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tv   Check-in - Check-in Hamburg in the summer  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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everybody is wrong to want to ignore the reality that the whole thing might blow up in the face of a system that strong out of control. of the us that will. cause. the current investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . as they say here in the north in hamburg on the elder i spent the night on this houseboat a former fishing boat. it's still
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a bit early in the half city district but the weather forecast promises sunshine. welcome to my hamburg summer tour always pretty close to the water from the concert hall through the entertainment district. to the beach and if you're going to. we also look into hamburg music history at the legendary star club. a graffiti artist guides us to the sights of his hometown of houston. and the viewer video shows us a trip to mexico and guatemala. but first a tour also a form of fishing boats built in one thousand nine hundred forty seven. shows me
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his ship. no entry in that's right and it's sacred. and that's all the original you haven't changed anything that's all it's all absolutely original. still works do you have to check it regularly if as well when we turn on the engine we have to check it in advance but it runs. in white tight years do you ever hit your hair ways at least a few times that's let me show you the living room because i tried to make it very cozy i was going to want to i. could if i so where we're standing in this beautiful living room this used to be the hole for fish you know exactly this is the belly of the ship here's where they kept the fish cool on ice. do you leave the harbor sometimes or is it permanently more dear. to how it's fully functional we could set out right now for spain for instance or whatever you want about it is ok maybe
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another time today i want to check out hamburg. while i go to check out the film when he you can take a quick look at the most important information on hamburg everything you should know about the city. from the river elbe to its tributaries the ulcer and hamburg there's water everywhere. the port of hamburg the third largest in europe is very important to the economy. often city in new residential and business district is also home to hundreds newest attraction the elbe philharmonia. it's right next to the historical. which with its nine hundred century warehouses is a unesco world heritage site in one of the former workhouse. the maritime museum
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documents three thousand years of seafaring history. the world's biggest model railway is also in the special start it also shows hamburg with the philharmonia and the port in miniature. around the lake known as the inner allstar you'll find the old city center with a town hall one point eight million people live in hamburg making it germany second largest city. its main church sunk michelle michelle for short is visible from afar. the hanseatic city offers plenty of places to stay the four seasons hotel and hotel atlantic are among the most luxurious. hamburgers one of the most visited cities in germany just behind berlin and munich
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. it took a long time and was more expensive than expected but it seems to have paid off the elp feel many concert hall has won many fans since its opening in two thousand and seventeen that makes it quite difficult to get concert tickets but the visit to the observation deck the plaza is free. a great new balcony three hundred sixty degrees pure hamburg. where are you from but i'm from the united states but i've been living in bahrain for ten years. what do you do here i'm just here on a holiday spending break in hamburg with my good friend young peter and enjoying.
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city where you from from russia or voyeur up you're at the other if you know many. because it's a landmark in hamburg and it's a place you have to visit if you're in hamburg implement them on the combo is all this is good as i heard that it's very difficult to get tickets good so you just get in line and hope for the best and it was similar to what was at six pm we'll go to the box office and hope we get tickets so you know any tricks to get tickets just luck. that's all that's so i'll give it a try i seem to be lucky. but if you get good look at hamburg it's not just a port city hamburg is also a music city composers such as philip till a month and johannes bombs used to work here and hamburg has also left its mark on rock and pop music history. and hamburg sang probably district the beatles gained important experience for their international career it all started in the early sixty's on the stage off the sparkle of
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a legendary place that has made history. nine hundred sixteen seventeen years after the end of world war two hamburg's rebel had been cleared away and its economy was flourishing. but the generation gap was huge young people were looking for alternatives and amusement. rock'n'roll was new and played an important role but teenagers could only listen to it on the radio and in a few cups. says local big week month for advice lita and bucks and way to host fashion founded this stuff club the name said it all. behind beyond almost else i'm good fun we started up something that reflected the mood that was simmering among young people. the. that's why we put posters up all over hamburg
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saying the hard times are over and corny music has had its day and i managed to sign the beatles. on i was going to. and we opened on april thirteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty two with a big bang. it's ninety. two to five months each of the pieces got five hundred a week. i'll never forget how a kid from the port who might have been able to shout out some orders suddenly had to announce the beatles. was. opening the stock market starts for the fab four's meteoric rise. they played a total of seventy nine gigs that. uses were ecstatic there was live
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music to six am seven days a week. thousands of people could fit into the club magically attracted by stars they'd only heard on radio. from fats domino to little rich. but the enjoyment had its dark side how big was home to a unique use protection squad that carefully scrutinize the sometimes under age visit his to the stock. sex drugs and rock'n'roll were still in the side of the police some classic dialogues took place. how old are you i'll be eighteen and when will you be eighteen in august. you just turned seventeen. yeah. of course many hamburg teenagers trying to get into the hottest club in the city as a challenge. and i simply am and everyone under
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eighteen has to leave. and we found ways to get back into the kitchen once they caught us again. but less conformist teenagers remain choosy and on what days hardly anyone came. the rock and pop stars became more expensive so in one nine hundred sixty nine the star-club closed deep in debt. the building of the star-club was later demolished in the courtyard of the new building you will find this plaque. probably is still one of the most famous districts of hamburg famous and notorious here you will find pubs and grandfathers a red light district and culture and all of it not far from the elder.
