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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from above and ask amazing fears in a live press the syrian army and its allies for path from all oxer salt will be thirty thousand people have already fled but for some escape it's not an option c w means a teenager who's already been displaced by the war to a refugee camp in syria's last rebel stronghold also on the program. hungary's a victim all bomb condemns an e.u. reports accusing him of undermining democracy us and european parliament depends
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stripping his country of its voting rights. russia stages its biggest war game since the soviet era moscow says the joint military exercises with china on children defensive nasal accuses russia of preparing for war. page when the program the entrepreneur is bringing green homes to nigeria d.w. visits a sustainable housing project in the budget fuelled by eco friendly energy no longer reliance on the country's creaking and i'm sure secret. adoptive parents home to rest structurally opera for the big screen the original musical theatre show was a classic we'll find time to find a new film version lives up to its predecessor.
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i'm still gal welcome to the program. turkey's president has warned that the entire world stands to pay the price of an assault on syria's province writing in the u.s. newspaper the wall street journal. and said all members of the international community must understand their responsibilities he also warned that the consequences of inaction are immense president early ones warning comes as tens of thousands of people flee to escape syria and russian forces prepare to take the final rebel stronghold the u.n. says scores of people have been killed and more than thirty thousand displaced in northwest syria over the past week many feel your side government will deploy chemical weapons in an all out assault. but if those fleeing the illiberal fans of have been heading north towards the border with turkey the w.'s daniel hecla has been to a refugee camp there where he met a boy who was often when a barrel bomb hit his home in the city of hama. he's
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only fourteen but omar hussain arlo already knows what suffering is three years ago he fled to this refugee camp in northern italy been disabled traumatized and off and here he found safety he now sells food and drinks from this tent and. i work here day and night and managed to earn about a euro a day it's just enough to survive. comes out not omar's family home was hit by a barrel bomb in his hometown of hama the blast killed his parents and left him badly wounded. now go ahead with a helicopter bombed our house people had warned us about the air raids we were taken to hospital two weeks later i woke up and had the feeling something was missing he comes that here we are. then i fell out of bed and i
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couldn't get back up. my leg had been amputated. but i. remained in hospital for three months and gradually learned to walk with crutches his body is covered in scars and he's racked with pain he's blind in one eye. incredibly his youngest sister bushra survived the blast uninjured they fled to live together. she had been a model student but school stopped after the bombs fell. i hope i can go back to school one day but it will be difficult i can't leave my brother alone in a tent. eight hundred families live at the camp on the syrian turkish border among them hundreds of children only basic necessities are available here there's
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no real education and hardly any medical supplies hope faded long ago it's been replaced by worry of what's to come. we've noticed the air raids have started up again there's a lot of fear in the camp especially among women and children everyone is scared no one knows where to go we already fled the bombs once and that was to hear. omar and bushra hussain allah don't want to flee again the border to turkey seems impossible and heading to a part of syria under government control is out of the question. i don't know where to go but of course i'd like to leave syria for better care. dreams of a better life he hopes he'll one day get a prosthetic leg and drugs to ease his pain but here such relief is unlikely.
