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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is day two of the news live from berlin revelations of muslims in china forced into green education camps of more than a mostly a more than a million off or to be detained human rights groups say it's a form of ethnic cleansing to w. means a former inmates who fled to neighboring kazakhstan also on the program. germany holds its breath after mom and me each of the country dies after a confrontation with two afghans at a macho in his memory passes off peacefully. and the people don't scuttle reaches
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germany's courtrooms that test case against a fox fox gets under way today if you lose it could be forced to pay billions of euros in damages. zimbabwe's to government to announce his plans to revive the country's ambassador economy but will relaunching the folks involved when dollars go far enough. us will have one of the hottest sufis years cultural calendar a manifesto a european biannual of contemporary art is underway in palermo to take a look upbeat about it shows the impact on the system the capital. i'm still going to welcome to the program. united nations' new human rights chief has called on china to allow monitors to investigate allegations of large scale arbitrary detention of muslim minorities the allegations which michelle bash and
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that says that describes as deeply disturbing apparent a report published today by human rights watch it says more than a million muslims have been detained in so-called reeducation camps in china's north western gent jenga region details of the internment system are emerging slowly because the chinese government controls access to the region but d.-w. correspondent mathias bird into his travel to neighboring kazakstan to talk to witnesses. summer han is a former inmate of a chinese reeducation camp he got out of the internment facility in march and is now in kazakhstan it is an important day for him he's meeting a team from amnesty international to speak out about his experiences. we had to sing for hours. songs like without the communist party there would be no new china. most of the songs praising.
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and were forced to repeat slogans about the greatness of president xi jinping and what a great place china is to live in. but if someone has an ethnic because it was born in china where large numbers of cars us have disappeared into camps along with members of muslim ethnic minorities the official just a few cation combatting religious extremism or brainwashing for them to accept that you are chinese and you have that it's a national unity it's size to make you feel you are part of the nation you don't need to keep your own ethnic identity is just really like ethnic cleansing practice because a whore for a g.'s have worn some or han of the long arm of chinese authorities but he wants his voice to be heard. they need to have the courage to tell the truth if we
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don't share our stories of what's going on then who will that's why i'm speaking out in court with this song by. someone hundreds and march in the city around three hundred kilometers from the chinese border if you form a detainee's have made it. we do not know exactly how many people are being detained at these camps international organizations estimate that the number exceeds. millions there are no verdicts and no sentences release is entirely at the whim of the camp administration. many causes a means to china and many have relatives in the camps just saying the wrong word can lead to detention. for many inmates the only hooper in these comes from amnesty's efforts on their behalf. this man was arrested on a business trip. to have you worry i don't even know
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if he's still alive. are you. my son is twelve. he asked me where his father is every day even his teacher has started asking questions. news from across the border has become scars for muslims in china any contact with their relatives is simply too dangerous. the allegations concerning those kind of psycho in a report from human rights watch wolfgang a butler is from that organization welcome to day w so how long have these camps been in existence how widespread do you believe them to be so these camps have come into existence in two thousand and sixteen and us to talk. i mean a new party secretary took over. which was former working in tibet and he was
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mostly responsible for setting up these camps and he is the key now of about one million people who are in these camps and this is a big amount of people when you see that you have fifteen million people in there so the chinese government says dozens of people were killed in attacks by weaker separatists in that region in twenty thirty to thirty forty they say the. radicalization centers which sounds not unreasonable i mean that's right and there were terrorist attacks a few years ago but this is no reason to detain people in these camps and i would just say to the chinese government they should let us in have a look at these camps we have no existence and so if they think open cans then please let us defend. as in and that's money to the situation there so if this is not to count a radicalization what do you believe the purpose of these comes to be we think this is a political means and to get under control this area she's young men and to get more
