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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is data only news live from bud lane a landmark ruling for gay rights. groups of course strikes down a nineteenth century law that criminalized gay sex bringing new hope that india's l g b t community is completely unplugged without fear we'll bring you the latest from delhi also on the program. comedy series it make profits for the past for the worst by making gas masks for his children fearful residents brace for more bloodshed not syrian and russian forces threaten
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a final assault on the last rebel stronghold. on the rock star reception for us and his father writes interior minister matteo solve feeding the bones he helped launch a populist coalition took power in the one hundred days in office pick up new books of how italians the coalition is doing and actually governing. council get a welcome to the program in a historic decision india's supreme court has overturned the nineteenth century law that made gay sex illegal because you're not a missed decision treated jubilance seems the chief justice said the law had been used as a weapon for housing gay people introduced to julie a jury colonial rule a time section three seven seven of the country's people code might gay sex punishable by up to ten years in. j m l g b t communities have been celebrating the
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world. economy. if they get very very fundamentally. not surprised that we didn't get a lot of support inside but finally the judgment came from and that's all we needed as the youth to model we need to be who we are. this is literally just a force to exist he can my vision so it's like he's mine is north and it's you know and i think this is you going to. need a lot of effort from us to get dismissed in their speeches so we want. to see if that is something that is going to continue just sexuality education from. school ever tell people that this is nothing different that we are just like anybody. that's going to sing is from the homes of trust in mumbai india's old instigate
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community based organization he joins us from delhi welcome to d w let's get your reaction first to this verdict thank you. well i'm super excited and. this war because the much awaited verdict that has come to us it's a very very long to me almost like seventeen years have gone and today the day has come where we can feel very much part of the country like a free citizen there is no fear of his nor threat of three seventy seven and. i'm super excited to hear that you know of a supreme court has given us as. these super duper excited so the law changes we saw in the report society not quite so forgiving how do you think indian society will react to this. when we always say that changing the law decriminalization is the first step. but this is a very very clear. step one this is being done the next is to reach out to
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stakeholders and interestingly in this judgement by the liberal judges said. we need to create an environment you need to create an environment where the community could feel comfortable we need to sensitize the masses because there are limits there are misconceptions among the community you know about g b t q so i see that from the model on work out of work is going to be multifold we need to one hand go to the law enforcement agencies we need to tell them that ok these are the no one mission that are happening please there address these issues on the second hand we need to go to our elected representatives maybe the member of parliament at the national level at the state level and at the district level now interestingly fodder for changing the mindset of the society we may need to go to the ministry of information and broadcasting because if something for example a television ad comes on the national television that has been produced by the
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government of india which stays there to get it out there are different sexuality there are different genders and these are absolutely normal so those kind of things will have a long lasting impact but we also think that we have to go to. a mother source development where we will see that we need to include sexuality gender very strongly because it still leaves me for interrupting there is there is still much work to be the final brief and so if you wouldn't mind are you happy that this is now the end of this matter because my understanding is the supreme court is reversing its previous decision which itself was reversing a previous decision from the lower court so is this now the end of it you think. this is not the end this is the beginning of the judge me on but we welcome this this new move and we welcome what has come from supreme court but this is false step there are many other steps we need to talk about this the world i we need to talk about it is we need to talk about adoption right. interestingly i was in but
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right last the last month of july i would like to see such things happening in my country is great for us we wish you well for us for joining us here in the sink from the homes of our trying to. france is warning that it is prepared to strike targets in syria if the assad regime uses chemical weapons to retake serious at least province it joins a list of countries trying to avert an expected assault by syrian and russian forces about three million people live in syria's last rebel stronghold without a break through any offensive and they both would likely be the final showdown serious seven year war. with nowhere left to go civilians and struggling to find ways to keep their families safe having witnessed a massive military build up over the last week this father is preparing for the worst. making protective masks for my children and others in the area because
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people fear there will be a chemical attack. in this densely populated region others are seeking safety underground. most people in this village have a cave connected to their house. these caves were abandoned during the truce that lasted six or seven months now people are again preparing for an offensive and stockpiling food inside so from attack takes place we can go into the caves. fearful residents are bracing for bloodshed as the syrian government masses its troops on board as. the first strikes hit the rebel enclave on tuesday syria's ally russia released footage purporting to show russian warplanes attacking what it calls terrorist targets. but human rights groups say several civilians were