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meanwhile germany's government says it is talking with allies about deploying german forces to syria if the assad regime uses chemical weapons to attack it lept washington and then have reportedly discussed using german just to drop bombs on syria the german air force is already carrying out refueling on recognizance missions over syria and iraq chancellor merkel's coalition partners the social democrats i think won't back any german military involvement in. the w. political correspondent christopher spring he can tell us more welcome christopher let's start with the background to us. well as you mentioned german and u.s. officials have been talking to each other about the option of using german air force jets in a possible retaliate remission if the asset regime were to use
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chemical weapons in its offensive. it's expected offensive in italy some of the things that are on the table reconnaissance flights like the ones we were just looking at but also. battle damage assessment flights and even bombing raids by german jets so it is quite a controversial issue the german defense minister also with on the line has asked her officials to look at those options and look at whether any of them are viable how viable they are and this all does not mean that germany has already taken a decision to take part in potential retaliation but it does mean that the german government is examining a formal request made by one of its major allies so a deployment such as you outlined there that would be a significant departure from germany stands so far on the issue is causing divisions with chancellor merkel with a chance the americans government. absolutely you know military operations abroad
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given germany's nazi past are always a hot potato in german politics this time is no exception you have a number of senior figures in chancellor merkel's. conservatives who have sympathy with the idea of taking part with other allies they basically say the use of chemical weapons cannot be left unanswered on the other hand you have very prominently the leader of the social democrats andrea novelis categorically refusing that option she said and the social democrats will not agree either in parliament or in the government to germany's participation in war in syria so quite serious divisions so how likely would the chance to be to go ahead without the support of the coalition. well taking today's perspective i think it would be quite unlikely simply because if chancellor merkel were to ride roughshod over the
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opposition of you know one of the major partners in her already fragile coalition it would put that coalition. very much at risk again and and rinaldo the categoric nature of her statements and the sharpness the terseness of her statement sort of reveals that. she's not going to be discussing this she's there are many many pacifists in the social democrats both within functionaries and among the ranks of their supporters and the party is losing so much support at the moment and renata it's going to do all she can to shore up that support christmas brigade thank you you're welcome. ok let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of thousands of catalans have taken to the streets of pass alone to demand independence from spain protests this time to mark katz known as national day
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protesters are also calling for regional separatist leaders to be freed from jail they're currently awaiting trial for their past in catalonia failed bid to break away last year. united states is marking the seventeenth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks in which nearly three thousand people lost their lives ceremonies were held that the three sides targeted by islamist terrorists including this one at the world trade center. hungary's prime minister has begun at the european parliament in strasburg defending his populist government to had a vote to impose sanctions against states fit to accuse the european parliament of blackmailing his country over its immigration policies and described reports detailing breaches of the rule of law as an insult there are also concerns about the independence of hungary's courts on the rise of corruption the parliament votes
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tomorrow if it decides in favor of sanctions hungry could lose its e.u. voting rights. mr obama did not hold back here he is with some choice words for european lawmakers make sure you don't know curse the man in the closest i've come here today because you're not going to condemn just the government but a nation as well that we're going to denounce hungary that's been a member of the family of christian european nations for a thousand years. if you're going to denounce hungary that contributed to the great history of europe with hard work and shed its blood when it was needed. like i would all parks to have to now. well tonight debate happened at the second home in strasburg where we find new york correspondent max and welcome max so. that with much to say in his own defense what
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did you make of his statement. actually that sound bite phil was well picked because it showed the strategy of the bond trying to deflect from the details of the actual accusations that were made in that report to saying that hungary was being condemned and attacked even as a nation so that's what he's trying to do not really react but trying to put this on a national level on a nationalistic level even that's the strategy he's been governing with now for years also even putting this into historic context saying hungry fought for democracy even stood up against the soviets so that gives you a sense of where he was trying to go there of course parliamentarians and also representatives of the e.u. commission pushed back very noticeable here funds to the vice president of the e.u. commission said the strategy that. shows there in deflecting all those actual
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arguments going into nationalism was and i quote here the cowards way out so it seems nothing much has changed here in the positions and just a reminder what we're talking about here watch this report by kathryn martin's explains it very well. i am est is what this poster says many hungry and see there right british prime minister as to how the teary and many people are worried about core democratic values such as free speech or an independent judiciary many members of the e.u. parliament say the rule of law in hungary is being threatened as are those who want to defend human rights so they say the e.u. must take a tougher line for example criminalizing migration related activities dismantling the rule of law is no longer tolerated the situation in hungary has got to the point where the p. has to stand up for its for our. europeans and trigger article. article
