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it. this is due to be news live from berlin russia stages its biggest wordgames since the soviet era moscow says these exercises are purely defensive but nato fears russia could be preparing for war and we'll get the very latest from the russian capital also coming up. warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe as the syrian and russian forces prepare to take it live province thirty thousand civilians of already fled many more are taking to the road . and more anti migrant tensions in eastern germany in the far right if de party
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organizes what it calls a memorial march as the town of chariton mourns a man who died after a fight with two afghans. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show the russian military is conducting its biggest military exercises since the end of the cold war hundreds of thousands of russian soldiers are taking part in maneuvers across the country in eastern siberia they're being joined by troops from china and mongolia these drills will continue for a week russia's defense ministry says they will involve about thirty six thousand vehicles one thousand planes and eighty warships nato says russia is preparing for a large scale conflict. so what's behind these maneuvers more let's cross over now to moscow need of use your
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e shadow good morning. nato is condemning these exercises as quote a prelude to conflict why is russia with china fielding more than a quarter of a million troops this week. well of war games on nothing extraordinary everywhere on the planet such armies do such things surely the question why such exercises should be so gigantic is justified on the one hand that the russian army is indeed very large in terms of the number of people and military technology is on the other hand of course it's about showing military might especially against the nato countries russia doesn't see the self as a sara lee is the enemy of nato rather a competitor a competitor it can't it's kind of gets more and more problems with the russians have been excusing nato of its eastern expanding for years claiming that nato is becoming increasingly dangerous for the russians nato claims that russia is a threat because of its aggressive policies in ukraine and this policy could be
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used against the baltic countries from the western point of view so keeping all of these arguments in mind bryan if three hundred thousand soldiers shoot around flies dream scout and do other military exercises that is clearly an attempt to show the strength against the west just in case russia has to defend itself ok here you mentioned of nato there is a competitor for russia these movers will showcase a new generation of weapons new tactics how does today's russian military stack up against nato. well that is controversial and independent military experts who doubt very much of that russia's army is as strong as its as it claims to be but no one doubts that russia is in a position to wage a more than a war that's what the russians army has been doing in syria for years with military success also last year there was a similar war games like these ones in the west of russia along with the gallup
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hosts on the border with poland and the baltic states moscow tasted tested last year among other things the defense of a nato attack and according to western military experts that maneuver off earth or air insides into the blending of the russians satellite affiliations have revealed for example that the russian army was turning into a more than flexible force that becomes more and more at least equal to nato. these aren't just the biggest exercises in decades for the first time china is also taking part are the two countries integrating their military. let's say both countries are obviously approaching each author politically and militarily and they have been joined to war games though not as big as this year in the twenty sixteen for example of war joints naval and maneuvers in the south sea
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one l.a. time twenty seventeen that that war exercises in the balkans and the same time this approach might be limited as both nations have many differences and both nations clearly are competitors look china is already a superpower russia on the other hand is trying to regain its status after the end of the stop if you china is investing heavily in infrastructure in central asia and sailing to russia from its own backyard also china doesn't like russia breaking international law and annexing the ukrainian finance of crimea another example is afghanistan while in afghanistan russia called the race with a radical islamic taleban china is seeking a peace agreement there all these all this makes this military alliance quite strange bots both countries have similar ideas on what to do what a volt or the should be strong states weak civil society in north american coalition say yes to coalitions with other us especially anti american countries
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did abuse moscow bureau chief yuri rashad oh thanks very much for that you're well in syria the russian military is involved in airstrikes against the last rebel stronghold in that country in the province the un has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe there thirty thousand people have fled the provinces malta alone and there are fears that chemical weapons might be used in the region right now those people staying put or preparing for an expected all out offensive. making use of everything to survive this improvised mass this one seven it left residents desperate approach to protect himself and his fellow syrians from a gas attack. short of these gas masks are important now especially after the latest threats of a chemical strike the russians claim that terrorists will do that but that's a lie everybody knows that the russians and the syrian regime used chemical weapons
