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what remains of those are still. the seeds of the civil rights. peace movement. plan. this week. i want to welcome to another action packed show is me your host of meghan lee we're covering lots of ground today so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up. digital displays the top london museum features a videogame exhibition. great event nerds featuring top selling wines from germany using the region. between the sheets
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a design cartel in belgium is a magnet for the rich and. video games have come a long way since pac-man or space invaders to become a large part of today's popular culture here in germany it's estimated that forty percent of the population play video games and that number seems to be growing will like them or not there's no disputing that video games are an integral part of many people's lives so much so the victorian albert museum in london has devoted an entire exhibition to the subject and shows the diversity of modern videogames and how they impact modern culture to this day. video games have become more than just a way to pass the time in fact they're currently being presented as an art form at a museum in london the victoria and albert is dedicating an entire exhibition to be deo games focusing on their development since the early two thousand years there is
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a turning point around that access to broadband to social media to new design tools and new commentary online new whites talk about video games help and it's really changed the nature of the media and moved it from a particular direction for its own much border wall but can explore different ideas . that applies to games with a million dollar budget. as well as small independent productions the show with the b.n.a. pays special attention to how games look toward expansion about modern design and so not sensitive video games make perfect sense to be explored here right now digital design is one of the most important elements of contemporary design and that's why we are at the forefront of exploring that one example of outstanding design is that twenty thirteen gaming epic that lanced of us. what are you still freight train cars and trucks players assume the roles of father and daughter
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trying to survive in a world ravaged by an epidemic. thanks to an exciting story line matched by deceptively realistic graphics the game is sold millions of copies. the exhibit reveals the months long painstaking work that goes into developing stories and game design. design is also key to the success of journey a surprise hit from twenty twelve. players roam a virtual desert that's where the game's developer. went to a real sandy environment to design. it went to that is no dunes of the store through l.a. and decided to spend time running in the sand and you could see me playing with a scarf in the air and you know just sliding and walking and feeling with the sand
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felt like because we really wanted to build this summer said world where this and does a unique feature. journey was the first video game ever to be nominated for a grammy it soundtrack was a contender in twenty thirteen. oh. i think one of the biggest things that you can do is you can really reach for something new and different go into the blue ocean and try to find other things unique feeling or unique style or unique way of interacting that really captures hearts. the exhibition also make space for games that dive into topical social issues like the game how do you do it with its playful take on gender issues. the graveyard tackles issues of aging players take on the role of an elderly woman a big contrast to brutal first person shooters. harvey and marcos i mean
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developed the game a lot of video games deal with deaths but they deal with them in very artificial ways and confronting a gamer with the idea of death was sort of in a way we were playing with their expectations of what games death is and then also making them think about well the human condition at the same time just what we wanted to show this this confrontation of life and death in the city and the harmony between those. in the virtual and the real worlds are growing closer. for example game fashion to see inspired by design. as in reality and vice versa. players go beyond just playing it they create they they take the characters from these walls offline in create culls play and they create communities and you know i think both of these there isn't some topics of superphosphate for the future of anyway. sure to victoria and albert museum and back at the beginning at least in
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occurrence it's an arcade retro style hands on that you can touch and try out culturally experimenting and having fun is what games are all about and in this case in a museum. while another exhibition is drawing to many visitors to moscow a berlin landmark turns fifty and a new film about the famous playwright bad told the silver screen those stories and more coming up in today's express. the new film about their top breasts threepenny opera has made it to the silver screen. starring to be a small retie and last idea the german a belgian production premiered in berlin on monday. the tale of murder and prostitution was first to be filmed in the late one nine hundred twenty s.
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incorporation with the author but rest on the company found out. this morning. first brought them to preserve his knowledge is the basis of this spectacular film within a film production team of the new friends to real life it goes on general release starting september thirteenth. jewels once worn by hollywood star elizabeth taylor are now drawing visitors to a new exhibition in moscow gotti italian luxury. over a century old. the exhibition traces the history of the one time family business and includes the engagement ring richard burton gave to elizabeth taylor. got a tribute to femininity is at the moscow crim the museum until january thirteenth.