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seven allows the european union to initiate. against a member state it could even lose its rights for the first time in the us history the european commission checkered octal seven in july against poland despite a similar case against it hungary has so far a marriage unscathed the reasons for this are mainly political according to green n.e.p. . she examined the legal situation in hungary on behalf of the european parliament and she also sees clear breaches of the e.u.'s fundamental values. the political party is member of the european people's party and they have friends in commission and in parliament and hungary viktor orban still has a majority behind him in the european parliament though it could look very different. as pick. which way is tomorrow's vote likely to go. it really depends if the the
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european people's party which is a part of. is a member of the party makes its members stick to a certain party line against article seven and it's going to be hard to get the. two thirds majority now we don't expect that to happen actually just a reminder p.p. is kingmaker here and we expect this evening that the members of the e.p.a. are given free hand to vote any way they want so according to their conscience if that happens then victor orbán is in trouble because many members of the e.p. p.r. very dissatisfied with the path that the orbán has taken they feel like he's not representing the values not only of the european union but especially of the european peoples party and so we expect many of those politicians to vote for triggering article seven so in this case against hungry and so that's why our
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sources here believe that the two thirds majority will actually happen tomorrow and that article seven will be triggered on wednesday no guarantees but it seems more likely than not so if if the vote goes against hungry an article is triggered. and what sort of consequence will this have. well theoretically in a well rather distant future it might lead to the stripping of the voting rights that you voting rights of hungry although that is a long path and if there is one country that the toes it doesn't happen know there's something more immediate and more serious for veto or because his party is still a part of the e p p which is the strongest party in the european parliament so it gives him legitimacy it gives him power it helps it and if really article seven is triggered then it's going to be hard for the other. members especially for the leader of the month to be able to keep the fetus party party in the e.p.
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piece so that might be the beginning of an exclusion from the e.p.a. and apparently that's something big ones to avoid that's why it is possible that behind closed doors oppose as opposed to what he did in the speech his public speech so behind closed doors he might offer up some compromises to soothe some of the members. in fact here. hurricane florence speeding towards the east coast of the united states and as you can see from these pictures it's begun currently a category full. florence's bringing winds of more than two hundred fifteen kilometers an hour well the largest of warn that it will hit america's atlantica coast head on causing power outages flooding and potential loss of life more than a million people in virginia north and south carolina have been told to leave for
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safety. this is quite literally the calm before the storm measure time is usual for the residents of this north carolina seaside town as in two days' time this stretch of coastline could be hit by winds of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. we do have a plan. to perhaps evacuate we want to watch it through today and see what's happening. others here are not taking any chances. protecting their possessions and clearing supermarket shelves supplies are already running low they're stocking up and filling up while they still can. i want to make sure my car's full of gas but i also want to make sure i have enough for our generator. residents are being warned not to underestimate what is currently a category four storm as it heads towards the coast it's growing in strength due to
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hit land thursday morning in the u.s. with the storm cloud circling more than a million people have been told they must evacuate. today let me be clear north carolina is taking hurricane florence seriously. and you should too get ready there. today i've asked the president for a disaster declaration on behalf of north carolina so we can get federal help as soon as possible. president donald trump accepted that request and on twitter of one of the was storms to hit the east coast in many years. it's not just the storm that will turn this picture of calm on its head heavy rains also for cost causing possible flash floods and mudslides. businesses we have been physical in not about
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how are things looking since the global financial crisis so you put yourself a new suit yes valeo you want one again. it's not as panic says as it was back in but really not that much has changed to tell you the truth phil a few things are looking up a decade on for the lehman brothers collapse corporate profits are rising wall street is celebrating one record after the next but growth has been fueled by low interest rates which os still low and which approach to the lot of companies to go into debt on a massive scale. tesla is ten billion dollars in debt. net flix eight billion dollars. compound lloyd germany's leading shipping company is seven billion dollars in the red these are just three examples of loose lending never before have companies worldwide had such easy access to money as in recent years. according to a study by the mckinsey management consultancy worldwide corporate debt has
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increased to sixty six trillion dollars almost double what it was at the start of the financial crisis ten years ago. money has never been as cheap as since the financial crisis central banks flooded the markets with trillions to help financial institutions and economies get back on their feet. the us federal reserve looks set to raise its key interest rate again the european central bank on the other hand is not ready to take that risk in fact the e.c.b. is still in crisis mode with its zero interest rate policy loan still cost virtually nothing some fear the accumulated corporate debt could trigger the next global financial crisis. all the money that was borrowed has to be paid back if interest rates go up repayment will be more expensive and may have to be countered financed with new jet if that gets compounded by an economic downturn many
