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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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and freedom of the press. giving freedom before it's google news that matters w made for martin's. this is d.w. news ally for the fear of an all out assault on syria's last rebel stronghold and a new humanitarian crisis. reports of intensified and strikes across northern syria including rebel held province home to some three million to be in the city look at the latest from our correspondent also coming up. egypt sentences islamist leaders and dozens of others to death at the protests and twenty first seen it will violently broken up by security forces. down more tension
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in the german city of camden off for another march by anti immigration protesters are of course a went to the region and explains how the migration issue is also highlighting divisions between germany's east and west. i knew cubans mckinnon welcome to the show. reports coming in of renewed strikes on syria's last major rebel bastion that's just a day off to turkey iran and russia failed to agree on a ceasefire in the syrian. syrian activists say the strikes seen here and on verified footage are the most violent in a month they say that targeting rebel positions in it live in hama provinces it lives the last office. stronghold in the country and the government says it will
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retake it that is three million civilians trapped it's feared an all out assault could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. for more on the situation let's bring in now and shall hora in beirut and shell thanks for joining us reports of heavy russian ass strikes is this the beginning of a major offensive. but it does seem like that but perhaps it will be a phased offensive not the who to yesterday said that it's time to bring phased stabilization to the problems of the well we have seen as we've seen sixty eight and strikes in the area concha counting. on is where the chemical attack took place in april this year it was the bomb by o b c w and this is new c.w. also had a mandate to pinpoint who was behind it and it said it was sitting in government this is believed to be under the control of an extremist how this organization
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which is now known as. and has in the false hides had links with a terrorist organization that some believe it still does so what russia has said she's trying to do is it's trying to say look we are going to be attacking areas that are directly under the control of this job this organization the other area that's come under attack is in northern hama about two weeks ago member. of some job this group were actually moved to northern hama as reinforcement so this is what's coming out at the moment it seems like there will be an offensive and it is a beginning but perhaps of a brazen offensive and how big it's going to be scared we still don't know ok i'm told there are three million civilians in the area what situation of they facing is there any escape possibility at all. well the fear is that whoever the russians on the syrian government's a hit there will be civilian casualties just because there are so many civilians in
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the province of live aid in this case today the reports that are coming out is that perhaps three to five casualties have a card the observation which is based in the u.k. says four deaths have occurred whereas the civil defense committees which are in is that these are activists who say three to five four in one three in one village i beg your pardon and one another this death's door also includes two children and one woman so these are the past because that are coming on a sponsor today is concern but wherever the government hits and whether the syrian government by that i'm mean and the russians have been a bounty more casualties the congo to talk he took his nominee any more refugees in the congo to europe because europe doesn't want any more that options on the part of those open to go back into syrian territories or they go up to your fifty's in areas which are dominated by the kurds ok i'm child whore and barrett thanks so much for your reporting. and egyptian court has sentenced seventy five people to
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death for their involvement and protests five years ago that were violently broken up by security forces top leaders of the outlawed muslim brotherhood are among those sentenced to hang amnesty international has condemned the trial as politically motivated. the last. visit it will tell the militants come instead of. handing down the seven hundred thirty nine simmons's took judge hasan fire read some time the accused face charges including murder protesting illegally and damaging property seventy five of the defendants got the worst possible news yourself by hanging. the court also sentenced the spiritual leader of the brotherhood mohammed badie and forty six others to life in prison. it's become known as the rahbar case after cairo's. square where the twenty thirteen pro muslim brotherhood sit in took place after the
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military ousted president mohamed morsy security forces crushed the protest killing more than eight hundred by amnesty international is to mit's mahmoud a photo journalist known as short con who was covering the protest received five years in prison but he'll walk free for time already served when this but you're going to have the sentence is unfair because she didn't commit any crime to be imprisoned five years that he was a journalist doing his job his sentence wasn't based on evidence it was based on police investigations on the other hand we have proof of his innocence. feet. he said he would launch new proceedings to clear his client's name chuck khan is expected to be released in the coming days. at some of the other stories making news around the world un peace talks the yemen have failed the un's special envoy for yemen can see rebel delegation would not be coming to geneva in response the
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saudi backed government delegation announced it would go home the war in yemen has been raging for three years and claimed some ten thousand lives two thirds of yemenis now depend on humanitarian aid. thousands of people around the world have taken to the streets to call for more climate protection the protests a part of the rise of climate campaign people such as those shown here in paris hold on while the latest to end the reliance on fossil fuels and to shift to renewable energy. people in sweden are preparing to vote in sunday's general election the traditional mainstream policies of facing a strong challenge from the far right and the immigration sweden democrats the main campaign issue has been how to integrate the large number of immigrants the country has taken in polls suggest no policy will win a clear majority. germany's domestic intelligence chief is facing a barrel of criticism off the costing doubt on whether racially inspired attacks
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took place during violent protests and chemists two weeks ago mohsen also suggested a video taken in the east and german city circulating on social media could be deliberate misinformation the remarks contradicts eyewitness and media reports police in the state of saxony are investigating dozens of alleged assaults on videos of violent attacks by rightwing demonstrators in chemist's have gone viral on social media afghanis ali and bahrain has said the attack started with racist taunts. get out of germany out and then they were hitting us one of them did like this to me then ali with the left turn and hit him in the face. because if you were the two afghanis have filed criminal complaints others were also the targets of violent attacks says under the victim councillor he says he's
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spoken with some twenty three people who say they were attacked. does mention this new directors people have been the targets of physical attacks they were kicked punched people sometimes don't report these attacks straight away that means that we believe the attacks on aug twenty six were more prevalent than reported it's only now people are coming forward to report being chased or attacked. just hits the state prosecutor in dresden is not investigating these as pursuits the term cannot be legally applied but as other offenses and to reduce the most recent school shootings copies in the context of demonstration laws there are of course many different kinds of crimes these can be seen in the videos on social media and we now have to investigate these crimes using the video material that we have just a few months here on this. by friday night police have begun one hundred forty preliminary investigations into the violence at the camp and it's demonstrations.
