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and during this period. between sixty years. to move. this week to w. . this is d w news live from birth land a new poll reveals a significant shift to the right in eastern germany if an election were held this sunday the far right alternative for germany would be ahead of the anglo-american as conservatives in the evenings but as the f.t.'s anti immigration rhetoric intensifies two thirds of germans want the party put under surveillance. also
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coming up the white house who dunnit everyone's asking who's behind the anonymous new york times op ed piece and everyone's denying it even the vice president plus germany's first chance to shine after its world cup debacle and it was against the world champions we'll tell you why the germans see a draw against france as a partial victory. in the morning. i'm sara kelly thank you for joining us and asian divided over migration an explosive new opinion poll in germany shows the far right is now the largest political force in the country's east for the first time the anti immigrant alternative for germany or a.f.d. is more popular than angela merkel's conservatives this is the first nationwide survey since a spate of violent protests. in the eastern city of chemists
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a fatal knife attack allegedly committed by asylum seekers truth thousands of protestors onto the streets including far right groups and the oh nazis. of this week chancellor angela merkel accuse the a.f.d. of using the chemist's protests to stir up ethnic tensions the latest survey now most germans think the populist party is a threat to national security have a look at the nationwide poll asked if germany's and domestic intelligence agency should put the f.t. under surveillance the verdict was very clear two thirds of those polled said that they want the a.f.d. monitored. so let's drill down into the details here we are joined by political correspondent nina so nina. we have some some interesting trends here we have the a.f.d. the biggest party in the east and yet most germans wanted under observation as a domestic threat how do you reconcile that because it seems to really paint
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a picture of a divided nation it almost sounds like a contradiction but it isn't like you say. according to this poll the strongest party in the country's east but the same poll shows that the a d. has lost one percentage point in the west so does paint the picture of a divided nation and there will have to be a lot of soul searching as to why that is why those messages of these anti immigrant party are so popular especially in the form a commune east germany so if you look at what's happening there of course the conservatives are losing big time deaves posing a massive threat to the conservative bloc especially in the east and we will probably see that trend confirmed in the state elections that are coming up in three east and in states next year and there's one issue where the f.t. we have to mention is really getting a lot of political mileage we saw for example after you know the candidates violence. accusing law enforcement of losing control and this again an area where
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in this survey we see a divide between east and let's let's have a look because when people were asked about the rule of law how it works in germany almost three quarters in the west said that they agree that it does indeed work but in the former communist east around half of those surveyed said that they didn't trust the rule of law. so it's very clear that many people here in the east they think that the police have lost control i mean how does that compare though with reality is there a problem with law and order in the east there is a general mistrust in authorities i would say you also see it when people were asked about what they think about the performance of the media of politicians in general there's a big ben strikes that's going on and again there will have to be a lot of soul searching as to why that is maybe some of the institutions. that role
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is not quite clear to some people in the east let's not forget the system broke down thirty years ago maybe some people just really weren't transported into the new system but of course this is something where you have to look at the reasons and you have to look at the facts again in this whole debate very often people forget to look at the facts and the crime statistics say that in germany we have currently the lowest crime rates in thirty years also my crime is down it went down by twenty three percent from twenty sixteen to twenty seventeen and this is after this big influx of refugees in twenty fifty and that is something that people and perhaps the west of the country seem to be very aware of because overall in germany we saw that they has not gained as much traction in fact it's the third largest party in the country so i'd like to just quickly gauge the mood in the west of the country to bit of a comparison here because you actually went to bavaria to see what kind of
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reception one of the members got there and the results were quite interesting we found beyond hooka and here is what happened when he took his campaign rally to the west. raising a red card against far right wing politics presidents in a small but very in town a using the soccer penalty card to show their rejection of extremism and racism a month ahead of the bavarian state election almost a thousand people in the town of painting and up of area a gathered in front of the local town hall. they're chanting nazis get out in protest against a campaign rally by the far right f d posse. tonight speaker. a leader of the extreme right wing of the f.t. who is well known for his controversial statements the town citizens say they refused to surrender their town hall to politicians like her and the f.t.
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party so whenever they disagree with something said by the politician they raise a red card others just walked out. if there was quite. i couldn't take it any longer this lack of respect for other parties and politicians of the statements again said to live politics was going to the things they say shouldn't be repeated it shows that this party has nothing to do with democratic politics open a lot of people see it the same way it was. just. speeches disrupted and the protest bundled out of the room was quick to exploit the situation who doesn't know anyone who doesn't love germany should leave germany. it's a statement that shows that the political divisions in this small the varian town but is also a reflection of the increasingly polarized politics across the whole of germany.
