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c.w. news live from berlin revelations of muslims forced him to reeducation camps in china more than a million muslims are thought to be detaining human rights groups call it a form of ethnic cleansing didn't you meet a former inmate who fled to neighboring kazakhstan. also coming up sweden's general election these are countries two main political blocs in a dead heat and sees a surge in support for the anti immigration far right. fears of more anti migrant on brust in eastern germany a small town is shaken after a man dies in
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a fight the two afghans will the far right flank here and make it through another camp that. plus the diesel gate scandal reaches germany's court for a task case against volkswagen gets underway today is v.w. loses it could be forced to pay billions of euros in damage. i'm sorry so much kinder it is good to have you with us the united nations human rights chief has called on china to allow in monitors after allegations of the large scale arbitrary detention of muslim minorities michelle bachelet calls the allegations deeply disturbing they appear in a report published today by human rights watch it says more than a million muslims have been detained in so-called re education camps in china's northwestern should jiang region details of the internment system are emerging
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slowly because the chinese government tightly controls access to the region but to them as much as bowling or travel to neighboring kazakhstan to speak with witnesses . summer han is a former inmate of a chinese reeducation camp he got out of the internment facility in march and is now in kazakhstan it is an important day for him he's meeting a team from amnesty international to speak out about his experiences. we had to sing for hours songs like without the communist party there would be no new china. most of them were songs praising mao tse tung. and were forced to repeat slogans about the greatness of president xi jinping. and what a great place china is to live in. but some are honasan ethnic because it was born in china where large numbers of cars us have
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disappeared into camps along with members of muslim ethnic minorities the official just a few cation combating religious extremism it's all for in washington for them to accept you are chinese you have a shot at the national unity is size to make you feel you are hot looked at nation you don't need to keep your own ethnic identity it's just really like ethnic cleansing practice because a whore for a ts have worn some or han of the long arm of chinese authorities but he wants his voice to be heard. will need to have the courage to tell the truth if we don't share our stories of what's going on then who will. that's why i'm speaking out of my duty and for the dishonesty might i someone honasan are marching the city around three hundred kilometers from the chinese border if you form
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a detainee's have made it. we do not know exactly how many people are being detained at these camps international organizations estimate that the number exceeds one million there are no verdicts and no sentences release is entirely at the whim of the camp administration. many cars are seven months to china and many have relatives in the camps just saying the wrong word can lead to detention. for many inmates the only hope or at least comes from amnesty is efforts on their behalf and this man was arrested on a business trip. and having to be all sure i don't even know if he is still alive you know but you yes you know the way the so nice son is twelve. he asks me where his father is every day even his teacher has started asking questions. about the news from
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across the border has become scars for muslims in china any contact with their relatives is simply too dangerous. well as we heard in that report the weekers are among the muslim minority being detained in these camps and we can speak to omar cannot the head of the executive committee of the we the world congress he joins us from washington thank you for being on our program does a story that we just saw there reflect what you have heard from other weekers who have been in these re-education camps. yes yes exactly and we have you know. terrible stories. people. woman and children woman. pregnant woman and also people with serious illnesses people with disabilities also being held in these reeducation
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come of the early and the suffering from physical and mental torture and they are being forced to. read your religion renounced their culture and. is that inhuman dated and beaten and there are reports of both of that in custody and we have. a man who translated from arabic into we go mohammad saw the idea for example he was sixty two years old died in. suspicious circumstances in does one of these reeducation camps ok so for all men and forced to event according to some almost i could just jump in there so you're saying that there are there's a lot of evidence of terrible treatment happening in these camps but i want to bring in beijing's perspective because the government says these are mildly
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corrective camps and that they come after violence and there wasn't a spate of violence in two thousand and thirteen in two thousand and fourteen for example where dozens of people died these were attacks carried out by weaker separatists china says it is its right to implement these de radicalisation programs that's what it says that these are a what's your perspective on that. there have been some war in an incidence because of chinese oppressive policies there was a reaction there was some reaction to chinese oppression in the region by the if some in the way jewels but there were there were not they organized terror activities i think it is but it doesn't give the chinese authorities the rather radicalization for example doesn't give the chinese authorities the right to put more than one million people in detention centers in one force more than two
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million were you goes to ten political and cultural indoctrination. centers the sessions so this is actually it is a what's going on right now in the circus stunt is not a. indoctrination or against the radical radicalization or it is not a fight against terrorism or extremism or radicalism it's a fight against a people a whole people destroyed by the chinese authorities culture in the language of the language linguistically and the chinese government's intention is a kind that an elimination or we have to leave it there as an ethnic mr kind and unfortunately that's all we have time for but thank you very much for joining us on our program our kind of head of the executive committee of the weaker world congress and washington good to speak to you thank you.
