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during this period alexandra steele. this week. played. live. this is deja vu news live from berlin the european parliament votes to take action against hungary for undermining democracy in europe alex the first time such a procedure of the monster in the history of the parliament the vote was spearheaded by a dutch politician who told european lawmakers it was time to make a choice but budapest has vowed to defy the law. also coming up on the american
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condemns the violence of recent demonstrations against migrants in eastern germany and says there can be no justification for hatred towards people who look different . and the southeast of the united states is bracing for the worst hurricane in six decades more than a million residents have been ordered or advised to evacuate as the storm barrels towards the carolinas and virginia. i'm serious almost got a good to have you with us in an unprecedented move the european parliament has passed a motion to punish hungary's government for undermining core values lawmakers voted by a large margin to trigger the article seven process that could result in sanctions which would strip hungary of its e.u. voting rights a recent report criticized president viktor or bonds populist governments for silencing the media dismissing independent judges and encouraging grassed in an
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earlier speech to the european parliament over an accused pro migrant forces in the e.u. with threatening to blackmail hungary. and standing by for us in mexico to see you so the european parliament voted in favor of triggering article seven that's punishing hungry for violations of rule of law what does this mean now for hungary. well first of all this is highly symbolic as you just mentioned it's the first time this is happening at least in the european parliament we all know there was an article seven procedure against poland but that was triggered somewhere else ok so this is highly symbolic already sends a message but of course everybody talks about the nuclear option at the end of which possibly gets stripped of its voting rights but let me just tell you it's a long way to get there and that decision at the end is unanimous among the member states meaning that if for example poland vetoes that it won't happen but we're not
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there yet like i said first of all this goes to the member states and they have to agree with the parliament that there is the risk of the breach breach of some e.u. fundamentals they don't need unanimity for that but that's the next step we expect this to happen or at least the member states to discuss this within the next months so this is highly symbolic so as you said max but also that's the president so what does this mean for the european union. it just shows how deep that rift has become between some of those member states on the one hand you have countries like hungary with viktor orbán who made an appearance by the way here at the european parliament tuesday and was completely uncompromising that camp is growing you also have part of the telling government that's part of it now with my deal with i mean you the interior minister also right wing populist parts of poland and you could also say that even parts if you stretch it of the german government sympathize with that movement with the very insistent party of i'm going to back roads c.d.u.
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well and on the other hand you have those who stress that they need we need solidarity that the rule of law needs to be upheld that freedom of the press is essential and it's hard to see how this bridge will be get this unprecedented vote came actually just after you commission president jiang urged the e.u. to speak with one voice in a speech that he gave earlier today is that what we're essentially see. i talked to you. after a speech will see that interview later i'm sure on the w. and he said i've given up on reasoning with the big bond so he doesn't really have a recipe to bridge that gap he insisted though that if the e.u. speaks with one voice it can really be a global player not only on trade but also politically and militarily but he did acknowledge you know there's this huge problem you need to speak with one voice but that's exactly what the you is not doing at the moment and as i said earlier it's unclear how it will get to that one voice it might even get worse after the parliamentary elections next may here because
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a lot of. a lot of people predict that the right wing populists will gain a significant number of seats. max hoffman reporting for us from strasburg talking . now to some other stories making headlines around the world united nations agencies have been allowed back into myanmar as record state for the first time since more than seven hundred thousand brokenshire muslims fled the area last year foreign aid groups had previously been granted only limited access. russia's president vladimir putin says russia has identified the two men suspected of poisoning a former spy and his daughter in england he says they are civilians and there is quote nothing criminal there u.k. security forces have named them as russian intelligence officers you mcluckie for the leaders of ethiopia and eritrea have reopened a crossing points on their shared border for the first time in twenty years it
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comes after they signed an agreement in july to restore ties eighty thousand people were killed in a two year war between the countries in the late one nine hundred ninety s. . here in germany chancellor angela merkel has said there is no excuse for using nazi slogans and attacking minorities in german society she was addressing parliament two weeks after demonstrations against migrants by right wing extremists turned violent in eastern germany the largest opposition party the far right a.f.d. choose miracle of ignoring the concerns of people worried about migration one member of the government accused the f.t. of using fascist language. as angela merkel arrived in parliament today it was already clear that this wouldn't be a normal address to the bundestag at the forefront was the recent far right violence in eastern germany she started her speech with a strong call for a common togetherness against exclusion and incitement it's good. there's no