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companies could find themselves in a tight spot. consult with faith based joins us now mark has the corporate world been lowered into a false sense of security by a whole decade of low interest rates consumers as well or are they taking advantage and making the most of good times. both i guess but absolutely this is a financial bubble which is created in the last couple of years and it's a very dangerous course one day there will be a recession that will be a downturn. then the companies will have big big problems and this is in the horizon. what sort of horizon are you talking about i know you've you've written books about the next crisis being just around the corner what makes you say the next crisis could be coming very soon oh if you look at the financial doctors who just see that everything is on the extreme level right now and i expect it to be end of the decade or perhaps three to five years at most but the problems are not
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solved from two thousand and eight we just create we bought time and the chance created another financial bubble to the first bubble so we just bought precious time for with a lot of money and nobody know what the end game will be but there will be a big big big blessed so in your opinion have we made any progress over the past ten years. oh hey i don't know i would hope so but actually not really cause the banks right now record strike you know to the bonus on the record level as well and companies get on really low interest rate debt. limits so we didn't solve the problems we just bought like i mentioned already we just bought precious time but the politicians did not use this time to to create a safe surrounding the safe environment for the future though and i think the next bubble will hit us very hard and then we i hope this time we learn from the crash
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mark there have been a lot of changes as far as banks go and the rules and regulations the capital reserves that they need if if we go back ten years it was interesting that lehman could have been saved sparing us the worst of the financial crisis but do you think it was better to go through all this to get the world's banks back into shape or at least improved as far as the comparison goes with ten years ago. but it was definitely a watershed moment and it was a warning signal for all the other banks that come into countries will not save every bank and that we have to change this and right now they have perhaps five or six or seven percent. on the on the on the balance but it's not enough they need much more if you go from the private person to a bank you need twenty thirty percent but those who deal with the money you have to five or six percent this is not enough and in the next crisis this will be rude
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awakening for everybody and there are no solutions that we can change this right now and the politicians the politicians are not aware of that and not capable to change just a rude awakening the world's listening and not sleeping thank you very much for joining us where we welcome and the revenues are already rolling in for yet another book about the donald yes another one yes we'll talk about the fear written by the veteran journalist bob woodward who is reporting on the watergate scandal and bring down former president richard nixon this new book paints a picture of a white house in complete chaos it's been denounced by president trump of course that hasn't deterred eager readers. they arrived at just before midnight to get their first peek of fear. not a horror movie well not quite the book is the latest warts and all tale of the apparent chaos inside donald trump's white house is written by the journalist bob
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woodward if that name sounds familiar it's because he's already brought down one president richard nixon after the watergate scandal in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. it's an important book. woodward is a respected. journalist researcher author. and it's pretty serious stuff going on in the white house my mind was open at the beginning but i'm out right right now this is not the united states of america that i call my country it is frightening. the book relies on testimony from senior officials in the white house for example chief of staff john kelly is quoted as calling the president an idiot something he since tonight. trump's also dealing with the fallout from an anonymous new york times paste that painted the picture of a white house in disarray to the commander in chief the woodward book is just another example of fake news. the book means nothing is
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a work of fiction. and that on surprisingly is a view shared by these trump supporters in washington arrest p.c.'s here in the capital is not your average politician is trying to fix things he's coming in from the outside and the establishment does not like that on both sides of the aisle especially on the out so i don't even i don't even bother to i'm not going to bother reading that garbage there's been so many books out but that's not going to step down from supporters we're very loyal to him because at the end of the day you know what we get if we don't get that on track we get left wing snowflake nuts. the allegations and revelations in woodward's book are washing over these people they only have good words for their president. this is the w.'s lie from god and still to come a simple boy grapples with
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a cholera outbreak in the capital harare twenty people are already dead following top water shortages lasting months. we'll have that story on the all of the day so world news in just a few assist data. shortsightedness is reaching epidemic proportions spice went to fifty million people around the globe risk losing their eyesight together yet the solution to the problem is surprisingly simple. myopia. d.w. . contemplate
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the fall of power concious don't think me too we'll solar dr years from concentrated on then you'll see just like in the coal fire power plant to generate electricity. the energy of the fish and sea can be improved also further by having p.t.o. stop counting function like even higher temperatures because that's a limited amount you can only concentrate so much oil or power before my people begin to melt and. concentrated for power it feels more expensive than fossil fuel to cope with the new technologies the whole basis of the price will be brought down.
