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tv   DW News - Live Press Conference with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:45pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin bringing euro forward that's the aim of german chancellor all of machall and french president malia obama called the close allies are meeting to plan their strategy ahead of a european union summit later this month will be going live to the french city of marsay for their news conference in just a bit. i'm brian
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thomas a very warm welcome to the program german chancellor all a macro's in the french city of marsay right now for talks with president of money well mccraw fronts their aim bringing europe forward as they put it the two have been discussing key european issues like migration euro zone reform and bracks it this meeting comes at a time when both leaders are facing deep political problems at home mccrone as whining on machall support for his ambitious for. well merkel and mccrone will meet again next week in the salzburg austria where european leaders hope to bridge their differences on migration to talk about all of this with me in the studio is our chief political editor michelle or. michelle and you have used a max hoffman is out the talks for us in march say welcome to both of you max if we could start with you what's on the agenda today.
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naturally you know after the summer break that leaders and their staff usually say they're going to talk about all kinds of things for example foreign policy issues like syria like ukraine like the western balkans but we all know what's top of the agenda specially for the german chancellor are going to back its migration and french president in money michael has gone into the trenches last week accepting his role as the enemy of the right wing bobby alist alliance that was declared by the un garion prime minister viktor orban and italian minister of the interior munty or any so this is the hot topic it has been in europe for quite some time we're expecting something on that and of course they will also have to talk about breakfast because briggs it is looming getting ever closer without any real solution in sight at the moment ok we're waiting for the press conference to start off max we'll be getting back to you later in the program as we wait for that up press conference we'll have that live of course michelle of what is on the machall want to achieve with her visit to mars say. well the official line of course is to
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deal with those bread and butter issues on the table to take he seriously there's a potential final attack on it live looming which would mean yes another town in europe particularly for germany in dealing with potentially more migrants but beyond those issues of course she wants to emphasize that she of course is a close ally and partner of the french but we just also heard from max that this time an engine that no longer the flies with the other e.u. members to take a in the east. and you talking about more substantial reform she's come a bit of the way she said that she would back an investment budget for the year as a but really the french want a bit more and mackel needs some help in getting some domestic press off her back which once again of course points back to migration but also towards how to deal with countries like poland and particularly hungary which potentially faces e.u. proceedings of the rule of law now that would risk them leaving the european
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people's policy at the european level so basically she always wants to keep them on board whereas the friend to keep him on call has a lot less problems and having a small elite group that takes year of forward ok he is getting a lot of resistance as we heard from max from orbán and salvini let's go back to max in mar say max has been sliding in the polls at home he's seen resignations of some of his top people and this is a very crucial meeting for him in many ways as a. it's always good for him to show on the stage that he is still somewhat the leader of europe a role that he has tried to really take on ever since he got elected last year in the beginning it really seemed like he was the the new king of europe because he was the man with a vision and not afraid to express it but of course this only goes so far especially if you have trouble at home now his troubles at home are very different
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from those of i'm going to back the approval ratings of machall are connected strongly at least i'm sure i can tell us a few things about that to the topic of migration that's not necessarily the case for a minute and i call he's in trouble because people don't like his style of governing because many think he's only being the president of the rich because of legislation he hasn't acted for example labor law reform so this is a completely different direction but nevertheless for both it's always important to show that they still have the situation under control that they are there to form things to shape things because also in france of course there's a strong right wing populist movement with the who's been euro skeptical for a long time so this is also addressed towards them to show them as a moderate michael has done while campaigning for president i am a fan of the european union i am here to find compromise i'm here to bring this whole construction this whole project of the european union forward ok now the background here is of course the european elections are coming up next year as you mentioned max you know the migration issue
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a huge challenge for all of europe all member states how did the two leaders meeting where you are in marsay want to deal with such a contentious issue. the solution that's been up for grabs really and has been discussed now for four years since two thousand and fifteen has been controlling the outer borders being more secure about making sure that you really only have refugees being redistributed within the european union and not necessarily economic migrants that's been the same for a long time and the problem has always been redistributing the migrants within or the refugees in this case within the european union because you have some countries like hungry that are strongly opposed to that refuse just categorically to take anyone in refusing in a way the principle of solidarity and this is where in mind and i call comes in although he himself is pretty tough on migrants only this week there has been some crackdowns by police for example in cali illegal migrant camps but still he is very
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much for the principle of solidarity he says that's the red line it up and not be crossed if we don't have at least the principle of solidarity in the european union and that's not the european union he wants but he's more subtle when it comes to the forms of solidarity for example conceding two countries are going to medical it's a different it's a different story because most of the migrants the that germany is talking about already in the country you don't have the strong influx that we had in the past and it seems like you know something actions in the european union some countries i've been citing hungry and that's the truth for this is well not necessarily interested in the solution because this is what fuels their popularity for viktor orban this is how he's getting people to vote for him ok we have to visit the eastern states not interested as he as you mentioned for their own domestic political reasons in a solution who then will machall and be looking to what e.u.