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bergen's famous new national gallery marks its fiftieth birthday the glass box with its overhanging plant steel roof was the final project by architect. the listed building has been closed since twenty fifteen to undergo a complete refurbishment by david chipperfield architect to fly in the oil one there are two new rooms that connect to the public spaces. i'm different in a certain way fifteen with needs original rooms. in the gallery are set to reopen in twenty twenty. this week in our series creative bittner as we're featuring various wine growing regions in europe this time we're headed to the southern german mosul valley where the terrorist vineyards along the river represent the largest steep slope wine growing area in the world top quality riesling is also produced here but the many visitors who come here
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don't just come for the wine mosel valley is also beautiful and has been named one of the top ten sites to visit in germany. the mosel valley is just an hour's drive from the city of tria it's famed for its wine growing culture. romans who brought wine production to this region. the terrain is challenging no where else in the world either so many steep slopes vineyards as there are here. they may look picturesque but they're hard work. and this year's hot dry summer has kept the growers guessing marcus long and from the long est hopes the prevailing high temperatures and lack of rain will give his great balance level of rightness. we can expect a very good twenty eight. long wind after just measured eighty two degrees on the
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ursula scale in the great. goodness and it'll feel too much wine is not good either because then the winds have too much alcohol and the mosul isn't known for high alcohol wines but. more delicate wine. so now they're hoping for rain so that the grapes are juicy enough otherwise the visitors will have to start harvesting quickly marcus long is getting his cellars ready he needs enough space to prove the great after they've been picked. red wines would actually be better suited to the unusually hot climate marcus long and grow some red wine varieties like cabernet sauvignon and more low. the sun kissed summer has the wine growers hoping for a super vintage for their reds they could even compare with some of these rarities from the one nine hundred sixty s. seventy's and eighty's and marcus long collection. in twenty eighteen is
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a very mature vintage and that means wines that you can store for a long time. and we will definitely store some of the rioters whether white or red he'll like. the great german poet johann. enjoyed what he described as delicious and. today's winners are producing world renowned premium riesling winds like marco. just tasting room is deliberately trained so nothing distracts from the wine. marcus took over his father's wine a state in the one nine hundred eighty s. and made it. one of the region's largest. wine connoisseurs from all over the world swear by money to our wines at auctions the best of them fetch prices as high as four thousand euros per bottle. feel it is in this disease of this thing where many people don't realize that two hundred years ago our riesling ones were
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the most expensive ones in the world by far the thing that this doctor to be tried in the one nine hundred twenty s. a reason cost two or three times as much as the most expensive or dollar burgundy so our aim and that of other highly successful wineries is to bring the most all back to where it was one hundred years ago. each slope is different with its own individual flavors but ninety percent are devoted to one great reason to get the best results the grapes are harvested as late as possible the slate soils make morsel rieslings unique. is easy and before you see how fine the slate is here it produces very mineral rich riesling wines with spicy notes and what's great about this slate is that it's always releasing new minerals into the soil which i guess it's. slate gives the most a wind its trademark taste it's also the building material for this prize winning architecture. marcus long and rents out to visitors so as not to be exclusively
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dependent on wine growing guests can stay overnight in these winter cottages the italian architect much to turn designed i'm inspired by the figures typical worker cuts on the slopes. he must get to be. out of our guests have never been to the most already full they don't know this valley and are only discovering it now we didn't used to have the accommodations so these are all new guests many architecture freaks but also cyclists hikers and people on leisure trips in the. state has plenty to offer because riesling the number one attraction it can also be enjoyed as a. handshake and. draws visitors with its beautiful vistas of the river and the hills it's one of germany's top travel destinations. it's the great
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coverage that make it one of the country's favorite tourist attractions. thing on the subject of wine we would like to know where you like to enjoy a glass or two just go to our website for all the details on how to enter our drawn by taking part you qualify to win and exclusive watch right top designer karl lagerfeld is not just known for his fashion sense and a photographic eye he's also infamous for his direct and often derogatory comments now his words are certainly worth their weight in gold so here are. outrageous remarks that only karl lagerfeld could get away with. longer felt verdict is feared and often scathing. no one in paris knows her. flower prints for overweight matrons in two thousand and twelve lagerfeld pulled no
