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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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just moments in the life of those great fiction design. come out ok let's start september. w. odd. place . this is the w. news from but more tension in the german city attempt to another march by county immigration protest this demonstrators demanded the government changes migration policy says hundreds of police were deployed to maintain security all refused so went to the region and explains how the migration issue is also highlighting divisions between gemini's east and west also coming up. egypt sentences
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islam is leaders and dozens of others a day over twenty thirty in protest the book on the peace broken all our security forces. and more international so-called awaits ny creeping that enticing spain in the inaugural nations like the pavement and looking to build on a promising wall couple for months while spain are in rebuilding mode off to a tumultuous campaign. plan. on how to hold free glad you could join me. gemini's east in a city of kenya's remains tense off the crowds of demonstrators once again marched against the government's asylum seeker policies late on a friday marchers many wearing far right insignia chanted we all the people and this is our city hundreds of police officers were deployed chemist police said
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there were more than two thousand far right protesters several hundred counted demonstrators also gathered in the city center there were no reports of violence chemist's has been the scene of ongoing right wing anti refugee protest since a man was stabbed to death last month allegedly by an asylum seeker much smaller groups have turned out to protest against the rise of the right wing in germany. but germany's domestic intelligence chief is facing a barrage of criticism off to constant doubt on whether racially inspired attacks took place in cabinets two weeks ago mohsen told the build newspaper i share some people skepticism towards media reports of comments by right wing extremists he went on to say videos in circulation may be deliberate misinformation remarks contradict eyewitness only reports police in saxony are investigating dozens of the
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next incidents. and police are also looking into an attack on a jewish restaurant in kemet during those protests media reports around a dozen mosque assailants hole rocks and bottles and shouted anti-semitic slogans the restaurants owner was reportedly injured during the incident well the migration debate has exposed a deep rift between east and west nearly thirty years off the collapse of communism the once divided country remains far from unified the w.'s chief political editor and he had a crush now went to the eastern state of saxony to find out why. just over an hour's drive from kenya it's the small town of meissen is feeling kennett says current political patronage already know the man who led sachs and his political education agency for eight years is running for mayor here in the city center many
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saxon's tell him they feel hard done by the media over the events in canada is biased. despite the fact that ordinary people were there everybody was portrayed as right wing which is all i have to tell you i lived through communist east germany and this is more of the same us right this is. almost three decades after german reunification germany's east seems still haunted by its communist past. or. there's a line of demarcation between eastern and western europe that run somewhere through germany. i can't tell you where exactly that line is. missing but i think we need to think about the fact that parts of germany's east culturally historically and politically more like poland and hungary or other eastern states. people are more generous they have their own sense of cultural identity and they didn't experience the waves of liberalism pluralism and the americanization that swept
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across western europe. and in meissen almost a third voted for the anti migration a.s.d. party in the last general elections yet it has one of the lowest proportions of foreigners in germany and my son has its own marker of shame left by an arson attack on a migrant shelter three years ago as we talk outside we spot a former far right n.p.t. party leader who lives across the road nicole smith admits he met the arsonist the night before the attack by the little baby is never about whether they can come but the city council had promised that he would talk to all of us living here before anything happens and that didn't happen as we read in the paper that an asylum shelter would be opened here in four weeks that's not right. that doesn't justify an arson attack. yes that was stupid well that was more than stupid. the attack cost my son its reputation but it's only
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a symptom of political failure says it doesn't work if you and of course that doesn't excuse an arson attack but that explains a little of the if they weren't asked about many tellus can know it could happen anywhere saxony has a problem that is political consensus here it's regional elections in bavaria and the state of hesse including european elections next may that will so whether that extends to the whole of germany and potentially beyond. acutely reporting that now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world people in sweden opera pairing to vote in a sunday's general election the traditional mainstream parties are facing a strong challenge the far right anti immigration sweden democrats the main campaign issue has been how to integrate the large number of immigrants the country's taken in whole suggest no party will win a majority. jack ma the co-founder of china's biggest e-commerce conglomerate
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unevolved us says he plans to step down as executive chairman ma told the new york times he wants to spend more time focusing on charity work the fifty four year old days among china's richest men with a fortune all around forty billion dollars. u.n. peace talks for yemen have failed the un special envoy for yemen confirmed the rebel delegation would not be coming to geneva in response the saudi backed government delegation announced it would go hope the war in yemen has been raging for three years in claimed some ten thousand lives two thirds of yemenis now depend on humanitarian aid. a court in egypt sentenced seventy five people to death over twenty thirteen pro muslim brotherhood fifteen which ended in the killing of hundreds of protesters by security forces those convicted include prominent is a mislead others including brotherhood spiritual leader mohammed badie were given