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and more influence by the chinese government into this region so any kind of dissent in any kind of different religious belief should be eradicated and the whole area should be under control of the chinese government so you believe if this is not about religion this is about the chinese government seeing a distinct ethnic identity in trying to eradicate said you know that for them to maintain their control of the region basically this is about political donation we've seen this in tikrit already now the next region is in shanghai and it's very very very ng and for the people affected and they are really in trouble in the country there beijing accuses human rights watch your organization of being full of prejudice against it. of course not i mean we are applying international human rights standards and this should be china's government also to do so we document torture in these camps for document treatment the document obvious cherry arrests
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in this stems from witnesses which we've interviewed some of them were in these camps or family members of the forgive me for interrupting but we're running out of time the chinese government is clearly not interested in listening to what you have to say so who then do you want to do what about this that's a very good question and we think the u.n. has to step up its efforts there and have to make this a topic in the human rights council and beyond you know the germany very in berlin who's taking over as you did in the security council in two thousand and eighteen nineteen should step up its efforts to bring this on the agenda and all the communities the communities let's get support from governments with a living good story thanks for joining us will can from a human rights watch the thank you. as take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. government has ordered the closure of the palestinian diplomatic mission in
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washington the trumpet ministrations as it made the decision because of the refuse the palestinian leaders to enter into peace talks with israel how distance of expressed outrage over the move and a separate development hundreds of palestinians protested in the west bank against an earlier u.s. decision to withdraw funding to hospitals in jerusalem that serve their communities . at least six people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the somali capital mogadishu authorities say a car laden with explosives brandur security checkpoints at a local government office it was claimed by the al shabaab islamist group. hundreds of naval and coast guard personnel have been deployed to clean up an oil spill in sri lanka around twenty five tons of furnace or leaked from a pipeline north of the capital colombo on sunday authorities say the leak has stopped but it will take days to clean up. eastern germany has been on edge after
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a violent anti migrant protest group the city of cabinets two weeks ago but fears that more unrest would break out on sunday proved to be unfounded this is when a man died after a confrontation with two afghan migrants in the town of curtain about one hundred fifty kilometers southwest of berlet two and a half thousand protesters answered the call of a far far right groups to gather there for a march post-mortem later showed the man died of acute heart failure and not of his injuries you know afghan men have been taken into police custody. catchin is in mourning but there's not only grief here there's anger to this man furious he told our camera crews that are now telling him in the sun. on saturday evening two groups apparently clashed in this small eastern town two afghans were arrested and a german man dies a friend of his is still coming to terms with what happened. while the woman with
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the old he was a good person was always very quiet but it's critical terrible he died so young. in the side throughout the storm with the. demands death sparked calls on social media for a protest police say some twenty five hundred people took part in the march among them older residents and members of the far right alternative to gemini party police say four to five hundred demonstrators have links to the extreme right. the mayor has called for calm. told the people of curtain there's a big far right presence here to not join in with that some residents misunderstood my words and thought the mayor was telling them they could not speak out to join the protest. it was built on my stomach to the city people calmly took part in the vigil and for them that's a good thing or
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a woman with us for his leadership would it's not clear exactly what transpired an argument broke out between the two afghans and the german national who later died of a heart attack he had a history of heart disease police say one of the afghans should have been deported the other had a residence permit politicians are keen to avoid comparisons with the nearby city of kennett's where the death last month of a german man led to far right protests was encouraging next remark made by supporters over the internet. but of course we are aware of how far right groups operate on a national level and how they are able to react so quickly we will adapt our plans accordingly or and. posin more demonstrations are planned and kitchen police have brought in reinforcements from across germany. let's go straight to the town of curtain then we're joined live correspondent on
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the market welcome. the marches that continue tonight. yes that's true some five hundred protesters have met in the city center of. next to the church and they've marched all the way to the place where i am now here and this is the actual site where the men died after this fight with two african asylum seekers and those five hundred demonstrators they came here and they placed candles and flowers on the floor and there was a demonstration invited where those people by the far right but this protest was a calm protest there was no shouts of radical character there was no violence so this night it was quite peaceful demonstration. and so what sort of place is. it's a small town quite beautiful little town actually there are some. twenty six inhabit