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in sweden both main political blocs a fail to secure a majority in the general election instead the far right has recorded major gains the ruling central left social democrats and their allies secured forty point six percent a slight edge of the center right alliance at forty point three percent the populace wave and democrats have surged into third place taking seventeen point six percent the far right party hopes to become kingmaker of any ruling coalition a scenario both centrist blocks are finding hard to stomach. europe's populist way now we've seen sweden in part because of this man u. me aur kosong declaring a big future for his third place anti immigrant party. do you know what friends of sweden they said on t.v. that it's hard to declare a winner of this election i know who's won the sweden democrats. in
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a small country that's taken in four hundred thousand asylum seekers since two thousand and twelve orcus owns message has resonated for those skeptical about immigration and the establishment that establishment incumbent prime minister stuff on left and center left coalition came out just millimeters ahead of the opposition center right alliance a sign left and says that it's time to toss out the bloc system that's defined swedish politics for decades if using is no side has a clear majority it's only natural that we will have to work across the political divide to make it possible to govern sweden so regardless of the final election results this will be the death of bloc politics. but his invitation to the central right to engage in cross party talks has so far fallen on deaf ears the head of the opposition instead calling for a lift them to resign that leaves two sides in a virtual dead heat after the vote both sides short of
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a majority both sides refusing to work with a strong third place finisher that has neo nazi roots. look for weeks or months of talks to form a new government in a country whose reputation for tolerance may be shifting along with the political winds sweeping across europe. to be as an expert on right wing populism in northern europe at the institute for international and security affairs here in berlin tobias' thank you for joining us now the center blocks are there they are in a dead heat they can't really build a government where does it go from here well they're both far away from know and maturity in parliament so it's not really a difficult situation right there right now and there's a lot of exclusion really present of all the votes don't you don't want to cooperate with the other parties on mobile blocks but in the end they have to really think seriously about the forming a crown coalition or trying to pulling over some smaller products from the from the other bloke and then the last option really is that this being democrats driving
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populists tolerates conservatives on or to government flat ok so we're talking about some serious changes here is a new era in swedish politics well obviously i mean it's not just out of the blue i mean it has developed over the years really it has started around two thousand tender and social been this week in democrats and the parliament for the first time and they doubled their support in two thousand and fourteen and now you've been even more. as strong as many expected actually as they self hoped for but it certainly is a shift in in a way we have you have no let's just only two clocks but free blocks in swedish politics right now the main issue leading up to this vote. migration and also integration a lot of accusations that the government has made a lot of mistakes on that front do the center parties have an answer to the problems or concerns that people are expressing well the first answer really was already back in two thousand and fifteen sixteen to restrict asylum in migration
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policies in the social democrats and the greens have for introduced a number of more restrictive masher and basically for the limits the influx of new asylum seekers and migrants into the country and those that are it's all already set in the election campaign that it will continue or if those measures that they have that it won't don't want to get rid of them but they all know they have to do more in terms of integration of microphones but they go on the labor market their sweden really lacks a behind bit and they will have to do more to. improve security national security so invest in police and the sort of measures so it also sounds like the center parties have also been influenced by the discourse of the right wing party this weekend democrats would you say that's the key absolutely to sweden democrats really set the agenda they put my creation into creation and the national security very high up on the agenda it's actually not so that'll frames often protect the social democrats but they really are forced in
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a way to not also deal with those issues and to get. to them all right that's all from the institute for international and security affairs thank you so much for sharing your insights with us if you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world hundreds of naval and coast guard personnel have been deployed to clean up an oil spill in sri lanka around twenty five tons of furnace oil leaked from a pipeline north of the capital colombo on sunday authorities say the leak has stopped but will take days to clean up. at least four people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the somali capital mogadishu authorities say a car laden with explosives rammed a security checkpoint at a local government office the bombing was claimed by the extremist group. seven people were wounded in a knife attack in central paris late on sunday authorities say a man began attacking passers by outside a movie theater seriously injuring four police detained