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member states as allies for their solution of more solidarity for the european union in terms of migrant resettlement for example. well spain has emerged as as a stronger. prime minister a social democrat who's not afraid to be to show some solidarity on this topic spain of course being the country where you have more and more migrants from north africa arriving on the shores so this is an important ally they have there's also the press from the for the greek prime minister who seems to be on board of that which is not surprising because he also has a strong interest that the migrants that arrive in greece be redistributed to other countries and believe it or not even if we have a very well right wing populist influence government in italy of course it's in their interest to work as well to have a european wide solution because even if interior minister always criticizes are going to back they both want the same thing they want to functioning system of the
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refugees where the migrants are channeled from italy into different countries so the pressure is off of italy ok so we have the possibility that italy could be brought around so to speak of michel a leading candidate for the top job the top position in brussels european commission chair is germany's good now he said in effect with populist governments as we've been hearing in italy in hungary in poland romania left out austria we might quote desire something else but this is in fact the reality michel of our own americal the leaders to deal with this new reality well i think that the history books will tell whether they are but one thing is the saw that actually is from. system policy in bavaria which has a much tougher stance on migration anyway which is ruffled some internal government feathers here and which has a very close friendship with viktor orbán of hungary bunch of eva has some very
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pragmatic reasons that he wants to keep the hungary and so on board he doesn't want the european people's party to be to be weakened he cites the example of person. where the thing the concept is the thing the p.p.p. was a trigger for right. he sees it that way i mean you can have a lot of debate about that so he really wants to keep them on board now that he's really toeing the same line as i'm going to machall because she still wants this europe wide approach at the same time the question is is that still actually a very reality and is seeing the reality in the face the. call is much more at ease with taking the european project forward and making it potentially a more elite project which of course there's a brit yet but having kind of a different speed europe this is the same debate we've had for decades this is not anything new by all means the question is has have things changed that you actually finally have the will there to do this and with all the risks that are attached and the example of something that nobody would have told you is going to happen even
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three four years ago nobody would have believed that that happens so it's potentially risking the whole project we're in unchartered territory we are in uncharted territory it's completely new for europe the question is whether everybody in europe east west north and south has really internalized the magnitude of the challenge that they that they face and that it could be to the different detriment of their own national interests if countries in the e.u. once again simply focus on their own national interest so to speak that the e.u. is something more than a european project now here the german approach is often seen as somewhat idealistic the question is what will prevail in the end ok well michelle as we talk there's another meeting going on right now the leaders of around russia and turkey have agreed to look for ways to resolve the situation in province and syria now that is syria's last pocket of rebel resistance and the joint statement that's come out after these talks in tehran about an hour ago where iranian president hassan
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rouhani hosted russia's vladimir putin and turkey's richard. has been issued and the trio agreed ways must be found or displays. ians to return among other comments made there the meeting comes as damascus is getting ready to retake it by force agencies in a fenced off and stood by the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in syria's seven year war. the northwestern province of idlib is syria's last rebel stronghold tens of thousands of people were bussed here when other anti-government areas fell around half of the estimated three million residents both civilians and rebel fighters have come in from other parts of the country. the first big influx came in december twenty sixth seen after government forces
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took control of aleppo then in twenty seventeen the last rebel fighters left the city of homs and in march this year after fighting ended in eastern guta convoys also headed to it live. now the syrian government wants to retake the city this army video shows tanks apparently preparing for a ground offensive. around ten thousand rebel combatants are thought to remain in it lived most of them radical islamists and members of terrorist groups they've been digging trenches and blowing up bridges to counter any assault by the syrian army and its allies. this could be their last stand they have nowhere to run in other places there was a solution for the fighters to move them to a blip from a deliberate it is more difficult to know where the fighters will be moved so the risk of military confrontation is very high your risk of course many deaths of civilian people of innocent people which would be terrible
