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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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be kind be to. his works god is for to know. so much and to see. gone twenty. five or want to welcome to our highlights show with the best of pigs of your own max here's a look at what we've put together for you today. the last of from the past vintage car enthusiasts flock to the motor festival on the daily show island of a rural. country make over stockholm subway stations are turned into magnets for art lovers. pasta for posterity
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a food for lager collect pasta rescues directly from the source this time granny's . every september the danish island of alumina becomes a hotspot for vintage cars whose is now the usually peaceful beach on the north sea coast is full with howling engines and participants dressed up to fit the occasion while twenty thousand spectators were revved up for room of this year so let's see what got their engine going. racing over the beach at full speed in vintage vehicles on the danish island of wormer classic cars a motorcycle showed just how much life is left in them the beach race is the only one of its kind in europe. not every color is street legal like this one fitted with an airplane engine. the race is open to all vehicles built before nine hundred
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forty two the track is two hundred millimeters long or exactly one eighth of a mile. chords and catalina fun to have come from bavaria to take part there driving a nine hundred twenty eight model a ford it's the roadster version with ninety horsepower on the day before the big race they've come to a beach to check out the track. is completely new here this really only happens here that's why every year we drive the eleven hundred kilometers from bavaria to come here and experience this it's a true home. for making you can't enjoy this kind of freedom anywhere else and you can drive on the beach on the sand you can let the back and swing out and get a taste of the sea breeze and sand in your teeth mia i look forward to it all year long. but first the car must undergo
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a technical inspection it's one of one hundred six vehicles taking part in this year's race inspectors check whether they really are pre-boil board two models and ensure they have been fitted with modern replacement parts. to go fante's for this road levy in germany for than the technical inspection is just a formality they pull their car five years ago it was love at first sight. according to its mechanics without any driver is it something you feel every possible. it's a great feeling when you look at the end of the relax me three it's a break from the daily grind of nothing bothers you anymore if there's an app for getting into the cars like going back in time. participants have come from eleven different countries many kampong sites here they enjoy the company of other fans and told that's all part of the experience. race director. for
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a dollar checks in on them the evening before the race. i think the fashion nation is the limitations that these old bikes give and the cars the racing cars that they give you i mean sure you could find a modern race car that will go like four hundred kilometers per hour but that's not the end center of the incentive is to try and get a taste of what it was like back then live life at another pace. the room a motor festival was inspired by the traditional beach races held on the neighboring island of foreigner from nine hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred twenty four cars clocked up speeds of over two hundred kilometers per hour here after years of battles with local authorities danish vintage car and bike fans revive the beach racing tradition on rumah now in its third year the number of participants has tripled this year's event attracted twenty thousand spectators which is also a record two vehicles go head to head during the races the fastest one wins the
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participants can race as often as they wish for some just finishing is a victory in itself. is from the movie the healer and fewer people are still going because the engines overheat one guy's manual transmission is given out the next is repairing his fuel injector another has problems with his rear wheel cylinders so the numbers are dwindling then the meaning of the. it's why i thought it was a really hot summer so this sounds a bit looser than usual normally it's really packed down like a highway this year there are lots of hills and loose sand and that makes it difficult to get enough traction but it's great fun and the same for everyone. as much buzz as if. the racing went on for six hours the few
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participants use the fosters they just love driving the courts and katherina the fans enjoy the day from start to finish the whole business but on the car just want to start and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to drive at all here but here on the island it's just fine it's been running all day we had no problems just another wonderful to. talk with. of course they plan to come back next year till then they'll have the room a motor festival souvenir t. shirts to remind them of all the fun they have. many european cities are using underground stations as an exhibition space for arts or light installations and the best example of this trend can be found in sweden is
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the capital stockholm there visitors can experience artistic designs and over ninety underground stations now the idea is to bring art to a public who might never take the chance to see it otherwise but it also draws our lovers from all over the world so let's have a closer look. at an alternative take on the underground on. ninety full up to one hundred stations on stockholm subway system had led sake's paintings and other installations they constitute what has been called the world's longest gallery. one hundred and ten kilometers long it's a tourist attraction in itself. a difficult sell play and i feel like i mean that the field well it's what makes the place beautiful and special so i think definitely there should be more our you know wherever you go. i just to go around to see everything and i like the third. tour around three euros you get to ride on the subway and experience
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a labyrinth of. some stations have been completely transformed by the contests charles plan is a throwback to old school video games. now just behind the redesign to slash i mean the u.s. is pixilated tiles have transformed what used to be a crane room station interest symphony of color. when i saw this space i thought it would be perfect to have is that look like an arcade game because of the stairs of the elevator of the this. everything looks like an old fashioned a called a game like space invaders part mario brothers. the stock of nature has a long history of accommodating ont the first stations underwent flamboyant facelifts back in the one nine hundred fifty s. the movement was started by ultimates the idea was to take public spaces into
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forums. together the stations interiors captured the artistic essence of each decade since the nineteen fifties. i mean it started off as that and democratic aspect really that you should be able to see art in your everyday life and i think it's amazing here and in. subway because you see art wherever you go and you don't have to visit a museum or art gallery you get high quality art is just by going by the metro. some of the stations resemble cape broughton. the earliest was sculpted out of the such rain in bedrock in the nineteen seventies and they now a source of inspiration for many new artists.
