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tv   Arts.21 - Culture Wars in Europes Cities  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am CEST

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and the continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series food for. d w dot com africa. welcome to art's twenty one. motors politicians have capitalized on the cultural capital the letter. starters james to round creates masterpieces out of light. and german on first half untold may writes about christian terrorism in imperial china. but first culture wars in europe cities
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canute's wants to be a european capital of culture but will the outbreak of far right violence after the stabbing of a german nip that in the part. this is the bad chemists. and this is the good chemists. scenes of violent mobs hunting down immigrants. scenes of sixty five thousand people at a concert against racism but if you look at the. camp that says making a bid to be european capital of culture in twenty twenty five given the recent unrest it seems like a few tarnish it on the country says egmont from the cultural advisory council. struggling your vids become more important than ever we need to make the city more open to be a capital of culture to reach out to europe and have europe reach out to us as we want to show what we're proud of the last long lost sight. that includes the
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outstanding art collections for example on permanent display here works by the twentieth century expressionist painter cards from a total of one of the city's most famous sons. the museum is also hosting a retrospective of another kennett's native person. she explores subjects such as fear what it's like to be different and death. but the new director of the museum warns against forcing art into public debate. isn't it we've said we're not the police or the public prosecutor we're not teachers or social workers but an art museum can shed light on social issues at the root of it all is fear i think it's important to examine fear not from the viewpoint of the police or justice system but to ask why do you feel this fear of why do you fear foreigners. and. fear and aggression are much in evidence and can that's these days.
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demonstrations were triggered by the fatal stabbing of a local man allegedly by two refugees. peter first man and his colleagues at the look i'm off and alternative cultural center have also been the target of local fury in october two thousand and sixteen an explosive device was set off at the center. bussmann believes there's still a totalitarian mentality and can that's left over from the days of communist east germany. it is a proponent of this top down strategy and centralization is at odds with what the capital of culture process is all about culture should start at the grassroots. the footsteps are on the outskirts of cemex proves that when arts and culture tackle social problems head on they can pack quite a punch. these young high school students are performing a play about a school massacre. if it is directed isabella vague thinks
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that a lot more could be done on the cultural front to fight prejudice here. i feel like we should be inviting more artists from outside we need a wider range of theatre to help people process new ideas that come from outside that might seem foreign. and. the prospect of becoming a capital of culture could be a catalyst for change in cabinets. but in the light of current events how likely is it that the city can win the bid. that's exactly why we need to forge ahead with a bid as of and then yes we need it now more than ever i'd say we can't let you feed us we have to rise above it mcconnell's force because we should see what's happening as an opportunity we know there are problems with right wing extremists and nationalism and saxony because we know kevin that's was a stronghold of the far right in su cell so we need to launch an offensive against
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that often as you feel you know. the world is watching what's going on in kemet its future is at stake it could become a european capital of culture in twenty twenty five or it could become a byword for racism in germany. this year the joint european capital of culture. but some now regret the selection even members of the e.u. jury that made it a boycotting their celebrations. motto one of europe's most corrupt countries the investigation into the murder of an anti-corruption reporter has stagnated the capital of culture status was supposed to help boost bullet his image but that's backfired all right folks ran linson mar ses capital of culture programs and chaired the jury that selected valetta now he's boycotting it why. the
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scandal with the letter is that the whole project has lost sight of the original idea. it's been instrumental lies for political purposes. those parts and culture and european ideals are no longer the first priority but rather the protection of national interests. the accusations are mainly levelled against jason mcauliffe chairman of the letter eighteen and the former press box meant for the labor party malta's governing party since two thousand and thirteen it won the general election in june twenty seventeen despite allegations of corruption. shortly after the last round of e.u. subsidies cancelled international projects and withdrew invitations to a number of artists. his actions triggered outrage with pen international and members of multis creative community signing a petition calling for him to be removed from his post. one of them is actress and
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activist peers on it and she's one of the few critics of mcauliffe who is willing to talk to us on camera. and. all the artists a number of the artists are involved directly with a twenty eighteen and now there is this culture of fear but people are afraid to speak up no matter what they think people depend on government grants people depend on government connections for the work that they have so people are afraid to show to show that to show their faces to make their voices heard tensions have been running high in moscow since the assassination of journalist stephanie cutter want to go in october twenty seventh for killers have yet to be brought to justice as ahmed and other activists hold regular vigils in her memory. they'd hope that the city status as capital of culture would step up the pressure on the authorities to solve the case. nine times. this memorial has been
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wiped clean generally. it has been done to coincide with either the left or twenty eighteen it bend it has been the chairman of the twenty eighth he has come out publicly and let me say that this memorial should not be here and that it should be cleaned up and that it should be removed. there are crooks everywhere you look now the situation is desperate the last written words of the murdered journalist who fearlessly investigated high level political and economic corruption in march. the chairman of the eighteen put something up on his facebook accounts when there were crowds of people out drinking and he paraphrase daphne's last quote. he said the situation is desperate there are happy people differently he was directly insulting. to member of a of