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a suspect official say they don't think the incident was related to terrorism. you're watching the news still to come x. on the streets of eastern germany again the small town of curtain including far right sympathizers mobilizes after a man dies in a fight with two afghan that duration. who knew what and when the decisive questions braunschweig top court has to answer in this test case did fox walk in way too long before informing shareholders about the a merging admissions cheating scandal and is it therefore liable for substantial damages. the suit has been brought by the dick investment fund it wants two hundred million euros damages to cover its losses. but another seven thousand five hundred shareholders who lost money over the emissions scandal lined up behind a car all together v.w. shareholders are claiming nine and
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a half billion euros the figure is based on the forty percent drop in three w.'s share price in the first two weeks after the scandal became public. take our investment claims v.w. management knew about the emissions cheating devices installed in its vehicles long before then and should have informed shareholders if dick i investment wins this test case it would be followed by a veritable avalanche of claims. following this case closely from the very first stock exchange. what is the likelihood of an avalanche of lawsuits as we heard there. well you know ben at the moment roughly four thousand shareholders are folks who are have filed lawsuits in various german courts among them hundreds of individuals fewer than half of those are now at issue in the court hearings that started today and this trial of course was set a precedent for the other cases if only
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a few of those claims are considered to be legitimate by the court of course this would encourage all of the other plaintiffs to proceed with their court cases i don't know whether this would be an avalanche it would sure be a big problem for folks and one that can last very long and expensive one what about the judge's comments though that the most of the claims come too late. you know in this case now the plaintiffs claim that the folks watching must have known years before diesel gate about the fact that those emissions systems don't work we're talking about the years two thousand and eight to two thousand and twelve that's long before diesel gate came up at twenty fifteen and the judge now suspects that the statute of limitations might kicking kick in which puts a time bar on some of those claims it wouldn't touch the core of the court case though it wouldn't it just limits you know the timeframe that the judge is willing
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to look at. of course this doesn't mean that the plaintiffs stand no chance of winning big compensation here ok keep following that story for us tonight booze in in frankfurt. turkey's economy grew five point two percent during the second quarter of this year growth has slowed down amid the country's currency crisis chronic inflation remains a major problem to president budget time a better one believes higher interest rates which could help fight inflation a bad for economic growth u.s. sanctions on turkey have also done little to help its economy turkey's g.d.p. expanded. the point four percent is fastest annual rate now the economy is expected to grow three point three percent this year. that's assuming tensions remain high in east germany that's right than the region really has been on edge after a violent anti migrant protests gripped a sea of kenneth's two weeks ago and fears of more on breast rose again on sunday
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when a man died after a fight with two afghan migrants in the town of coton about one hundred fifty kilometers southwest of berlin some two and a half thousand protesters followed the call of far right groups and gathered there for a march a post-mortem showed the man died of acute heart failure and not of his injuries the afghan men have been taken into custody. kirton is a small town in eastern germany on saturday evening two groups clashed here a german man died two afghans were arrested the mayor of curtain called for calm. the good news and good nose of the people are dismayed as i am myself and that's not surprising when someone dies under these circumstances as i understand it the victim intervened in the argument as a mediator and obviously that didn't work out so folks and. not everyone reacted calmly as news of the man's death spread on social media there were calls for
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a protest according to the police some twenty five hundred people took part in the so-called vigil march ordinary curtain residents but also members of the far right alternative for germany party police say there were four to five hundred with links to the far right. apart from those four or five hundred i hope the other two thousand and not denounced as right wing extremists. labeling people like that is not helpful. it's not clear exactly what happened there was a dispute and the german man later died of a heart attack police say one of the arrested afghans should have been deported the other had a residence permit politicians are keen to avoid comparisons with nearby candidates where the death last month of a german man led to far right protests as in kirton the extreme right mobilized supporters over the internet. of