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this study on the station is famous for its rainbow design and its colorful signage . it opened in one nine hundred seventy three and was designed by eno honey. as the professor at sweden's royal institute of arts he's always been fascinated by the vibrant colors of the sky in full in its manifestation. even now eighty seven years young. struggle. for. in store called. story short i saw. a report that if the all read the. story make a. law i would like however.
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some people come to stockholm specifically to see the subway on special to us of some of the stations even take place in some of the goddess marie under sun no secret deal about the stockholm underground. and. personally i'm very fond of public art because normally it's so you lauch and especially in the make choices the station is also a week you sort of feed the art in your body you can't just take it. with your eyes and feet with your whole body and you need sort of to walk around to see all the different angles things that's different. in this gallery is no shortage of new angles to explore in stock taking the subway becomes a trip through the history of contemporary art. all right time now for something to eat and i think it's fair to say that italian grannies make the best pasta and
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since a lot of pasta these days is manufactured a british food writer living in italy set out to find women who still actually make it by hand and what she found were talented ladies whipping up their special creations. but it was. just a fact that. she said is ninety five years old she's from the island of sardinia and she's been making pasta for more than eighty years with. limited. needing the past to do
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is part of her daily routine every single noodle is handmade. from the shape fingernail macaroni. the pasta grannies web page introduces italian grandmothers their traditional recipes local noodle shapes and personal stories from all around to show me. the intention behind the project is to preserve the centuries old pasta tradition. the site was fine. by british food writer vicky venison she's been living in central italy only for the past twelve years i noticed a young women i had to go out and simply weren't making pastor anymore it's only the older women and i thought someone needs to make a record of that so that it's not just about learning about pastor which is a universally loved food it's also. a grammy the resonance with
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grandmothers and everybody loves their own mom. today she's visiting a pastor granny from a neighboring village gave me a piano and turning the is eighty two vicki benison films and interviews heart while she makes past her. one thing. and when did you start making this particular pastor. do you remember. if. she did i mean making this pastor since i was about ten. he thought that if you all you know. my mother taught me and my sisters. then you know rolls out the dough thinly down to two millimeters thickness. then she cut it into little squares. today she's making cup electee here in the marquee region this field pastors especially popular on holidays. then you has nimble
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hands when it comes to shaping the past or. is it difficult not at all in fact it's easy all you do is folded and press the ends together at the family to do forty much there. it didn't take long to persuade you to take part in a project. i think it's great in this way others can learn our recipes and the tradition won't die out the fact is that. vicky benison has already visited more than two hundred pastor granny and. she searches for them throughout italy but it's not that easy to find them. so i have a granny find and she could live here she lives in five and we work together sourcing grannies and pastors we ask. you know the local man as
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we find out about food festivals and ask the organizers it's a can also be friends of friends total strangers on trains you know we ask everybody if they have a granny. hardly any of the grannies can actually name precise measurements but years of experience have taught them how to gauge the right proportions. gave the africa command this is homemade pasta. and this is how it should look their ass loosened as well as nice and even. to pass the grannies are on instagram as well. and on you tube. picky benison channel has more than three hundred thousand followers. so i think it's important to celebrate all the women's experiences. celebrate its and just have fun with it really because it's quite often women often a bit shy and stay in the background and it's nice to kind of push them into the
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center in. she hopes her project will inspire other people to visit grandmothers in the countries they live in and preserve their recipes and charms for generations to come. when artists take to using a pen they usually do it on paper but when it's a three d. pens then there are other options like painting in thin air and that was once german artist mark burned he began experimenting with this method not that long ago and since then has created a unique body of work but we join him now in his studio where he shows us how the technique works. fine threads strung onto a row of twenty frames each a fragment of the entire way. from the right perspective the three d.