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we make up oh but we watch as if. we are the sum of some offices. want to shape the continents future. part of it and join dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challengers the seven percent plan for africa chart. this is t w news live from about that time focusing on the top stories of this hour so if he's president on the war has war not being time i won't stop supply the price for an attack on syria in the province of the hands of thousands have already fled the syrian and russian forces the path to take the problems. congress prime minister has addressed your pinball makers in strasburg european parliament debates whether to punish this country for a match to undermine democracy if it loses the. hungary could lose its e.u.
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voting rights. as in barbary has declared a health emergency in the capital harare after twenty people died of cholera residents in some suburbs have gone without without running water for months forcing many to drink shallow wells that have become contaminated by rules sewage from broken pipes the deaths of provoked fears of a repeat of the outbreak ten years ago that killed more than four thousand people involved was health minister told reporters the epidemic is spreading. correspondent privilege was fun here he joins us from harare welcome president how serious is the situation it seems the situation is escalating and getting out of hand when it was first reported last week only five deaths had been recorded but today we had from the minister of health he says that twenty people have died from. in two thousand cases
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have been recorded and more than two hundred people being hospitalized right now in various police across in harare and we also had that there outbreak is also spreading to other provinces so it seems the situation is getting out of hand if not contained so what what is being done to try to contain it. so far what the government has done is that they are. giving hell emergency helps if you are in those affected areas and also. encouraging people to practice. also make sure that when they handle anything and even when they are drinking water
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they make sure that the water is treated but the problem is that you find that a lot of people because of the don't trust the tip water that comes from the municipal attempts we had they were getting water from boreholes and those bores are being contaminated because of broken pipes so the other thing is the minister of health is also banning the sale of fresh meat like fish and beef that was being sold in some of those. openly why does banning the sale of fresh meat how does that help break this suspicion is that their handling of such food items is also a contributor to the caller and but there is it in giving that that is not the case they are saying that most of the cases are being caused by poor
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sanitation in most of the say about because you find that in some of the areas they hardly get water therefore they resort to shallow wells and also the contaminated bores the other thing is that they ease hardly an awful refuse by the municipal authorities therefore the collection of refuse also contribute there and then collection of refuse also contributes to the spread of color in various areas across the city privileges. in harare thank you. about bad deserve it now on big green homes revolution in the nigeria yes and ultra know in the capital a book is proving renewable energy makes business sense so fans develop one of the jury's most impressive green housing projects building off the grid homes innovative eco friendly architecture is attracting
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a growing following among the middle class. this is green house an apartment complex in the heart of a buddha everything here operates on renewable energy. how rooted daniels and his family have lived here for three years now the architect cares about the environment and says the green apartment has even made his life more comfortable. and it got. so have my two kids they've never experienced. so it's a good place to be. according to the world bank as many as half of all nigerians live without access to electricity the demand per day is estimated to be forty one thousand megawatts which is about eight times more than what's currently available one solution is to invest in off grid systems like the object green house it offers
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ten apartments forty rooms in all the energy is provided by a combined system it's mainly based on solar power but at night energy can also be created through wind. decide over the pot win scenario which has been running totally of the good for the past century to foster scandal the answer to what i did on the study hard to technology works out how you can apply different sort of a carrot you can distill so really sits across the culture that i. saw a fossil fuels like this the company went into business nearly ten years ago it provides various renewable energy solutions and is now worth nearly three million dollars it's also created a considerable number of jobs presently we have a stuffed friend of abroad fifty five you know. stuff from birth and they were great in a lot of articles that steps we have