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course we are aware of how far right groups operate on a national level and how they are able to react so quickly that we will adapt our plans accordingly but. more demonstrations are planned incursion later today police have brought in reinforcements from all around germany. hansbrough from d.w. politics is following this story for us i had good to see you what exactly do we know so far about the death of this twenty two year old man well it was just confirmed very recently in a press conference by the interior minister and the justice minister minister of that federal state where this took place sex in the on that that the man in fact died of a heart attack and that this heart attack was in no way related to the injuries that he sustained apparently injuries were not as serious as was reported but obviously a man must have been and a lot of stress it was a stressful situation he was taken to
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a hospital after the fight in the park during which these injuries were sustained and then he died in hospital presumably because his heart which was chronically weak he had a heart disease for many years because his heart just gave in ok so if the man's death wasn't directly linked to the injuries incurred during his alter patient with the two suspects why have they been arrested well obviously there was a fight there was an assault there was an assault in fact with the result that someone died there is some form of legal process that has to be followed here these men two afghans one is eighteen the other is twenty. taken into custody and is now going to be decided by the police whether they in some form contravene some laws it seems likely that there will be at least charged with assault and possibly with assault that lead to someone's death so there is a reason for the arrests but it's not quite clear exactly what happened during this
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altercation what the reasons were and in fact the interior ministry and the police authorities are not able to say at the moment the investigations and to earlier stage at the moment to be able to say exactly what happened to the right hands brand from didn't you politics covering the story for us thank you honey. now several journalists say they were assaulted or threatened during yesterday's march and and they have been documenting what happened with federico from date of you social media team with us to tell us more about this fredricka this is something that we've seen at other far right protests what happened in court and well luckily no reporter was injured but we know of at least two german journalists who were intimidated they were pushed and eventually they were forced to stop their reporting essentially one of them is called martine khalil he is a journalist with germany's daily. and we have some scenes from a life stream that he posted yesterday. you can quickly see
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there he is. and so he was filming and commenting on speeches at yesterday's rally but then he appeared to be surrounded by several or several members of the crowd and we can hear him saying that he wants to leave but that's when things begin escalating you can hear people here shouting. or lying press which is a nazi era term and then the video cuts out. now later that journalist and martin posted in a separate twitter in a separate tweet that he was actually showed away from the scene people tried to take his phone and then at some point police had to intervene and then managed to pull him away and we also have a second incident this is a marcus fats who works for a buzz feed here in germany and he had been posting
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a video documenting the rally as well and he said later that he was assaulted by participants he said he was not injured but he was pushed he's t. shirt was was torn so these are just examples of really how these protests are becoming more more and. or unsafe for journalists to report on definitely troubling frederica's something we've also seen in various far right protests now is that many of the protesters don't necessarily come from that area so many of the protesters didn't necessarily come from curtain or using social media to mobilize what can you tell us about how they're doing so absolutely actually the mayor of couldn't has been calling these protestors in an interview far right traveling tourists and he said that the mayor of cook them said that the calls for action where they were started on several closed fire right facebook groups and that these
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channels really were used to escalate the anger escalate the response we've seen also that some of the groups that were involved in organizing protests similar protests in kenya two weeks ago they were also calling on their upon their followers to to march on could in these times one of these groups for example is called pro candidates we thought they were posting messages encouraging their followers to to go to and some of the some of the bigger facebook groups that are popular here in germany among the far right scene also they have been discussing the events in couldn't very extensively with a lot of a lot of inflammatory messages and clearly in an effort to whip up sympathizers from different parts of the country all right our social media editor federico fredricka thank you very much. you're watching d.w. news still to come the end game in italy the province syrian and russian forces
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move in on the last holdout of resistance against bashar al assad's regime. did have you need say russian activist who was fallen foul of his country's loss on extremism how moscow is using the legislation to crackdown on dissent. manifests the european biennial of contemporary art and culture is underway in the city of aleppo we take a look at how the nomadic art show is changing the face of the sicilian capital. and don't forget you can always get interviews on the go down water out from google play all from the opposite of that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for news breaking news and you can also use the data you have to send us your photos and your videos. will be right back. on. the.
