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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2018 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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what do election pollsters and sweetens political party with neo nazi roots have in common well they both got it wrong the swedes elected a new parliament yesterday and that seismic shift to the far right it didn't happen instead in the country known for its progressive policies voters decided that progress needs a rethink i'm from berlin this is the day. it's a political earthquake that we need to and new kind of politics it's straight it's it's not swedish it's the. something that non democratic leaders of the big body need to visit is saying no from the swedish people and so we don't have that many
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people that are dissatisfied if you don't do it it's if you don't have even worse problems and it's. quite a scary situation for a hearing in so you can see that. also coming up tonight a battle motivated by pure fear america's commander in chief goes to war with america's chronicler in chief. and in the things that some of the things trump did and does shepherd dies the real national security. we begin the day in sweden and the election that didn't go right far right as planned swedish voters elected a new national parliament yesterday it was an election that europe watched with a mixture of anticipation and dread the anti immigration sweden democrats were poised for an upset victory
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a rebuke of the country's generous policies towards migrants but that did not happen instead the governing social democrats remain the biggest party the sweden democrats the party with neo nazi roots notched up four percent but still failed to meet its goal of becoming the country's second biggest political force however it's not business as usual forming a new government will be much harder because mainstream parties all lost some support to the far right and with that sweden has become the next step in europe's dangerous dance with populous. this man jimmy orcus on has given his party rooted in white supremacy a respectable face and sweet talk to disgruntled voters away from sweden's political center. do you know what friends of sweden they said on t.v.
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that it's hard to declare a winner of this election i know who's won the sweden democrats. in a small country that's accepted nearly half a million asylum seekers since two thousand and twelve orcus ons message has resonated with those skeptical of immigration and the political establishment incumbent prime ministers define loaf and center left coalition only barely defeated the opposition center right alliance a sign of the fence says it's time to toss out the bloc system that's defined swedish politics for decades if using as you know of no site has a clear majority it's only natural that we will have to work across the political divide to make it possible to govern sweden regardless of the final election results this will be the death of bloc politics. i but his invitation to the center right to engage in cross party talks has so far fallen on deaf ears the head of the opposition is calling on to resign that leaves two sides
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in a virtual dead heat after the vote without a majority neither bloc says it will work with a strong third place finisher that has neo nazi roots forming a new government could take weeks or months of talks in a country where a populist wave is a roading a long held tradition of tolerance. and for more on this i'm joined here at the big table by to be is sold he is a researcher on right wing populism in northern europe at the institute for international and security affairs here in berlin is it's good to have you on the show so let's talk about you know the far right stars if you will of this election this weekend democrats they made gains i think they gained what about four percent but that's not the breakthrough that they had been predicting or hoping for so isn't the election result actually a failure for them well the different interpretations now of course i mean some say
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it's still it's still a victory it's still crave that it went almost five percent up they they are almost no not above but since two thousand and ten when it first came into parliament and they doubled the vote no which is impressive images because impressive in a way but what is to say exactly i mean they've been hoping for more and many others not supported by they've actually fearing or expecting even more so some polls talked about twenty percent some even up to twenty five percent but that didn't happen was immigration migration the arrival of migrants was it the divisive issue that had been predicted i mean everyone in it were guilty of that as well we had been reporting on it was it the one issue that divided people at the ballot box it was one for the was if issues integration as you say but also security in some extent and this reagan democrats to link these issues very much
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together and it was actually them who really put my creation into question but very high on the on the agenda the other parties are more reluctant on that but they really pushed of also to talk about it and they also pushed them into more restrictive policies since two thousand and fifteen and can we say then that maybe the success of the democrats is that they have taken the entire. they are political hell since we enforced it to move slightly to the right well it didn't go away and they they they they really do really pushed the other parties to rethink their moderate and liberal migration policies and really showed well become to really step become take all these people anymore a welfare state otherwise might collapse and the other parties forcing the facts i mean if you look at sweden's population in demographics it took in more in the last three years it's taken in more migrants per capita than any e.u.
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country until two thousand and fifteen exactly and yet when we look at you know crime that is associated with the arrival of migrants those types of metrics you haven't seen a worsening of the situation so why don't we see the mainstream parties you know hammering that issue and saying the migrants i have have they're not a threat to us that indeed this strange thing and i mean it has really been an old problem and the current crime as we see it doesn't have to do much with every of those migrants who arrived in devising a fifth into the country and that has a lot to do with people that live in the country since a long time but has not really been integrated very well and that is a failure of the of the previous government to some extent you know they're kind of in the collected the chelan shari'a bridge which is involved and then people of rife feel from different cultures arrive in the country and what happens now moving forward when we've got the democrats there not as strong as they wanted to be but
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they're going to be more vocal you know they promise to do that so what happens then to politics in sweden moving vote well i'm interested in democrats they vote try to continue what it did before really trying to push the party i mean they said actually i believe you don't want to govern the country but you want to change to transfer your want to change the manner of politics. so what they read now try is to to implement or let other pundits implements their policies and that's and that's a real shame and though it depends a lot how the other parties react to that's what about their call to take sweden out of the european union i mean that sort of they'd like to do yeah that's a very interesting thing i mean they have said that before and they repeated in the complain again but there is not much ground for that i mean all the of the prompt is rejecting that idea i mean they all say very clearly sweden profits from the u.s.