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pole the even has a small museum where you can find out what has shaped the district. because pollie was originally a border region between the danish city of atlanta and they had the attic city of hamburg residents here knew how to use this kind of free space dance halls and cheap entertainment have for the part of the since the seventeenth century. image of prostitution in crime evolved over the years because you wouldn't have gotten. some to is in constant flux i'd say the red light district image which now plays a role in many tourists perceptions and in marketing strategies it's very much influenced by the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's. and. lots of clichés emerge that. for example the gold chains mullet hairdos and so. on survivor. nobody with these
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cliches they try to attract tourists by saying we have a red light district we have gangsters that might interest some people but only i think so. we have the sump polly museum don't think of ourselves in that well but we try to present everything in the development of the district and we try to enable visitors to understand how certain myths were formed him push them to and some are just myths and some are cliches and even she's to counter that the museum shows portraits of women who have shaped the. bus from that into what should they do to earn a place on the wall i have his it and here we see susie rich she and her husband own susie show bar and i think it's the only table dancing establishment under female management to get. to him and i find that quite important finish from the top and even if it does have business run differently they say so as
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a better or worse fairer than what the women who work there say is clearly yes yeah ok. it is there anything you would like to see changes. in time just right now i want to stop rents from rising so it remains possible for these things to develop knishes and spaces where unusual concepts still have a chance and that's. why the nucleus and wore off wouldn't have been here concept i don't know. why as i think we should all recognize the value of a district that has experienced so much freedom and retained it over the centuries that it's special and the liberties we have are worth protecting. it is insistence that he's done cranks that sums it up nicely. we regularly visit spectators who show us the sights of their hometowns in today's media local thought we went to houston texas it's the fourth largest city in the united states and it bourse
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interesting architecture and graffiti art as well as a space center. how do you welcome in houston my name is gonzo two four seven i'm a graffiti street artist here in the city born and raised and i'm looking forward to showing you my favorite parts of the city. so you might think you know houston usually when you think of it though you think cowboys horses and barbecue which we have but not all the times you think about graffiti history art houston is a great time it's a great place and it's really open to the arts.
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so here we are right in the middle of downtown as you can see everything's bigger in texas we have the architecture we have the theater district we have everything you can eat the diversity is here this is our symphony texas size. now here we are downtown houston amongst the tower and skyscrapers tranquility park a nice a waste of green space for the everyday person to enjoy inspired by the first phrase spoken from the moon houston tranquility base here the eagle has landed. one of the things i love about tranquility park really the name says it all if you can listen around you hear the nicest kind of coldness of the water it's very refreshing very soothing it's a really good place to come you have a hectic day in downtown you can come here relaxed. when visiting houston another must see is space and houston since we are the space city.
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so as a kid i used to watch these things go up into space it's amazing for me to be here in houston space city and be able to walk inside an actual space shuttle. so this is what it's like to live inside a shuttle check this out this is the sleeping bag where the a strap yourself in for a good night's rest. we even have the actual astronaut suit amazing. wachter a long day in the city there's only one way to cool down and that's what a nice tall texan beer.
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well that was my day here in houston hope you guys had a good time hope you guys can call down next time you hear don't forget visit houston and so i lose. p.-l. the fairies they are a pretty inexpensive way to do some sightseeing in hamburg the ferries belong to the public transportation network. i'm on the way from design poli piers down the old. everywhere there is something to see for example the museum harbor in uganda. the people of hamburg are very proud of the harbor and they show that every year around
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the seventh of may on that day in the year eleven eighty nine emperor bob are also said to have issued a license for the port and that's a pretty good reason to celebrate say over one million visitors every year. even if the charter founding the port is a thirteenth century forgery people have been celebrating it since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven the birthday bash attracts locals and visitors to the elba for three days. you know it doesn't everyone's always in a good mood it's always relaxed and handed is always worth seeing and off to shift it's great to climb on to the vessels and see how things work on the tall ships with us or not for physical assailant i thought everything the port the atmosphere water the sea ships.