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screen you should see. this brand new state of colorado. so what do we really know about the man i'm behind the torch. with the lines of a great desire to smoke some. cities like. germany st. colorful. the one. the most traditional. find to do all that any time. with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. d.w. dot com lead lead.
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lead. to what's coming up for the book loosely so much movement in the city streets the genitals one teacher told the folks you want to build this country take a look a little about meanings for the table of political legacy live going to sleep every weekend here telling t.w. . we make up oh but we watch as old as the end of the two pipes we all of december some of this is. the one to shape the continent's future. card and youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent plus for africa chart play. welcome back you're watching the news our top
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story human rights watch has called on the international community to impose sanctions on china because of its treatment of muslim minorities it's believed that more than a million muslims are being detained and what human rights groups are calling. ethnic cleansing it was on the loose sweetens center left the prime minister has called for talks with the center right opposition this after both of the main political blocs fail to win a majority in the general election the far right sweeping democrats that security third place and i'm proud to exert real influence. and some twenty five hundred people have protested in the eastern german city of courage and after a man died following an altercation with to ask out that follows on the rest of the eastern city of camden two weeks ago to spark a fatal stabbing of another man allegedly by two migrants from. the. syrian government forces backed by russian aircraft have resumed intensive airstrikes in the province of eclipse. u.n. officials say more than thirty thousand people have been displaced since the office
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of began last week the area is the last major region held by rebel forces observers say the army of president bashar assad is preparing for a large scale assault backed by russia and iran to recapture it like. there's hardly enough time to put out the fire in this town in southern if that. then a second strike happens. like one of the polish on the little show the lead out of the lower showed on a little us a little of this member of the white helmets after several prayers after having been hit himself. the lawless should. so much about us actually comes to his aid and nava blast goes off nearby. the footage shows how desperate the situation is for civilians in their lives and
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for those trying to rescue them. it. is the second day of heavy bombardment in syria with reports of helicopters dropping barrel bombs on several rebel held town and villages. this man from southern it has a son by a side the trying to escape the brunt of the airstrikes don't let us know where. we were displaced by the russian strikes barrel bombs and shelling they hit us with everything. and we're heading toward the northern area where you know. they're not alone aid organizations say hundreds of families from it left are fleeing their homes so far the attacks if not hit a major city in an area that is home to three million people but the signs are not good president assad's forces are determined to end the conflict at whatever cost for civilians. in russia authorities are
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increasingly turning to so-called anti extremism laws to crackdown on dissent around one hundred fifty people were convicted under the statutes in two thousand and eleven six years later that number had quadrupled part of that uptick may be due to a group of social media monitors who turned people into the authorities get over is me a drugstore it's met one man whose activism landed him in a political dragnet. no trespassing one hundred eighty kilometers from moscow the ruins of the zend began cement factory this plant once gave the small town its name production was shut down a few years ago valentyn sokoloff helped to close it down. on the way mushrooms cement dust on my car was several millimeters thick i could wash it off. people dusted off it and i said to myself you have to do something. with the broth they've
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got in there for thirty but what's. the father of four started to get involved cycle of campaign for a cleaner environment more school buses and better care for the elderly he also spoke out against corruption in politics the activist ran for political office himself in the face of warnings from the authorities. could. someone explain to me that i shouldn't take part in the elections and shouldn't mention putin's party in united russia and that he said well look your way for four years i thought you haven't done anything wrong they can't just arrest you they just want to intimidate you but they did they sentenced me to a year in prison and three years suspended. one of the. pretext for circle of the rest was an internet post he says his opinion was taken out of context at six o'clock one morning police stormed his apartment they turned the place upside down confiscated his computers and distilled in stories he was charged
