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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2018 3:02am-3:15am CEST

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the diesel great and all finally reaches the german courts a test case against false charges now underway v.w. loses it could be forced to face billions of euros in doubt. and i was in tina's struggles to stay afloat but what does the plunge of the purse so mean for people in banking and dollars for decades. also coming up to this is gulf war got best has been heavily polluted by the country's phosphate industry now the e.u. is stepping in to help with the clean. your business is welcome the german city of folks darkness headquarters of course has begun examining whether the comic should have told shareholders sooner about the emissions cheating scandal that might open the door for compensation payments and openings comments the judge said most of the claims might be past the statute of limitations in other words too much time has passed to consider the complaints.
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inside these folders are the files thousands of investors are pinning their hopes on the documents could be instrumental in persuading the court to either accept or reject the notion that folks not knew about admissions teaching in the us years before informing shareholders. peers had the plaintiff's lawyer and they had tilled outlined his case to the media it's the defense to. call the hotline determine what's required to communication central information to investors and the market we're all firmly convinced that seat of the you should have told markets of the latest in june two thousand and eight was they would not manage to confuse the technology required in the united states to say we can't do is the job you didn't get us and that's how it's probably. divvied up the emissions cheating scandal broke on september eighteenth two thousand and fifteen in the days that followed the company's share price plummeted on september twenty. second the w.
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issued a warning to its shareholders the company maintains that in this matter at least it acted according to its duties. indeed it's forced in for those are point of view this case is only about whether folks dogmatic obligation to inform shareholders in the markets we're convinced that this is the case taught this in debates or does this to follow the court's ruling isn't expected until the end of next year. u.s. trade officials say they're hoping to reach an agreement to lift some trade barriers with the european union by november the comments come after a meeting between e.u. trade commissioner as a senior monstre and u.s. counterpart. ties between the two have come under strain with the u.s. threatening to impose import tariffs on e.u. cars while the latest talks suggest the two sides could be ready to remove tariffs on some industrial products months from sept last week that quote profound disagreements continue to exist on trails. cross over to new
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york correspondent has a how is standing viler say that sounded like the trade dispute between the un the us is on the way to being resolved at some stage but what about china. as it is now it seems there are three tensions between the walls very true because economies are not easy in any time soon on monday china promised that retail lesion if trump is. vital so does increases the risk of starting to focus more on the operations of american companies in the country as it runs out of goods bought from the us and for penalties let's not forget that the us imported three dollars of chinese products for every dollar of american goods for a change of by china last year this thread came after trump and said he was considering expanding penalties say to an additional two hundred sixty seven billion dollars of chinese products that will be on top of the fifty billion
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dollars of goods already had by twenty five percent duties and another two hundred billion dollars on which all washingtonians poised to raise tyreese at any moment how are u.s. companies responding out there worried that we have to take a look too awful stock on monday down over one percent as they did some of the of its providers in asia after trying to pressure g.i. filmmaker to bring back manufacturing to the u.s. as a way to avoid the impact of on some of its products about let's not forget that our ball is already committed to contribute to the u.s. economy with around three hundred fifty billion dollars over the next five years and also we need to take into account factors like commentates asian or of u.s. manufacturing workers are really prepared to take into these tasks also called on for to produce their small cars overfocus active in the united states up to risk rocking plans said to do so in china that said the ultra maker does not intend to or start building their car here anytime soon. in new york thank you very much.
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britain's currency bounced back against the dollar monday after the used top negotiator michelle obama indicated a divorce deal could be reached within a matter of weeks here's what bernie had to say about being realistic. realistic we are able to reach an agreement. on the first stage of the which is the brics it treaty. it was in. six or eight weeks the treaty is clear we have two years to reach an agreement before they leave two years after in march ninety that means that the ticking clock and the time necessary for the ratification process of commons and one side to europe and parliament in concert in their side we need that we must reach an agreement. before the beginning of november i think it's possible siobhan is speaking about the downward pressure on
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the us a time pestle as weakened somewhat over the past week but many argentinians are still chasing the dollar as south american country has the most dark cash holdings off of the us who petticoat pears is one of the most famous argentinians to have been hit by the financial crisis in two thousand and one. the former soccer player who was on the country's nine hundred ninety four world cup team to watch the state freeze all his accounts and convert dollars into pesos a tragedy for people like him who had been investing in dollars for decades. but the. country has then through fifteen crises since one thousand nine hundred fifty five and they said over and over again if you bet on the dollar you'll lose it's people who only experience their pieces losing of value. go also said that
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many argentinians today are still afraid to leave their money in the bank after renewed fall in the peso in recent weeks their assets have lost another four percent in value. have learned long ago how to predict the crisis that's why they want to carelessly stumble into the next one so quickly by leaving their money in the bank. the u.s. federal reserve says argentina holds the largest amount of dollars per capita after the us but the majority of that wealth is deposited in foreign accounts what's more a university of buenos aires study says argentina is the latin american country with the devaluation of the currency has the greatest impact on inflation. for most of the network estimates regarding exchange rates if they go up or the peso loses in value the world expects prices to go up as well and because everyone expects they do what i want to buy you but you know that nobody and brazil chile colombia
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and peru have all seen their currencies depreciate in recent years but with less impact on consumer prices in argentina with its already high inflation rate of around thirty percent the prices for food energy transport and technology have become significantly more expensive recently. the fragile ecosystem and the gulf of bashes heavily polluted by. wastewater it's the set off the country's phosphate industry which has been a brain on the environment on and off for years the european union is now helping to revive the region. allow you to tawi has worked as a fisherman for over forty years he can't imagine doing anything else yet life is hard here in ga base four hundred fifty kilometers south of the tunisian capital tunis water quality has been badly affected by the city's phosphate processing plant but elias says the only option is to keep on fishing had
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a total. i have a spiritual connection to the sea and i'd rather die than move away from here then we have no where the job opportunities. together with local agencies and e.u. funded pilot project aimed at reducing the environmental degradation is no wonder way to protect the sea from overfishing fishing rights are being restricted and activity closely monitored artificial reefs are also being put in place. today the fishermen are invited for a town hall discussion they're being introduced to the project in part to win them over because not everyone here is thrilled by developments just how it wants to persuade them of the benefits. some reject the idea. that our good name is at stake. the artificial reef here is five to ten we just high a lot has already changed we've managed to want to reintroduce the red moat it was
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gone from here for a long time. it's kind of. the artificial reefs are sunk at two locations plants take root on their concrete slabs and fish can spawn there undisturbed that's a long term boon for the fishing communities as well the project managers want to hear what they perceive as their biggest problems a lie actually tell he says that factory fishing fleets are threatening the region's ecological balance the use dragnets that are illegal and destroy the fish spawning grounds. the project will put a stop to the chaos in the fishing sector and end the illegal fishing by that way over here because the main problem. for the local fisherman. out of. the project is expected to be complete by the end of this year. is counting on its success and is doing all he can to support it he's not alone in hoping that fish stocks will recover in the long term. and that's all for me on the business team
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here and thank you very much for watching the business to. review. the to. prevent me. from.
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