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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CEST

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everybody was wrong to want to do it in new york the reality of the whole thing might global financial crisis of a system that has spun out of control. over their world and of course everything. to crush the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d w. smile and welcome to your daily dose of european lifestyle and culture today we start off with some cracking music is what's coming up. rock royalty we commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of led zeppelin's first stage of his. many mopeds tony monkey bikes are
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a new craze among grown men. and flower power we visit a modern day hippie colony in poland. in the one nine hundred sixty eight a session guitarist called jimmy page was looking for a new nine for his band when he remembered what the who's drama keith moon had said to them any band you play in will go down like a led zeppelin well you know now that led zeppelin didn't crash and burn but rather rose to rock n roll fame fifty years ago today they played their first gig and have since gone on to sell three hundred million albums worldwide so this day they're popular and hailed as the pioneers of hard rock. london in december two thousand and seven we led zeppelin are performing live again for the twenty thousand fans in attendance it was
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a dream come true. there are twenty million fans wanted tickets with this concert it was a night to remember but it remained the only one of its kind we were so happy that we were actually getting it right and really enjoying it and taking it beyond what we thought we were about that might do a moments in it where we just took off and pushed off in some place the responsibility of doing that for might so weak for the rest of time is a different thing. this week pretty good at what we do but we shouldn't be the tail should never whack the dog. jimmy page was already a successful session musician when he found it in nine hundred sixty eight so was
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bassist and guitarist john paul joe it's ok it's also invited to relatively unknown musicians to join his ship singer robert plant and strawman john boehner. they can we have them took off straight away. the passion energy and musical diversity have led zeppelin fascinated fans and critics alike and to this day. it often is you know each of those four guys is a genius and they fused in such a way that every aspect of their music profited from their own exceptional cases it's i can't think of another at least not any rock down to that's like the. big break came in one nine hundred sixty nine with the release of a second album let's send to.
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the album went to number one in the us knocking the beatles having read out of the top spot. but let's dip in the head most often then just great songs. robert plant was definitely a sex symbol so that there were a lot of women and likely a few men too who would have liked to get to know him better. his own lot in church is that all cocky swagger and the strutting around that was all part of it and then there was jimmy page on stay. the incarnation of the cool guitarist.
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the group put out one hits album. and it too is great ever they get ever more spectacular. lit second filled stadiums around the globe and set new standards they were one of the first rock bands to to with their own private jets. their lives were completely disconnected from reality they played out exclusively on stage and private jets and hotel room table with groupies and so on the total rock star stereotype. but like many about stars of that era let seven also paid a heavy price for that lifestyle. in september nine hundred eighty excess of alcohol consumption caused the death of their drama john bonham. the band's three remaining members were shocked and called it quits. robert plant it was crystal
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clear without bottom the band didn't exist anymore and never would again was mainly him that felt that way. but the group to patients. in london where john bought him son jason played the drums. but to this day fans are still longing for the big grainy and. there are just two super groups who could in theory launch that kind of comeback tour the other would be about and you could say that each of them would probably eclipse everything that had come before this for the others and there was. whether such a pill will ever happen is doubtful but for lead second chance springs eternal.
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well from one of my favorite bands to my favorite sports football that much more coming up in our euro max express first up we had to italy. italian fashion tycoon bruno cuccinelli has restored solo mayo a medieval hamlet between florence and rome. grew up here and was dismayed at the condition of his home village so he initiated a beautification project. called the restoration which was twenty five years in the making his life's work. has also moved the headquarters for his fashion business to salome his brand is famous for its cashmere designs. the billionaire has also improved the look of the surrounding valley he's torn down old factory buildings and created a one hundred hector park.