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punches about sweat pants. sweat pants are a symbol of failure you've lost control of your life and you walk around in sweat pants this talk show remark takes place on our list. his opinion seems to impress everyone except himself two years after ridiculing sweat pants he sent down the catwalk in sweat pants. fashion is fickle and karl lagerfeld the pit of my eyes is that that's logical enough trends come and go he says including when it comes to models. someone thought of as beautiful today will hardly find a cleaning job to. maro. this statement shocked the fashion world we rated fourth among lagerfeld books in two thousand and eleven he even disparaged clodius schiffer long his muse no one wants to see her any more. in the meantime they're bosom buddies again. there's one gal he'll never say anything bad
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about his favorite new. siamese cat with blue eyes has a hold on lagerfeld otherwise well controlled emotions are third place. i never would have thought i'd fall in love so hard if i could i'd marry shoe pet said the master in an interview in two thousand and thirteen it's rumored to even eat at the same table everyone knows that lagerfeld would never humiliate a partner by making her eat off the floor. sunglasses and black gloves powdered hair and a rolls royce karl lagerfeld is extravagance personified yet the designer considers himself pretty well grounded. i've got my feet firmly on the ground but not on this earth is how he defines his life style second place for that remark we believe him implicitly. but don't be
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fooled by the glitz and glamor karl lagerfeld success is based on hard work and discipline even if he pretends otherwise. i don't know stress i only know stross rhinestone he once said coquettishly now that's a worthy line for the top of the charts an outrageous lagerfeld remarks in any case karl lagerfeld doesn't let the fashion circus worry him maybe that's the secret of his success. i wonder if karl lagerfeld would have anything to say about the subject in our next report the or the white. hotel in belgium it's known to be popular with the stars and its guests include singers carla bruni and adele now the hotel is in a seventeenth century building located in the center of town no two rooms are alike with the lots of attention given to detail and design visitors will have to dig
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a bit deep in their pockets though if they want to stay here is the room start at three hundred euros per night so let's have a look now at what makes this accommodation so special. want to sleep under the same roof as the rich and famous in antwerp old quarter then with sydney hotel that's the place for you own up to shop posts models musicians and actors from around the world in the refurbished seventeenth century building. so you know we have some by spirit for i feel welcome well for example three or four weeks ago carla bruni was here oh and she wrote you thank you. for the great time caught in a brownie. and then pop. thanks very much very much and his signature signature. and their own there's this guy. he comes every two or three years trying to work when i'm defo. thank you de witt to the lease says and then he says and
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then he writes thank you part. but the same room that carla bruni and other v.i.p.'s use you have to book the presidential suite double to missed us as a double room that cost six hundred thirty five euros a night out but you can also book it as a single and then it's around four hundred ninety five. prominent guest enjoyed the privacy not long ago adele stayed here. hello. it's me. does. she run of the entire hotel for a whole week and every night yes she slept in a different room and the theme of the show off and. shop bought the hotel in two thousand and eight and remodeled it according to his own taste. in motel minutes and you know we use only the best materials in the sotto that's it from the place is from flavor paper that's
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a top wallpaper store in brooklyn shift in brooklyn and we went there ourselves. one of its designers is lenny kravitz the singer songwriter rabbits living kravitz there's a single songwriter. all the items of furniture in the hotel sign are objects not surprising as but to shop and worked in the furniture industry for years and knows many prestigious design this person and he got the idea of opening its own hotel as he grew tired of going on business trips. can feel him through spent a lot of time sitting around in airports and slept at a better oh tells and that's what i'm interested to know tells but i never studied hotel or anything like that nothing. needs no. shop runs the deal with an elite together with a longtime employee and his family. over the past decade he's rebuilt all the
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eleven rooms the hotel owner leads nothing chance. he plans every detail like in the new suite being complete in the attic the shop is not just fond of exclusive wallpaper and furniture while traveling he was often annoyed by narrow or impractical bathrooms for me. when i go on vacation i stop when i visit or syria or go to the beach beach the most important thing in the room for me is the bathroom and good having a really good shower. here they're actually all gold faucets and the shower is concealed in a kind of chandelier. but the kitchen is not hidden away behind closed doors any guest who feels like cooking can use it. sometimes the guests come to the kitchen or make themselves in their cafe that's it it's cozy and people feel home here that's part of the idea of the hotel from.
