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big dreams on the big story in. the movie magazine on d w. d w news from berlin and russia stages its biggest war games since the soviet era moscow said the joint exercises with china are purely defensive but nato accuses russia of preparing for war will be live in the russian capital also coming up warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe as syrian and russian forces prepare to take it live
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province thirty thousand people have fled this month alone and many more are taking to the road to. stocking up for the storm more than a million people on the atlantic coast of the united states they're back in wait ahead of the most powerful hurricane to menace the region in decades. plus the both presidential called a joke and a con. people here in this bookstore can't wait to get their hands on it but if you're a trump supporter it's quite a different story they find out what those trump supporters think obama woodward's tell all told us. omarion i haven't seen it's good to have you with us the russian military is conducting its biggest maneuvers since the end of the cold war hundreds of thousands of military person. now are taking part in drills in various parts of the
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country and on the pacific ocean and the joined by troops from china and mongolia the exercises will continue for a week russia's defense ministry says will involve some thirty six thousand vehicles one thousand planes and eighty warships nato says russia is preparing for what it calls a large scale conflict. well for more on this i'm joined by dr i just found loring hole phone he's a russian expert and head of the moscow office of the liberal friedrich nauman foundation thanks so much for joining us today so these war games are taking place at a time of heightened tensions between nato and russia so just what kind of signal is moscow trying to send to the western military alliance i mean oh of course at first it's a signal of strength the sheer size of the exercise. president in the last twenty
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years it is the biggest exercise since the eighty one exists in eastern europe but the big difference is that it's only in the asian pot and that would mean that there is also a possibility that it's not only appropriation to the european part but it is more inches. expected from the asian side so it's very cautious you have that and for the u.s. of course it is a strategic threat in a way where if there is a massive exercise of this happening well also with unprecedented is that in the past these drills were seen as preparation for a possible confrontation with china and now for the first time chinese troops are actually taking part why are we seeing such a radical shift. it is a shift it is not as radical i mean chinese troops have participated in smaller
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scale operations with the russians in over thirty exercises in recent years but it is the first time on strategic level and that makes. definitely a big difference so for this shift you have also to see that of course the russian side also sees that the main trading partners for russia are still in the west because the european union is by far the largest direct invest and trading partner and therefore it is also not only possible that it is a preparation for war but probably in a typical putin like show of strength the first step of reproach we don't know yet what is to be expected because it is a sign of strength it's sounds like a big scheft shift to china but the economic reality is still types to europe well speaking of economics also coinciding with these drills are bilateral talks
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between two teen and his counterpart she at an economic forum in eastern russia now this is a time when both china and russia are seeing their ties with the u.s. deteriorate what's expected to come out of their talks. i mean this is the big question because we had these talks for a number of decades there was always the hope on the russian side that more investments would come from china without having to give up of its own resources and that was triggered did last program of nine years ago which was signed by a president may get it in two thousand and eight did not deliver any of any strategic investments into russia and it is partly also because russia at that time saw all this project of china more as a threat to their own interest in central asia and other parts of of the eastern world and now it seems that it's more political will because of russian isolation
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so they willing to probably get more leverage over to the chinese and sign a deal that might also trigger a real investment what concretely comes out of that we would see today meeting in the moment as people stuck negotiating with the chinese and they have signed an agreement which they have already negotiated. at a recent conference in china and i would think that it won't be complete shift of the russian interest i know that the chinese very rational and very sober in not offending other parts of the world all right you need to try to talk to not a whole fan of the friedrich naaman foundation thank you for your insights. well turning now to syria where russian and syrian forces have been launching airstrikes against the last rebel stronghold in the country it live province the u.n.