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police are also looking into an attack on a jewish restaurant and cabinets juric those protests major reports say around a dozen mosques to salem's hold rocks and bottles and shouts of anti semitic slogans the restaurant owner was reportedly injured during the innocents during the incident scuse me camus remains tense with crowds of demonstrators returning to the streets on friday march shows many wearing the far right insignia chanted we all the people and this is our city hundreds of police officers were deployed cabinets police said there were more than two thousand far right protesters several hundred counts of demonstrators also gathered in the city there have been no reports of violence. now the migration debate has exposed a deep rift between germany's east and west nearly thirty years after the collapse of communism and german reunification deep divisions remain the w.'s chief political editor went to the eastern state of saxony to find out why.
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just over an hour's drive from kenya it's the small town of meissen is feeling candidates this current political plank of a show the man who led sachs in these political education agency for eight years is running for mayor here in the city center many saxton's tell him they feel hard done by the media over the events in canada this is. despite the fact that ordinary people well that everybody was portrayed as right wing which is all i have to tell you i lived through communist east germany and this is more of the same us it's. almost three decades after german reunification germany's east seems still haunted by its communist past. or. there's a line of demarcation between eastern and western europe that runs somewhere through germany. i can't tell you where exactly that line is. missing but i think
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we need to think about the fact that parts of germany's east culturally historically and politically more like poland and hungary or other eastern states. people are more generous they have their own sense of cultural identity and they didn't experience the waves of liberalism pluralism and the americanization that swept across western europe. and in meissen almost one third voted for the anti migration a.f.d. party in the last general elections yet it has one of the lowest proportions of foreigners in germany and my son has its own marker of shame left by an arson attack on a migrant shelter three years ago as we talk outside we spot a former far right in p. d. party leader who lives across the road nicole smith admits he met the arsonist the night before the attack by the way is never about whether they can come but the
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city council had promised that he would talk to all of us living here before anything happens and that didn't happen we read in the paper that an asylum shelter would be opened here in four weeks that's not right. that doesn't justify an arson attack. yes that was stupid well that was more than stupid. the attack cost my son its reputation but it's only a symptom of political failure says it has ensured that we and of course that doesn't excuse an arson attack but that explains a little of the outrage at the lack of political communication and that seems to be a basic problem in society proud of their tradition many saxons are suspicious of change they weren't asked about many tell us kevin it could happen anywhere. saxony has a problem that is political consensus here it's regional elections in bavaria and the state of hesse including european elections next may that will so whether that extends to the whole of germany and potentially beyond. the mars rover
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curiosity has sent the world a new selfie from the surface of the red planet nasa has just released this three hundred sixty degree printer on the from the rovers position on the vera rubin ridge and shows a red view of the rover itself covered in a layer of dust following a powerful storm in some money you can still see the dust darkening the martian atmosphere and that storm actually put another model so look out all that unity ounce of action. city will take drill samples on the ridge heading to it next libya . and not just a reminder of the top stories we are following for you heavy at strikes are being reported in northern syria described by activists as the most violence in a month it's fair to call out and against it look province the last rebel held stronghold in syria could unleash a humanitarian catastrophe of three million civilians trapped there. and of course
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in egypt has handed down death sentences to seventy five people including islamist leaders there the twenty thirteen protests violently broken up by security forces and rights organizations criticize the trial being politically motivated. you're watching news more coming up here at the top of the hour i mean you can see if we can in berlin thanks so much for joining. us from the. earth's. polar. of species. all we're seeing. here those are big changes and most start with small stems and little interiors tell stories of critics people into the think it's time to join.


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