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twenty six thousand inhabitants. it is a beautiful old city but at the same time at this very moment there's a quite tense atmosphere there are those people that are really afraid that the city could be divided as it was in chemist's divided into far right protesters left protesters people that are somewhere in between and this is a big fear here then there's also a tense atmosphere because people here at the side sometimes are quite angry at the press they're angry at foreigners i have experienced myself and i try to speak to someone that he was attacking our camera so we have these tense moments here but then the second chemist's we want this place to be a peaceful place where people can live together from all races countries and political views some five hundred demonstrators. demonstrating peacefully is
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not in and of itself a huge news story but one wonders is this the new normal demonstrations being held whenever people suspect migrants are involved in someone's death is germany seeing some sort of change. it is in the way when you mention that there are two people killed in germany every day and we are reporting a number of individual cases where migrants are involved why do we do this one of the reasons is that whenever these things happen these days there are very fast wide spread via social media and then you have the situations that we had in canada and also here last night that hundreds sometimes thousands of protesters arrive at these sites and then it becomes a new story also for traditional media like us if there are five thousand people screaming things and using the hitler salute for example as we had it in the
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chemist's but it is true maybe even we media have to see self-critical that with continuous reporting on events like that we might even change the atmosphere in germany ourselves as well so we all have to be aware of what we do in their hobby involve the moc in thank you. well something journalists say they were assaulted or threatened during yesterday's match and not they've been documenting that treatment fredricka but you know from de to be such. we. welcome. we've seen the press straight out of the protests in germany tell us what's happening. well we just heard also from fog and he also faced some intimidation he just said and this also happened to some other journalists yesterday. they were not injured but at least we know of at least two german
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journalists who said they have been pushed and intimidated and eventually were forced to stop their reporting one of them for example is martin cow he's a journalist for germany's daily. that's him and he was life streaming during yesterday's protest and commenting on some of the speeches that took place about rally. but then he appeared to be surrounded by several members of the crowd we can hear him saying that he wants to leave the scene and things then began begin escalating and you can hear people shouting you can press a or line press which is not the area term and then the video cuts out but we know from from the journalists martin cow who later posted in a separate tweets that people were trying to take away his phone police had to intervene and eventually managed to pull him away and another journalist who was
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there and also experienced a similar incident so we were seeing that like as you mentioned similar incidents happen at previous far right protests and yesterday's also those were just further examples of how these protests are becoming increasingly and worryingly unsafe for reporters and the process to itself quite quickly after the incident to tell. about the how how it was mobilized yet well we know we heard from the mayor of the town himself he said that calls for actions for action and for protest aware started on several closed fire right facebook groups and that these channels really were used to to escalate to the anger perhaps their response to some of the groups involved in organizing similar protests in right protests in kenya it's two weeks ago were also involved this time one of the groups called pro candidates for
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example which has a quite a big following was also encouraging its members to march in this time we're also seeing is a very discussed topic on on bigger facebook groups that are popular among the german far right scene and there will see many inflammatory messages being shared and clearly trying in an effort to whip up sympathizers from all over the country to federica badger thank you so much. don i mean trusting dave hall follows function shareholders today how does this test cost. these ok that gift that just keeps on giving yes cold. so i had to structure the diesel gates because of the city of volt spoke with both folks are and is headquartered a court has begun examining whether the comic should have told shareholders sooner
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about the emissions cheating scandal that might open the door for compensation payments but in opening comments the judge judge said most of the claims might be possible starts use of limitations in other words too much time has passed to consider the complaints. inside these folders are the files thousands of investors are pinning their hopes on the documents could be instrumental in persuading the court to either accept or reject the notion that folks like knew about emissions testing in the us years before informing shareholders. peers had the plaintiff's lawyer and they have told outlined his case to the media recently to. solve the pop under german law what's required to communication essential information to investors and the markets we are firmly convinced that c.w. should have told markets of latest in june two thousand and eight because they would not manage to produce the technology required in the united states to say we can do is the job you didn't get us the stuff that's probably. the v.w.