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the scene there in bavaria and we see how divisive immigration around germany is and it's also an issue that politicians and the german capital berlin are struggling to get a handle on let's see how split germans indeed actually are because if they were asked if the german government takes people's concerns about immigration seriously a very slim majority of those surveyed fifty one percent said no the government was not doing a good enough job. and for more on that let's bring back in nina because you know german chancellor angela merkel how much pressure does this put her and her government under. we've seen that for the last couple of months this current government is under tremendous pressure especially when it comes to this topic migrates and let's not forget her government almost collapsed over this issue just
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a few weeks ago because there is now a bit of protest from within her own party from her own interior minister. who has lowered the threshold if you put it this way to xenophobia speech in certain areas these trying clearly trying to win back some of those a if the vote is and he is challenging uncle machall over her own refugee policy and actually on going back on horses who have become somewhat the figureheads of those two streams within the conservative bloc and the conservative bloc will have to decide which which stream actually will win because i'm going machall stands for a pragmatic approach where. says we've got to win back the voters and they swill be a big test the report mentions the bavarian elections in mid october so the weather the f.t. will succeed that and how big it will how about strongly it will fab their india the very elections will send
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a strong message to the government in berlin it will be a powerful gauge and just to remind our viewers again the gauge that we just had the in for testing a map survey showing a nation divided over migration as of putting it all into perspective for us thank you. u.s. president donald trump has urged the new york times to reveal the identity of the author of a sensational opinion piece that is fueling suspicion at the white house the newspaper published a piece by an anonymous senior trump and ministration official who claims there is an inside resistance working to frustrate his agenda the washington rumor mill has gone into overdrive and the denials are coming thick and fast a day after the story broke the denials began. to write the. white house counsel donegan was one of many who quickly distanced themselves from the incendiary new york times editorial and the author claims to be part of a resistance that is working to prevent trump's most dangerous impulses from within
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the administration. during his visit to india secretary of state to mike pompei you struggled to find the right words when asked whether or not he had written the opinion piece. so it shouldn't surprise anyone. that the new york times is a. liberal newspaper that has attacked this administration relentlessly. chose to print such a piece many suspect vice president mike pence of being the mystery writer based on some of the distinctive language used in the article but pence is sure the president of his loyalty. will look anyone who would write an anonymous editorial. that smearing this president has provided extraordinary leadership this country should not be working for this administration they ought to do the
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honorable thing and they ought to resign the president himself demanded the new york times name its anonymous source he also suggested the publication was an act of treason. house minority leader nancy pelosi criticized trump's fellow republicans for not speaking out against him openly that president has to know that when a president speaks his words weigh a ton so with some in the white house think that correcting this behind the scenes is a consolation i don't think it's good enough while the search for the source in the white house continues the authors motive remains the other big question. well now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world officials in japan say that at least sixteen people have been confirmed dead after a powerful earthquake struck the northern island of hokkaido on thursday rescue workers are continuing to search for survivors after landslides more than twenty
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people are still missing. one of the front runners in brazil's presidential election both son nado is in stable but critical condition after being stabbed in the abdomen the far right politician was attacked while campaigning in the city of julies to florida. security sources in the southern iraqi city of basra say that demonstrators have set fire to the main local government building despite a curfew imposed by authorities people have been protesting for days in the city over a collapsing infrastructure power cuts and corruption. the front runner in brazil's presidential election has been stabbed as we just heard at a campaign rally and taken to the hospital in serious condition he had taken the lead in the contest after the former president was jailed on corruption charges and disqualified from running. the moment that could alter the course of the country
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the front runner in brazil's presidential race stabbed in the gut he's rushed to the hospital with a life threatening wound. the crowd grabs this man a daily. believed to be the attacker he's now under arrest police say he's mentally unstable his motive for means unclear hours later inside this hospital doctors await the results of surgery to repair the damage. and outside rage over the attack was able to get no savills or your boss or not was a fighter he's on his feet he's alive he's on his feet and he will be elected in the first round whatever it takes that you pair yes i said. your r.k. the way you are sure this would make both an hour withdraw from the presidential campaign a very wrong. how this attack it shakes up next month's presidential race is now