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but with. like many others in the lead he's pulled a makeshift shelter as he expects a government offensive on the province to get worse. this is footage of what was said to be a syrian barrel bomb attack. president assad's forces backed by russia and iran recently began recapturing the province of its lip from rebels. since then tens of thousands have been trying to escape the airstrikes but since the area's home to three million people many more could follow. took a shade over his ations have joined other relief groups as they try to fulfil people's basic needs it's a tall order. we saw that we expect massive migration in. it's estimated that between seven hundred thousand and one million people will try to leave. i'm going
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to do will you do them said his organization could eventually dispatch at least one thousand trucks carrying food and medical supplies but considering the threat of a chemical attack that aid might fall terribly short. well if the assad regime were to launch a chemical attack in syria it would risk airstrikes by the united states and its allies britain france germany is said to be considering a supporting role more let's bring in our political correspondent here in berlin. there are reports today that the german military is now in talks with the u.s. over the ploy aircraft to syria can you feel a sense well yes it has been acknowledged that there has been a formal request from the united states apparently for germany to consider joining such a hypothetical attack should there be a chemical attack in. syria in other words retaliate a retaliatory attack against syria in the case of a chemical attack there so it's all very hypothetical and while the german defense
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ministry has been acknowledging that such scenarios are being looked at that kind of pre-planning is taking place. officially it's been said that all of this is very hypothetical we don't know whether this case will ever come about and as a result all political parties here have been saying let's not talk about this into concrete a way at the moment if it should happen then we would need to consider it but at the moment it's not something that is really a pressure pressing issue in germany ok but pre-planning is as you mentioned taking place in cases like this parliamentary approval is normally needed to deploy to a word zone would there be parliamentary backing should the bundeswehr decide to go to syria. it seems very unlikely at the moment obviously in germany there is a grand coalition a coalition of conservatives and the social democrats that's ruling the country at the moment and the leader of the social democrats said yesterday that the social
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democrats would vote against such a move in parliament would not allow something like this to happen that would basically mean that parliament would not be able to give its approval in addition we have to see that the military situation in syria is really quite challenging the russian air defense is regarded as being very effective and. there would be quite a chance that there would be some kind of exchange of fire with the russians which everybody would like to exclude in addition russia has more than two dozen warships stationed in the mediterranean at the moment that that too is a threat against such an action from the side of the united states and its allies so all in all it seems that this is a very hypothetical case and it would take a lot actually for it to happen unsprung thanks so much for bringing us up for that from berlin. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour the united states
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has threatened to slap sanctions on international criminal court judges national security advisor john bolton says i.c.c. officials could face financial sanctions and even criminal charges if they proceed with an investigation of alleged war crimes committed by american soldiers in afghanistan is enormous. the white house has received a letter from north korean leader kim jong un asking for a second meeting with president trump press secretary sara sanders said the letter was very warm and that trump is open to the idea that you met for the first time in june but relations have the jury since then. in the u.s. state of south carolina a million residents have been ordered to evacuate as hurricane florence nears the weather system has intensified into a category four hurricane could cause catastrophic damage north and south carolina and virginia of all declared states of emergency. well in the eastern
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german town of curtain the death of a young man during a confrontation with two afghan migrants has stirred up more anti immigrant tensions a post-mortem showed the man died of acute heart failure after the encounter but he's in germany has been on edge following the anti immigrant protests and candidates two weeks ago curtain people gathered on monday to protest and to grieve . a memorial service and same jacob's church. mourning the death of a twenty two year old local man. the priest leads a prayer for the deceased marcus for his family and for his friends and also for the community of true to. life the tradition of the mood is still tense and the division in society is also palpable and it's beginning to gain momentum once again here's a sponsor question. on the one side residents of curtain who are praying for
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togetherness and just a few minutes walk away the scene of the violence many have responded to the incident with anger. so get your buddy camera out of. danger toward the press but also toward the perpetrators. who. whoever does something like this should be lined up against the wall and shot. claim unspun says he was the best friend of the deceased. back in the center of town a meeting of enraged citizens and right wing extremists. no calls here for an execution but calls like deport them all and germany for germans can be heard local politicians however distance themselves from these slogans and. one can disagree