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emissions cheating scandal broke on september eighteenth two thousand and fifteen in the days that followed the company's share price plummeted on september twenty second v.w. issued a warning to its shareholders the company maintains that in this matter at least it acted according to its two she's. been game before student for point of view this case is only about whether fox matters obligation to inform shareholders and the markets that we're convinced that this is the case. this into. the courts ruling isn't expected until the end of next year. financial correspondent frank stock exchange has been following the day's proceedings for us he told us that the case could have wider ramifications for other companies as well. traders here in frankfurt discussed the role of the main plaintiffs in this court case they cut investment not a hedge fund not an activist investor not
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a company trying to get rich in the litigation industry they cut investment is the fund manager of the german the public sector savings banks dealing with the savings of millions of german mom and pop investors such a rather conservative firm to go to court and seek litigation is rather unusual and it indicates that also german institutional investors are now more willing to play a rougher game avalanche crossed one account of those that. try to visuals from the u.s. say they're hoping to reach an agreement to lift some trade barriers with the european union by november comments come after a meeting between e.u. trade commissioner cecilia munster man tell us counterpart robert lifestyles that ties between the two have come under a strain with the u.s. threatening to impose import tariffs on new cars while the latest talks suggest the
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two sides could be ready to remove tariffs on some industrial products monstrance said last week that quote profound disagreements continued to exist. for now to another piece of news about an imminent agreement britain's currency the pound surged to day after the use topped brags that negotiator indicated the divorce deal could be reached within a matter of weeks here's michelle ban is speaking earlier today. really stick we are able to reach an agreement. on the first stage of this because you should which is the brics you three g. . six or eight weeks. the treaty is clear we have two years to reach an agreement before they leave two years after in march one thousand that means that ticking clock and diary necessary for the ratification process of commons on one side to your print government and concert to your side we
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need to be must reach agreement. before the beginning of november i think it's possible and that's all we have is for now a bit more business theatre the show off its back to fill on another migration crosses this time in south america thank you more than two million people have left venezuela since twenty forty fleeing political and economic turmoil in her inaugural speech as the un's new human rights chief and later former chilean president michelle bachelet is expected to call on neighboring countries to ensure the welfare of an as well and migrants the region says it is overwhelmed by the exodus. to feed the homs caught up with some finest waiting in colombia. it is sanchez can hardly feel the soles of his feet. he's been walking for more than ten danes in an attempt to escape the misery in venezuela.
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it's been really hard because i had to work for such a long time and stand in line in hopes of reaching a neighboring country that was willing to help us. where human beings really need their help. that. sanchez is taking a break with some of his compatriots before he sets off again there are a roadside near the colombian city of county. many have already tried they're not here but haven't found a job. they say there are already so many venezuelans in colombia that they're moving on to other countries such as ecuador operate. there are you know don't let up. i work in construction since cement is no longer available and you can't get any girders you know there's a very little being built now including urban residential areas that's where used
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to work. but little by little everything has started. it almost always although. some venezuelans attempts the difficult journey with me born babies often leaving their older children behind. hundreds of families have been torn apart but they say life in venezuela has become simply unbearable. then as it is that it's not easy going to another country you know nothing about why we do this only because we can't stay and that is why we have nothing that is nothing . we're not doing this because we want to get it we're doing it because we have to . venezuela's borders with ecuador in peru a full of migrants. but those without a passport have to wait hours or days to get across. to the regional leaders have
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held emergency summit to decide what documentation is required. volunteers and n.g.o.s are the only ones offering any aid. most of those up i am also not the point from us we support them with information about what rights these people have at the moment they're trying to find out more about what they can do from here. they're trying to normalize their situation and finding out what they can do but we've heard that many people felt forced to use less formal routes just get on the illegals out there is a route that's in for the majlis the longer it takes or thirty years to find a solution to this crisis the harder it will be to grapple with it stein mentions. noting d.w. new still to come the end game in italy province says syrian and russian forces close in on the last holdout of resistance against bashar al assad's regime. on the russian activists rounded up in
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a crackdown on what the government says is extremism on the on line informers turn in the wind i d w meets both sides of the law on descent. but on the ball on the way here. veil your face. cover your finger to. avert your eyes. it is frighteningly easy to steal your data. and perks are all too eager to snatch it from the world servers id theft the criminal trade biometric data. close up in forty five minutes the only. time for an upgrade. our fund which are there grows all by.
