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tv   Doc Film - 1968 - The Global Revolt Part 1 The Wave  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2018 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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while ations during the second set after being warned for a coaching violation williams was docked a point for smashing a racket then for calling the chair umpire a lawyer and this thief williams was docked an entire game. so a news for now sumi will be with you the top next hour with another full round up thanks for watching. lotto we were proud when we won it now eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience high ship listening. and that's that matters double for minds.
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that. you try. to. mess with my mind i am fine driving at. the times there are a change in may not in sixty it's a way for crest over the planet. the way for then she began to swell in one hundred sixty five and then recede. until
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a few years later not in seventy five. the world's youth rose up against the life that was being offered to the. society politics culture refuted all the world that had been recreated after world war two was moving too slowly or did they once and use decisive when they wanted now a departure as humble couldn't amid new affection and knowingness is just joining us. larimer last. in may not in sixty eight i was a student in a film school in paris students of the view by the school equipment was being taken out on the streets day and night to ship of the french recalling the events my view
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of that period is somewhat fragmented i found out families i didn't realize that i cross through the battle of waterloo unawares all the barricades on that we get a second. fifty years later we still have lots of questions between combat veterans memories and politically biased propaganda how should you know analyze that turning point in history what is its legacy this much i know for sure the phenomenon was a global one purse burning london south battle tokyo and elsewhere. there were so many uprising swarming the streets of big cities and it's impossible to cite them all but i would like to understand is the tipping point. so here are some images and sounds the few pieces of the puzzle of a world changing in the mix of exhilaration and violence. if there were a single throne connecting all those protest movements it would have to be the immoral
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war the world's leading power was waging against the public district and country a war that would stretch over the entire decade. in essence a gone to war in vietnam to protect its own capital us interests and to protect the imperialist interests of the french for example. and at the same time the united states was riven by its own contradictions around race that it professed to be a country that was democratic and that was going to southeast asia to defend democracy and yet inside the united states the rights of african-americans and many other minorities were people suppress. i remember june one thousand nine hundred sixty four three civil rights activists. andrew goodman and james chaney had been found dead their bodies riddled with bullets in the small town of philadelphia mississippi. the state refused to prosecute the alleged murderous scan members or the federal
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authorities have to intervene before they get ten yes sentences. i mean obviously the value on black lives is something that we have to constantly be fighting for but we've come a long way i think in that space i do you know. i think about my parents you know my parents married it was against the law for them to marry my father was white my mother's black was against the law my father was a civil rights attorney they were trippin out of town by the klan by the police constantly . i remember the question threatening to burn our house down.
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just because my father was working to desegregate schools to bring you know sanitation to black communities so there was a kind of. you know there was no safe space. for. my family is from alabama from the south my father's from tennessee my mother's from virginia in the south black people were. accommodating the concept of nonviolence for political purposes but not an everyday life you everyone knows the violence that's a potential in the race a southern state every family in those communities has weapons people know they
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have to defend their lives and that the police are going to come and help them the sheriff not going to come help them if the klan comes to you you're on your own. weight. i was a college student at the time in new york and this notion of black culture black pride black beauty his head exploding the black power was very distinctive
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because it came from the mississippi civil rights struggle which was very very. courageous and the kind of activists who were engaged in that were to me and to many of my generation they were heroic because they were facing the most vicious racist state in the united states and a nonviolent struggle and he made a call for black power and so it was riveting it was extraordinary the whole country responded. pack. not in my folder even in the mid sixty's california simplex and this dream of some movies and music. coming from.
