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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2018 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin taking a stand against right wing extremism on the michael condemns the bile and said recent demonstrations against migrants in eastern germany and says there can be no justification for hatred towards people who look to the opposition accuses her of failing to take the concerns of some citizens seriously and also coming up people in the south east of the united states are bracing for the worst hurricane in six decades more than a million residents have been ordered to evacuate as the storm barrels towards the
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carolinas and virginia and look at this rock the ship right there rather what's left of it is one of hundreds of other ships that we have left behind our reporter investigates why so many ships are on the end and in nigeria and why the government allows it to happen. oh i'm terry martin thanks for joining us german chancellor angela merkel has defended her handling of the fallout from recent far right protests in the eastern german city of chemists at a debate in the german bundestag the smalling the leader of germany's populist if tea party accused of spreading fake news in connection with those protests that is demonstrations were sparked by the alleged killing of a german national by migrants the protests were allegedly a company in attacks on. on foreigners in camden it's an allegation that the head
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of germany's domestic security agency has a question that would be. well for more now joined here in our studio by our political correspondent hans but hans you were following the chancellor's remarks and of course those of the speaker before her the head of the opposition a have deep party the far right party in parliament was entering alexander gol and it struck me that he was really going after chancellor merkel in terms of her handling of the protests that occurred in kemet so what did you make of that well the f.t. has the feeling that it's on a roll here at the moment that all of this discussion this very acrimonious debate at times in germany about migratory issues actually is to the benefit of the right wing populists and i must say that the most recent polls confirm that impression that people in germany voters in germany seem to be increasing their support for
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these right wing populists that does not mean that there isn't a majority against them but they are on a roll and in the context of this he really. ran a broadside attacked. on this migration issue very vehemently very strongly accusing her of basically ignoring the concerns of a large number of people normal citizens and he was trying to distance as party from the right wing extremists who have been most prominent in these recent demonstrations together with the f.t. he's trying to say well one of the sentences he said is hatred is not a crime. even if people feel very vehemently he feels these emotions should not be punished should be understood. sample what alexander gollan actually had to say in the buddhist this morning we prepared a clip let's play. the minister of the interior called migration the mother
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of all problems for months now it has been part of the mantra of the german government this mother of all problems south africa and asia namely that we should be combat in the causes that drive people to leave their homes there which is why it's so surprising that you need politicians are saying that the june german armed forces is considering an attack on syria that would mean two things we would be creating new causes that would make people flee their homes and germany could end up in an armed conflict that russia is involved in seriously i hope the chances that you are not seriously considering risking this. and that was alexander go a lot of dressing the bonus dog earlier this morning referring to of course the war in syria and talk of german troops possibly joining in in the conflict
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surrounding the assault is currently happening in the area of it live what can you tell us about that well actually this is a discussion that has been. this discussion that has been done has been going on in germany for the last couple of days the question is whether in the case of a chemical attack and it leapt from the syrian government germany should participate in some form of retaliation against the syrian government under the leadership of the united states but participation also of allies such as the united kingdom and france and this very hypothetical discussion has been conducted in german media especially in the last couple of days there is some sense amongst specially conservative politicians in germany that if such a serious violation of international rules the use of weapons of mass destruction of chemical weapons should occur again in syria then germany should not stand aside . then germany should offer support in some form of retaliation in this situation
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ok now we have a sound bite also from a chancellor merkel of course she had something to say there in parliament today a very much anticipated address from her the first time that she's talked about the unrest following the events in kennett's let's listen in to that. and to. ensure that false states of affairs are sorted out i can understand that if somebody dies and it turns out that the criminals. are repeat offenders or people who should have been deported from the country that means we have to do our homework we have to work hard both in the german government with the minister of the interior the federal states as well and the minister of the interior has come up with some new approaches as well so we are all very aware of our responsibility in this matter. as much as i understand the outrage and
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the lack of understanding. i cannot let it stand that this is an excuse for demonstrations that show contempt to other people you know. so what do you make of what the chancellor saying do you think she is going to actually quiet her critics with her response well there's two things two aspects of us on the one hand she's saying that she has some understanding for people being concerned when migrants asylum seekers arrive in germany commit crimes some of them repeatedly and still remain in germany are not to paul to this in fact is a problem it is very difficult to go through all the legal steps before someone can be deported and obviously this is something on which the government has attacked vehemently from from the f.t. from the right wing populous from the right of the political spectrum that these people remain in germany even though they have committed crimes so she's saying