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excuse and justification for incitement partially use of violence nazi hatred hostility towards people who look different own a jewish restaurant attacks on police and conceptual arguments about whether it's hate or hunts really don't help us. who live by. the largest opposition party in the bundestag the far right alternative for germany a.f.d. has drawn its own conclusions blaming foreigners a migrants for germany's problems. the list goes on. chancellor merkel you have nothing more to offer this country and its citizens except stubbornness arrogance and insults your barricading yourself in the chancellery further away from reality i repeat my question who in danger is the inner peace of this country. life the dispute over the basic
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values of german democracy and in the center of it all the german chancellor and her mind gratian policy. well our chief political editor michelle is at the going to start covering the story for us jaime sara how has this controversy surrounding candidates hurt the transfer. was the chance in the sense that it has helped the far right party because everything is seems to be about migration and really this debate today was bills to be about the future budget of germany was supposed to be looking into the future what priorities the government wants to set and then said merkel has yet another situation where she has to defend her own actions in fact she even has to defend her own rhetoric when she talks about those hunting scenes and the mob on the streets which is now being denied among some people within her own party and including the head of germany's domestic security service that itself has become a political issue here but for the if it's
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a success in that it keeps framing any issue about migration and all other parties one can really say are trying to make this more debate about are you for or against democracy are you for or against the rule of law and this was very much the nature of the debate that we saw here today show we also saw a very tense exchange between alexander gallants from the f.t. and also the former leader of the social democrats martin sure let's listen to some of that exchange. you don't see a complex up to reduce complex issues to a single topic and then to link it to a minority is a traditional fascist practice it's not that you have to speak to this fascist morse time to hide this morning thank you we are seeing this happening again today i'm no more yes thank you migrants i'm to blame for everything works like these have been heard in this time before and i believe it's time for democrats in this
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country to stand up and defend democracy in india is a blunder is this side that's the difficulty so you get these annoyed to be our happiness or that. that's how it clashes with what i have said has nothing to do with fascism and you are well that you are trying to exclude us from the democratic consensus but you will not succeed mr show it's my friends the. leading house words. so maybe i was so direct accusations of fascism in the german bundestag why are things getting so heated. well you can tell really from the martin sources the former head of the european parliament come to you and he said he is no stranger to reigning in delegates who are using racist language she now called the if tea out here as being fastest because he sees the continued escalation that we certainly saw in the streets of kennett's where we for the first time saw the far right party
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close ranks with picky eater and with extremist far rights groups many of whom were shouting pro hitler nazi slogans and also doing the salute so the argument really that is that they've come out of the closet that they can no longer argue that they really are on firm democratic territory here the if she protests and is accusing the other all other parties of having left the democratic corridor or is how the head of the parliamentary party group vital put it here today so it really depends on which side you look at it but also this is a debate that really goes to the core of the mood in germany versus what society has agreed on really what the fundamental values are of how you should do politics and now you should be able to voice your opinion on the streets of use chief political editor for us at the under star thank you well
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to parliamentary committees are due to grill the head of germany's domestic intelligence service. under pressure after questioning the authenticity of a video that chancellor merkel said showed hunting down migrants at the demonstration in chemist's critics accuse martin of playing into the hands of the far right and they are calling on him to step down. videos like this one where widely shared on social media and the candidates protests that led to the shelf carrying out racists attacks in the eastern german city on august twenty sixth but in a controversial interview with the top selling bill tabloid the chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency and sat. there is no evidence to suggest that the video footage circulating on the internet is authentic. remarks contradicted not only reports from eyewitnesses but also many reporters and alleged
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victims mohsen is a known critic of chancellor angela merkel's refugee policy his comments regarding cabinet openly contradicted her mind the year two new stuff you don't we've seen pictures that clearly show hatred and the persecution of innocent people and we must distance ourselves from such behavior response he says something and after calls for him to step down mass wrote back saying the video footage was authentic but gracious sizing the way it was circulated and communicate it. masson is not new to controversy he has been criticized in the past for meeting with politicians of the far right alternative for germany apache and giving them advise on how to award monitoring by his agency the federal office for the protection of the constitution the domestic intelligence service has also been accused of negligence in the case of the national socialist underground and neo nazi terror cell responsible for the