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a world renowned journalist. zammit lukey is daphne's. he often returns to the scene of the crime a professional photographer he documents jason lee carlos efforts to silence his critics such as removing anti-government protest banners that undermine the image he wants to promote of. whoever killed her in such a spectacular fashion. did its not only to silence her but to silence anybody who wanted to speak out. jason mcculloch's office didn't respond to our request for comment he's played down the accusations against him. and while public protests against political financial education corruption remain ongoing the festivities continue. this week the project is distracting from the need for critical debate to. have clicked on laws in this respect. valetta twenty
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eighteen program cannot be reconciled with the goals of the european capital of culture status and watch them. in contrast to the letter of the sicilian capital palermo doesn't deny that it has problems with migration the mafia and climate change and the by any art exhibition manifesto is focusing on that fact. palermo's botanical gardens are famous for their diversity exotic plants which have taken root here contributes to the character of sicily's vegetation a metaphor for migration. the global garden is the theme of the current manifesto which is held in a different place every two years. but what influence
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can art have here in palermo even every day life is a challenge. police are stationed at the town hall due to mafia threats against mayor orlando it's the seventy one year old fifth term in office. anyone asks me as the mayor how many migrants have come to palermo i don't say eighty thousand or one hundred thousand i say everyone who comes to palermo is a palermo. the mayor says mobility as a human right a rare view especially here especially in europe migration is a big issue of this manifesto the collective forensic oceanography display ship disasters in the mediterranean which prove that the humanitarian crisis was already apparent in two thousand and eleven. these porcelain pieces are
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both kitschy and bitterly cynical a critical. at the refugee policy of the new italian government. we need. interior minister salvini is a populist of intolerance on monday he'll say that he doesn't want the migrants on the ngo ship aquarius and his support of it but on tuesday he's welcoming refugees from another ship. there's no strategy behind this his inconsistency is contaminating the atmosphere and perverting the classic culture of italian hospitality this is how it started with benito mussolini was. europe's political power struggle is being carried out at the migrants cost orlando doesn't see the refugees as criminals what's criminal is how europe is treating them what about the mafia it is even making money now with refugee homes the mayor wants to fight this which is why he's been on the hit list for years this is also
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an issue at the art show in palermo. forty years ago behind where i sit today sat mares who were friendly with a mafia one of the mares was himself a mafia boss. today we are the italian capital of culture. and until november it's the host of the manifesto fifty artists are displaying their work throughout the city. there are performances sculptures and numerous video installations like this one by oscar winner laura portress she shows cicely's role in communications for u.s. military drone operations the manifest is very diverse yet the host location is of central importance. blow look at how can the money system help me transform the city of mafia into the city of culture so this is where we
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decided to see the world through the lens of. the curatorial concept comes from rem koolhaas architecture office oma and extends across the entire city even out into the problems of birds in the zone a sponsor on a nord zen for short around eighteen thousand people live here surrounded by trash crime and just elation. residents should be included where the city has failed them and in jail here to have a garden for all even after the manifesto is over. if we have any money the problem isn't the trash at. all of it but before we had the garden project there was no communal space at all except for the public playground built a few years back. we need to have neighborhood meeting points for social contact. often you don't know where to look first at the art or the decaying splendor. arts
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patron muslim of our second he has revitalize the terro by the court now part of the manifesto it's soon to be a museum culture is breathing new life into the city. you know for some people say that i'm not really the mayor of palermo but a watchmaker who has repaired time in the city i've reset the clock and at last we once more have a past the present and the future as much as. the limo is undergoing radical change . it strives to be the gateway to europe not a mafia stronghold or a barricade which means that the manifesto fits perfectly in the city of contrast which sometimes quite charmingly steals the show. from italy to taiwan german author chef on term a has long made taipei his home his latest novel is about a nearly forgotten civil war in imperial china. mid nineteenth century china was
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mired in poverty and ruled by corrupt incompetent leaders the typing rebellion that broke out in eight hundred fifty one is the bloodiest civil war in human history fighting lasted for fifteen years claiming between twenty and famously million lives french and british troops were also involved. the self-proclaimed christian mystic home was one of the rebellions leaders he claimed to be a second son of god and took advantage of the ethnic conflicts raging in china to establish what was called the typing heavenly kingdom. stefan thomas' new novel god of the barbarians expose a chapter in history unknown to many the author has lived in the taiwanese capital taipei for thirteen years. he came across a book about the rebellion by chance and instantly decided to write about it. my list goes on for it's if plots move when you read it you're immediately reminded
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of the cultural revolution in china. the red guards the revolutionaries who willfully destroyed any cultural property they came across ancient temples and so on from to the wall works it also reminds you of islamic state murders plundering religious fanatics. it's in. the protagonist and god of the barbarians is a young missionary from germany who was fascinated by the far east and empire readers might be tempted to see something of stefan to me in his main character. he went to china in one thousand nine hundred six to study philosophy later moving to taiwan. with. the guy lived in a student residence in china because when fellow students came to visit me there they had to hand in their id cards at the entrance it wasn't all that long after tiananmen and it had left its mark it was all still very tense whereas taiwan felt