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the big question sixty three year old boss an arrow has shocked many across brazil with his racist and homophobic comments but the far right candidate has performed strongly in recent polls and his closest rival has been ordered to prison that's former leftist president lula da silva must still overturn a ban on him running in the election after being convicted on corruption charges. so now relief among both sinatras supporters as word spreads their man is expected to recover from a brutal attack that could throw the nation's sympathy and support his way. sports news now with ed mccambridge from g. to be a sports desk in germany have started their rebuilding process after the world cup debacle with a goal this draw against france in the new nations' league tournament what a match ed let's break it down because you know this is supposed to be a new era for the germany team at least it's been branded in that way so how did it
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go well exactly as you said this was a very difficult some of the germany so this was an opportunity to lay some of those demons to rest is a new format. and the team walked out basically to the heart shaped display of flights from the five it was very sweet gesture for a team which really hasn't seen much love throughout the summer but they were on the back foot for much of the game it wasn't pretty times neither side really destroyed. but this was an opportunity for germany to rejig to bring in some fresh faces and to try and instill a sense of purpose after as we said a very difficult summer in other world cup and of course what everyone is always talking about is lessons learned for the german team where does the team where does the coach go from here so what do you think that you are will take from this well i think there are plenty of positives to take i mean this was a solid performance against the reigning world cup champions there was no sign of that leaky defense which played them in russia they were compact they were well organized they built admirably with
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a very talented group of french players. and as we said this game is all about confidence and as we're about to hear from germany coach you know it was a satisfying evening for the national team. so separate was the speed of the so we were very conscious that this match was a particularly important one after a disappointing world cup and that the team had to show a different face a different way of playing for how they did that. the much of toys you could. ok so one match down another one coming up on sunday against peru what does germany need to do well as i've said they were very well organized in this game but they want quite as good going forward so i think farms are going to really want to see an exciting forms from germany peru long obviously quite the same level of opposition as france and not the reigning world champion so this is an opportunity to get on the ball to try and dominate to get fans office seats it be lovely if we can see a few of the players like you i saw me that didn't make the world cup squad in
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there from the start of course an excitement some young players some fresh faces and i think they can be expected to dominate to sort of dominate this game. and i think they need a big performance now to really get the fans back on board and to get in a different headspace probably as well as mccambridge from database for thank you so much. a somber note now burt reynolds the star of hollywood hits such as deliverance and bogey nights has died of a heart attack at the age of eighty two his long career had some highs as well as some lows his manager said that he was set to appear alongside an all star cast in clinton turned next film here's a look back at his life the original macho man. complete with cowboy hat and mustache the world loved him but most of all the girls burt reynolds was the sex symbol of the seventy's he was one of the first men who took off his clothes for a fashion magazine. adventurous quick witted and charming like in smokey and the bandit his most successful film critic you know. as you
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say it was. all his daredevil stunts helped build his reputation reynolds was part italian part irish but also part native american the critics waited to give their seal of approval until the movie deliverance came out ajantha. but reynolds took things into his own hands when he began directing films himself his leading ladies were some of the most famous actresses of the time like catherine deneuve he lived the life of a hollywood star sometimes earning millions then declaring bankruptcy demi moore was by his side when he celebrated his comeback in the film striptease he played a corrupt southern politician with elegance and irony for his abilities as a stunt man here and a prize in two thousand and seven mr b. there is in some unwelcome the greatest of the great throat rebels. you know.
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i'm told now lifetime achievement awards here. burt reynolds was a nine hundred eighty super star one of the few who embodied the lifestyle of this decade. and he rest in peace helen humphrey is here now we're talking about a crisis looming in developing economies yeah that's right was specifically looking at a mugging market sara because wherever you look right now what used to be a beacon of hope well tom well currencies are in meltdown they've lost significant value the technician era for one the argentine peso south africa's rand and an easy is repay it to name a few currency traders will have to have strong ness but of course as for what us people living in those countries. a supermarket in the turkish city of d. about here things used to be a lot busier here but rising prices are hitting sales so does the u.s.