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death of ten people now mohsen has to see if you can still count on subparts especially from his spouse and minister hosty of. authorities in the southeastern united states are warning people to brace for devastation as hurricane florence heads towards the region the calling the storm a monster the governor of north carolina says it will be like nothing state has ever seen before and he urged people to follow orders to evacuate residents of coastal areas in south carolina and virginia are also being told to leave immediately. i think i have a theory. and i read them. a scramble to prepare before the storm hits. hurricane florence is expected to make landfall on thursday with torrential rains and winds of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. we are playing for devastation this is not a i like storm this is not
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a glancing blow this is a category four category five storm the hurricane is massive eight hundred kilometers in diameter this when the plane counted its size as it flew through the storm's eye. some one million people have now been ordered to evacuate coastal communities. most are taking the advice seriously boarding up their homes filling their tanks and emptying supermarkets. looks very ominous and we have we've been here for six years i haven't been through one this strong so you know safety first our family and just try and prepare the house as best as we can right now us president donald trump stressed the importance of evacuating the pentagon where you are you have to listen and you have to get out if they want you to get out because it's going to be
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impossible to have people get in there whether it's law enforcement or for him or anybody else once as they head to it's going to be really really bad along the coast trump has faced criticism for his administration's storm recovery efforts after a hurricane devastated the u.s. island of puerto rico one year ago leading to the deaths of nearly three thousand people. so far evacuations seem to be running smoothly police have reversed the flow of traffic on some highways so that all major roads lead away from the sea. now to nigeria where navigating the waters of the nation's ports can be a perilous undertaking for fishermen because of shipwrecks lying just below the surface debris is fine if a child went to lagos to meet some of the people affected by the maritime garbage and to find out why nigeria has become a dumping ground for disused ships. one of the largest and busiest ports in africa
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where boats and ships for space but over the years it has become dangerous waterway we don't have to look for long to find them look at this rusty ship right there or rather what's left of it is one of hundreds of other ships that were left behind. nigeria has become a graveyard for ships from all parts of the world the legal way to get rid of them is to dismantle and recycle them but that costs money no one knows the exact number of ships to the water the facts are felt more especially by fishermen. who are working are nets get tangled in the metal below. and we can't fish until we replace the net. result almost and tina it's coastal communities thank you rita have already been hit hard by unemployment chief raymond gold is
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a community manager and the situation is untenable. when laws are enforced there shouldn't be any kind of shipwreck on our waterways they should be removed immediately. are not strictly enforced people feel very free to do what is wrong so why all those laws enforced i asked david who for years has been trying to raise awareness of the problem but he's had little success. because. of money going into the budget of the regulators and nobody seems to be doing anything about it he demands to. have ships removed after a twenty day notice period to help save the environment. it helps. to be broken it destroys our coast make them more usable. pollution from oil spills chemicals and talks with substances the ships come with but into the
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government started prosecuting the owners of the vassals nigeria's armada of abandoned ships will just continue to grow. art in a round up now of the results from the new european football format the u.a.e. five nations league several heavyweights were in action on tuesday spain thrashed world cup finals croatia six nil world cup semifinal us back no way win in iceland bosnia-herzegovina managed to beat austria with a solitary goal at home and luxembourg for three past sun merino in a dominant performance. monica's here with business news now under the consequences of that very dry hot summer that we've had well i mean it was obviously pure joy for some people but there is a severe consequence when it comes to a certain amount of food supply there's a shortage of potatoes here in germany and prices to rise this year's harvest came in below expectations that is record temperatures and no rainfall here most farmers
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very badly several crops failed at thousands of farms and the german farmers association asked for one billion euros in aid from the government a billion pledged less than half of that amount the government said you're going to get from us three hundred and forty million euros that means a promise may have to pass on some of their losses to customs. for more let's cross over to our financial correspondent who today moved away from the front the trading floor to do some grocery shopping so cannot tell me how this long hot summer affecting the price of fruit and vegetables where you are. well monica prices are up of course take potatoes for example the decline in the harvest this year is expected to be up to forty percent compared to the us that's why the prices for potatoes farmers markets like this one here in frankfurt are up around about thirty percent compared to last year other price increases of other products
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even crasser the prices for q cumbers have risen one hundred thirty percent since last year because also produce that is. cultivated in green houses has suffered from the unusually hot some of this year the wine makers in germany are not talking about price increases for this year's vintage yet but they already say that the qualities of the will be exceptional this year especially of course for german white wine but also german red wine has been getting better and better because of all the some that the grapes have been getting this year and then we have to purchase our fruit in a liquid form in the near future. let's talk about another fruit apple because apple is expected to present i phones right. that's true apple is predicted to