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with extremism and sent to jail valentyn sokoloff still doesn't know who framed him sort. of the authorities often rely on informants who comb social media platforms looking for anything suspect north of moscow we meet one of these volunteers. when we dine with more research we watch if we see something. we can report it but we don't make any decisions which. are pressuring post says she works for the authorities because she has a pantry it she claims she also wants to protect her daughter from dangerous content on the internet we have appointments lined up with several states informants only pushing coast showed up accompanied by a man who works for the government but he didn't want to be filmed. experts criticize the legal definition of extremism as unclear still the borders of attila
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xavier's need to know whatever they put on the internet the pictures videos songs everything could be used as a reason to investigate years humanely as was did you go on the. valentyn sokoloff knows what that means he was harris in prison and put in solitary confinement. is helping people is my religion because i can't stop doing this as a crime can't turn away and say nothing. is the. circle of values and social commitment have made him a target for the russian authorities but he refuses to be intimidated. now to the migration crisis in south america more than two million venezuelans have left their home country since two thousand and fourteen escaping the political and economic turmoil there in her inaugural speech today as the new u.n. human rights chief former chilean president michelle bachelet is expected to call
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on neighboring countries to ensure the welfare of venezuelan migrants but the region says it is overwhelmed by the mass exodus did it is awfully harms caught up with some venezuelans in colombia. well to use confronted with the soles of his feet. he has been walking for more than ten days now trying to escape the misery of the disease control business will leave. a little bit they know it coming. it's been really hard because i had to walk for a long time and stand in queues in the hope of reaching a neighboring country willing to help us. we are human beings we need their help we need a hand. we really do. and with some of his fellow countrymen he takes the rest of the one side near the coleman city of county before he starts walking again and he has already tried their luck
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here but haven't found a job there already too many venezuelans in colombia they say well they're moving will to other countries to just a little local. i work in construction and because cement is no longer available and you can't get any girders and there's very little being constructed private urban areas aren't being built that's where i used to work but little by little everything stopped. it almost always. somebody's going to difficult for a new group nuber babies to leaving their children behind it. hundreds of families have been split apart the live in venezuela has become simply unbearable. in a facility set up by it's not easy going to another country you don't know anything about. and we do this because we can't stay in venezuela we have nothing
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there is nothing we don't do this because we want to get it we do it because we have to. the borders to countries like ecuador packed with migrants but those without a passport have to wait for hours days even to get through the checks. and leaders of the region have held last minute summits to a group of strategies to decide on what documentation is required meanwhile tears and n.g.o.s are actively helping those in need. this address up by your must and we must stay on it so we support them with information about what rights these people have and. that out of the point at the moment they are trying to find out more about what they can do from here. they are trying to regularize their situation finding out what they can do but we have heard that many people felt forced to use less formal routes. for minus. the low growth corridors take to
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find a solution to the crisis the more difficult it will be to have an eighty year with the size of his. here watching d.w. news still to come reckless drama at two hundred kilometers an hour in san marino model to ride a romano for nothing is backed by. after of leaning across the track to pull competitors a break in a race. but first to ben and a change at the very top for an e-commerce giant everyone knows this guy jack ma the founder of china's e-commerce giant alli baba he's announced that he's stepping down as the company's chairman by next september. helped launch china's on line retail boom moss' he will be succeeded by c.e.o. don has shrunk he's been with the company for eleven years and already handles day
4:41 pm
to day operations of former english teacher to delhi barbers nine hundred ninety nine in an apartment to connect chinese exports to foreign retirees is now the world's largest e-commerce company and finished his term on the board of directors in twenty twenty. linda holmes going to walk us through this story from our asia studios in singapore linda just explain to our viewers what sort of a role model played in china's e-commerce industry first of all. well actually built up a time when internet como's was voted off sometime in the year two thousand and six she started off by a platform for business to business transactions and says as she helped to transform many chinese industries and from then on what it's actually kick started a lot of companies one is north of the tower which is actually one of the largest e-commerce sites for business and individuals to sell and this is actually china's
4:42 pm