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has warned that the offensive could lead to this century's worst humanitarian catastrophe some thirty thousand people have fled the province this month alone and those staying put are bracing for the worst residents are making improvised gas mask and shelters and the fear is that the assad regime could deploy chemical weapons. well the united states has threatened to take military action against the assad regime if it were to launch a chemical attack in syria and out of germany is that to be considering a supporting role for more on this let's bring in our political correspondent hans brandt hello to you hans so these reports that the german military is now in talks with the u.s. about deploying aircraft to syria what can you tell us about the backstory. well it has been confirmed that the united states have requested germany to make preparations for a possible participation in such
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a retaliatory attack and the german defense ministry has said that it is preparing scenarios thinking about how this could be implemented but at the same time into saying that such scenarios are in the process of being. called structured all the time and that is not something completely unusual at the same time there have been significant voices amongst good german politicians who have supported such a german participation in such a possible attack for instance the head of the foreign affairs committee of the german parliament has said that he would support something like that especially conservative politicians have said that in the case that such an attack should take place which would be a violation of international law of international rules germany should not stand aside when a kind of retaliatory probably shouldn't of syria should be should take place. as political correspondent hans brunt many thanks well many of the civilians
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fleeing be intensifying offensive in syria's italy province have been heading north towards the border with turkey correspondent daniel has visited a refugee camp there where he met a boy who was orphaned when a barrel bomb hit his home in the city of hama. he's only fourteen but omar hussain allo already knows what suffering is three years ago he fled to this refugee camp in northern italy disabled traumatised and off and here he found safety he now sells food and drinks from this tent and. i work here day and night and managed to earn about a euro a day it's just enough to survive but. not. omar's family home was hit by a barrel bomb in his hometown of hama the blast killed his parents and left him
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badly wounded. now go ahead with a helicopter bombed our house people had warned us about the air raids we were taken to hospital two weeks later i woke up and had the feeling something was missing sums that surely or. then i fell out of bed and i couldn't get back up that my leg had been amputated. but. remained in hospital for three months and gradually learned to walk with crutches his body is covered in scars and he's racked with pain he's blind in one eye. incredibly his youngest sister bushra survived the blast only injured they fled to live together she had been a model student but school stopped after the bombs fell. i hope i can go back to
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school one day but it will be difficult i can't leave my brother alone in the tent . eight hundred families live at the camp on the syrian turkish border among them are hundreds of children only basic necessities are available here there's no real education and hardly any medical supplies hope faded long ago it's been replaced by worry of what's to come. we've noticed the air raids have started up again there's a lot of fear in the camp especially among women and children everyone is scared no one knows where to go we already fled the bombs once and that was to hear. omar and bushra hussein alo don't want to flee again the border to turkey seems impossible and heading to a part of syria under government control is out of the question.
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i don't know where to go but of course i'd like to leave syria for better care. dreams of a better life he hopes he'll one day get a prosthetic leg and drugs to ease his pain but here such relief is unlikely. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the white house says it's received a letter from north korean leader kim jong un asking for a second meeting with president from press secretary sarah sanders said the letter was very warm and that is open to the idea that she met for the first time in june but relations have deteriorated since. a petrol tanker explosion in central nigeria has left thirty five people dead and injured hundreds more explosion took place at a filling station as the tanker discharged petrol. is my. the return of an ancient
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gold mask from germany after a twenty year legal battle the a century funeral mass was unveiled and proof presidential palace after it was handed over to the peruvian embassy here in berlin it was seized from an art dealer in germany in one thousand nine hundred nine. well mass evacuations have been ordered along the atlantic coast of the united states ahead of the most powerful storm to menace the region in decades more than a million people in virginia and south carolina are expected to flee from coastal areas in the face of hurricane florence. this is quite literally the calm before the storm measure time is usual for the residents of this north carolina seaside town is in today's time this stretch of coastline could be hit by winds of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. we do have a plan. to perhaps evacuated we want to watch it through today and see what's
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happening to. others here are not taking any chances. protecting their possessions and clearing supermarket shelves supplies are already running low they're stocking up and filling up while they still can. coming in i need i want to make sure my car's full of gas but i also want to make sure i have enough for a generator. residents are being warned not to underestimate what is currently a category four storm as it heads towards the coast it's growing in strength due to hit land thursday morning in the u.s. . with the storm cloud circling more than a million people have been told they must evacuate. today let me be clear north carolina is taking hurricane florence seriously and you should too. get ready now. today i've asked the president for