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no we didn't suck at freestyle it to be as becks performed a very special stunt show in oslo suspended from a hook attached to a crane the european freestyle champion juggled the ball in mid air without ever touching it with his her hands. happening was intended to get young people interested in soccer. the twenty nineteen edition of guinness world records is already out and includes some new superlatives the world's biggest knitting needles are owned by thirty one year old british short students elizabeth bond there are over four metres long but still quite usable for knitting. colley county next name geronimo has set a record for double dutch style jump rope steps at one hundred thirteen per minute . and the world's fastest go cart was built by twenty six year old tom back now look at britain it's jet engines hurled the mini racer down the track at over one
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hundred eighty kilometers per hour the book has been published since one thousand nine hundred fifty five and has sold over one hundred forty million copies. now parking in a city can be much easier with a scooter or motorbike even if it's a massive chopper although it's probably easiest with dax and monkey bikes that tiny two wheelers often driven by big blokes not really what they have built for but the many mozes have got a bit of a cult following in the biker community let's check them out. yes on a monkey you're something of a likable character in the eyes of other drivers and when you can drive fast they're even happier. minibikes weighing just sixty to one hundred kilos can be a real blast cause of the concept is flexibility for place movements and it's like
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a swiss army knife you don't really need it but you feel good carrying it around everywhere that's how it is with the monkeys to. which me designed in the one nine hundred sixty s. with the japanese markets the monkeys soon became a favorite toy for big boys in other countries to. shop for it's just awesome but when i'm out riding this mini bike with my build it looks like i'm riding on a flying carpet. and i'm pretty slender we have customers who are built even bigger than me to go. insane and they're totally happy with their monkey tip if. we're friends in the dax and monkey community which we've known each other for ages . it's more than just a customer and workshop relationship it's a friendship it's the four inches and at some point we started asking for our
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friends weights and measurements if everyone had taken part the whole doorframe would have been covered in black for to. take the fascination is the mechanics of everything's in many formats but it ends up putting out lots of power. much as some people think are a little nuts but it's just so much fun. it's a good conversation starter that's why i drive a monkey. you can be waiting at a stoplight and if being chopper comes up the runner looks over the light turns green and your little thing takes off in the big bike in the dust that's pretty funny. book is an expert at getting more ass of a monkey he can tease out another twenty most talent making it
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a toy for even pick up. to a class or does he go to the one time people were happy just to own a monkey or a honda tax. that generation reached the age where their midlife crisis became a factor but they had more money by that. and they started wanting to have a more powerful engine more fun writing. and so we've always tried to fulfill their customer's wishes and give it to them. some people say that after seven dead bodies keep growing and maybe they're right. well i'll let that one slide now we go from small bikes to big planes pilot was long a job mainly done by men but that is slowly changing more and more women are interested in the profession but the numbers are still very lopsided in germany there are
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eleven thousand pilots in total but less than six hundred female one young woman from hamburg is sharing her experiences in the cockpit and hopes to inspire others to pursue the profession. not many have a view this spectacular from their workplace. for yulia heitman from hamburg it's both routine and a dream come true she's a pilot with a major german airline. earlier blogs about her job on social media nearly fifty thousand people follow her on instagram where she's known as pilot lee yet. we go on she's got the day off but she won't stay on the ground she wants to take more photos for her followers and they have to be good in order to get as many likes as possible. instead of a passenger plane today she's piloting a single engine cessna one seven two. uli is solely responsible for the final inspection. and here we have our landing flaps we've got to
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check little spots like this to ensure they're not blocked and everything's moving the way it should and that all the falseness are in place. everything's in working condition oil and fuel are topped up what about the weather. early it didn't look so good as it was a little cloudy steeper cloud base has to be at a minimum height so we can take off and it's just now moved to that height it's still cloudy but we can fly. she sets a course for downtown hamburg. she follows the river past the airbus plant and on towards the harbor. request permission to curve once over the harbor followed by curve around the us. roger
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permission granted. this view of her hometown has lost none of its charm for yulia heitman not even after she's flown all over the world. should long dreams of big. coming up pilot but math and physics were not among her favorite subjects in school. at first she was afraid to take the pilot's retreatment test. they were not present as i started out as a flight attendant i talked a lot with the cockpit crew learned a loss and was often in the cup but for takeoffs and landings. i also a lot of questions sometimes really stupid ones eventually they said honestly just apply otherwise in ten years you'll be wondering what might have been. passed the test she qualified as a pilot in two thousand and sixteen like all refuse she flies as a copilot on commercial flights on instagram and facebook she shows her day to day life and answers questions like how did you make it do i have to be good at math
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she likes to encourage those people all she needs now is a photo of herself and her team in the cessna over hamburg. one last look at the new philharmonie concert hall and she heads back to the airfield. back home yulia uploads the pictures to instagram because she has so many followers post only counts as a hit if she gets two thousand likes she can't wait to see how this one will do. she's not the only pilot who's active on social media. and i think people are fascinated because it's an area where people don't normally get to pick behind the scenes and then of course the woman who flies is still something special. right off she gets fourteen hundred likes for this post and yulia hype and plans to take more stunning photos on her next flight. now we have a little something for all the home improves among you in our d.i.y.
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segment we show you fun and easy ways of brightening up your home and today our resident expert pension leave shows you how to keep flowers in your home all year round. ok there is no sanction flowers have beautiful but they don't last forever but if you try them and keep them in a picture frame you can enjoy looking at them for much much longer they are like a little work of art this is for sharing. a picture frame. and additional glass panes of the same size. fresh flowers this is baby sprite. dried flowers in. double sided tape which is slightly thicker than other tape. a pair of sixes.