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a humanitarian catastrophe to avoid this turkey russia and iran need to mediate a shared goal but with very different motives for. turkey more than anything wants to prevent hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees from pouring across its border it also wants to stop the kurds from founding an independent state in syria russia and iran on the other hand are primarily concerned with expanding their influence in the region they want a unified syria under president bashar al assad. seven years of war in syria have left at least three hundred fifty thousand dead millions of refugees and a country in ruins if the offensive on if they've does go ahead as many as eight hundred thousand people could be fools to move again which. is anyone's guess.
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let's go back to marsay now and our correspondent there max often on the ground for us max we've been just talking about syria here listening about it and as we know it's the fighting in syria that has been responsible for so much of the migration we've seen to europe this issue is very important in terms of the migration issue certainly alone is this going to figure the fighting in love and the overall picture in syria right now at the talks where you are. ok we've we've also a connection will be getting it up later in the show michel if you could pick up on that what do you think how would this issue be figuring for mccrone americal and mercy today well this stephanie is something that's on the agenda that's also what the medical spokesman confirmed today but the bigger issue really is that europe is not sitting at the table as these decisions are made it's really between iran and
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turkey right now we understand that from the statements and all sides would look at ways to resolve this peacefully if so this is still a potentially looming crisis but one thing is for sure that if this comes to a head if there was going to be a disastrous humanitarian crisis that the europeans would be called upon to pick up the bill to actually try and stabilize the situation once again so this is an undesirable outcome certainly for the europeans and of course we can only tell so far what's going on in the back rooms or so that cools will be made but europe is not at the table and this is also the big challenge that europe is facing because it is it is so important partner turkey is at the table and europe and germany have a deal with turkey to hold on to a lot of the migrant population moving across refugees moving across the syrian border turkey's very concerned that a battle for it would mean potentially hundreds of thousands of more refugees in turkey well this would help the person talking that's absolutely right and
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currently the european union in germany is paying. millions in compensation to keep my quince where they are and make sure that they helped in cases for this means that yes again a crisis could shift close its european borders upping the ante on the migration issue which is a destabilizing force in the whole of europe particularly in germany right now absolutely i want to pick up on that because all of this you know what's happening in syria the talks in tehran figure not through the back door but directly in domestic politics here in terms of migration and the pressure that's putting on the merkel coalition right now yes. and even more so since i'm going ackles own interior minister hosty wolf from bavaria has cooled migration the mother of all political problems this is a very very controversial debate that's being held here in germany right now because germany face problems not just related to migration way before the twenty fifteen so-called migration crisis and what we've seen here happening in recent
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weeks particularly with these events and chemists where there were almost riots on the streets after a young man was. allegedly by asylum seekers the germany the german population particularly east is it no mood to take in more migrants and i would have a very tough time explaining if these numbers that have now completely calm down i mean there is no migration fresh migration to mentioning about the normal average and like us on twenty fifteen absolute you know i move. away from that but if that was to happen again this would be i'd say i think this could be the end for i'm going to michael's government is doing us most to prevent that from happening absolutely i want to pick up on kemet something you just mentioned and it's been about two weeks since protests broke out in the eastern german city of comments over the fatal knife attack allegedly committed by migrants that michel i just mentioned amidst the violence it was reported that far right mobs were chasing down and costing foreigners on the streets of that city but now germany's domestic
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intelligence chief has raised doubts about those reports he says his agency has no reliable evidence that the chasing in the costume of foreigners actually took place . real news or fake news could these mobile phone shots be staged. masson chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency suggests they might be fake speaking to a major german newspaper he had said he had no information about hunts. the recordings of august twenty sixth seem to show a mob of right wingers storming through the streets of cabinets pursuing foreigners the events followed the murder of a german citizen where the suspects are two asylum seekers now in custody. germany's interior minister is standing by and. i have no further information from the federal office for the protection of the constitution besides what they have published today but it is