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politically but it should be a constructive debate and there are lines that shouldn't be crossed because we have a set of values to defend values that on's up for discussion. again on the second night after the deadly incident there is another so-called memorial procession. this time the far right if tea party put out a call to join but the hate filled slogans never rose it seems the prayers for peace had been answered if only for this moment. of you correspondent mark is for us in fabio you can you tell us about the demonstration there last night yes there was a demonstration of some five hundred people mostly people from could from the city here and this demonstration remained peaceful the police set. far right party here in germany has initiated this protest there were also people from this
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other meeting that i was that we have seen in this report who joined this demonstration of the if the people that are. recognizable by their outfits as right wing extremists also violent extremists but last night this demonstration remained here rather peaceful that walled so citizens among the protesters who look pretty ordinary. can you tell us is this the new normal what we're seeing right now demonstrations when migrants in germany are suspected of major crimes. we have to see that at the moment there's a situation where far right groups of very fast and spreading these news off cases whenever asylum seekers are involved in killings in crimes which are when we look at the numbers still a very small percentage of all the killings that happen in germany but yes the news
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spreads very fast social media plays a big growth and the far right scene is quite successful at the moment in mobilizing people to come to these sites and whenever there are events like in ten minutes or here in the first night when there are thousands of right wing protesters some of them violent even then it's also a situation where the traditional media then. goes on these news stories and covers them so that we highlight these small cases we also have to be self-critical as media there i think but at this moment the atmosphere is like that and the right wing parties use these cases to exploit them for their political means do you have you correspondent bob in on the mark bring us up to date on the situation the kurds in today thank you very much. we have some sports news now and six games into the season second year mexican side durata steve sonoma are still
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without a win so they've resorted to some drastic measures and enlisted the coaching help of none other than diego maradona the argentinian coach experience is of course limited but for locals in the area north of mexico right in the heart of the drug cartel territory they are saying that the super stars arrival brings a rare portion of positive attention to their town. for the kids of a chance to celebrate their. local pride in this scene tells turf isn't lacking but rarely do the residents read positive headlines about their home c.n.n.'s going to c.n.n. as a city we're known for negative things now will be known for sports. but diego maradona himself of course is known for much more than just his sporting achievements and there are concerns that this may just be a lucrative publicity stunt he'll be paid a reported one hundred fifty thousand u.s.
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dollars a month by the right as a second tier club whose players complain of missed paychecks still not everyone is focusing on the negatives. i think this is going to be something good especially for the young people there are a lot of young people in the team like. thirty two years ago maradona lifted the world cup trophy here in mexico whether his joint inquiry will end so happily remains to be seen. well the motorcycle racer ramana fanaa he has been fired from his team after pulling a rival's brake lever during a race on sunday the italian was competing in the motor to race in san marino is neck and neck with stephano mom seen when he pulled his rival's brake lever both are traveling at a speed of over two hundred kilometers per hour but didn't crash amazingly after
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the race finished or not he was given a to race suspension and the marin always cyprus team has now canceled his contract rider and since apologized calling his behavior disgraceful. all to get our business news now monica's years ten years to the day that the phrase too big to fail became part of our everyday language exactly even though the bank that triggered it wasn't too big to fail brian because this week we mark the tenth anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers one of the biggest investment banks and the world but as i mentioned not too big to fail on the fifteenth of september two thousand eighty members of us filed for bankruptcy it was the start of the global financial crisis ten years on corporate profits are rising wall street is celebrating one record after the other but the growth has been fueled mainly by low interest rates which prompted a lot of companies to go into debt. tesla is ten billion dollars in
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debt. net flix eight billion dollars. a pop up lloyd germany's leading shipping company is seven billion dollars in the red these are just three examples of loose lending never before have companies worldwide had such easy access to money as in recent years. according to a study by the mckinsey management consultancy worldwide corporate debt has increased to sixty six trillion dollars almost double what it was at the start of the financial crisis ten years ago. money is never been as cheap as since the financial crisis central banks flooded the markets with trillions to help financial institutions and economies get back on their feet. the us federal reserve looks set to raise its key interest rate again the european central bank on the other hand is not ready to take that risk in fact the e.c.b.