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very free and exciting but still chinese still exotic for me so i decided to spend a year studying in taiwan which would create. a new area was dawning in taiwan in the one nine hundred ninety s. as it successfully transition to democracy. but it's politically isolated china sees taiwan as part of its territory a stance that has considerable international support. definite only came to the university of taipei as a research and two thousand and five a dream job but he had a secondary. to write a novel. his two thousand and nine novel boardwalk is certain germany and his hometown have been called in has which he calls back and started his book the story is about to dissolutions characters who meet at the kind. of traditional festival which takes place every seven years. for me it didn't feel strange for me while i
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was writing it i didn't come here to write about it i wasn't seeking distance it just happened i lived and worked in taiwan and had a story in mind set in my home country. and i could have written it anywhere because i know my home country so well. that was. different to his first three novels tell very german tales the central characters average middle class people with everyday worries yet all of his books have been translated into chinese no one was most surprised by that and the author himself. book with my first book i was concerned because border walk is a very german festival with lots of beer and. i wondered how that would go down here i organize some events at the uni and in bookshops and people drew parallels
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saying yes we have perceptions here to shrines and divine figures are carried through the streets people march along the limits of the city districts. with god of the barbarians stefan told my ventures into new territory setting it in asia it's written in the elegant language which has become his trademark and he says he's planning to write more stories he has plenty of material. and we have lots more literature and art for you on facebook just click d.w. culture. and. his wives are made of space and light james terrelle now the largest european retrospective show of the star artist is on at the freedom board
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a museum in baton barton. and god said let there be light and there was light. this ultimate expression of god's creative power is found in the book of genesis. without light we wouldn't see. without light there would be no life without light there would be no art. no white or something who goes through point of physically. removal a few of the skin to take off or oil and produce where and when lives so what happens to be a food. we don't think of it that way. james toils body of work focuses on the perception of light both natural and artificial now seventy
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five the american as one of the most foremost artists of our time. has installations that a few it's difficult to grasp. both deeply unsettling and deeply moving us a bathed in light dazzled until a new state grip on the material world. no focused no object no thing and you see that when you get the white out while skiing you can see it. all flying when you enter the cloud and after you gauge an instrument flying. also when you dive there are times when you are aware that you know which way is up this is by watching your bubbles we are entering this new. landscape which is the landscape with our horizon and we're learning today our good . works challenge sensory experience.
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but looks at first glance like a projection turns out to be in a massive or clean installation which the artist calls a gunfight in it with nothing to focus on the visitor's depth perception is confused a sensory white house that leaves you with the questions who am i and when. you are you are literally investigating your your see as not so much my seeing that i present to you and then you can go and. with that knowledge put it into your say this is actually it's about you're saying directly as you experience it. one in los angeles james trail discovered his fascination with mice in space as a planet all over the world he's created sky scape installations making a launch hole in the ceilings of rooms which opened directly onto the sky framing
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the heavens. his magnum opus is the rodent quite say in the others and which he found criss crossing the desert in a plane. a huge land out project perhaps the biggest in the world. around us transforming me in a cousin of an extinct volcano into a massive that make it i upset a tree. and all the faces i make have access to the sky and to that above and you know one of things we rarely do is if you are in new york and you watch people from just a second for hardly anybody looks up. it's a myth say so part of this is just sort of read and redirect your version and also very few realize there's the whole world that's above us and that we have access to it. james grew up in
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a family of observant quakers they believe that all of us can have a direct experience of the divine and that the light of god isn't everyone. we are followed by a light we carry it within us so there never is no light. even worrier. inside. you know a deprivation cell. your five there is. just close your eyes your. a life whole realm of own choice. james to roll gives us the key to our unconscious is insulations a dreamscapes disorienting maybe but revenue tory to give us a hint of infinity the be. that's all fast twenty one today. ecstasy infinity will be
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speaking with james to rally his special on september twenty second. but next week's show is devoted to. germany's most versatile choreographer is a renewal of contemporary dance and will be interviewing on twenty one. love
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your match highlights. love best the best. streak and just never has enough. life style a girl over the highlights a close up thirteen a w.
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l z a view of the world. where i come from but over that glitters is gold just like this chinese food that's measurable where i am it's always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things i need to look different to me a knowledge of men of fluids a person as an articulation that exists the other part of the board haven't been implemented in china that's because i'm not a chinese people wondering if they're going to save lives but if i have a right to learn that is this is the job of just under them how i see it and deficit why i have nothing my job because i tried to do it executives at
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a day by name of the names who and i were added up you. know what you're good. to link to school africa. your link to exceptional stories and this. is a busy guy wow wimps a d w dot com still to come join us on facebook for. his creations. just brand mistake of colorado fresh take on the. book what do we really know about the minimum fee hundred guard should explain what motivates him how does he think and feel good moments in the life of a great fashion designer on a smartphone. start september no double.
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play or. played . this is the w. news live from berlin sweden century old political consensus threaten to unreadable over migration the far right sweden democrats could win as much as one quarter of the vote as the country prepares for its first election since taking in more migrants per capita than any other country in europe but also to.


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