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there the rule of law should be strictly applied to her and that she will do her utmost to do that at the same time she is saying that she will not at all that she will not tolerate the government will not tolerate contraventions of the law by right wingers who are condemning people on the basis of their arrest. yes a t. who according nazi slogans giving salutes calling for violence and in fact perpetrating biden says he's saying i'm both sides of the spectrum but a rule of law has speech has to be maintained and that goes both. crimes but also for germans from the rightwing extremist spectrum who commit crimes thank you very much for that g.w. political correspondent hunts point. now authorities in the southeastern united states are warning people to brace for devastation as hurricane florence heads towards the area the governor of north carolina says it will be like nothing the state has ever seen before and he urged people to follow orders to evacuate
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residents of coastal areas in south carolina and virginia the neighboring states north carolina are also being told to leave immediately. their scramble to prepare before the storm hits. off the carolina coast the skies are already beginning to darken. hurricane florence is expected to make landfall on thursday with torrential rains and winds of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. we are planning for devastation this is a storm this is not a glancing blow this is a category four category five storm. the hurricane is massive eight hundred kilometers in diameter. this weather plane captured its size as it flew through the storm's eye. some one million people have now been ordered to
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evacuate coastal communities. most are taking the advice seriously. they're boarding up their homes filling their tanks and emptying the supermarkets. very ominous and we've been here for six years so i haven't been through one this strong so you know safety first our family and just try and prepare the house as best as we can right now in a press conference us president donald trump stressed the importance of evacuating depending on where you are you have to listen if you have to get out if they want you to get out because it's going to be impossible to have people get in there whether it's law enforcement or stream or anybody else once this thing hits it's going to be really really bad along the coast trump has faced criticism for his administration storm recovery efforts after a hurricane devastated the u.s.
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island of puerto rico one year ago leading to the death of nearly three thousand people but it is certainly in the track forecast because so far evacuations seem to be running smoothly police have reversed the flow of traffic on some highways so that all major roads lead away from the sea. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today officials in afghanistan say the number of people killed in tuesday's suicide attack in the province has risen to sixty eight it happened on a highway between the eastern city of jalalabad and the main border crossing into neighboring pakistan. leader of ethiopia the leader of this of ethiopia and eritrea have reopened crossing points on their shared border for the first time in twenty years it comes after they signed an agreement in july to restore time eighty thousand people were killed in a two year war between the countries in the late one nine hundred ninety miles. and of course in peru has handed
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a second life sentence to the founder of the shining path rebel group i've been made good smile on was found guilty of orchestrating a car bomb attack in limon in one nine hundred ninety two twenty five people were killed and more than one hundred fifty others were injured. around a million people took to the streets of barcelona to demand independence on town alone is national day the protesters were also calling for separatist leaders to be freed from jail they are currently awaiting trial for their part in catalonia has failed bid to break away from spain last year. european commission president sean has called for europe to unite and become more of a global player in his state of the union speech speaking to the european parliament in strasbourg called for stronger borders and asylum reform to tackle migration and he pledged to ensure an orderly exit for britain in the us he also
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proposed measures to crack down on terrorism and election meddling and to abolish daylight savings time. european seventy will never be too active. you must remain. just a tolerant constant as we remember that us europe will never become a fortress turning its back on the world moment. in particular the sufferings of the world. it is about us europe must give up on it will remain a multi. will continent because the world belongs to everyone not just the few. well following the proceedings at the european parliament in stratford day is d w correspondent max hoffman max it was a big it was his last big speech rather for you as head of the e.u. commission what were the most important points for him. it touched upon
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number of topics as you could expect migration taking up a big part again he said we need to increase the number of border agents we have with the e.u. border agency but i would say as you just mentioned terry the older arching topic the main point he wanted to drive home was that the e.u. needs to be more of a world power not just in matters of trade because it undoubtedly already is that area but also a politically and even militarily in he gave an example here he said when he went to the u.s. president to negotiate well the beginnings maybe of a new trade agreement he was successful because the european union has this power has this has this market and doesn't have to be afraid to show it and he would like the european union to be more like that be more conscious of its power to use it for the good of the european union and also for its values and not be afraid of that but be proud of that even. now the e.u.