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a disaster declaration on behalf of north carolina so we can get federal help as soon as possible. president donald trump accepted that request and on twitter warns of one of the worst storms to hit the east coast in many years. it's not just the storm that will turn this picture of calm on its head heavy rains also for cost causing possible flash floods and mudslides. well the tell tell all book about life behind the scenes and president trumps white house has hit the bookstores after a week long buildup of reviews leaks and interviews here was written by bob woodward one of the reporters who expose the watergate scandal trump has dismissed the book as a joke and a con. maya schwager asked a gathering of trump supporters what they thought of the book and its author. the
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trump international hotel is an island of refuge for this meeting of trump supporters in the otherwise extremely democratic lucey of washington d.c. people here can bask in their mutual love of the president and ignore negative media like say a certain book by a certain legendary journalist as bob woodward's book hits the shelves it's already created waves among the president's detractors but for trump supporters this is simply a more negative media coverage and the other day of fake news for a president that they still very staunchly support it's a left wing attack getting ready for the elections to try to energize that side of the populous there's been so many books out but that's not going to step down from supporters we're very loyal to him because at the end of the day you know what we get if we don't get down on track we get that feeling snowflake ness he's not your average politician he's trying to fix things he's coming in from the outside and
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the establishment does not like that on both sides of the aisle especially on the left so i don't even i don't even bother to i'm not going to bother reading that garbage even members of congress are jumping on the bandwagon to discredit the two time pulitzer prize winner and his reporting. he's a lifelong liberal he is he may be a journalist but he has a bias he has an approach if you look at his his four decades of work you're going to find that he picks somebody he picks somebody to attack that was a republican and not a democrat and you know if you have four decades you should have some of both he doesn't to. gauge ns of a morality and lying contained in woodward's book i mean nothing here is from supporters have only good words for their president. all right so formula one news now and former world champion came the right kind and
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will leave his team ferrari at the end of the season no replacement has been announced but ferrari looks set to hire twenty year old driver charlotte cleric this marks the end to write clinton's second spell with ferrari a thirty eight year old's future is uncertain with limited spaces of the twenty nine thousand british drivers he's competing in his sixteenth season and is currently ranked third in the driver's standings. not a motorcycle racer a man affinity has been fired from his team after pulling a rival brake lever during a race on sunday the time was competing in the moto two raised in san marino and neck and neck with the final monkey when he pulled his rival's brakes both were traveling at a speed of over two hundred kilometers per hour but he didn't crash after the race finished or not he was given to race it's pension and the marinelli snipers team has now canceled his contract the writer has since apologized calling his behavior
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disgraceful. well a mexican soccer club has enlisted the coaching help of none other than diego maradona the argentinian icon has limited coaching experience but for locals in a northern mexico city right in the heart of drug cartel territory there adonis arrival offers a ray of hope. to the kids of. a chance to celebrate this city. really do the residents here read positive headlines about their home. going to c.n.n. as a city when one for negative things now will be known for sports or things. but diego maradona himself of course is known for much more than just his sporting achievements and there are concerns that this may just be a cheap publicity stunt. an unproven coach nonetheless be paid a reported one hundred fifty thousand u.s.
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dollars a month by the rado's a second tier club whose players complain of missed paychecks still the fans are hopeful. we want him to remain clean to coach to give it all for the teen and for him to vindicate his name because unfortunately from what we keep reading there's a lot of talk about all the addiction he's had and how they're not going to allow him to properly coach the team. maradona to sounds hopeful about his new start with those. i want to give what i lost when i was sick. didn't come here for a holiday. we came here to work to give these guys a hand judges in one nine hundred eighty six maradona lifted the world cup trophy
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here in mexico whether his time in korea and so happily remains to be seen. all right monica is here now with the latest business news and monaco we're talking about the two giant german dinosaurs to be telling us more about all of department stores intel yeah absolutely right i mean in the age of online giants such as amazon or local street tailless such as prime mark traditional department stores are under pressure and this morning the two largest department store chains here origines signed a deal to me. and to those two giants are the former rivals cashed out and cow for together they aim to cut costs through synergy and rationalization while at the same time before they all need channel retailing offline and online the unions a worry to that jobs will be slashed cow for belong to the canadian hudson's bay company car starts to the austrian signal group the antitrust authorities still have to give their approval. so this is of course