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a number of ways we've trained and we have them stunned by sort of over for that. a team is driving to the outskirts of a boob job this area has never been connected to the national grid residence in the village of duma have to rely on candles or kerosene lamps at night which are neither healthy nor good for the environment now they're getting solar panels installed on their roofs all for free lou kemel energy provides the service as a way of giving back cattle herder abu bakar mohamedou is delighted with this new solar lamp. thi says it will help his children study in the evenings. and the best part it's easily rechargeable. to see her we can put a treatise march into the road to. give them
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a test on the future of this renewal dissolutions back to the greenhouse. compared to the average nigerian household daniels' rent is fairly steep but the eco friendly and reliable power supply make it worth it to them. the world economic forum on ozzie n. is underway in hanoi vietnam the country has the second fastest growing economy in the region off to china. to get a taste of the nation in the midst of an economic transition. she's carrying on a tradition that no longer carries the economic waste it once did. here and how long bay in northern vietnam fishing used to be the main source of income. but nowadays many people have set their sights elsewhere taking corporate jobs and fishing only on the side. vietnam's economy is expanding rapidly the
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annual growth rate is over six percent and with the free trade deal with the european union jus to be ratified in january that figure could rise. of sixty five percent a terrifying word search for cation would be standardized within a period of five to ten years one hundred percent of existing sorry years would be lifted this would give vietnam an incredible competitive advantage in the region but. this factory in the capital hanoi is operated by german company b. a pound it produces medical equipment for the administration of intravenous therapy . devices like these are hospital staple no wonder then that they're sold all over the world this factory opened in twenty fourteen and since then the company's invested over one hundred million dollars in the. when sebelius manrico in the investors are welcome here but of course you should make the mistake of
8:40 pm
thinking that works the same way if they do in germany i need to familiarize yourself with the local way of doing things i did find anyone considering investing here to go for it but get the appropriate advice with one eye. for vietnam's young population the country's about economic expansion presents the prospect of living a more prosperous life than their parents did. now if you think these nuggets of gold pretty amazing this next report will blow your mind a discovery at a nickel mine in a straight yes the chunks of the precious metal a huge so big you wouldn't be able to stuff your pockets with a valuables make a run for. a few months ago kind of those are unseen minerals was planning to sell its be to hunt mine in western australia but it says it is reviewing its options in light of its amazing find. as
8:41 pm
all of the. you know there was just gold everywhere as far as you can say more than one thousand ounces of high grade gold have so far been found at the nickel that our discovery experts say is immensely rare your whole life you never never see anything like it as a geologist as i said you get excited by pinhead it's a see something on the scale this is phenomenal. the question is is there more gold to be found in the mine erin so you can look forward to selling the first trial for more than eleven million dollars. back to fail and tensions between russia and nato i bet yes russia's begun its biggest military exercises since the end of the cold war hundreds of thousands of russian troops have been joined in eastern siberia by military personnel from china and mongolia nato says exercise issue other russia is preparing for
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a large scale conflict. military equipment from all over the country deploys for the largest drill since the fall of the soviet union a demonstration of military strength the like of which has never been seen before in the russian federation according to the defense ministry three hundred thousand soldiers are involved that's a third of the country's troops thirty six thousand military vehicles and tanks are reported to be taking part as russia tries out its latest technology and for the first time china is joining the war games until now only very close allies such as bell arutz have been allowed to participate a small contingent from mongolia is also involved. as the drills got underway russian president vladimir putin greeted his chinese counterpart cheating paying at the economic forum in flat advance talk the two countries are closer now than at any other time in their history to you to western sanctions russia is looking to
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deepen its economic ties with china no other leader has met putin more often than she only three thousand chinese soldiers are involved in the joint exercise a tiny minority but the message this sends is significant even if russia and china are at odds on some foreign policy issues such as crimea or eastern ukraine militarily at least they're moving closer together. saudi arabia has arrested an egyptian man after the video well thor's is just scribe as offensive when far away from the man's crime i mean breakfast with a woman but rick a budget from t w social media is here with welcome federica so what is so offensive about this video well i think in many other countries people would say nothing but not in saudi arabia and we can have a look at that video now it's a man films himself while having a bite to eat with a woman local media identified the man as