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a similar level of information to that of the other security agencies which answer to me. just a few days ago german chancellor angela merkel was in no doubt that the video recordings were authentic and not staged. i have seen pictures which clearly show heated in the persecution of innocent people which we have to distance ourselves from that's what my spokesman mr seibert did that's what i am doing that is all there is to say even medical's coalition partners in the s.p.d. support her view and doubt that marston's position is correct. because the to be. eyewitness accounts i know about many many reports from journalists and i think a prudent security agency had would be well advised to provide facts to such a controversial thesis so as not to be responsible for further inflaming matters. spokesman today did not on a quickly support than
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a spokeswoman for the ministry of the interior simply said investigations into the disputed videos going. michel is highly irregular to say the least of the country's head of domestic intelligence and correlate of the f.b.i. contradicts the chancellor on the state of fact yes and that he would choose. different outlets to do so so this is a very unusual affair and also highlights the insecurity that we see in particular the reporting of what happened in camden we actually saw i mean just on the matter itself we saw a regional newspaper that said they would call it kind of strategic hunting of people in the streets that's the german word for it because they simply didn't see anything strategic like that and it just highlights that there is an onus on reporters very to be fair about that when you hear the head of the german
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intelligence services talk about this he's talking about the potential it has folks proceedings and clearly that one of those images that people have actually witnessed that we had reports is that as well you have seen foreigners being singled out and chased by some of these demonstrations and many of them right wing they did that i mean there's no question about the motivation that we saw there on the street but in terms of this politically i think that. i think he might not survive this this is. a step back and he was an oppressive before for allegedly meeting with leaders this is not necessarily that and you saw we saw the issue here this is right we knew nazis who basically killed foreigners for no reason spawning over a decade after that happened the head of german security started meeting mood. politician so meeting politicians and that is not unusual but the question is did
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he give some kind of advice and did this go beyond informing so there's more and more kind of question marks of how he perceives his own role and this is certainly something that will be debated intensely in the government right now and we will lose a political statement and he didn't mention what factual basis he had for the statement that this was in fact the fake news so we did according to what we did get there from the press conference today is the interior ministry spokeswoman saying that there was information coming from his agency to with the interior ministry suggesting that there was no clear evidence suggesting that these strategic kind of hunting scenes took place in the street so this was potentially backed up by evidence that was given that we have no insight into this is not something strictly intelligence is intelligence background and was a piece of remained with the interior ministry so the really interesting question is what the interior ministry says about this but of course there's beyond the fact so level it's a big political issue ok and this has to do with migration which was the top issue right now no doubt between mekel and as they hold talks in march they were getting
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these live pictures right now from those discussions of the french president their money one more call with the german chancellor. machall welcoming the first president welcoming the chancellor there to to the city of marsay where they've been holding discussions for much of the day today we're expecting them to talk about a number of issues to the press among them migration the eurozone. and for strengthening the monetary union that emmanuel mccrone is of course a very interested in and another issue that also could be raised is that of a common e.u. army to beef up a defense for europe outside of the nato umbrella that already exist. michele what do you think is going to be at the very top of max was saying it's it's going to be
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migration but not the euro zone reform that mccrone has been pushing something that he certainly is very interested in ok we're going to wait on that question there approaching the microphones you will be getting some translation here let's go to the press conference that. i'm a. little. they don't want you to look great no matter. on. a minute. if anything so thank you very much for being here with us today. and. i am very happy that we can meet you here today in this beautiful city of must say. you know i believe that the mayor will confirm this in a minute that this city is very proud to welcome you here today. we just had a football match