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as long as no celebrity has reserved the entire hotel the ball it's open to everyone. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook live. we do love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d w euro max on facebook. and finally anyone who follows the british royal family knows that the windsors are closely related to german nobility in fact they were known as the house of sax
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a coburg and until nineteen seventeen now after world war one they chose to change their name for political reasons distancing themselves from their war seeking german relatives whether they like it or not the windsors can't erase their lineage so we take a closer look now at their german groups. going to go to get ready for a royal experience two hundred thousand visitors a year come here to take in the town's rich history up close. friedan's time palace is home to the ernestina vetting dutchy from which the house of saks coburg and go to derives. its an influential dynasty related to more than twenty royal families throughout europe including the house of windsor. is a dinner steve and this dynasty began an england when victoria married prince albert
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of. the house of sax called warden go to it has been in england ever since up until the reign of queen elizabeth the who didn't area coburg but amount batton she want to exhibit something from the british royal family when we can even if it's just the queen's hat creamers the current popularity of the house of windsor has spurred interest in the love story of prince albert and queen victoria the couple had nine children together next year marks their two hundredth birthdays yet they're still grabbing even young people's attention. and it's really albert and victoria who turned the house of saks coburg and goto into a household name but he says all their marriage created that english royal line which made the family enormously influential live with us after this july princess stephanie of sex coburg and go to said i do to her bridegroom young star in
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a ceremony at freedom stein palace it was the first blue blooded wedding that in over two hundred years. city officials now hope that interest in its blue blooded history will continue to make the region a popular travel destination. and that regal. we have run out of time for to say but don't forget to check us out on facebook or go to our website to see any of the reports again as always from me and the rest of us here in berlin thanks for tuning in and we'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow for more reports on european lifestyle. next time on your own rights to retain your own rock formation in greece is a fascinating place these are paradigms for rock climbers worth more than eight
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hundred moves to choose from the region is best known for the monasteries perched upon the hills. stuck on your own.
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home. rise and shine time to cast off lucas a steak is taking an outing the welcome to my hamburg summer tour always pretty close to the water and there's plenty of it in this city. thirty minutes long t.w. . bored bored bored bored bored.
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has to laugh. at him from people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't write it's how people call me daily problems. as a journalist i often talk about these folks and that binds me to less look which of them i left as fact my day by checking all to all those jobs finding out what people are talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about to book that describes i keep going to the state my name is now the school and i work at g.w. .
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this is you get musicology not from the butt end but go right to our correspondent years in central istanbul we have our little correspondents here in the studio let's bring in a full check out here from our poland at deficit going through the box office of correspondent frank for more on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in and it's all about. perspective closer. dubliners good to. see her first day of school in the jungle. first listen to the. band doris grand a moment arrives. join during a take on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour of the ring to tame returns home on d w dot com arena times.
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and places. the lead to. play. this is d w news live from berlin taking a stand against right wing extremists i love arkell condemned the violence of recent demonstrations against migrants in eastern germany and says there can be no justification for hatred towards people who look different from the far right off edition accuses her of ignoring the concerns of its supporters. also coming up the european parliament.


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