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u.c. berkeley is one of the most prestigious universities now usa. it is also where many of the protest movements of the sixty's got their start. at the end of the summer students came back from mississippi who were in mississippi students who had been active in the civil rights movement and are thought was that the civil rights movement was going to continue to grow and build and we came back the university administration issued a decree saying yes it was a violation of university you walls to engage in any kind of social or political activity on the campus and the origin of that almost certainly was conservative business groups in the bay area. were telling the university we don't want the berkeley campus to become
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a base for mobilizing attacks on us you have to control the students they are the order in our side so that was where the free speech movement came from. it was a movement that said to establish the space of the university as one in which open discourse and critical discourse would be sheltered protected. accepted and affirmed. so. and that included. points of view that were critical of the administration that included points of view that were perhaps communist or socialist but there were many points of view that was very hard not just for the university administration to take the for the state of california so it raised questions what's the role of state power in the state decide what's taught how it's taught. the a small minority of economics radicals and filthy speech advocates have brought shame on
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a great university campus has become a rallying point the communists in the center for sexual misconduct leaflets are so bad so contrary to your standards of human behavior that i couldn't possibly be siphoned to you here in this platform and to take sexual misconduct was bleak and the smell of marijuana was prevalent all over the entire building it began a year ago when the so-called free speech advocates who in truth have no appreciation for freedom were allowed to assault these two million the symbol of law under the policeman on the campus and that was the moment when the ringleaders of the biggest threat to the new controlled out of. ronald reagan emerged as the new leader of the republican right in california the very place where all the protests were going on became the basis of reagan's ascendancy because he ran against all of that he ran against the student protesters. against the rioters in was against those who wanted to have open housing laws that would end
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discrimination and in neighborhoods raken opposed all of that and became the leader of the new right in america. and then. when they have the raising of the machine become sony and make just the forgetting but you can't take part you can't even actually take part and you've got to put your body to prime the gears in a prime no we are going to leave very high and we have to manage and you've got to make it stop i'm going to do when the judge or the people who made it to the people who didn't let your. loving i didn't call you are yellow. the danes came up to me and they asked me to show my id and i said i'm sorry i'm not i'm not authorized to show you my id and then they and then they said they said ok then we're going to have to arrest you and i was dragged to carry to the police
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car by the time i was in there there were people sitting in front and behind within a few minutes there were hundreds of people around the police car and it wasn't moving the crowd was getting bigger and pretty soon there were two or three people on top of the police car talking i was in the police car for thirty two hours i just did not put any of my my photos or my fellows that i. would have done so i would receive another chance a weapon there. i remember walking around the berkeley campus while demonstrations are taking place or people just arguing with each other and thinking that it was going to leave whoever took part in it was dissatisfied ever after with the ordinariness of life. yes the ordinariness of life.
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good. i think that racial inequality persists because the nation that has entire nations are built upon them they're built on disparities and racial disparities and. that the wealth as we understand it in the west could not have existed without first their move a lot of native and indigenous peoples and then the in slave men of african peoples that capitalism and anti-black racism go hand in hand and so it's the only fight
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one without fighting the other is i think a back up for failure. the watts riots in los angeles oldest nine hundred sixty five and despite the civil rights act of one hundred sixty four the black community was still chafing under constant discrimination a single spot was only took to do everything sky six days of violence thirty four days the usa wakes up on the brink of civil. rights before him and a misguided group. are going to require up hard on the product. problem and i read your letter you don't need it from man made from that. from them and i'll tell you to reject him right here in. your crowd right. now we're going to individual or group that are going to do. what the sixty's did was to enable conservatives to say
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it's the left that's coming after it's the church is there are siding with black revolutionaries in the street it's or they're throwing bombs it's building bombs they are the true radicals and we will make the appeal to the ordinary american who wants to hold on to what he's got he wants to protect his house his property his neighborhood is a common bank account and so there was a kind of popular. isn't in defense of the middle class which almost sounds like a paradox but that's the basis always of american populace and. inside the country the f.b.i. has infiltrated the civil rights and student movements. outside it cia was doing is up close to keep left being regime from time to time not an american countries like brazil for example you can. eat it that.