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present three new i phone models today and potentially an update of its apple watch but monica i can tell you people in the financial markets would rather hear a little bit more about the threat for apple's production lines at supply chains this threat comes from washington the u.s. china trade war is having a very negative impact on apple's supply chains as apple is fabricating so many of its products in china. you know china has become a more and more import market for apple two so it's not as easy as donald trump wants to see it apple cannot simply shift its production from china to the u.s. right. in frankfurt doing some grocery shopping bring us something please and thanks for the update. this week marks the ten years since the collapse of lehman brothers an event that triggered the global financial crisis the impact could also be felt in asia already struggling with inequality especially in
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countries such as indonesia and india bangladesh however managed to narrow the gap between rich and poor and that also thanks to the action taken by one social entrepreneur. this is a school in a poor neighborhood of data. here children from underprivileged families have an opportunity to get an education. good you aren't going to know what les has an op ed founded the school he gave up his career as a corporate executive to establish brock in one nine hundred seventy two it's now one of the world's largest non-governmental development organizations it operates throughout bangladesh and in ten other countries in asia and africa it's established tens of thousands of schools launch community based health care programs especially for mothers and young children and provides micro credit so women can start their own businesses it's to get people from poverty
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a different angle not just improving in the when employment but also improving you know unities for the sake of. it access to education access to healthcare and access to a more dignified like that's what we want. in the newly industrialized countries of asia the gap between rich and poor is vast and growing according to the asian development bank the income of highly skilled and educated workers has been rising while the mass of the low skilled has been declining. in indonesia wealth inequality is particularly extreme class and education are key factors but also gender a study by oxfam found that women's wages across asia are between seventy and ninety percent of men. or more on the topic i'm joined by your claim a chief economist at commands good to have you with us so why do you think inequality is such a big problem in
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a merger economist especially since the global financial crisis. well i don't think that income inequality has significantly increased over the past ten years look at china for example sure the level of inequality in china is huge much higher than in the united states for example but over the over the past ten years the income level has increased a lot and we have seen the emergence of a middle class in china and these are arguments for for a decline in income inequality and also globally you can clearly see that income inequality on a global level has declined do you to the emergence of asia ok so if inequality isn't the biggest problem since the global financial crisis we suddenly see that emerging market currencies have come under enormous pressure do you think there's a connection between the financial crisis. i think the main reason
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for the for the current problem of the emerging market currencies the main reason the whole made think off turkey for example that the president prevented its central banks by citing the high level of inflation via high interest rates and this is a homemade problem but to some degree the financial crisis of the past of ten years ago also played a role because the fed the e.c.b. all these western central banks reacted to the to the financial crisis by implementing a very loose monetary policy by cutting their interest rates to zero and then western investors could no longer interest in their countries moved their funds to the emerging market and contrie butyrate to an increase in private debt which is partly also a problem effect to explain the weakness in their currencies whereas i think the
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main factor ok. we have about thirty seconds left some top economist among them nobel prize winner u.s. fed chief ben bernanke and they warn that the next financial crisis is just around the corner do you agree. well there's a risk is especially when you think of the e.c.b. because this loose monetary policy can fuel new bubbles in the future not in the next two to three years but on a five year perspective. ok your claim of the chief economist at command thank you so much. and is a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the european parliament has voted to stop proceedings against hungry for undermining core new values the notion was proposed by a dutch and yuki who accused one caring prime minister viktor orban of silencing the media dismissing independent judges and encouraging corruption. is the news
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coming live from london. money money money the bankers feeding frenzy continues unabated ten years after the lehman brothers collapse. the players a. little financial service providers are giving banks run for their money.
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are they on a roll to the next big crisis. made in germany. a home away from home for significant i'm going to feature. a small boutique hotel. room special atmosphere. passion for detail eccentric. and at the same time. your romex sixty minutes. contented going on and clearing swedish and. don't miss this story. she should johnson takes you along on a thrilling bone chilling journey. this coming. and going to.
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tell you stories on instagram. fun be told. his works is for two. and three. beethoven long twenty. it was one of the vien biggest seismic shocks in economic history believe in brothers bankruptcy it completely up ended the finance sector and caused political reverberations around the globe now one decade on could such
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a disaster strike again from greed to grief a main topic here on made i've been nice to.


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