8:44 pm
a hotel worker from egypt who was living in saudi arabia while the woman is said to be a colleague of he's and nothing crazy really happens in that video i mean you can see they're simply eating and chatting towards the end she does appear to feed him some food but that's it to really however to ask this might seem completely ordinary but it could have become sick when says for the man in the video and actually prosecutors in saudi arabia said he could face up to five years in prison and so what's he been charged with. they have arrested him and they're naming several violations including for example taking a job that is actually reserved for saudis only and then generally it's against saudi law for a single man to just sit and chat and socialize with a woman like that in a public space we have a message here from this i would the public prosecutor's office say saying that all
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residents of saudi arabia must follow the kingdom's laws and respect the values traditions and feelings of saudi society as for the woman authorities it's not clear whether she has also been arrested authorities have not confirmed that the saudi arabia is quote real a bit of a p.r. push too to market itself as a modern country arresting someone having breakfast with a woman. doesn't really go with that no actually that's true and i mean saudi arabia under a prince been so man has been relaxing some of its regulations for women for example allowing them to drive worth ten movie theaters but saudi society remains still clearly deeply conservative in many respects and actually in this case also many agree with the government that an unmarried man and woman simply should not have not be sharing a meal in that way and for example we have a saudi woman here. saying unfortunately some girls don't get it just because
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a woman works in a mixed gender play workplace that doesn't mean that she should stop setting limits with male colleagues. we've also seen a lot of saudis who they say they're outraged at this the rest cause the man's arrest confusing and he's asking exactly that does it does it really is it really in keeping with saudi arabia's push for forms oh ok fredricka budget thank you. to rome now where people who work in restoration are in high demand just as i have been for centuries across the country across italy that are thousands of cultural sites dating from would say to the renascence but even as many as them crumble slowly crumble the government is cutting restoration funds. the sun just said p.t. fake nami orson joseph of the carpenters at the heart of the forum in room i use of
8:47 pm
gods now i will start to reef waiting ceremonies were held here on a regular basis until just recently luckily when the rift in the church was saying to the rescuers didn't find anyone beneath this rubble. now you city authorities are looking into concerns about the maintenance and upkeep of the building indeed room is a sightseeing paradise for culture enthusiastic but it is becoming more of a sight for sore eyes with cracks appearing in many of its structures but just how dangerous is it to visit a church here this is the santa. journalist and cultural expert emily any point site the cracks in the fresco on the ceiling this damage was discovered early on and it's not in danger of collapsing it's unclear though exactly when renovations will begin it reflects the deteriorating state of many of at least cultural sites. it's clear that more investment is needed especially in the
8:48 pm
technology that allows weak points to be discovered early. really serious damage. minor damage like here on this facade is everywhere italy's interior ministry has reduced the amount it spending on the preservation of cultural sites even though the people who visit them bring in a lot of money to the city to risk magnets such as the coliseum or less affected by this they benefit from their own millions donated mainly by private investors in contrast to many of the more unfortunate monuments are being able to date that want in danger any terrorists but it could mean that rooms cultural significance slowly crumbles. informer was a former world champion and i commute i can and will leave ferrari at the end of this season he will move to salvo while ferrari will get twenty year old driver
8:49 pm
charlotte clear now this marks the end of reckons a second spell with ferrari the film became world champion with the italian team in two thousand and seven this is the sixteenth season for the thirty eight year old is currently ranked third in the driver's standings. league spain's domestic football league hopes to plan much in the united states as your own as a fixture with champions bosler i could kick off the hardrock stadium in miami florida on the twenty sixth of january the league of the two clubs of requested authorization from the spanish football federation to play thing is sharon the boss of the match as well as requiring vet permission again needs to be approved by a european football's governing body wife as well as the u.s. soccer federation on the north american body kancha.