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you. know twelve million inhabitants misty for one of you but still had the sound of marching feet comes across feeling for the next twenty years . was. in the midst of sao paulo's honda and oasis of common dream the sao paulo dominican ministry this is where for a day to the dominican monk liberation theologians writer and political activist lives because of the war in. german last census and the quote about that book in my similes all for you we still don't you your for they're part of this process. you know view my happiness on the dollar. bill is always
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just saved usually huge amount of sensis into quite a feat but he is a pillar permille of this stop. them into that some got garlic and by july the engineers know he won't do it if we invited you do pills i shan't just dumb idea metherell a good employee you towards nostrums lovat's feels the film. died it's doubled and i made a collection of resumes the sentence on set down to affordable is a comparable out of the us and not just below sea it will be under studs in huge book whose doesn't use no one's sake don't buy us cities are democratic a minuscule it dana they sit by the us. i. spy his baseball mitt studs in the
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obscure but supportive of me into the wall. that father woke up one seldom process absolute on the golf look while for all his speak dogs for his prey thought that no one saw as lazy as a question we sell the dogs of ski it was leafing who kicked he actually haunt this process the last players or fish. but on this even after he said to some. fashion on grass. since sudha i bloody love the g.s. in fact that there. but open your body look at the white dude yes mark though newport giot they're shocked at but it is good to talk to a lot. towards young death. but not only in brazil starting in one in sixty five the united states become massively involved in vietnam ground war in the south and bombing the north daily.
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the. the week and the. year are moved. in one hundred sixty five three thousand five hundred marines land the done by nine hundred sixty seven there are nearly five hundred thousand american soldiers in vietnam. play lift.
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their fashion get despite the freezing cold water the days passed peacefully on the show at brighton where i was on holiday with my parents and nine hundred sixty five the generation gap and blown up in england's face i am. english youth were not that old politicised their frustrations were expressed different inputs battles between months rocco's on mutton for instance none in sixty full. length the rockers dressed in black leather rode english motorcycles and one listens of fifty's rock i know i am.
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the monster in suits and papas road speeds and listen to emergency old an english monk groups like the who claim. there were two facets of the same old lotus britishness judges and teachers who didn't have a clue from the field such claim. london in or england in the sixty's was very much still the old establishment from pre-war really and after the war most of the politicians and people in power wanted to just resume the old ways. what changed everything in britain was the fact
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that my generation were better educated than our parents and consequently we didn't look to our parents says meant to us anyway you couldn't both my parents left school at fourteen so we looked to the american beat generation to american jazz musicians to french filmmakers to german philosophers i mean it was really like a. whole generation looking around to see to find a better way of life you couldn't just carry on with the old english class system and the queen and the rest of it so there was a whole group of young people who were. looking the writers almost like a supermarket of ideas. in one hundred sixty five miles organized the group. piecing american because it's like and yes but. it was one of the most striking cultural events of the year. round up giving
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meaning stand that reading is powerful can tell me. what i smell something burning up it's just my brain's only dropping. they see chains so i'll stop my nose with garlic coat my eyes with. all my ears which so stick my legs in plaster tell me lies about your punch obama. being on your twisted all about. close cropped my skin with women. chain my kind with whisky stuff my nose with garlic fill my ears with still battle to get my legs and plaster chummy lie about me on. my generation and watch the vietnam war every day i don't think there was a day between the time i was eighteen and the time i was twenty three or twenty
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four that i didn't see somebody killed on television the sixty's were both a time of incredible pain agony and horror and at the same time i utopianism about the future of. trains transporting troops to the military base in oakland just to trust sentences kobe's from u.c. berkeley campus targets for and he will demonstrate his. the soundtrack for the movement for the pows his sons in the tradition of live sets and ballads about oppressed people struggles against the powers that be. proto sums that i personally massacred and i know that i'm too tired demonstrations in london
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. to the people who sent the big bend of the night to the man. to man. and here it is sentence would cheer khinjan do stand you know so you heard the news part of me on. the moon i've been leaving. leaves can illuminate you. he'll. pull that stunt. that yan. i just feel is ill and i think probably i have this bunch of people here for all this kids to look like that. this got to be an alternative to to what to whatever ways of life are offered to them. someday all the trials of
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a. little over. the. mean. you are the students demonstrating all over the world wins but i'd rather just minutes. i must confess the young englishman that i was found the chief and his phlegmatic was fascinating for. them all.