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we needs the european union and the public things to say about fifty seven percent of the streets say the voluntary need to stay and you can union and only around seventeen percent want to want to leave and what about the the government to the new government of sweden that has yet to be formed mean it's going to be hard to come to grips these are these are going to be strange bedfellows right you know absolutely and i mean it's a really difficult situation or it's a bit of a deadlock i mean all the whole of the parties they basically proclaimed they are the winners but that's basic because they haven't lost that much as they were expecting to the social democrats and the and the moderates so to sort of democrats are still the strongest party but they are full of the camp that they have a majority but the but but the but the conservative camp doesn't have a diet or so it's really difficult to predict what it's not just going to happen now that it will have to talk to each other there is a bit of thinking of all sorts overarching coalitions but there's no room really
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a tradition for that then not at all advantage for example what we have in germany a grand coalition as a drink of religion or something and well going to be a new territory for sure absolutely to be as it's old a researcher on right wing populism in northern europe the institute for international and security affairs here in berlin means we appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your insights thank you. the united nations human rights chief is calling on china to allow in monitors after allegations of large scale arbitrary detention of muslim minorities now michelle bachelet calls the allegations quote deeply disturbing they appear in a report that was published today by human rights watch it says more than a million muslims have been detained in a so-called reeducation camps in china's northwestern shin jiang region and details
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of the internment system are emerging slowly because the chinese government tightly controls access to the region but the correspondent mightiest berlingo traveled to neighboring kazakhstan to speak with witnesses. mohan is a former inmate of a chinese reeducation camp he got out of the internment facility in march and is now in kazakhstan it is an important day for him he's meeting a team from amnesty international to speak out about his experiences. so we will stand and we had to sing for hours. songs like without the communist party there would be no new china. most of the songs praising mao tse tung. and were forced to repeat slogans about the greatness of president xi jinping and what a great place china is to live in. but some are
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honasan ethnic because it was born in china where large numbers of cars us have disappeared into camps along with a members of muslim ethnic minorities the official just a few cation combating religious extremism it's all brainwashing for them to accept you are chinese and you have. this national unity its size to make you feel you are part of that nation you don't need to keep your own ethnic and it is just really like ethnic cleansing practice because a horse or a g.'s have worn some or han of the long arm of chinese authorities but he wants his voice to be heard. will they need to have the courage to tell the truth if we don't share our stories of what's going on then who will. and that's why i'm speaking out. for the dishonest by. someone honasan are marching the
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city around three hundred kilometers from the chinese border a few former detainees have made it. we do not know exactly how many people are being detained at these camps international organizations estimate that the number exceeds one million down no verdict and no sentences release is entirely at the whim of the compact ministration. many cause us a link to china and many have relatives in the camps just saying the wrong word can lead to detention. for many inmates the only hooper release comes from amnesty's efforts on their behalf. this man was arrested on a business two hundred. seventy three on destroying i don't even know if he's still alive in. the sun to my son is twelve because he asks me where his father is every day even his teacher
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has started asking questions. that. news from across the border has become scarse for muslims in china any contact with their relatives is simply too dangerous. in the united states much of the country is consumed with fear i'm referring of course to the latest tell all book about the trump presidency entitled fear it goes on sale tomorrow the author is the two time pulitzer winner and journalist of watergate fame bob woodward and woodward has written some four hundred pages of what has to be some of the most scathing and brutally honest account ever compiled on a sitting u.s. president president trump has already slammed fear as well as mr woodward earlier today the u.s. president was apparently
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a nerd by an interview on the today show with woodward trump tweeted bob woodward is a liar who is like a democratic operative prior to the midterm elections he was caught cold even by n.b.c. . woodward is defending his book saying that all the anonymous sources quoted are from interviews conducted not on the record but instead on deep background which is a standard and perfectly legal practice in journalism woodward has also been very open about his reaction to the accounts shared with him by top level trump insiders i want you to take a listen as he describes the danger of trump's lack of knowledge concerning matters of u.s. national security well i've never seen instance when the president is so detached from the reality of what's going on in one n.s.c. meeting
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a year after trump was in office the secretary of defense has to tell him because the president's complaining about all this money we're spending and u.s. forces abroad james madison says to him we're doing this to prevent world war three now the idea that the secretary of defense has to tell the president that all of these actions are designed to prevent the ultimate catastrophe and then madness goes on and says you know if we don't keep these programs which are very sensitive. the only deterrent option we have will be the new killer option you know the nuclear option oh my next guess is a us presidential historian and author he has written numerous books including january one thousand seventy three watergate roe versus wade vietnam and the month
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that changed america forever he and john dean richard nixon's former white house counsel travel across the u.s. speaking about the watergate scandal they have also led a seminar for lawyers focusing on comparisons between richard nixon and donald trump. well i'm happy to welcome tonight to the day mr james dalton joins us tonight from cleveland ohio mr roper not welcome to the day i want to ask you you know you've been hearing what bob woodward's been saying just like we have i mean considering what mr woodward has written regarding trump's lack of knowledge about policies in the wall would you recommend that mr trump me even attend the simmon are that you're giving which compares him to richard nixon. i think you would do well i know. john b. he's a very honest guy your carefully is very much particular and interesting enough john