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a very big topic here also on one of the big shopping streets in frankfurt where our financial correspondent was in a stunning buy with a cow for colorful galleria store behind him is the news reason to celebrate. no it's not monica not for the people who work for call for five thousand jobs are expected to peak cut immediately and also people who remember three years ago and twenty fifteen come forth was still a relatively profitable company this is got news this is not good news in twenty fifteen hudson's bay took over. the canadian retailer and investor and it turned out that the canadians completely misjudged the opportunities but also the risks in the german retail sector hudson's bay also contributed to the problems of
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by increasing the rent that colorful fast to pay to a level that makes it nearly impossible for call forth to make enough money to pay for those rents. department stores have turned into something like dinosaurs now all around the world and certainly shopping in cash and cow for what is next what will those new merged department stores look like. well it's likely that they will look very differently in three years' time it's also likely that they will not keep their names you know money the first thing that you would notice if you went into one of those department stores is that the customer base is relatively old retail experts have found out that many of the young people here in germany don't even know the brand names of all car start so of course the retailers have to do a lot in order to become more appealing to the younger crowd they have to create
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a shopping experience that's fun and not vintage oh right well good luck with that and cannot listen enjoy your shopping spree now. well the passengers of europe's largest budget carrier that is rhine air will once again have to brace themselves for strikes the alliance pilots and cabin crew in germany are such to stage a twenty four hour walkout wednesday ryanair staff of corning for better working conditions and higher wages thousands of passengers in germany and elsewhere could have to deal with canceled flights and long delays last month strikes by ryan air pilots grounded four hundred flights affecting fifty thousand passengers across the world. and staying with aviation boeing now expects to sell more planes in china the american aircraft maker says it will sell more than seven thousand five hundred aircraft worth one point two trillion dollars in the chinese market over the next two decades despite the whole going trade conflict between beijing and washington
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boeing expects to sell around six percent more planes by twenty thirty seven than previously estimated china is the world's fastest growing aviation market so far boeing has not been directly hit by the ongoing trades battle between china and the u.s. beijing has omitted aircraft on its list of us good affected by retaliatory terrorists . well ten years after the collapse of lehman brothers which triggered the global financial crisis the economies on both sides of the atlantic a looking robust again corporate profits are rising and wall street is celebrating one record after the next but growth has been fueled mainly by low interest rates which prompted a lot of companies to go into debt on a massive scale. tesla is ten billion dollars in debt. net flix eight billion dollars. how punk lloyd germany's leading shipping company
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is seven billion dollars in the red these are just three examples of loose lending never before have companies worldwide had such easy access to money as in recent years. according to a study by the mckinsey management consultancy worldwide corporate debt has increased to sixty six trillion dollars almost double what it was at the start of the financial crisis ten years ago. money is never been as cheap as since the financial crisis central banks flooded the markets with trillions to help financial institutions and economies get back on their feet. the us federal reserve looks set to raise its key interest rate again the european central bank on the other hand is not ready to take that risk in fact the e.c.b. is still in crisis mode with its zero interest rate policy loans still cost virtually nothing some fear of the accumulated corporate debt could trigger the next global financial crisis. all the money that was borrowed has to be paid back
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if interest rates go up repayment will be more expensive and may have to be countered financed with new jet if that gets compounded by an economic downturn many companies could find themselves in a tight spot. and he is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. russia has begun its biggest war games since the end of the cold war moscow says the exercises taking place jointly with china opulent offensive that nato accuses russia preparing for a lot scale war. you're watching the news coming to live from that then walk. coming up to the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that is the top to call thanks for joining us is an.
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odd. a few years cliches her force of habit europe's young wine growers have meter. expertise and fresh ideas turn out to tickle challenge. and shake up the market.
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turn recipes for six cents in our series create employment. jerome. kick off. the bonus legal ghost mobile sherman homes are troubling tollway training camp. managed to win new fans in markets in asia in america. we accompanied them on trips to china and the u.s. . sixty minutes. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're
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so clever the leap from control the rich lots. of investment bankers cultic ourselves with never stopped everybody was wrong the wanted to ignore the reality the whole thing might blow up in the face of a system that spawned out of control. problems that will in the fall this is. the crush of the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on g.w. . i want to welcome to a new week of euro max with me your host megan lee from big birthdays to big birds we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. in ten or
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a celebrations berlin film producer altshuler brown our turns one hundred. good cost saving the rare.


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