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is having an election next year the parliament coming up just a few months from now and may leave what. still expect to realistically be able to achieve during the time that remains for him in office. you know you're right i mean the european election is you know a couple of weeks before that it's going to be really hard to change anything so this needs to be fairly quickly. mentioned a couple of points for example the e.u. japan free trade agreement which is already pretty far along so this seems fairly realistically that have a political agreement on the next budget which is going to be more complicated because it's going to be without the united kingdom most likely and of course it's crucial to know what you spend the money for then he mentioned something which was interesting he said we need to make sure that the euro becomes more of a world currency than it is at the moment and he gave an example he said for example when european airlines. european airplanes they still have to pay in u.s.
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dollars for that he called that ridiculous he said that needed to change absolutely and this would be of course also part of strengthening the euro zone and the fourth part and this goes back to the thing we just discussed is to have a different way of deciding foreign policy matters with a qualified majority because right now you have different voices in foreign policy matters within the european union and here also he wants the e.u. to speak with one voice thank you so much to me as much huffman that in. to nigeria where navigating the waters of the nation's ports has become a perilous undertaking for fishermen because of shipwrecks lying just below the surface. went to lagos to meet some of the people affected by the maritime trash and to find out why it has become a dumping ground for disused ships. one of the largest and busiest ports in africa
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where boats and ships for space but over the years it has become a dangerous waterway. look at this rusty ship right there or rather what's left of it it's one of hundreds of other ships that were left behind. nigeria has become a graveyard for ships from all parts of the world the legal way to get rid of them is to dismantle and recycle them but that costs money no one knows the exact number of ships to be lowered to water the facts are felt more especially by fishermen. home was the one where working our nets get tangled in the metal below it damages or nets and we can't fish until we replace the net. result almost and tina it's coastal communities thank you way to have already been hit hard by unemployment chief raymond gold is a community manager and the situation is untenable. when laws are enforced there
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shouldn't be any kind of shipwreck on our waterways they should be removed immediately. laws are not strictly enforced people feel very free to do what is wrong so why all those laws enforced i asked david who for years has been trying to raise awareness of the problem but he's had little success. corruption because yearly we have huge amounts of money going into the budget of the regulators and nobody seems to be doing anything about it he demands a lawyer to have ships removed after a twenty day notice period to help save the environment. helps. break allows the sand dunes to be broken it destroys our coast make them more usable and pollution from oil spills chemicals and talks with substances the ships come with but also the government started prosecuting the owners of the vassals
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nigeria's armada of abandoned ships will just continue to grow. well here in germany we've been having a long hot summer mary hot very hot and you know what there are consequences terry's for example there's a shortage of potatoes in germany believe it or not and prices are set to rise this year's harvest came in below expectations as record temperatures and no rainfall hit most pharmacies badly several crops failed at thousands of farms the german farms association asked for one billion euros in aid from the government a billion pledged less than half of that amount the government says it would give three hundred forty million euros that means that farmers may have to pass on some of their losses on to the customers. well and. for more let's cross over to our financial correspondent was a man who today moved away from the front the trading floor to do some grocery shopping so cannot tell me how this long hot summer affecting the price of fruit
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and vegetables where you are. well monica prices are up of course take potatoes for example the client in the harvest this year is expected to be up to forty percent compared to the sea and that's why the prices for potatoes are farmers' markets like this one here in frankfurt are up around about thirty percent compared to last year other price increases of other products is even crasser the prices for q cumbers have risen one hundred thirty percent since last year because also produce that is. cultivated in greenhouses has suffered from the unusually hot some of this year the wine makers in germany are not talking about price increases for this year's vintage yet but they already say that the qualities of the will be exceptional this year especially of course for german
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white wine but also german red wine has been getting better and better because of all the some that the grapes have been getting this year and then we have to purchase our fruit in the liquid form in in the near future. let's talk about another fruit apple because apple is expected to present i phones right. that's true apple is predicted to present three new i phone models today and potentially an update of its apple watch but monica i can tell you people in the financial markets would rather hear a little bit more about the threat for apple's production lines at supply chains this threat comes from washington the u.s. china trade war is having a very negative impact on apple's supply chains as apple is fabricating so many of its products in china. you know china has become