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art merges into a male. it's a bit i don't want artist mark biello. and idea out there this is a technique that's not very well known here in germany want to turn it over to money and it really takes the viewers by surprise does the sooner. they have to walk around the objects to experience them fully underscore for all of the images it's a big guy from among them for me as an artist that's great to see his information is considered one of. bill and used to work with brushes and paints in twenty seventeen he discovered the three d. and fell head over heels in love with us. here at his scotland studio hicks' parents with the technique almost daily creating offbeat sometimes spectacular works of ours. as a snarky complet it's a totally different way to work than painting in painting i'm dealing with
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a two dimensional surface and creating my three dimensionality through color and perspective alone. but mostly the treaty pen i make a drawing and lift it off the surface and hang it in the room space so i've got the entire room to work with what is the war my number of arms of a from. the panel works much like a hot glue got a plastic filament is heated until it extremists from the pens to the molten plastic hardens interest thread within seconds. or minutes of the first i had some problems adjusting for the speed of the pan. the plastic strand comes out of the tip at a constant speed and i have to work with it damn it must have some control over how thick. strands and of course through the speed workouts item but i have to dust something off i have to go with the flow on most mr. mock bill and does still work
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with conventional paint. he sees his three d. artwork as a thematic extension of his paintings on canvas. one of his main subjects is flying he likes to do all. three d. he can hold and turn them. visor i have different ways of looking at this target on expressing it. goddaughter lastic results in a kind of reduction of cornstalks of the top. i might have a given shape a single fish that they reproduce with the material. the puts you in the end of this medium is a completely different means of expression of the painting. to model. the environment as another of mark biello his principle seen in his he deals with threatened to be called and use all plastic trash. and he
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only uses biodegradable materials that's important. so we started the show with vintage vehicles on the beach in denmark and we end the show with artistic vehicles in switzerland grand basel is a showcase for on will bills and their role in not just society but also in art from models dating back to generations gone by to futuristic examples that never made it to production the event is not just for current through his ears but also for lovers of art. this nine hundred sixty one lincoln continental once belonged to pavlo picasso by combining it with one of her own sculptures to serve if you he has turned it into a work of art. transforms cars made by his family's firm into lifestyle objects. and design professor pollard to me nearly has turned his experiences of an
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old fear panda into a video installation the vote of cause in modern life and culture is the theme at grant. my cars my studio when i drive a field because i'm keeping the attention on the road and of course what i'm doing . it doesn't completely stop another area of my brain to think about it but you know it just does a trick that it helps me create somehow exhibition organize a color to me nearly invited people from all over europe cultures seem to work together for grand including judge attitude yaddo who was once voted car designer of the twentieth century by a jury of experts. and stephen bailey it is zine critic and co-founder of london's design museum.
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this creates a more a very multi-layered discourse about cars that we've experienced in the automotive world so far that it's not a motor show it's about people being able to see automobiles you see we want to break with the rules governing the car collector market and make it a cultural experience. in. this car was designed by italian style architects hunty sixty five years ago but it was never built now and the original still model has been pretty used for the first time. and british actor it just. albo made this film about his passion for cars. how does cross still stirs up emotion like your dad would. not. speak he's the only sensation unique
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to the twentieth century and i think to be honest i think the whole motor car as we see it here is a twentieth century phenomenon the drama the romance the sex the power the prestige and status. even baby has brought a car along with him to grand and nine hundred sixty one british built forward capri. like all great design like all art it inspires dreams and this car was meant to give the english consumer a dream of america but also a tree it's called a capri and it was meant to give them the dream of foreign travel. all of the cars on display at grandpa's will have a story to tell and here they presented like artworks in a gallery in just the right light. giving goes on show range from the earliest of automobiles. to the wild experiments of the one nine hundred sixty
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s. and seventy's. to the self driving electric current designs by jets will judge out a. want to. grandpa's will an exciting new platform to discuss past and future mobility and our continuing fascination with the automobile. and with that we come to the end of another week every year on maxwell don't forget to keep up with this. on facebook from me and the rest of us here it's by for now so you can see. small.
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blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah. blah. blah. thank you move the documents of the crew. this time they are wrong for the two main. all they found was the body of a head. coaches have struck again. always a devastating experience for the rangers because south africa faces a bleak future without its wildlife. in thirty minutes on the double.
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earth going to home two moons of species on a home worth saving and. going to get those are big changes and most start with small steps but the ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world body is the creature of the good news to green energy solutions and reforestation. the current interest is content to choose the next generation doesn't fundamentally such an. odd reason channels available transfer people to take action and wish to turn into doing something new for the next generation the idea is for the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online odd odd nineteen sixteen and
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a whole crowd echoed around the law. young people to build against the commons generation. but it wasn't possible dusty full of stupidity empty shoes to suit the big demand nothing less than a whole new system of law a maelstrom of complaints with the vietnam war plane that you drove from our generation to watch the bomb war every day the days when. members of. the first line had a feeling of being part of something in. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement. planted during this period. sixty years. the global. this week w.
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this is d w news live from berlin sweden a century old political consensus threatens to a gravel over migration the top of the far right sweden democrats could win as much as one quarter of the votes as the country prepares for its first election since taking in more migrants per capita than any other country in europe.


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