largest e-commerce site and it plays a role national role actually for the chinese economy to switch from one that is largely driven by infrastructure and exports it is something that is actually for the domestic market driven by the domestic market in terms of consumption as well as services so he's actually on this that his legacy for for jack ma so basically he got in a good time very early on in the piece but he's winding down in his role of quite a bad time with this trade war between china and the u.s. on the intensifying well you know like many chinese tech giants they've actually kept the government at length actually partly said that works with chinese authorities in terms of national security but he said he still thought to keep the government at arm's length now actually ali baba had had a good run and it's actually made it been making a lot of revenues double digit revenues for the past few years and it's also
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a pretty diversified business still it's got its hands in things like cloud computing in financial services as well as in the developing cash payment so these are the things that i should believe to buffer the impact of trade war going forward can you briefly tell us what sort of a light this departure of his shines on corporate governance and succession in china. it's actually a contrast bad i mean he has three children and his three children are all not. about ending it's kept out of the limelight and is actually his actually contrast the entrepreneurs that have actually been trying to find a succession plan they have relied on family so i get my say an exceptional case linda thank you very much china's huge debt problem beijing wants to ensure economic growth is independent from the global economy domestic spending
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is encouraged that it's booming but many chinese live beyond their means a columnist's sounding the alarm as a freelance interpreter lead bay doesn't have a regular income she gets paid job by job and uses her credit card to tide her over she lives in beijing but comes from could mean when she bought a flat there she took out a mortgage to pay for it. over the past five years the volume of personal loans in china has doubled lenders send out text messages once a month to remind debtors to pay their instalments. that. being in debt is part of modern life the way things are nowadays you can't get by without credit just look at home prices when my parents were young the problem didn't exist prices didn't just keep rising. back then when a couple got married they'd save up some money the family would contribute a little and they pay for
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a new home in cash for. debt already fuels large parts of the chinese economy add to that massive household debt and you may well have a major problem of finance expert michael pettis says the situation resembles that of the united states in the run up to the financial crisis of two thousand and eight p. even if china's state owned banks can avert a full blown collapse a greater problem of too much that is when you don't have a crisis for example japan japan never had a debt crisis but i did speak japan was seventeen percent of the global economy roughly the same size as china today. today after two three decades without a crisis what with too much debt the japanese share of the global economy has dropped to roughly seven percent. lead pay for one isn't particularly worried a few years ago she received a lump sum as compensation when a contract was dissolved prematurely parents said she should use it to pay down her
4:46 pm
mortgage but she decided not to. you know. if i had used all the money for that i wouldn't have any cash reserves now that might have meant i'm going to a smaller flat we're not going to cafes like this anymore or going out for a drink with my friends. i think. she chose to stick with a long term mortgage with low instalments at this rate leave bay won't have paid it off before she retires. and just briefly space-x. one of. controversial test the foundry long must companies launch another falcon nine rocket on monday from cape canaveral in florida the rocket was carrying a communications satellite that was deployed thirty minutes after liftoff before the space day one stabilized in orbit will be broadband services over the asia pacific region the reusable falcon nine rocket tailored for a bench will prove missions for nasa return to earth following stage separation and
4:47 pm
landed safely on a drug show in the atlantic ocean a few seconds later the state will circle back to see me and definitely do not try this at home city or anywhere really ben motorcycle racer role model for nazi has been fired from his team after pulling a rival's brake lever during a race on sunday the italian was competing in the moto two race in san marino when was neck and neck with stefano monday when he pulled his rivals brake lever both for traveling at a speed of more than two hundred kilometers per hour but did not crash after the race finished off and out he was given a two for a suspension and the marinello snipers team has now canceled his contract the writer has since apologized calling his behavior just graceful. germany's national football team had another chance to repair their reputation after their disappointing world cup campaign this summer they managed
4:48 pm
a scoreless draw with world champs france in the nation's league on thursday but fans and critics expected more from them when they took on peru in a friendly. for this wasn't exactly the performance coach hoping for some highs against but also plenty of lows germany failed to exploit their chances in the fast paced early stages. wasted three golden opportunities in the first fifteen minutes and germany's defense once again looked porous allowing luis adding to open the scoring for peru after twenty two minutes i but the equaliser was not long in coming bryant hitting the target after winning the ball deep in the opponents' half just three minutes later. germany didn't shine in the second half either five minutes from time capitalized a defensive gaffe to net the winner in his debut for the national team to one the final score i.