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a couple of hours ago and in. a couple of weeks at the most eighteen we're also fight another championship and we are here today to prepare the future as we of course have and then the summer break with many busy top weeks ahead and we just we will prepare to get the implementation of our joint agenda which we are worried about opinion and you may sit back and we also want to prepare for challenges that lie ahead and that is the migration issue that in my say everybody is aware of this just as all the mediterranean sea they are at the heart of our european developments and this is an opportunity and not risk and we will also speak about ranks this issue of fortune and tell you the deadlines that are coming out and there will also be a couple of other issues that have to do with our coming in of the first because we
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want to leave in the euro zone that we also wanted to go the enhance the digital development thank you i'm going to once more for being here with us today in must say and i believe that we have some business time ahead but at france and germany we'll walk together on this in order to be best and well prepared for the future thank you very much. to get to have the president. you know i. am happy to be able to. say already because the last day and so it is very important i was. of from yes just i mean they are very pleased that we are doing is more than paris isn't. actually. a very good opportunity to. say i don't know i think when i say thank you for this is the you're the inside it's really not into my mind if they don't. own culture or you know it when the earthquake you can feel it sparks are going to continue real way which we need
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in ways about how can we put our agenda for europe we will have the european elections coming up in a couple of months and we want to get some of what's it done up to then which is the deepening of the european economic and currency union but also that the strengthening of the euro zone and the issue of migration i must say as you said is the right place to discuss this germany and france have the same approach of trying to find solutions to problems and you are also needs to prove itself when it comes to this issue regrettably we also have to discuss another topic which is the exit of the united kingdom from the european union but we want to do this in a spirit that will have us remain close partners in the future when it comes to depends on security policies we certainly need each other we will speak about the defense union as well which we have to further develop in view of the many foreign
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policy challenges that we have faced way therefore you can assume that we have a very rich very busy agenda if we look at the weeks of autumn that are approaching about how as we were able to solve a couple of problems in me as a back i'm very optimistic that we can continue to do this for a europe that is the independent that can solve a. the problem was by itself and as the german chancellor i was very happy that we have a common currency that we have a common trade policy this makes us stronger and this sovereignty of europe is something we want to continue to develop and thank you very much for inviting me to this beautiful city with this beautiful scenery thank you for that. ok. there of germany of course and the french
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president very brief statement to the press no questions from the journalists there from around the world not just europe. let's start with mccrone he put migration as expected at the very beginning there didn't he emphasize enough yes and this of course is an issue where he knows that i get america wants to see it backing in the future is well i think overall we can say that they gracefully said very little that we didn't know already that they will certainly work together on the border european project that they think is very important to work on the banking union on the european euro zone also the e.m.f. they want to see something like the international monetary fund but just for europe to basically further strengthen the backbone of the european economy which is of course euro currency so we didn't really know anything new here because it is of course before they go and sit down for dinner for a couple of hours she did the same with putin the other day here no means
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a back and there needs to go to hint of the friction that was going to be on the table ok not much that wasn't expected but what was there that i was kind of surprised by was all americans commitment to deepening euro zone policy in terms of financial issues and that's a no go vote or. go. discussed behind. this when they met a couple of weeks ago and mase about actually months ago no. i'm going to max actually did give a bit of ground with the first raise that issue of having this investment budget not the eurozone finance minister. cole would have liked to see she faces some stiff resistance also within her own c.d.u. posse that in fact the man who spearheaded that concern about german taxpayers' money potentially backing up other e.u. countries have blamed house he now wants to become a. political party whip against her will. so we're going to see an interesting challenge that here in germany but that is
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a strong voice and that is something she always has in his suitcase when she goes to brussels but also when she goes to meet you ok no doubt about that let's go back to say now in max hoffman max are you surprised about the german commitment to deepening euro zone mutual commitments. i think you. are going to back over the past but. it was going back further oh we hashed out how they're going to do this because you're the euro zone my remark home once is not necessarily the euro zone but yet america wants but she apparently is very clear it's really hard to make concessions here because she needs the money on the topic of migration and you put the. top of his little speech here in front of. the others but when it really comes to the details what are they coming for ok max i'm afraid we're going to have
