead of a label automation of research and of course i as i am in london good to have your insights. thank you. well here's a sales opportunity for the electric car makers from said very next year a quarter of all vehicles driving around frankfurt will no longer be roadworthy a german courts ruled that the city must introduce a ban on diesel vehicles which do not meet your zero four zero zero emission levels will be a mr ensure clean air for the city citizens all the petrol costs are also affected the court found that measures put into place so far to reduce pollution have not gone far enough the case was brought by the environmental action gemini n.g.a. which is calling on twenty eight cities across germany to reduce air pollution to levels below the knee go next. to cuba now where after years of u.s. trade sanctions and an inefficient economy people have learned to live with very
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limited resources and responses what cubans proudly refer to as inventing substituting everyday items for things that are in short supply demonstrating for example that sometimes a little piece of rubber can go a long way. you don't have to look far in just about any aspect of cuban life to find something like this a condom doubling at this rally as a balloon. condoms are so cheap and plentiful in cuba that they end up in the most unusual of places fisherman use them as barbers to float their hawks in the sea and every mechanic knows that a condom makes a terrific plug for a flat tire. the problem with all this repurchasing say health workers is that many people are liable to downplay the fact that condoms were actually invented for something completely different. the way you can think of what they see the condom
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as a tool to use for other things that they really were made for like fishing and all those other things this is it for fishing it's used to protect your life and the lives of other people about a little bit had to be you know the opposite. cubans are natural born inventors it's. so it's no surprise that the strong stretchy characteristics of the condom make it far more useful than its original brief of contraception and disease prevention the fear of hobbyist does this cover the rubber has an excellent application in home winemaking he just covers a bottle of grape juice with a fresh condom and when the fermentation process is complete gas trapped in the balloon collapses signaling it's time for a drink. if you're watching t.v. that way his life from bad men kind he more coming up at the top of the hour you can always get the latest on our website that is data but you don't call him home frame by name and say come painfully very sick.
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entered the conflicts confronting the powerful two years ago of the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings charges which president detested as vigorously denied for use this week here in manila he says legal
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advisor salvatore cassano welcomes because of conflicts of. interest with the doctor's insult into modern day slavery because the russians. being enslaved by fellow russians that's not happening anywhere else in europe is. from an ngo tracks down the victims. and attempts to free them as the child i was afraid they'd kill me if i ran away. forced workers in russia in forty five minutes of monte w. . lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're
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so clever the elite who risk their lives with me coming back from the bankers got ourselves with never stopped everything is wrong the wanted to ignore the reality that they might blow off in the face of a system that spun out of control. problems that will. cause. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d w. two years ago the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings charges which president do territory as vigorously denied my guest this week here in manila is his legal advisor salvador pile-o. is the administration actively sanctioning and even encouraging murder on its own
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