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our house with no roof. or does. and highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that will turn your home to a special. upgrade yourself with t.w. interior design channel on you tube. we make up of what we watch as afaik the under budget we are the sum of services. they want to shape the continent's future it's part of an enjoyment of youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge of. a news hour. is a call to shake up the good times over by. people
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who put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the dummy in. the city w. is a lie from public i feel good always right top stories at this hour human rights watch has called on the international community to impose sanctions on china because of its treatment of muslim minorities rights groups say the detention of more than a million muslims is a former f.b.i. fact. countrified people have protested in eastern german city of a curtain after a man died on an altercation with two afghans and followers under arrest in the eastern city of candidates two weeks ago a spot by the fatal stopping off another allegedly by migrants. as in barbara's new government has been sworn in the new finance minister said that he will accelerate
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plans to repay the country's debt. is. former vice head of the african development bank he said he planned to reintroduce the zimbabwean dollar which was abandoned ten years ago during the rule of robert mugabe after the economy spiraled out of control of an african country then adopted the u.s. dollar and other foreign currencies but still couldn't stay off a cash crisis he knew you have to present terms and i got worse as that reviving the country's ruined economy is his top priority was go to the countries that capital of and where we find new correspondent the privilege of one here to welcome a privileged so the country's economy is in shape a is in shambles it can the new finance minister turn it around yes the stakes are high and expectations are high from zimbabweans looking forward to the appointment of. their professor was currently.
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teaching at the oxford university to turn around the fortunes of the economy expectations out that you will put in measures that we all need to get some of the issues and problems that we're affecting the zimbabwe economy the experience that he brings from their african development bank and also him being experience in banking and economics is what people are banking on to turn around this situation so what sort of changes are people likely to see or experience. the first thing that moore truly has promised he has a problem is that the u.s. is looking at current reforms which means he wants to bring back their zimbabwean parents. taken out of secure lation when inflation heat i live was
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in two thousand and nine. adopted by skitt of currencies the other thing that he is also looking at is of sitting there over here in debt overhang that the country has had over the past fifteen years or we return with the institutions in the international monetary lending institutions a lot of money in excess of ten billion. i was talking about the new cabinet and he surprises amongst amongst that today's choices. yes few. they are quite a lot of surprises the old faces that we were used to be seeing being recycled in the past the cabinets were dropped and also the other thing is that cabinet has been cut down from in excess number of about thirty five to twenty and the other thing is that we have seen a mixture of the old and young technocrats that are coming in the other thing is
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that you all saw the president a muslim appointed kissed the korvin tree f. former three time middle east therefore zimbabwe as their youth and sports minister into this cabinet and some of the people who are coming in who have never been in the corridors of politics they are coming in is to ignore crowds and you decided to include this fresh blood in describing it good talking to thank you privileged privilege was fun here in harare. now the united nations has warned that the centuries worst humanitarian crisis could be looming in syria as government forces and their backers prepare an all out offensive to recapture the province more than thirty thousand people have already fled asterix togs in the country's last rebel held stronghold and there are fears that damascus is using banned chemical weapons in the bombardment. making use of everything to survive this
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improvised mass this one seven if residents desperate approach to protect himself and his fellow syrians from a gas attack. these gas masks are important now especially after the latest threats of a chemical strike the russians claim that terrorists will do that but that's a lie everybody knows that the russians and the syrian regime used chemical weapons . like many others in the he spoke in makeshift shelter as he expects a government offensive on the province to get worse. this is footage of what was said to be a syrian barrel bomb attack. president assad's forces backed by russia and iran recently began recapturing the province of its lip from rebels. since then tens of thousands have been trying to escape the airstrikes but since the area's
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home to three million people many more could follow. turkish aid organizations have joined other relief groups as they try to fulfil people's basic needs it's a tall order. we expect massive migration in it's estimated that between seven hundred thousand and one million people will try to leave. he said his organization could eventually dispatch at least one thousand trucks carrying food and medical supplies but considering the threat of a chemical attack that aid might fall terribly short of horses in russia are increasingly turning to so-called anti extremism laws to crackdown on dissent around one hundred fifty people were convicted under the statutes in twenty eleven six years later that number has quadrupled the w.'s made drugs so rich tracked down one of the online informants who fueled that uptick as well as one man
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whose activism landed him in a political dragnet. no trespassing one hundred eighty kilometers from moscow the ruins of the zemke account cement factory this plant once gave the small town its name production was shut down a few years ago valentyn sokoloff helped to close it down. on the maya much of the cement dust on my car was several millimeters thick i couldn't wash it off. people dusted off it and i said to myself you have to do something. with the broth they got in there thinking about what. the father of four started to get involved cycle of campaign for a cleaner environment more school buses and better care for the elderly he also spoke out against corruption in politics the activist ran for political office himself in the face of warnings from the authorities with which to.