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to leave it there we have some sound difficulties thanks for now let's go back to michelle michelle breck's it was also mentioned this is the exit of england britain from the european union is looming this is something where there hasn't been much progress made you know and there we need the negotiation is in with brussels that's what major capitals in europe are also rather relieved about the big question is whether the e.u. will give a bit of ground when it comes to the backbone of its entire structure and its has all of this which is of course the free travel of goods and services and people now britain wants to get a concession on that's a free travel of people it wants to do some cherry picking still although we're really working against the clock that's what everybody recognizes but nobody really wants what everyone something on paper by the next new summit at the end of this year but if you believe that it's really going to happen ok not only that but there's also differences between micro-loan and macro in terms of the banking issue
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but when the major banks leave london as is expected and they're already starting the issue is will it be frankfurt or will it be paris as the future head of european banking now these two countries and these two leaders are at odds over that. well of course they would be going to face it when it was in front foot this week and frankfurt wants to see some concessions that wants to see the full backing of the us hans a from what i can see it certainly has it and this is something where both will be working very hard behind the scenes i'm going to undermine them my call to get the necessary backing that when and if the city of london faces these banks leaving although we're really seeing them setting up in both places very me and we will have the upper hand in the end of the show as things from now on that we're going to take a look now at some of the other stories making news at this hour an intense while far in the u.s. state of california has forced the closure of an interstate highway motorists had
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to flee their vehicles as the blaze raged in the just the trinity national forest scores of houses under threat right now many residents have been ordered to evacuate. all of the workers will twitter has permanently banned the right wing talk show host and news maker alex jones because of abusive behavior the move comes after he posted a video of himself to rating a c.n.n. journalist a social media giant previously suspended him for a week facebook and youtube have taken similar actions against our jones and his website infowars. rex parliament will convene an emergency session saturday to discuss the situation in basra demonstrators there set fire to a local government building that despite a curfew imposed by authorities. people been protesting for days in that city over a collapsing infrastructure power cuts and corruption. well voters
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in sweden could give a big boost to a right wing populist party to sunday cording to opinion polls the sweden democrats writing an anti margaret and long order take it are surging against established parties right wing populist now have a presence in coalition governments in eight you countries these parties are united by ideas of nationalism euro skepticism and opposition to mass migration these issues are also weighing on voters' minds in sweden. crime is another subject on voters' minds the sweden democrats have made it one of their key talking points we have this report now from the city of moma. that was my attitude he is just in time to break up a dispute between young arab immigrants in miami he knows that once the fists begin to fly someone could end up dead especially here. but the young men listen to him. to hash dealers got into it here. one said the other was muscling in on
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a deal these are the kinds of things that can lead to violence. turkey knows what he's talking about a lebanese immigrant he spent four years behind bars in sweden for convictions related to violence and narcotics now he's trying to prevent crime in his adopted home at night he and others like him patrol mahmoud street talking with young immigrants and others interested in dialogue. we're here to talk we want to prevent chaos and violence so the police won't have to get involved it's a matter of prevention being on. tour he calls his initiative no two crimes supporters are recruited via the internet turkey knows what life is like for young immigrants in the city's disadvantage suburbs and he's able to talk to them while half of them don't finish school. the surge in violent crime has become a decisive election issue and the right wing populist sweden democrats have
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benefited the party's hardline stance on refugees and immigrants has gained it close to twenty percent of the vote in recent elections. have told he also wants to talk to the right wingers he blames their campaign rhetoric for souring relations between the swedish majority and migrants bob. you're always talking about more police harsher penalties and deportations but shouldn't we all instead be addressing the causes of the violence and asking how it comes to that will be a minute work when there were no more oh poor things going fine but we still say that if a foreigner with a. apartment commits a crime he must be expelled. and the countries racists are hoping for some wind beneath their wings what happens at these parties when the elections everyone should be asking themselves that. there be war in the streets.