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about your. noise. that. i see and yet you didn't want. to. yeah and they can live anywhere so no. it was general nine hundred sixty six revolutionary just from around the world gathered in havana a gene mutation of the moroccan independence and maybe even the haka the union political organizer i mean caught up on it and she gave up. they came to participate in the first truly continental conference at the time cuba symbol the trustee for his distance incarnated the segway. was used to play a young french philosophy professor and first visited cuba in one thousand nine hundred sixty one having been close to both to give out on field quest who invited
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him to the trunk continental conference cannot hundred sixty seven to play for the cheetah bolivia where he wound up spending four years in jail. that's a forty no dollars software corner jeff i'm on to you date on today and yet for court you know. don't cry. you know that he gave you a straw. full sievert. put it in your i got the stalls did he also your ticket machine you can also be educated. in it it offered don't sit too full steve levy put it up to make it a man made a dig over fair in new vic cope with the story meditate there you go our list of educated me isn't get all concept out of a you will shoot digital pundit i.
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love that you are i'd rather not. fidel castro sets the tone wherever the resistance is growing the time has come to respond to the violence of imperialism the armed violence of the revolution the conference is purpose is to help unite the people of africa and latin america in a single unified struggle. third world countries have and the series in common the united states multinational corporations and the former colonial powers that support. to keep players are not present in many even baka who has mysteriously disappeared paris and the nest of che guevara who've gone after the congo to expose the revolution. plays also teach it there will be asia's stiffly powerful aleut disease or a destiny is it a communist or no critic more than you also hit it or not insert then you do pick
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a show delegate for had a winter year do sue said don't be able to control. africa in the shape of a revolver and the congo is the trigger wrote for it's fend off in the damned of the earth a book secretly circulating at that time. in nine hundred sixty countries the number artisan of the independence of the belgian congo key figure in ninety four no unison becomes prime minister the riches of the congo the envy of many countries in general in one hundred sixty one patrice lumumba as assassination showed that the deacon issacson of african countries would not lead to leftist regimes the us isn't a it's what's on the over days are bare and no new congo there be a coma a merely a crystal ball of accomplices did it bill is it is america the last iraq is it over that every year the congo cold war was over it you'll be lost the volcanic cause
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you know they're here over on official. in one hundred sixty five after good it up and noble to overthrew president has a google and getting the country's dictatorial overlord crushing the one thousand nine hundred eighty nine student rebellion mother. two from the totalitarian regime that held on to pound till nine hundred ninety seven. but isn't this what some treats of nerves here division on hope they don't but he could see on our feet e.s.u. who got a good report on the very local e.s.u. who got google bought all visited your keep rain. are not dies did a diplomat keep he said go see what he did good lord the look of one of the last in barely city defect so the physical sense said to reste don't could lose it til the spirit does you. miss russell treat
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a pig it took him almost the evolution all you could do it there lady betty ford mit paradoxal walk on a freak liz and this was all to read so on is a new lady doctor of song disarm gracie for sisterly open it did only. do l'afrique busiek lever i can use of under natural. born. the student movements and in my monkey refers to the already active in europe in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven in italy for example. course you can read more on the lord of the visual should do if i check i mean i do if i chaired i don't know him on the lot and i don't know come on a morning noncommittal not. generally with that as good as this someone ate that priscilla fanchon said government of the book that the overshadowed do nothing for
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it christer in the live up to tell us to put a featured. sin simulate a lottery ticket and combo strong down open up with a city vietnam. come to me about to took the scoundrel jeanette out to the fourth of the rubbish i mean to be changeable. if somebody says or said to me nice cool but only in italian do you want to. do you not me chutney when i kind of guess because iraqi chair miami everything you just said in actually is. and as utterly and cause a scale by cold and cause one would kick in the muslin a tradition that susan dusty damaged on a visit. and causes she took flight. as final class
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a ship adil argument of a city in the skies business in dish to see a nine. or yet on to scott kind of myth pushed him on a few should you hundred that are part of the monthly palpitate that sort out that's his legal conform and a move to skype gapped us name dish out on a visiting font it's for you to top it. in she's nineteen sixty seven the shah of iran and his wife is in berlin. german television tell it invent life from every possible. while the reference of tactics of the suffolk the saucy could police didn't seem to be on the municipal leaders. crowds of students in front of the townfolk then felt
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differently. these images and the need for thought. little of. his life until to attend mozart's the magic flute and the burden off of us. i. was indeed these are from the shots and pick some goodies and filing by as you did politicize the stats must. present. the outcome for id so i know you were mocking the valves on that new pin
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and i'm going to help him getting mentioned the anguish in. the gangs and he put a top one doesn't matter i know that stupid you missed the pic tom and that's not to list all the spirit does a shot and then one of the law is not too late if all us has shown. the speed the moment for the us i am. at risk of autumn is fast and towards a preferred guffawed a touch. of in nepal. and for all the route d.d. mentioned hot via touch support a young one for less often i'm a form this protests. to move move. move the dance of the demonstrators on to the opera house the students and so.
