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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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i know that apple extravaganza has the world's first trillion dollar company on bale's its latest iphone to line up three larger models with edge to edge screens and prices to match also coming up a year lawmakers passed a controversial new copyright law that could make tech giants responsible for what they use is. ten years on from the global financial crisis inequality remains a major problem in nature. this is your business update on how the home free thanks for joining me well apple has officially unveiled its latest smartphone to line up with customer a found say in cupertino california the company says that the i phone ten s. and its biggest sibling the i phone ten s macs will be priced at nine hundred ninety nine dollars one thousand and ninety nine dollars respectively they're
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supposedly the fastest i phones ever liquid proof and i have the most secure facial sent to the cation technology ever contained in a small for apple's counting on how some profits for the i phone ten s macs five companies biggest phone display to date it also highlighted new health features for its next generation up a watch including one allowing users to take their an electrocardiogram and another text when a person forms. of financial course want to save sharansky is in new york let's catch up with her now sophie tell us what's been the response so far to apple's latest offerings. well this year's i'm veiling was rumored to be impressive even by ethical standards and so now after as if they meant i would say one i was on the new i phone and the ever on the watch the watch because this is where apple introduced a big outbreak and it has
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a lot of potential to further growth and of course the i phone as it is still their most popular pen's most important product and employ have generated more than half of its revenue from i phone say it so far the biggest question about the new i phone being unveiled on wednesday was how much is it going to cost and now that we know the price is the question and retail action if you want it's going to be what is going to be the sweet spot for apple the apple stock has not reacted too strongly all day which is not too surprising to me as investors for the most part react to earning call but in the past have not really changed their mind. based on these events or it now we've got some of the biggest names in u.s. business say they're ready for a public fight with trump over tariffs they getting together what moves can we expect. yeah we're talking about the american free trade group and from california apple growers to maine lobster man these businesses
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are working together to try to keep president from getting deeper into the trade wars or conflict as they say that the terrorists are hurting us industries and this lobbying campaign is called terrorists for the heartland and this shows that a part of the u.s. economy that actually intended to part with the protectionist trade policy is not fond of his plan. so if months he owned will st thank you. well new york is now the world's most attractive financial center that's according to the latest said again financial centers index the rankings are based on infrastructure and since two professional stocks low. it is now second to new york the case decision to leave the e.u. has made the british capital less attractive has access to the european single market post bragg's it remains uncertain with that in mind several major financial institutions are moving jobs from london to other cities in europe including
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amsterdam and frankfurt. where european commission presidential cloten younger wants a bigger role for the euro and his state of the union address he called for the a huge do more to promote the euro as a colloquial currency that way the blocks currency can challenge the u.s. dollar said it was absurd that the pricing of the new energy imports is in dollars he wants it to be in euros that way european buy is no longer have to take into account the exchange rate between the euro and the greenback. well you know make as of now approved reforms to e.u. copyright laws that they say would force big online platforms like google and facebook to fairly compensate the originators of content but critics worry the noise might hindi user generated content and possibly even redefine internet freedom and the battle lines between creators and platforms are not a chore clearly drawn. it kills our hundred thirty eight parliamentarians were in
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favor two hundred twenty six against and thirty nine abstained controversial copyright reform in the e.u. is now in the pipeline pending final approval in january german m.e.p. axel vos table two law. lever colleague and ordinary colleagues thank you for the shared achievement this is a good sign for a creative industry in europe the feeling that i create tif industry in opar at the heart of the reforms are two major new standards article eleven with publishers now paid if say google links to their stories and article thirteen requires platforms like you tube and facebook to stop users from uploading unlicensed copyrighted material the reforms were vigorously backed by high profile names in show business including british musician paul mccartney he'd written an open letter to the european parliament urging fair compensation for artists ahead of the vote but not all artists favor the new rules for why clive john argued that for year when
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platforms held artists by allowing them wider exposure so if i was it's out of the artist do you really understand the power of your youtube and do you understand the tools that you can use i think that there's actually more things that you tube can do to actually show artists like you know take this whole like spoke eating like you know you don't get paid or whatever show them how to use their channel critics far more than the loss of brand building opportunity they say forcing platforms like you tube to effectively scan all sharing activity very quickly devolve into censorship and the loss of a free internet but both proponents and opponents agree on one thing the reforms are set to shake up the web not just in the e.u. but around the world. well there are all fewer than two hundred days until the u.k. leaves the european union and the future of relations between london and brussels remains unclear it poses
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a big challenge when it comes to the free movement of goods and is a headache for europe's largest force rotterdam as want companies to prepare for the choppy waters when britain leif's the e.u. . it's still business as usual at the poorest of russia or down. of the twenty ninth of march next year the date britain set to leave the european union that could all change after breakfast at the fifty four million tons of goods traded between the two countries could be subject to new rules. what's very important is that especially also companies that trades which the u.k. are aware of the things that might change for them because no it's quite it's free market goods are going to go in free and after that it will be different because if you have to have experts and for cations if you have imports controls you have to be very proud to do that some thirty eight thousand european companies rely on trade flowing through the ports of russia or down depending on the outcome of
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brantford negotiations more customs officials and agricultural inspectors may be needed to monitor goods entering the e.u. all the producers but also to consumers are dependent on that they receive this trade here in in the world today and we can even after the brics it still continue the same the straits as long as all the companies are preparing themselves for the best they can. each year some six hundred thousand trucks cost through the ports of russia on their way to britain with no details yet on the future of e.u. u.k. trade the dutch government has hired an additional five thousand customs officials to prepare for the event of a no deal breck's this measure that shows just how much things could change after the u.k. leaves the e.u. . the collapse of lehman brothers ten years ago triggered the global financial crisis it hit asia hard exacerbating inequality in many cases for bangladesh has managed to narrow the gap between rich and poor thanks to the action taken by one
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social entrepreneur. yes this is a school in a poor neighborhood of. here children from underprivileged families have an opportunity to get an education. you or anyone know what lay has an op ed found at the school he gave up his career as a corporate executive to establish brock in one nine hundred seventy two it's now one of the world's largest non-governmental development organizations it operates throughout bangladesh and in ten other countries in asia and africa it's a stoppage tens of thousands of schools launch community based health care programs especially for mothers and young children and provides micro credit so women can start their own businesses extricate people from poverty a different angle not just improving in the what employment but also improving you know committees for the big. that access to education access to healthcare and
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access to a more dignified like that for people. in the newly industrialized countries of asia the gap between rich and poor is vast and growing according to the asian development bank the income of highly skilled and educated workers has been rising while the mass of the low skilled has been declining. in indonesia wealth inequality is particularly extreme class and education are key factors but also gender a study by oxfam fans that women's wages across asia are between seventy and ninety percent of men. ryan as c.e.o. michael o'leary says his company will not rollover in response to strikes by pilots in cabin crew who made the comments in the face of a walkout by german pilots and capping crew staff which resulted in the cancellation of one hundred fifty flights in and out of germany today is the latest in a string of strikes staged by ryanair workers calling for better pay and working conditions
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. see up today with the latest from the world of business right now here's a look at the global markets.
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