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and even current and former convict campaigning for social time. no two crimes will soon be taking to the streets to prevent violence and take trid all across. now as north korea prepares to mark its seventieth anniversary this weekend defectors are speaking out about the health risks involved in goosestepping participation in north korea's huge parades are seen by many in the military as a ticket to promotion but exiled north koreans say that the tough training regime perfecting that marching style left many officers in physical agony. with all the military displayed to warm the hearts of a dictator north korea's leader kim jong un is likely to see much more such synchronized stepping as the hermit kingdom gears up to celebrate its seventieth anniversary but all this pomp and pageantry comes with a human cost. this is north korean defectors since
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he's lived in south korea for decades he recalls a female officer who arrested her life in a parade. after the march she was taken to a hospital and i do not know whether she survived. she trained through the pain knowing that if they found out about her condition they would pull her out of the parade she enjoyed the pain and fell after she marched in front of the north korean leaders. another defector night living in seoul. shows the technique she perfected. but her body has paid the price she claims the grilling exercise left her injured and was a violation of her schiemann rights we. were going to get the one that the doctor did not even touch me and diagnosed me with say attica. i asked him about the cure
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and he said there was none he said if i were lucky it would heal itself but if not it would leave me paralyzed waist down i fainted after hearing that for three months i had to crawl on the floor. here in pyongyang some of the thousands of north koreans who've been practicing for the upcoming celebration for months the price of privilege in its totality arion state. or here in germany environmental activists have clashed with a coal mine operator over the future of a forest police have moved in to secure the forest ahead of logging next month but activists say they'll soon launch a campaign of massive civil disobedience now this force contains centuries old beach an oak tree and a protected species that. their mission is to chop down germany's most controversial woodland humbucker forest the energy giant r.w. wants to clear the remaining timber to make way for open cast coal mining there's
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not much left of the origin of the four thousand hectare forest the next part of the operation is due in a few weeks' time. but there's huge opposition a few squatters began the protest six years ago now more than one hundred young environmental activists a living here and three houses determined to safe the forest. several hundred police officers moved into a humble forest in order to expel dozens of activists and protesters who have been living here for years they live here and three houses in order to protect the forest from being cleared and they keep resisting. most of the squatters prefer not to give their names. one of them put it this force wouldn't be here without the protesters from going on for the past six years and that's enough motivation for me to keep on fighting. if you activists stand firm before the police and clearance workers this man held out on a barricade made from two three trunks for hours before being forcibly removed.
5:43 pm
the shock for the assam that activists who've come here from all around germany. what we've just seen dragging someone by the hair giving them an eye injury that's shocking treatment for someone who's come here for a good cause it leaves me feeling sad and lost for words mcclish what was most. curiosity brought medical students to feed to humbucker forest a week ago but she's been so affected by what she has seen that she wants to stay as long as it takes to save the forest another student new york sees it the same way. you talk about this mine as the biggest source of c o two in europe germany always says it's working to protect the environment but it ultimately does nothing instead and ancient forest is being cut down to said r. w. e. this madness will only exacerbate the catastrophe of climate change for good scheme
5:44 pm
. in june the german government convened a commission to come up with a timetable by the end of the year for phasing out coal that could unravel several members are threatening to resign if r.w. egos ahead with clearing the forest next month. activists still hoping to persuade our w.e.e.e. to give up on cutting down the forest but the company is sticking to its plans the clearance teams and their equipment are set to move in. this case your miner now of our top stories this hour germany's chancellor all a macro and president mccall france are meeting in the french city of moore say the two leaders referred to migration as one of the main topics of discussion in advance of an e.u. wide summit later this month also be addressing other key issues including strengthening the euro zone and. this is you know the news live from berlin don't forget there's more on this story many others our website
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that's t w dot com for now though for me brian thomas and the entire team thanks for being with us.


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