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we're forced to increase the prices of the new products we buy we raise the prices in accordance with the profit margin of course our people no longer have as much purchasing power they used to be able to fill a shopping cart for two hundred lire but now it costs them three hundred to three hundred twenty five percent of the. price as a climbing because the turkish lira has lost so much value against the dollar in the first half of this year it plummeted by a stunning seventy two percent. south africa's economy is also stuttering that country's currency the rand has lost a full thirty percent against the dollar south africa is now considered just being in recession following two quarters of falling g.d.p. . india is also not fairing too well right now the rupee has lost ten percent against the dollar since march this year but argentina's been the worst hit so far austerity measures have unleashed wave upon wave of anti-government demonstrations the unions take to the streets of going to saris on an almost daily basis
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argentina's paizo has lost eighty six percent in value against the. dollar over the last six months. germany's ex which is a thriving despite punitive tariffs and other trade barriers new official figures show that in july germany said one hundred and eleven billion euros worth of products approved that was a rise of seven point six percent on the previous year with demand especially strong in european union countries but imports also grew strongly up twelve percent on last year's. time check in with our financial correspondent in frankfurt rebought is standing by firstly it looks like germany's two biggest department stores cashed out a going so much costing thousands of jobs how certain is that much you know. well we don't have confirmation from the companies yet but the reports say that the
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banks are now on board that they have agreed and that canadian own forfeits owned by hudson's bay company and austrian owned kosh that are owned by investor in a bank will are ready to sign and ready to go forth with it and the thing is if the banks are in it then it's almost certain that it will go ahead but because there's competition issues involved the cartel people would have to sign off on it also before it actually went through and what would this. stuff. well you see the main branch of co for me here in frankfurt in just a couple of hundred metres down the road is caution and that's the same situation and basically every big city many smaller regional centers as well and shopping plazas and of course if they merge it's likely that at least one of these buildings would disappear or be turned into offices or apartments and then the customers would have less choice that's why the cartel people would have to come in and in terms of the stuff that said that about five thousand of the twenty thousand jobs
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that cofa at least are in danger we all the days of full service department store. as eva compared to online retailers. they're really having a tough time here in germany they're used to before now there are two probably in future there will be only one operator it's partly online but it's partly also mismanagement and lack of investment lack of an attractive model i've been a customer in both stores not just here in frankfurt and oftentimes you have to really look hard to find stuff to help you if you do they're very helpful and knowledgeable but you already noticing the costs in the stores don't seem to be in the best of shape all right he bought for us in frankfurt thank you very much indeed. but if you fly on british airways recently this next piece of news might apply to you the airlines reporting a data breach of personal details of all the three hundred eighty thousand payment cards personal and financial details of customers who book flights between the
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twenty first of august in the fifth of september was stolen while the data breach affects a customer's making bookings on the company website and mobile app british airways says travel impossible details were not taken the airline does advise anyone who believes they may has been affected to contact their bank opium and call provider and that it will settle claims on an individual basis. now in some cities street food is all the rage right now but if you're headed to florence to grab a slice of pizza with a view of the plots of a queue you might have to think again the city is joining roman venice in restricting where when tourists can eat fast food on the street. it's a beautiful day in florence masterpieces of renaissance architecture everywhere and everywhere tourists munching fast food anywhere they can find a seat the locals say they're a nuisance tourists say they have no choice there's not a lot of place to have
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a lot of seats and table so sitting on the three to three only solution. but that may soon come to an end the city will now issue fines of up to five hundred euros to people eating on the streets of the city's historic center. many restauranteurs say it's high time. santi has long objected to tourists eating fast food in front of his restaurant. yeah. i like this new law and i think said everything that's done by retailers institutions citizens in order to improve the streets receives our support of. the food. but restaurant owners are losing income is only one of the problems brought in by florence's plague of fast food tourists they also leave a mountain of rubbish in their wake rome and venice have already taken action. for him to leave the sea but mum cut these rules are not practical for tourists we
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can't eat at a restaurant every day we get a sandwich to save time to move. the new rules are posted prominently in florence's tourist areas but the city will soon see if its hardline will learn to risk respect . and their mind and out of the top stories we're following for you and your poll reveals the lections were held this weekend the far right a.s.d. party would overtake on the americas conservatives in eastern germany the majority of those while the german government was not taking about migration. administration officials are lining up they were. described as a resistance working against the president. has called the article treason. but then plenty more coming up at the top of the hour the latest was on our website dot com i'm helena thanks for the company.
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one drink on international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week a series of angry sometimes violent demonstrations by far right protestors has prompted soul searching here in germany how should politicians and civil society respond can germany defeat its demons that's
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a topic on foot regatta china. quadriga next on d w. his reputation murderer. arsonist. tyrants. the roman emperor nero. did he just get a bad press and. remount historians are really examining his case rethinking the rochas history been unfair to begin from his emperor. in forty five minutes on d w. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they conspire. to
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africa on the moon. stories from both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands the d.w. multimedia series from africa. da dum da comfort on the move. welcome to quadriga a recent string of violent right wing protests in the eastern german city of chem that's some involving intimidation of foreigners hitler salutes and mob violence has prompted consternation worldwide and soul searching here at home but this week
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it was other images that made headlines as sixty five thousand people assembled and that's for a concert get it dedicated to taking a stand.


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