8:50 pm
it's a classic of german literature that holds breasts nine hundred twenty eight masterpiece of musicals. on monday nights and you film version private here and there. he is german for the knife it starts by a man and features a top notch cast of german actors including cabaret singer maps of rock to bust bratty smack teeth. i think that he added back home to rest on that infamous fifty years kiss and then come to. those pictures were from the red carpet premiere last night coming home tired from monday to be culture is here to tell us more about we this hot film no i wasn't for the so what is new what is new about this this is for this film is really going to massive undertaking because if you will it has three different story threads if you will of threepenny opera itself of course as the musical which is embedded in the story of
8:51 pm
how. vile that's his musical collaborator tried to actually bring that theater production to the big screen as the film back in one thousand nine hundred thirty this is so it is a true story and it's also trying to bring the weimar republic era threepenny opera in to the present day when you know abiding critique of capitalism gone wild and and rising political extremism couldn't be timelier so let's first have a quick look at what the film looks like. the underworld the demi monde and bush was society everyone making deals with everyone else but i just wrote food is the first thing morals follow on an. american. but director your he doesn't limit himself to a new retelling of the threepenny opera. he also reveals that but i originally
8:52 pm
wanted to adapt the play as a film which he would direct but ended up hopelessly at odds with the producers. says in folk of this event the line does a scene across the. maquis matter is a bio pic a musical and a film adaptation all in one long runs a wider static gamut with this film but that's true to the spirit of play. but spread over two hours that approaches convoluted and overloaded viewers unfamiliar with the three penny opera can quickly get lost between the story in the opera and pushed own biography first and for differing from blue for doing so would include. all. those who can. just get to fight this activity just frivolously for this is one of. those lines are all quotes mostly from terrorists letters. depends on the it was
8:53 pm
a challenge to give life to those lines so that you felt that saying them was an impulse that burst out of him at that moment that they were thoughts she'd only just had that's not simply recite them stiffly. and it's a for the film features plenty of songs and even more story which means a lot gets lost in the telling of this project honoring a prescient german author is perhaps overambitious but it offers great cinema with lush images. for so it sounds like she was no fun for opulence stuff that doesn't look very intense so i think you know the story there is that clashed actually did try to prevent the making of this film with by taking taking the producers to court they failed miserably in the threepenny opera did get brought to the big screen by the austrian director hugged him pops and that was in one nine hundred thirty one and we could have. a quick look at an excerpt
8:54 pm
from that now it's still considered to be one of the better versions even though it's of course not what pushed himself wanted and like the original play it also starred not to there she is that was quite why as wife at the time in her breakthrough role jenny. you know who bottom line is really the story is highlighting the hypocrisy of people claiming a higher moral ground while doing some pretty horrible things on the side in this film was banned by the nazis of course when they came to bow to power in one nine hundred thirty three and after the war the work was revived in theaters first of all and it became a huge success in the english speaking world mostly of course because of the music i was really a pitiful ised that sound of one thousand nine hundred twenty roaring twenty's berlin and of course the big. not. exactly i was hoping we're going to get you to sing a line leader not that song was added right before the premiere in berlin in one thousand nine hundred eight as a last minute thing because the lead actor was having
8:55 pm
a hissy fit it went on to become the most popular song it's now a jazz standard as you know is owned by the likes of the armstrong or frank sinatra even sting obviously performed it quite nicely on broadway and british superstar robbie williams did a fantastic version so let's have a quick listen into that before i get you to speak to. be. done. with it. until it's a great in the show it's about let's hear it. helps that i think i'm going to rush now oh it's time for a silly notion that there will be you know. no few outlets you know shocks thirty
8:56 pm
back to more of this help me out with brad gough who may sing for you if you ask him very very nicely i'm having such a good decks. should move. move. move. move. move. move. move.
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move move. move move. very. far. short sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions find twenty fifty million people around the globe risk losing their eyesight. yet the solutions of the problem is surprisingly simple and free.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to his shadow and a few newspapers one official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cancers and their problems are all the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. ups work on the part to stay silent when it comes to the fence something humans unseen or microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work a day w. . it's all happening don't you fish. nor link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and
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is g.w. news live from berlin tonight a warning to the world not to forget its responsibility in syria as thousands begin fleeing ahead of what could be the final battle in syria's civil war more than thirty thousand people have already fled but for some a skate is not an option tonight told me the teenager who has already been displaced by the war to a refugee camp.


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