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someone explain to me that i shouldn't take part in the elections and shouldn't mention putin's party united russia he said it will lock you away for four years i thought you haven't done anything wrong they can just arrest you they just want to intimidate you but they did they sentenced me to a year in prison and three years suspended. one of the. pretext for circle of the arrest was an internet post he says his opinion was taken out of context at six o'clock one morning police stormed his apartment they turned the place upside down confiscated his computers a distilled and stories he was charged with extremism and sent to jail valentyn sokoloff still doesn't know who framed him sort. of the authorities often rely on informants who comb social media platforms looking for anything suspect north of moscow we meet one of these volunteers.
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when we dine with more research we watch if we see sir. thing we can report it but we don't make any decisions. elaine a passing coast says she works for the authorities because she is a patrick it she claims she also wants to protect her daughter from dangerous content on the internet we had appointments lined up with several states informants only pushing coast showed up accompanied by a man who works for the government but he didn't want to be filmed. experts criticize the legal definition of extremism as unclear. as of attila need to know whatever they put on the internet pictures videos songs everything could be used as a reason to investigate. the. valentyn sokoloff knows what that means he was harris in prison and put in solitary
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confinement. that helping people is my religion because i can't stop doing this i can't turn away and say nothing. is that. circle of values and social commitment have made him a target for the russian or thirty's but he refuses to be intimidated. to sweden where the two main political blocs a failed to secure majorities in sunday's general election but the country's far right has recorded major gains the ruling the center left social democrats some allies took forty point six percent of the vote just more than the center right alliance who managed forty point three the populace to sweden democrats assertion to third place taking seventeen point six percent the far right party hopes to become kingmaker in any ruling coalition or both centrist blocks have declared they will not work with them. this man jimmy orcus on has given his party rooted in white supremacy
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a respectable face and sweet talk to disgruntled voters away from sweden's political center. do you know what friends of sweden they said on t.v. that it's hard to declare a winner of this election i know who's won the sweden democrats. in a small country that's accepted nearly half a million asylum seekers since two thousand and twelve orcus ons message has resonated with those skeptical of immigration and the political establishment incumbent prime ministers define loaf and center left coalition only barely defeated the opposition center right alliance a sign le friend says it's time to toss out the bloc system that's defined swedish politics for decades if using is no side has a clear majority it's only natural that we will have to work across the political divide to make it possible to govern sweden. so regardless of the final election
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results this will be the death of block politics. but his invitation to the center right to engage in cross party talks has so far fallen on deaf ears the head of the opposition is calling on to resign that leaves two sides in a virtual dead heat after the vote without a majority neither bloc says it will work with a strong third place finisher that has neo nazi roots forming a new government could take weeks or months of talks in a country where a populist wave is a roading a long held tradition of tolerance. it has the news of the change at the top as an e-commerce giant thank you jack ma the founder of china's e-commerce platform ali baba has announced that he will be stepping down as the company's chairman by next september mazari baba helped launch china's online retail boom ma says he will be succeeded by a c.e.o.