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and a call for cleaning the glass. first to fly what's so they fit into the frame and. then place them between the pages of a book to dry you can protect the pages with kitchens or blotting paper. away the broke down and let the flower dry inside for at least a week. after the long wait you can finally get started first take the glass out of the picture frame and say frame for later. take to second paint and clean both paints throughly to make sure both paint stick together and still have enough room for the flower is used to double sided tape you need a piece that is about as long as the glass plate. split this piece into
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two strips narrow enough that thing won't be visible in the frame later. no group a thin strip to each of the lower end of the glass pane. place to try to. then carefully laid a second glass on top of president and on to the accuser strip. now i need to clean my fingerprints off again. you also need to put tape inside the picture frame. can carry out the final step by placing the glass panes into the picture frame and pressing both firmly together. i think it's a simple idea but it really has a picky fact you can also use a small plants instead of flower just as lovely. and
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you can find plenty more d.i.y. tips on a you tube channel did interior design well we stay on the topic of flowers as the hippie mantra flower power is in full bloom in the polish village we travel to next back in the late sixties hippie culture was suppressed by the government nowadays freedom and a lifestyle of consumerism can be found in volume yes it's home to an artist's calling me and we went there for a big dose of love and. they play the guitar and sing ballads of peace just like their role models did half a century ago. this hippie commune has made for them yashin poland their home and train station has become an art gallery and cultural center
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around forty people from all around the globe are living out their dream of peace and love here. i don't want. i believe i can. let it go yeah more for everybody. young new york founded the commune in voting yes after the collapse of communism and she's still here. her grandson orange is visiting. new york as daughter arns mom grew up in the artist colony. give up on the research is for us it's about the basics peace and love for example . gratian. it's about togetherness and sharing. money isn't the most important thing and i always have about i'm already a granny and i'm allowed to say money if it comes and goes on the way and if you've
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got the right attitude you've always got enough. to communes members earn their living with art festivals and workshops that often attract participants from abroad. there's also their trademark the travelling theatre. which spend summers on the road. they've been charming crowds in poland and all over europe with their large profits for years. we live in and try to have as little as possible to do with the outside world. three of one times were in touch with the local authorities any less than the normally contact us taste in them today luckily they don't tell us what to do. sometimes they help so it's ok with
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them if i read about major political stuff online. that doesn't really affect us at the moment but i you know nothing about that with this national knock on wood. poland's first hippies weren't politically active either nevertheless they still troubled the country's communist leadership they were harassed and beaten up by police along here was cut off because they question the boredom and hypocrisy of colorless daily communist existence. fifty years ago there were hippie commune in many polish towns around twenty thousand people were involved in the movement the commune in voting yes is keeping their tradition those who contribute and do things for the community and live here
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for free. the polish hippie movement of today is similar to our environmental movement. probably a good quality the only it's not very organized. but it is good that it exists because it's focused on what we need today. harmony with nature and not dedicated to consumption. preparing meals together is part of daily communal life young people from all over the world are burning to make the polish national dish. most of the young people only live here for a short time before they move on to the next kanye and return to university where there are jobs. communes like this are growing all over europe there booming in poland too. i get calls three four times
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a week whether i'd like to go here or there. is pleased that more and more young people are interested in an alternative lifestyle here involved they have an opportunity to give it a try. well it's peace and love and goodbye from all of us here you can of course catch up with all reports and get news updates on our website www dot com slash lifestyle my colleague megan lee will be hosting the show also you will see a lot from. next time on your max. aims to be more than in the watershed here because that displayed. futuristic concept cars this showcase was curated by people from all over the european cultures seem. to pieces next time.
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blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah. blah. blah blah. blah blah. are they real soccer fans. or targets of a huge ad campaign the supporters of everyday life. their club is a creation of bread bowls more commission but their dedication seems genuine oddly join them in a way to. block. the demon spawn. told.
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her this odd. home to the moons of species plays a whole new words a different. location those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world players the country the goodrich loosed graner's solutions and reforestation. current interactive content teaching of the next generation of the fundamental potential. players in all channels available to inspire people to take action and were determined to build something here for the next generation the ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online play. plane until sixteen and i'm trying
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to go to run the multiplayer young people would build against their parents' generation. if it wasn't honestly dusty full of stupidity antics misconceived the be demanded nothing less than a home to slate maelstrom of complaints with the field no more playing it should roll up my generation and watch the birds not war every day to those who would remember the plague missed the first time i had a feeling of being part of something other than. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement the women's movement for the planet during this period to sixty eight. the global. this week w.
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mean. players . this is deja vu news live from berlin doubts are raised about reports of neo nazi mobs chasing foreigners in an eastern the german city almost two weeks after anti immigrant tensions spilled over into violence in the cabinets germany's and domestic intelligence chief contradicts transamerica he says there was no evidence to suggest internet footage of a hunt on foreigners is off the.


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