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just planted the death of the students as action is the starting point of a movement which would last a minute this. mass media only or could it do not all do what you do with the stuff you want to get over you have to know going to work. stoning of arson or shouldst some of the sellers think you are good because you're sinning you thought you were show them knowing that the nominee almost in what he called is that so often bowditch an image that the organs are certainly more general cigar some of the. color some own hygienically the war saw god say that all the earth this in them come you mustn't stop there going to war so with that it is all miracle to me oh that cork on my them this kind of our scene the color or the stars that want to conjoin wanted free clothes any color is the sheen of.
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japan and i'm not even not in states and i was american atomic some marines who probably had none to enter the japanese vote obsessiveness. this needs to be increasingly violent demonstrations. by nine hundred sixty seven the united states was getting more and more deeply involved in the vietnam which led to its sheer atrocities. in europe to philosophers decide to create a war crimes tribunals. the reason for setting up a war crimes tribunal was based on the nuremberg tried to mount never again must we behave in this fashion and never again should we accept the excuse i was obeying orders so bertrand russell enjoy. together and said we have to do it together two
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of europe's greatest philosophers and they put out this call and it became known as the russell tribe you know because in the world at large he was better known but. and simone de beauvoir played a very important role in it would be a limit is it does he need to look at me it is acted like this you want to. or they haven't they didn't know what. we know. they are good it is not so that i mean it is it does you need salt. the more that of them are d.d.b. any systematic hardy shale. i was asked to go as one of the investigators to investigate these crimes there said tell us comrade do you think the use of napalm of phosphorus of fragmentation bombs of all the
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other insidious devices they have invented do you think that the united states would use them in europe today and it was a stream lee difficult to reply in the affirmative. the main people who brought the war to an end were the vietnamese by their resistance and consistency. but the united states and t. war movement was a unique event in global history it's the first time that had an imperial power was really forced to fight on two fronts on one front of course without means and bombers and on the other front they were amazed at the opposition inside the us army i think that is what shocked the pentagon a much much more than anything else was that their own army was packed with dissidents the huge demonstration outside the pentagon in one nine hundred seventy
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two when marines u.s. marines in the x. marines retired and some serving ones in their uniforms on their crutches discounting him trowing them medals over the fence at the pentagon and chanting a slogan which must have brought fear into the hearts of the hierarchy there whoa whoa whoa cim in the end their left is going to win. that was the last time america ever a conscript army and to. any
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. swimming with dolphins for a long time it could be done off the coast of sense far but hordes of tourists have scared the dolphins away. the problem is it's not recognized by the government. because of the north to south and see them now conservationists and tour guides are working together to find a solution go ahead to africa thirty minutes later. this
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is a good news come july from funny let's go right to our correspondent he is in central istanbul he has our political correspondents here in the studio let's bring in a coach action that's good from our poland a dash was going to of the box office of correspondent frank for more on those stories in just a minute but first this news just. gets a hold of the perspective closer d.w. news a good guy. we make up oh but we want tons of coffee and up that's because we are on december seventh was supposed to. be a month to show the continent's future to speak part of it and join our dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams of going their jump jobs to seventy seven percent true g.w. platform for africa charge come home.
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to move. move move. move move. move move move. move. visit each of you news live from berlin revelations of muslims forced retirement into. education camps in china it's believed more than a million muslims are being detained human rights groups called a form of ethnic cleansing to do that he meets a former inmate who fled to neighboring kazakhstan. also coming up sweden's general election leaves the country's two main political blocs in a dead heat and sees a surgeon support for the far right and anti-democratic. and. it's one thing to fall.


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