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a life sentence. as consul five he's already spent five years in pretrial detention amnesty international condemned the trial. for more on this we can bring in. the now he's a journalist in cairo welcome katty seventy five death sentences against members of the now more than a band with a brotherhood a group tell us who is among them and how likely is it that the sentences will be enforced. well yeah it's a lot of second on the eighty seven out of the forty accused we have seventy five to sixty five. among them a whole range of very prominent muslim brothers for example to preach a tougher than against you but. i'm going to study and some of the on this where
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people there were also the sponsors who put it outside to speak to the press. the head of the muslim brotherhood description head of them with the brother with mom with. life since all of them accused who have taken part in courts for. deserting and some of them. seem as if they were. supposed to jeanne's course that we have to know several tries against the muslim brothers. many of them as some of the were said to this until you know none of this. none of the citizens were executed. now among the accused we've also seen the photo journalist mark zaid known as sure can tell us more about his case. when he was somebody who are two thousand and thirteen or reporting as a photojournalist from the event
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a very bloody you were in the summer of two thousand and thirteen you can write the musician say that more than seventy people were killed at that show crown was arrested in worse since that imprisoned me like he was five years in prison knowing stories most likely to do since read his case was also played on by many people consumer rights organizations that reported an adult portal so yeah he says we want to tear it think he's going to do this because in your piece a journalist carrying go heidi in cairo thank you very much this is not normal these are extraordinary times and they are dangerous times the words of brock a-bomb of breaking with tradition and delivering a blistering attack on the record of his successor donald trump speaking at a campaign event in illinois the former u.s. president called on americans to vote in new then this midterm elections and reject the politics of division americans were supposed to stand up to
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a bully thank you thank the former u.s. president didn't pull any punches on his return to the political stage it's in his fiercest criticism of his successor yet obama accused trump of threatening democracy. he also slammed the republican party its central organizing principle in foreign policy was the fight against communism and now they're closing up to the former head of the k.g.b. and a rallying cry to voters ahead of the midterms. you need to vote because our democracy depends on. i. was quick to hit back to writing has just us as speech i'm sorry i watch it but i fell
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asleep i sound is very good. very good for sleeping. the war of words is a taste of what's to come as the sitting and former president square off in the campaign season. for now and after i had the summer of football in england back in action in the inaugural nations need them to maintain the feel good factor generated by run to the semifinals at the well come up with a win against spain when wembley this is meanwhile hoping to get back on track off a disappointing time in russia they'll have to cope with the loss of some net injury names for england's world cup heroes it's not a bad way to get back in the groove after a run to the semifinals that caught the public's imagination they face an inaugural nation's league tie against spain at wembley on coach got it so skate wants to build on the feel good fight to created by his players in russia. the impacts that
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some had. the waving view to city which really pleasing because it's much better environment for the fighters to go into life if they feel that. they feel that good will good will was absent for spain after shambolic world cup preparations that saw coach. just days before the tournament began a new coach loosen reeky hopes to usher in another era of success but a glut of retirements means that he'll have to do without legendary names like anderson yes to p.k. and david silva but in re case says that wembley is the ideal setting in which to begin his reign. i like adrenaline so i love to play england i love to play at wembley it's the perfect place i know there will be difficulties or challenges but it's just great to be here i'm looking forward to training and looking forward to playing in this very unique and medical stadium. with
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a new look squad including just two players and ricky is hoping to bring spain a freshness that has been lacking since the victorious campaign at you know twenty twelve. the mars rover curiosity has sent the world a new selfie from the surface of the red planet nasa has just released this three hundred sixty degree panoramas from the rovers position on the rubin ridge it shows a red view of the rover itself covered in a layer of dirt following a powerful storm this summer you can still see the dust darkening the martian atmosphere that storm actually put another mars right at the solar powered opportunity out of action curiosity will take the drill samples all the rage before heading to mexico. and just reminding all the top story we're following for you germany's eastern city of chemistry remains on a jump to another rally by protesters opposed to the government's migration on the
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head of the country's domestic intelligence agencies face inquiries for his resignation after saying there was no evidence of racist attacks during last month's on. your cd w. news more coming up at the top of the hour the latest for us on our web site d.w. dot com i'm humphrey invalid. and the printer going on in the expedition. don't miss this during the john jay should johnson takes you along on a thrilling bone chilling shot. each week you can discover new music and let me. tell you stories on instagram.


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