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a more and more important market for apple two so it's not as easy as donald trump wants to see it apple cannot simply shift its production from china to the u.s. right. in frankfurt doing some grocery shopping bring us something please and thanks for the update. it is the biggest world economic forum in the assy and region to date ten countries that are part of the association of southeast asian nations are currently meeting in vietnam's capital noise to discuss economic challenges inequality and digitalisation. the claridge reports. business has been down here for years but there's little digitalisation apparent in one noise old town. just a few kilometers away however visions of the future are being discussed this huge congress center is in the modern business district of the vietnamese capital and it's here that the asean world economic forum is meeting never have so many
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southeast asian leaders attended the yearly event. vietnam's prime minister is promoting the region he says asean is already home to the world's largest economy digitalisation would drive growth further. we've been the world's factory until now that creates growth but now we'll see faster growth through innovative ideas it's in. the move. but the downsides of a technological revolution are also being openly discussed in hanoi millions of jobs could be at risk and inequality could rise especially for women. what we're seeing with the digital economy and as it grows is that the great strides that the as you and countries have made in closing the gender gap is actually widening again . we're seeing that women have less access to the internet less access to mobile
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phones. every person should be able to afford a smartphone that's one of the demands here that today at least would give everybody access to the digital economy. now at the summit. by claridge caught up with a former indonesian finance minister. to discuss the region's economic outlook. you're the former finance minister in tunisia what is your estimate of the current economic situation of. well if you talking about the. region in the whole it's still about you know a region with the highest economic growth in the world saw the potential is really dad you know and then but we see some challenges as well because some countries including indonesia and also philip in somehow effect that with the current situation related to the impact of this you know the normalization of the monetary
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policy in the us the contagion impact and also maybe a. potential trade war between us and china so i thing all the action countries should be aware and prepare for that so much repeat done from your point of few at the moment how can you take this current contagion dangerous the first one on the contagion issue i think it is very important to make sure that you know. both governments for example like philippines and initial. mini mice the impact of definitely the by raising you know for example like the interest rate somehow intervening this for at least the. market and also. some budget tightening in order to reduce the current account deficit because the culprit of this issue is about the fee hike kind of knock on deficit in the future of course if we have to scrub the current account deficit this should be fine and stewed of what and that investment in order to moderate the fatality in the case of
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possibly. trade water for example i think it is important for the us in countries to increase the interest rate you have to increase trade between the us in country says well in order to minimize if. the escalation about that war between us and china now at the moment he also sees the level of inequality in the asian countries rising how could this be taken from your point of view well as a. you know.
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people. people.
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money money money the bankers feeding frenzy continues unabated ten years after the lehman brothers collapse. but the players have changed. financial service providers are giving banks run for their money. are they on a roll to the next big crisis. made in germany next to the bone.
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failure face. cover your fingertips. your eye or. it is frighteningly easy to steal your data. crooks are all too eager to snatch it from the world series on t.v. faffed the criminal trade in biometric data. close up in forty five minutes on t.w. . lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. which is so clever the reason control to risk our lives one. of investment bankers off the chair so with the never stopped everybody was wrong the wanted to ignore the
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reality of the whole thing might blow off unless by six of a system that spun out of control. problems that will. cause everything the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on g.w. . it was one of the v. biggest seismic shocks in economic history believe in brothers bankruptcy it completely up ended the finance sector and caused political reverberations around the globe now one decade on could such a disaster strike again from greed to grief a main topic here on made i'm betting.

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