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the ports anniversary traditionally begins with the grand arrival parade with vessels ranging from motor boats to tall ships and all the more than three hundred ships come to the festival every year. but that was the specter. kalid stands on to land where concerts on stages and vendors selling arts and crafts and food. shopping. among the festivals highlights is the traditional tugboat ballet with skipper's acting as choreographers. the ports origins may be veiled in mystery but the people of this hanseatic city make the most of it with maritime displays and celebrations every year.
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you can also take a dip in hamburg's river after years of pollution the water quality of the elder is clean enough to swim and bathing in the elbe it has a long tradition is specially during the nineteenth century journalist and author helen has already written two books about it like many local she's a fan of the river. but what moves you to swim in the elba every day. fasted and all burst every day it's a great pleasure it's just wonderful. the elderlies at my doorstep i can go in it when i want i can do what i want in the air almost everything and this is sensuous experience the water in the flowing streaming rising and falling water i enjoyed immensely but what should i keep in mind when getting into the water there are
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certainly a few dangers as a man's are they as adults you have to be able to swim extremely well beginner's training is not enough. you should also be able to feel the river bed under your feet then you're basically safe that way you can always scramble out of the water if you need to and you shouldn't get too near the shipping channels you should swim when the water is rising because then it's coming in from the sea and at least feels cleaner than when it's ebbing and coming from the port not really of course never when drunk and not in a thunderstorm all the traditional swimming rules that apply to lakes also apply here would not be all these were here in the old but there are certainly other people to do you think this is a new trend to get. i hope the custom of swimming in the elba returns. since german reunification many sewage treatment plants have been built in eastern germany and the water has become much cleaner. for twenty or thirty years it was
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really dirty so i think the idea of having nature at your doorstep on the outskirts of a city with a population of millions and being able to use it out should be revived and then more and more people can see how lovely. the american beach is in hamburg have lots of visitors and that weekends in the summer and during school holidays there are many tourists in america and most know that the water ebbs and flows and avoid lying too close to the edge when the water is rising and. make so now about all of us are. all the. and what do you wish for the future should be areas be developed more or do you have a concrete vision for how you see your city of hamburg and. fenders yes i think it would be great to rethink been planning so that when something new is built in the time that fear it takes the elder into account says the river remains accessible the of course making sure the city remains protected as well. but. that's to stop
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should only a beginning has been made on the magellan terraces in the huff and city district and now. there are some good ideas there are steps leading to the roof and sometimes into the woods and that's great when it works but it happens much to rarely. ok i love it thanks so much. of course i have to try this now my first swim in v.l. bit just the thing on such a beautiful summer day. now we leave the old and cross the atlantic because our weekly the mail takes us to mexico and guatemala we go to him from south korea has sent us his travel
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impressions it's a collage of adventures and dancing. here it. is going up. and coming up on. the money. and you're going up.
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there is hardly a better place to end the day on the displace the sean penn the bar it's famous in hamburg what a wonderful view. eleven. hamburg without the elbow that's impossible the river is hamburg lifeline so on the one hand it's a useful traffic route and on the other it's in a way a sense of tranquility so no wonder the elbow fascinates so many people including
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myself sure thing. mocks the body clocks. the be. the be able to. model. the body. the the. the. the
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but. the money money money the bankers feeding frenzy continues unabated ten years after the lehman brothers collapse. the players. financial service providers are giving banks run for their money. are they on a. crisis. made in germany thirty minutes. beaumont
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crying i go to run the motherland. young people the build against the current generation. but it wasn't played dusty from the stupidity anticipated speech to the big demented nothing less than a home to slave maelstrom of senseless violence with the be a moment for playing a key role in the generation i'm going to watch the bloom out war every day in the days when we're going to remember though for most of the first time i had a feeling of being part of something or. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement the women's movement or hopelessness during this period played sixty of. the global players we double.
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play. play . this is either be a news lie from the european parliament vote to take action against hungary. for undermining democracy in europe. it's the first time such a procedure is going launched in the history of the parliament the vote was spearheaded by a dutch politician who told european lawmakers it was time to make a choice but budapest has vowed to defy the odds also coming up on the american condemns the violence and.


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