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from berlin bringing europe forward that's the aim of talks today between german chancellor of the machall and french president among you will mccall the close out those are discussing key e.u. issues including the eurozone migration and all that ahead in the new e.u. wide summit that's coming up later this month will be live in marsay also coming up . the video of an alleged attack on a foreigner in the german city of kenneth's could be fake news germany's domestic intelligence chief says he is in for ways to resolve the situation in syria is it live province there are fears of a humanitarian catastrophe in the last rebel held syrian stronghold.
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i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show german chancellor angela merkel is in the french city of marsay right now for talks with president obama will mccall france the two are discussing key european issues like migration euro zone reform and. this meeting comes at a time when both leaders are facing political pressure on a number of fronts at home mccrone is relying on machall support for his ambitious proposals to reform the euro zone which have been met with resistance from other e.u. states as well as from politicians here in germany. maclin mccraw will meet again later this month in salzburg austria where european leaders hope to bridge their differences on migration policy. well for more on this meeting let's go to the w.'s
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a max hoffman in marci for us right now max what do you make of president mccrone and johnson machall statements earlier. so i can tell you this brian the wind here is much stronger than what the two of them said really nothing new i hate to say that in the beginning except that we've seen a ritual that they've really have been practicing for the last months where a minute in my call it's just on the importance of finding solutions for the migration crisis of what used to be the migration crisis and i'm going to back can seize that something needs to be done to reform the eurozone that is of course a topic that is very close to the heart of the matter with my call so there's a give and take but of course and that has not changed the euro zone that it might it might call once is not the euro zone that i'm going to america wants and what i'm going to america wanted at least in the past for migration is not necessarily what a money when my call is practicing at home he's a pretty much
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a hard liner when it comes to buy gratian at least at home you've seen that this way this week with the crackdowns of french police on some illegal migrant camps in the north west of friends in the cali cali region but they both know that they have to show unity here and more say because of the determined french engine doesn't work at all anymore and it's going to be hard to set any kind of e.u. agenda in the next months ok this engine for europe is a very important now with that in the background both president and chancellor merkel are facing new lows in approval ratings how's that going to weigh on their discussion for example about migration as you mentioned a very contentious issue in both countries. it is a contentious issue in both countries but the low approval ratings are much more linked to migration in the case of i get america she really has a couple of fronts there there are large parts of the population that think
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something needs to be done that she has trouble with her own coalition partner the social the c.s.u. the bavarian sister party of her party the sea the e.u. and that's not the case for the money we call his low approval ratings are for different reasons than migration it's mainly because of what he's been acted in the law in the last months for example but labor law reform also his style of governing many think he's just being too aloof and he's become the president of the rich and that doesn't go well go down well at all in france so different kind of trouble here but of course it's important for both of them again and i can't stress this enough that even though the origin of the low approval ratings in germany and france are different it remains important for both of them to show that they are united on those topics ok max thanks so much for that for now from marsay will have more from max as we get some information coming out of those talks as they move forward thanks so much max. well here in germany it has been almost two weeks now
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since protests broke out in the eastern city of chemists over a fatal knife attack allegedly committed by migrants now amidst the violence it was reported that far right mobs were chasing down and costing foreigners on the streets of that city but now germany's domestic intelligence chief has raised doubts about those reports he says his agency has no reliable evidence that the chasing and costing of foreigners actually took place. real news all fake news could these mobile phone shots be staged. masson chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency suggests they might be fake speaking to a major german newspaper he had said he had no information about hunt's. the recordings of august twenty sixth seem to show a mob of right wingers storming through the streets of cabinets pursuing foreigners the events followed the murder of a german citizen where the suspects are two asylum seekers now in custody.
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germany's interior minister is standing by. i have no further information from the federal office for the protection of the constitution besides what they have published today but it is a similar level of information to that of the other security agencies which to me. just a few days ago german chancellor angela merkel was in no doubt that the video recordings were authentic and not staged. i have seen pictures which clearly show hatred in the persecution ok we lost our signal there we're going to go now to another item in the u.n. security council has been meeting to discuss the situation in syria's province the country's last pocket of rebel resistance the meeting comes as the syrian government is expected to launch a major offensive on that province that after russia resumed airstrikes there earlier this week on tuesday. u.n.