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killed. international calls amounting to avoid an all out onslaught and then ensuing humanitarian catastrophe. now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least nine people in japan have died after a powerful earthquake struck the island of hokkaido in the north of the country triggering landslides and nothing on to power for nearly three million homes dozens of people are missing. us president donald trump has lashed out at the new york times for publishing an anonymous editorial by a senior government official the man or woman claims to be part of a resistance movement within the white house working to thwart what they call the president's worst inclinations. italy's populist government has been in power for nearly a hundred days interior minister of salvation it leaves the country's far right
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league party is behind the new policy of banning migrant rescue ships from italian ports certainly pleased his supporters polls indicate the league supporters doubled since the election in march skeptics however say the root of the country's problems is not migration and they fear the populace ill equipped to navigate italy's troubled economic waters w correspondent max hoffman reports from the northern italian city of goma. the site of the show is about to start after hours of waiting such enthusiasm begs the question is this really the interior minister of italy or a pop star. lego was founded close to where we are right now and it's been hosting this festival many years now so this is classic for my to the me and you can tell people here absolutely adore him. and his fans appear satisfied with what he's done
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in the first one hundred days in office especially on migration why why i should be disappointed if he's trying to protect italy's try to give us a better politic compart on before i need to get it. we believe in solving any and what he's doing this can be a revolution for. a lot of things are moving for i went and he's keeping his promises so that no mistake it's a fatwah if it even means that it's time and. no surprise that his promises on migration are a big part of the show but outside the populist bubble many are getting nervous about what the new government is actually achieving especially the financial markets. there are people who are against us government is free and independent from the multinationals from big finance from the banking powers both international and european we have no fears the italian economy is sound it's not in business is sound. and most economists disagree insisting that italy's in trouble
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but facts don't seem to get in the way of success. across the river from the festival people are trying to do something about that. political entity has organized a protest picnic they are sick of their new government claiming that migration is response. double for everything. you got that would mean that we thought it was going on in reality it is problems like elsewhere we have high youth unemployment and many other people have only temporary jobs there are very few young people who get permanent contracts. we have a high poverty rate in relative and absolute terms. it's no surprise that the event on this side of the river is the only one to host some migrants. on the other side show is drawing
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to a close the interior minister's folks sometimes funny demeanor is one of the reasons why he's managed to govern and gained in popularity he admits though when pressed that it's not all been fun and games just. well it's not easy it's really is a big country we have important challenges but i was tired of being in the opposition and. in the opposition answers to complex problems are often easier salvini has survived the first one hundred days in power unscathed but soon he will have to show if he can actually. see the past. u.s. president donald trump has turned his scathing attention to nike's latest campaign
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the sports company has started its weight behind former american football player calling capital best known for kneeling in the national anthem a catholic and his supporters take the knee as a protest against police brutality towards black people president trump derives unpatriotic the one time quarterback has been unable to join a club since last year. believe in. even if it means sacrificing everything. that's the not so subtle message behind the advertising campaign fronted by former american football quarterback calling kappa nick the ad premiers ahead of tonight's n.f.l. class featuring the super bowl champions philadelphia eagles and it sparked fierce debate in the u.s. captain it was a controversial figure after quietly launching what's now known as the taken a campaign a protest against racial inequality videos of people burning men nike merchandise appeared on social media this week with many pledging to boycott nike merchandise
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for its the citizens of promote company x. message late on wednesday president donald trump tweeted in support of a boycott questioning the company's decision to side with the taken me campaign. many consumers are praising nike for its decision however claiming they are now more likely to purchase nike merchandise than ever before. i have always were new balance because they are white and now i would like to wear night because i would be proud to wear nike sports stars including serena williams and shocking griffin who both appear alongside cap'n he could never have also praised the message behind a campaign going beyond the sales and sporting aspects of the campaign it is believed the ad may play a role in the world of politics the n.f.l. season is about to begin. so the controversy will be front and center. donald trump in the midterm elections if he can sustain this ad campaign up through
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the actions. anything else anybody's talking about. in when they align with calling capper nick today. i said your updates more at the top of the hour eleven hundred three household business update in just about. earth. home to of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps googling tears tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the.


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