4:49 pm
manifesto is a roving biennial of contemporary art that's currently taking place in the capital of the island of sicily in southern italy it is happening for the twelfth time and we have karen helps out from our culture desk to tell us more about this hi karen give us the background how did this get started ok so it was first started in one thousand nine hundred six and it was founded by a dutch historian named head and she's still running it today actually and quite successfully and unlike venice it is no magic so it started off in rotterdam and it has happened in places like ghent or i would feel or even st petersburg now those are all cities that are really quite well off the beaten track of the usual major art market centers and the cities are selected based on sort of how they fit into the current curators concept of the city that's been repeatedly stopped across and shaped over millennia as we know by multiple like grecians and occupations from the
4:50 pm
phoenicians through the ancient greeks and the romans all the way to the arabs in the normans and that's just maybe the really early ones and so it's a it's a real cross cultural axis in the mediterranean that's one reason it was chosen the other is there very hard campaigning mayor his name is lee lucas orlando and let's see what we can expect from this year's money fest a twelve. palermo a port city on the mediterranean and a place known for its contrasts corrupt criminal but also multicultural and beautiful. it's the venue for this year's manifesto. he told c. palermo's botanical gardens are famous for their diversity exotic plants have taken root contributing richly to cicely's own vegetation
4:51 pm
a metaphor for migration the planetary garden cultivating coexistence is the thing of the be enough. a pertinent header and one that mayor luken orlando knows is in direct opposition with italy's interior minister matel yourself ynys policies towards migrants. really need it but we started interior minister salvini is an intolerant populist on monday he'll say he doesn't want the migrants on the ngo ship aquarius but on tuesday he's welcoming migrants on another ship but there's no strategy behind this his inconsistency is contaminating the atmosphere and perverting the classic culture of italian hospitality. look where you insert. migration is a key issue of the be an honor and installation by the collective forensic oceanography critically examines events in the militarized border regime of the mediterranean. kitsch ironic and disturbing
4:52 pm
eight s. an x. porcelain pieces play with stereotypes of white people rescuing migrants. some fifty artists are displaying their works across the city here oscar winner laura poitras shows the imposing presence of american military bases on the island serving as a key site for international operations using drones the works on offer are broad and diverse yet location maintains a central role throughout. their local asked how can the money fast to help me transform the city of mafia into the city of culture so this is where we decided to see the world through the lens of. the world through the lens of palermo is indeed a sight to behold and in such a beautiful place it can be difficult to know where to look first of the past all
4:53 pm
at the to canaan splenda manifest it fits perfectly in this city of contrasts which sometimes quite charmingly steals the show. a wonderful place to visit and incredibly beautiful it is it's just phenomenal it has such an atmosphere also with the architecture it's also it's also so lucky to have such an incredibly brave mayor i mean as you know obviously a lot going on on. the plate at the moment with the migration crisis and of course it's. continuing association with the mafia is in his fifth term and he's been on the off his hit list for years so he's really gone to bat for the city and definitely secured some amazing investment he's a great believer in a multicultural city and his philosophy is one of openness and integration despite the really precarious situation that they've got going on there in the mediterranean let's have a quick listen to this statement. everyone asks me as the mayor how
4:54 pm
many migrants have come to palermo but i don't say eighty thousand or one hundred thousand say none of them everyone who comes to palermo is a polemic. you can see he's not backing down. there so how can the manifesto help how can it help well i think primarily by emphasizing the cities is that it power and its richness of course and by instilling these wants derelict. rundown spaces with incredible arts and culture and making them really into transforming them into places of social interaction it's really interesting that the manifest does not just happening in the city center but it also extends far out to the poor outlying just streets that tend to be ignored there are multiple installations for instance but also the gardening theme is continue to be here in the sense of communal gardens like this one that are of course intended to remain beyond the manifesto so there's a strong. orientation this time in the manifesto towards research led project
4:55 pm
projects that are actually going to have a longer term impact and interact with the locals and of course there's the increased tourist flow so it remains to be seen if it can if it can really deliver and succeed with such a tall order but it's definitely going to take visitors to places that they wouldn't have seen otherwise manifest itself taking place right now and running until november fourth all right karen helps out from our culture to us thank you very much assures me. you're watching it if you knew this film will be here with an update on your headlines in just a few minutes. from
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a million muslims forced into chinese reeducation camps human rights groups describe the detentions as a form of ethnic cleansing the doubloon meets a former inmates who fled to neighboring kazakhstan also on the program. sweden's general election leaders the country's two main political blocs in a dead heat and scenes a surge in.


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