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danielle john who's been with the company for eleven years he already handles day to day operations jack ma is a former english teacher who founded ali baba in one thousand nine hundred nine to connect chinese exporters to foreign retailers it is now they world's largest e-commerce company will finish his term on the board of directors in twenty twenty . but online shopping maybe booming in china but that may contributes to a growing debt problem many chinese consumers are spending beyond their means that's partly the government's fault to domestic spending is encouraged by the state because beijing wants to ensure it can all the growth is independent of the global economy as a freelance interpreter lead bay doesn't have a regular income she gets paid job by job and uses her credit card to tide her over she lives in beijing but comes from could mean when she bought a flat there she took out a mortgage to pay for it. over the past five years the volume of personal loans in
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china has doubled lenders send out text messages once a month to remind their debtors to pay their instalments. that. being in debt is part of modern life the way things are nowadays you can't get by without credit just look at home prices when my parents were young the problem didn't exist prices didn't just keep rising. back then when the couple got married they'd save up some money for the family would contribute a little and make pay for a new home in cash for. debt already fuels large parts of the chinese economy add to that massive household debt and you may well have a major problem a finance expert michael pettis says the situation resembles that of the united states in the run up to the financial crisis of two thousand and eight even if china's state owned banks can avert a full blown collapse
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a greater problem of too much that is when you don't have a crisis for example japan japan never had a debt crisis but i did speak japan was seventeen percent of the global economy roughly the same size as china today. today after two three decades without a crisis what with too much debt the japanese share of the global economy has dropped to roughly seven percent. lead pay for one isn't particularly worried a few years ago she received a lump sum as compensation when a contract was dissolved prematurely parents said she should use it to pay down her mortgage but she decided not to. you know. if i had used all the money for that i wouldn't have any cash reserves now that might have meant going to a smaller flat or not going to cafes like this anymore or going out for a drink with my friends. i think. she chose to stick with
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a long term mortgage with low instalments at this rate leave bay won't have paid it off before she retires. the ecosystem of tunisia's gov garbage is extremely fragile and heavily polluted by urban and industrial waste water it's the center of the country's phosphate processing industry which has been ravaging the environment on and off shore for years the european union is now trying to revive the region with artificial reefs and wastewater treatment plants. allowing you to towie has worked as a fisherman for over forty years he can't imagine doing anything else yet life is hard here in ga base four hundred fifty kilometers south of the tunisian capital tunis water quality has been badly affected by the city's phosphate processing plant but elias says the only option is to keep on fishing had
8:47 pm
a total. i have a spiritual connection to the sea and i'd rather die than move away from here when we have no or the job opportunities. together with local agencies an e.u. funded pilot project aimed at reducing the environmental degradation is no wonder way to protect the sea from overfishing fishing rights are being restricted and activity closely monitored artificial reefs are also being put in place. today the fishermen are invited for a town hall discussion they're being introduced to the project in part to win them over because not everyone here is thrilled by developments just how he wants to persuade them of the benefits. some reject the idea. that our good name is at stake. the artificial reef here is five to ten metres high a lot has already changed how we've managed to want to reintroduce the red mullet
8:48 pm
it was gone from here for a long time. it's kind of. the artificial reefs are sunk at two locations plants take root on their concrete slabs and fish can spawn there undisturbed that's a long term boon for the fishing communities as well the project managers want to hear what they perceive as their biggest problems elia to tell he says that factory fishing fleets are threatening the region's ecological balance the use dragnets that are illegal and destroy the fish spawning grounds. the project will put a stop to the chaos in the fishing sector and the illegal fishing. because the main problem and it's bad for the local fishermen. the project is expected to be complete by the end of this year elia tali is counting on its success and is doing all he can to support it he's not alone in hoping that fish stocks will recover in
8:49 pm
the long term. so let's talk about the money stuff it's our roving biannual of contemporary art that's currently taking place in palermo the capital of the island of sicily in southern italy this is the twelfth edition kind of culture desk here welcome. back ground how did the manifesto get started ok so it first appeared back in one thousand nine hundred sixty it was founded by a dutch historian who's name is had this fight and she's actually still leading it quite successfully today and unlike venice it's a nomadic event so it's always moving around it started in a lot of it's been in places like get to morphia or st petersburg for instance and those are all of course cities that there's no logistics in the decision making there they're all cities that are off the beaten track of the major arts market centers in the cities usually selected based on how they're going to fit into a very political concept of the curators in question so palermo is
8:50 pm
a city that is of course you know been repeatedly. over and shaped by millennia of invasions and multiple migrations occupations that centra from the phoenicians through the greeks and the romans all the way to the arabs and the normans and that's just naming sort of the earlier the earliest movements and so it's a real cross cultural axis in the mediterranean which is one reason that it was chosen and the other is of course their very hard campaigning mayor. so let's have a look at what we can expect at the manifest at twelve. palermo a port city on the mediterranean and a place known for its contrasts corrupt criminal but also multicultural and beautiful. it's the venue for this year's manifesto. riding on sea.