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you know i started doing our program in two thousand and eleven were donald trump was on the scene. about nixon's impulsive nature and some of the things that got him into this very troubled. right now so yeah he would do well to come listen joy seminar and some of the. you write that there is a cancer growing on the trump presidency i mean what is the cancer. well you know the thing is that right now we're hearing is breathtaking from people inside and i don't have one for book but the new york times and i don't misuse it is that the president really doesn't pay attention very much he does have a long attention span very impulsive petty in these are things that are beginning to pile up in a cancer that's going with his presidency is you've got some of this i don't people
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now are cooperating with robert mueller who's the best gating collusion with the russians and also obstruction of justice and that's. problematic for the president because some of those people are even is all yours just as john trump was nixon's jonty most nixon. yeah i mean that's it is an interesting point you make could be were i don't want to go into too much detail here with this but do you think that the president's former personal attorney michael cohen and his lawyer lanny davis do you think they will prove key to finding the truth about the trump presidency. and you know i think very important in terms of minds life. you know people were not lashing quiet to that and lash out my comment is already pled guilty to that and sent the truck was involved
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in the murder. yet that's all proven. criminal activity whether or not someone knows russia pollution is a different story and as you know the davis has said one thing you have walked it back a little bit so that's less. bearing to the overall structure what was going on we couldn't trust you. i want you to take a listen to what woodward said when asked about the president's accusation that woodward's quotes from top officials are simply fabrications take a listen they are not telling the truth that i know but look what's going on here and. my old boss at the washington post ben bradlee the great deaded there used to say the truth emerges sometimes it takes time these people these are political statements to protect their jobs totally understandable
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but this is this carefully done as you can do an excavation of the reality of what goes on in capable and miserable let me ask you is it understandable that these top officials talk to woodward and then deny what they said i mean if they truly believe that the president is so incompetent and dangerous why in the world do you think they stick around. i don't need a stick around because there is no check on trump right now both houses of our congress republicans are not doing anything about what they're hearing about. and so there are people who say probably are very concerned that if they come out and say what they're going to say they'll be discarded and nobody will be left in their place to set the country so i think that's one of many reasons you know pop would know what is talking about when it comes to. he back in watergate days at
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a source that he known as deep throat turns out that i was the number two guy at the cia i marked out and he clearly did i put thirty years that he was the until he finally admitted that in fact he was so so it's not it's not surprising that they were denied and you know let me get your expertise here since you do comparisons between richard nixon and watergate and and donald trump and his presidency the the anonymous author of the letter that was published last week in the new york times do you see a parallel there with the deep throat character from the watergate scandal. yes very much so and i think that this whole idea of being an anonymous source you know is actually an american tradition that goes all the way back to the federalist papers without using it or hamilton and those are anonymous people say well it's american tradition to speak this way in certain instances but there's very much
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a parallel to a lot or here in very much parallel between these two men who waited and acted both authoritarians both their impulsive nixon it behind the scenes under tapes which i listened to extensively does it out in the open in twitter in press conference i mean when you're holding this seminar then for lawyers in the u.s. when you're talking about the of the comparisons here you know what do you tell them are let's say you know the two strongest similarities between nixon and drop. yeah i think that the strongest similarity is the impulsiveness nixon resemble in a cambodia actor in vietnam war over over a one day decision that he made he didn't consult anybody very impulsive it true the country upside down with kent state shootings student said university here in
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the united states so that impulsive activity is one of the things that we show through the case but we also show nixon saying repeatedly the press is the enemy presses the end it's acting the press you know also having an enemies list those are very much in the works area and here that operates in and before we run out of time do you see the trial presidency headed towards some type of ending similar to what richard nixon experience and you know we have the midterms coming up and if the democrats if they do succeed in taking the house do you think that impeachment is inevitable. and i. will be following the way it works is the house it sends up isn't it. the senate has the senate is still republican and you're not going to happen each the thing that i see coming out as it is if the special prosecutor has evidence now i don't ask
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president trump on collusion but his own family members especially donald jr abbe create an up worse and i know concern trunks are that he could very well resign to protect his own show. all right we will be watching to see if that indeed takes place james at robonaut historian and author check out his latest book by the way ballots and bullets that's a good read as well mr romanov we appreciate you joining us tonight on the day thank you. happy to do so. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write directly to me off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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cover your finger tips. your eyes since. it is frighteningly easy to steal your data. croaks are all seem eager to snatch it from the world soon. after the criminal trade metric to. close up in forty five minutes. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and a megalomania. we're so close to the least. that's what was coming basement bankers conflict ourselves with the first on.
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everybody was wrong the wanted to ignore the reality of the whole thing might blow up in my face of a system that spawned out of control. problems there were. never . the crush the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t w. i want to welcome to a new week of euro max with me your host megan late from big birthdays to big birds we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up.


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