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special envoy staffan de mistura called the situation a perfect storm saying a battle for it could be quote or a fake and bloody. all meanwhile a summit on the fate of it has ended without agreement with the leaders of iran russia and turkey saying that this continues to look for a situation that looks for resolution this it says the joint statement came after talks in tehran where the iranian leader hassan rouhani hosted russian president vladimir putin and turkish president. the three said they would consider ways for displaced people to return to their homes elsewhere in syria. aid agencies say an offensive against this province could be quote the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in syria's seventy year old war this is what turkey's president had to say. to you a lot of turkey right now is hosting three point five million syrian refugees it
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lives population is three point five million people now turkey does not have the resources or power to host a further three point five million people. ok to abuse a turkey correspondent yulia han standing by for us in istanbul yulia we heard earlier on there fearing an influx of millions of refugees what is at stake for turkey. well it is a very crucial matter of national security for turkey not only because what happens in egypt could lead to a final decision in the syrian war but because it's turkey who would have to bear the costs of such a large scale military offensive missed out on want again of a bloodbath today he is as you already mentioned concerned about another influx of refugees considering the fact that his country is already hosting so many people we
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have gone beyond our limits he said and he's not only worried about civilians seeking aid or shelter in case of such an offensive but also about jihad is fighters thousands of them are believed to be inside it live they could potentially hide among civilians and cross into turkey ok this certainly is as you described it in an issue of national security for turkey and yet we haven't heard any concrete plans coming out of that meeting and in tehran can turkey get russia and syria to change tactics when it comes to. well the meetings today just showed how different the positions of turkey iran and russia still are mr adelman was trying to advocate a cease fire it's not entirely clear how successful he was with that because especially president putin is in favor of strong military action to crush a rebel groups inside it live and he wants president assad to take complete control
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over syria the joint declaration today doesn't mention any imminent offensive it just mentions the three partners want to try to cooperate and result the crisis so maybe missing out on managed to buy some time some time maybe to put pressure on rebel groups certain militants inside it lip to disarm and more moderate groups to take control so that's maybe a small achievement but as i said no clear answer on what will happen next in it live the three leaders will one want to meet again ok let's look if we could add a worst case scenario if a new humanitarian crisis is triggered and if turkey is that with a new wave of migrants and refugees what will this mean for turkey's refugee deal with your. well brian the turkish aid agencies are reportedly already stepping up preparations on both sides of the borders so they
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are prepared for the worst case scenario but probably it would mean that turkey and its european partners would have to renegotiate that deal it's safe i think to believe that present out on would ask for much more eight financial aid humanitarian assistance so the whole deal would be on the table again and i think that's a scenario that scale as many in europe inside the e.u. in germany as well a lot of stake not only for turkey but for the e.u. as well and you leon first in istanbul thanks very much. now let's get some of the other stories making the news today an intense wildfire in the u.s. state of california has forced the closure of an interstate highway motors had to flee their vehicles as that blaze raged in the shasta trinity national forest scores of houses there under threat many residents have been ordered to evacuate. twitter has permanently banned the right wing internet personality alex jones
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because of abusive behavior the move comes after you posted a video of himself berating a c.n.n. journalist to social media giant previously suspended him for a week facebook and youtube have taken similar actions against alex jones. one of the front runners in brazil's presidential election the arab also morrow is in stable but critical condition after being stabbed in the abdomen the far right politician was attacked while campaigning. iraq's parliament will convene an emergency session saturday to discuss the situation in basra demonstrators there setting fire to local government building despite a curfew imposed by authorities people been protesting for days in that city over collapsing infrastructure power cuts and corruption. also north korea prepares to mark it seventieth anniversary this weekend defectors are speaking out
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about the health risks involved goosestepping participation in north korea's huge parades are seen by many in the military as a ticket to promotion but exiled north koreans say that the training regime aimed at perfecting this marching style has left some in physical agony. with the military display to warm the hearts of a dictator north korea's leader kim jong il is likely to see much more such synchronized paying as the hermit kingdom gears up to celebrate its seventieth anniversary but all this pomp and pageantry comes with a human cost. this is north korean defector seven he's lived in south korea for decades he recalls a female officer he rests her life in a parade. don't. you wrote her after the march she was taken to a hospital and i do not know whether she survived if i can convey she trained
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through the pain knowing that if they found out about her condition they would pull her out of the parade she endured the pain and fell after she marched in front of the north korean leader's. good. another defector night living in seoul. can show is the technique she perfected. but her body has paid the price she claims the grilling exercise left her injured and was a violation of her human rights. the one that the doctor did not even touch me and diagnosed me with say attica. i asked him about the cure and he said there was none he said if i were lucky it would heal itself but if not it would leave me paralyzed waist down i fainted after hearing that for three months i had to crawl on the floor. here in pyongyang some of the thousands of north koreans
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who've been practicing for the upcoming celebration for months the proud that's all for now thanks for being with us. make your smile even smaller. or smaller. what you want to. well you want to. up to date. extraordinary. tests to sidelights on. sunday at the w.


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