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is still in crisis mode with its zero interest rate policy loans still cost virtually nothing some fear of the accumulated corporate debt could trigger the next global financial crisis. all the money that was borrowed has to be paid back if interest rates go up repayment will be more expensive and may have to be countered financed with new jet if that gets compounded by an economic downturn many companies could find themselves in a tight spot. so unlike ten years ago it's not the banks that are in trouble but the company so are we heading into the next crisis let's ask such a banking expert and professor at the frankfurt school of finance and management good to have you with us as a tell me how worried should we be about the the enormous corporate debt. i think given the large amount of debt this is definitely something that regular as a regulator should have an eye on and watch closely but i think we need to know or
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important question to ask why do these companies take on that amount of debt is this just to repay and refine as much she believes this thing dead is it because they have profit investment opportunities and what companies are the other ones which are in very cyclical industries such such that an economic downturn might really be hard for them so all of these are kind of questions we have to ask because before we can actually draw a conclusion as to. how dangerous the situation actually is all right so let's ask that question do you know what sort of companies taking out today and for what purpose. i think this varies quite a bit but what we should be what more worried about is then to what extent that money is actually going into the ears of highly leveraged segment of the economy and to an end and what portfolios this debt actually spin is actually the bangs or
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actually other investors and i think particularly in the u.s. we can see quite clearly that the. major pot these days of the loans to the highly leveraged companies actually had the banking system which is unregulated and this is something we should be more worried about so so the risks a bit in the begin the united states you say on a corporate level then in europe. i think this is the case i think on every issue sea and europe because all of the sovereign debt crisis that followed more of the leveraging and higher reliance on equity but in the us we see the opposite actually the equity percentage in the capital structure is going down that is going ob and a large part of that is actually also going into repurchases of shares which which actually even even makes these a capital structure riskier than alright so just very briefly if you would how do you view the role of central banks and their monetary policy of low to no interest
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rates here. i think there's a there's a substantial role and i think the combination of low interest rate together with the quantitative easing we have seen just pushed investors such as insurance on for example have a fixed return the need into riskier segments which then of course decrease the prize for risk and then enabled companies to borrow more so they have a substantial part in the rise of corporate that world wide. deafened their banking expert and professor at the frankfurt school of finance and management thank you so much for your time thank you. the downward pressure on the argentine peso has weakened somewhat over the past week but many argentinians are still chasing the dollar as the south american country has the most dollar cash holdings of to the united states in addition the devaluation of the pay still has a strong impact on inflation. petticoat pet is one of the most famous
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argentinians to have been hit by the financial crisis in two thousand and one. the former soccer player who was on the country's nine hundred ninety four world cup team had to watch the state freeze all his accounts and convert dollars into pesos a tragedy for people like him who had been investing in dollars for decades. but the. country has been through fifteen crises since one thousand nine hundred fifty five and they said over and over again if you bet on the dollar you'll lose. the experience their piece is losing of value. petticoat also said that many argentinians today are still afraid to leave their money in the bank after renewed fall in the peso in recent weeks their assets have lost another four percent in value but in. have learned long ago how to predict the crisis that's why they want to carelessly stumble into the next one so quickly by leaving their money in the
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bank. the u.s. federal reserve says argentina holds the largest amount of dollars per capita after the us but the majority of that wealth is deposited in foreign accounts what's more a university of buenos aires study says argentina is the latin american country with the devaluation of the currency has the greatest impact on inflation. formosa pick that number of guesstimates regarding exchange rates if they go up or the peso loses in value the world expects prices to go up as well and because everyone expects it they do what they want to buy you know that mean nobody and brazil chile colombia and peru have all seen their currencies depreciate in recent years but with less impact on consumer prices in argentina with its already high inflation rate of around thirty percent the prices for food energy transport and technology have become significantly more expensive recently. it was d.w.
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news here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. russia has begun its biggest war games since the end of the cold war hundreds of thousands of russian soldiers are taking part in maneuvers across eastern siberia moscow says the exercises up unit defensive that nato feels russia is preparing for war. may have been warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe in northwest syria as russian on syrian forces prepared to take it in a province thirty thousand civilians have fled to this month alone and many more are taking to the. this is the the news coming to you live from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the latest news and information on our web site that is d w dot com thanks for joining us.
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bundesliga goes global german clubs are traveling to call a training camp. to win new fans in markets in asia in america. we accompanied them on trips to china and the us. to sixty minutes w. . lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the elite. class was covering the basement bankers voltage ourselves with her stock. everybody was wrong the wanted to ignore the reality that
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the whole thing might blow up in the faces of a system that spawn out of control. that will make. the current investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . welcome to haunts twenty one. molders politicians have capitalized on the cultural capital the letter. has james to rattle creates masterpieces out of light. and. writes about christian terrorism in imperial china. fonts.


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