8:51 pm
palermo's botanical gardens are famous for their diversity exotic plants have taken root contributing richly to cicely's own vegetation a metaphor for migration the planetary garden cultivating coexistence is the thing of the bee in our. a pertinent header and one that merely a look at orlando knows is in direct opposition with italy's interior minister matel yourself ynys policies towards migrants. so really need it but we started the interior minister salvini is an intolerant populist on monday he'll say he doesn't want the migrants on the ngo ship aquarius but on tuesday he's welcoming migrants on another ship but there's no strategy behind this is inconsistency is contaminating the atmosphere and perverting the classic culture of italian hospitality. what are you insert the. migration is a key issue of the bee in allah and installation by the collective forensic
8:52 pm
oceanography critically examines events in the militarized border regime of the mediterranean. kitsch ironic and disturbing. s n x porcelain pieces play with stereotypes of white people rescuing migrants. some fifty artists are displaying their works across the city here oscar winner laura poitras shows the imposing presence of american military bases on the island serving as a key site for international operations using drones the works on offer are broad and diverse yet location maintains a central role throughout. their look up asked how can one incest to help me transform the city of mafia into the city of culture so this is where we decided to see the world through the lens of. the world through the lens
8:53 pm
of palermo is indeed a sight to behold and in such a beautiful place it can be difficult to know where to look first at the art all at the to canaan splenda manifested fits perfectly in this city of contrasts which sometimes quite charmingly steals the show. your goal is not going on but the law moves a lot on its plate between the refugee crisis a well as it's that this continuing association with the mafia it certainly doesn't it's very lucky indeed to have such an incredibly brave mayor of. orlando is already in his fifth term so he's really got a lot of practice he's been on the mafia's hit list for a number of years already has personal bodyguards and he really has gone to bat for the city over the years and security huge investments to put in the right places into rebuilding the city so he's a great believer also in a multicultural city and his philosophy is one very much of openness and
8:54 pm
integration despite the very difficult situation that they've got going on there in the mediterranean let's have a listen to this. everyone asks me as the mayor how many migrants have come to palermo but i don't say eighty thousand or one hundred thousand say none everyone who comes to palermo is a palermo. polygamy. so very staunch principles there and you're not backing down so how does it manifest help well i think in the usual way in that in that it's basically putting the city's this thetic power and richness at the forefront and by instilling a lot of once derelict and rundown areas with arts and culture and essentially transforming them back into places where social interaction can take place it's very interesting that the manifest is not just happening in the city center but also extends far out into the poor outlying districts that tend to be ignored and there are multiple installations but the garden scene has been picked up out there
8:55 pm
in the sense of communal gardens like that when we just saw there that can are obviously the idea is that they will remain after the manifest as over so there's a very strong orientation this time towards. research led projects that are going to have some kind of a long term impact and actually engage with the local citizens and of course there is the increased tourist flow that an event like this brings and i think it really has already paid off for about at the halfway mark runs until the fourth of november and it's certainly going to take visitors to places whether it succeeds with all of these ambitions as one is is the question but it's going to take you as a visitor to places that you wouldn't have gone to had you just gone to sicily and without it if it's ok very much more on the website i'm guessing yes. dot com slash culture. thank you so much. in fact ritual updates more at the top of the hour with the french golf or new data on the web site at www dot com obviously
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