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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Horace Cheung  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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currently. i'm concerned spics illness real it's a new era of sexuality. who will look sick in this thing up and sexual frustration too. i still have to get used to these robot new ways of exploring a new frontier in sex and love three point zero. love stuff from ten to twenty fifth on c.w. . twenty one years ago britain returned hong kong to chinese rule on the basis of an agreement that would guarantee its rights and freedoms for at least fifty years now pro-democracy campaigners charge that china hasn't lived up to its commitments my guest this week here in hong kong is horace chung vice president of the largest pro beijing party and a member of the city government's executive council will he stand up for the rights
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of people here or allow china to curtail the. forests are welcome to concerts and thank you last year the beijing government made it crystal clear that it no longer feels bound by the joint declaration it signed with britain in one thousand nine hundred four why didn't you stand up for the rights of the people of hong kong when they said that. i fainted the officer push a position is that after signing the joint declaration hong kong has been returned to china and then the hard core fans will come to internal affairs of our home country now but there's a binding international agreement which china signed and these rights and freedoms
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are supposed to be respected for fifty at least fifty years sure that was written down this is a. an accord which was registered with the united nations as you know so why to wipe a tear it up and why allow it to be torn up nor ought such a kind of white house have it in hong kong as you can see everyone in hong kong now enjoy the freedom of speech of speech but certainly much less than they used to get will get on to that much less no i think there would be some understanding in the international. actually everyone in hong kong usually say only its own quarter journalists here that talk to the journalists association of hong kong and presumably you read their reports so you see how much concern they have about free speech in this in this city here i think so as a person living in hong kong i have to write to say that i enjoy or feed them all right or feed them to space in hong kong and certainly under the legal system
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afterward when you enjoy deal with freedom of speech you must have some limitation for example you cannot make a true statement against anyone else that is the norse in hong kong have i told you i want somebody to come you want to stand back and talk about free speech in more detail but let's look back at what lucan the spokesman of the chinese foreign ministry said last night here he said the sign of british joint declaration no longer had any practical significance and was not at all but the ending for the central government's management of the hong kong that was an outrageous statement about a binding international agreement wasn't but you stayed silent about this argument that statement relates to what happened after nine hundred ninety seven as i said before us and the absence of this like the agreement was directed at what happens after nine hundred ninety seven after ninety ninety seven certain need to our home country they still respect the basic basic law in hong kong and actually it with us
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saying here they don't they're saying that it will no longer has any practical significance no that you you must. look at it quite fairly you know it will look that actually the home. country to china actually they respect the basic law. now say they are do they say they do but it's just a slogan you know though you know because as annoying in hong kong i can say that in hong kong now up we all of us respond to basic law we obey the bees are all and we hope that we can still work. under the legal system existing legal system and so that we can enjoy the one country two systems that is quite important to when it's in becoming a slogan isn't that one country two systems it's more and more one country one system and i want to draw your attention to what a senior chinese official leaf a said in november hong kong is obliged to respect the constitution of the people's republic of china up hold the constitutional order and safeguard national unity in
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other words forget it merge your basic law this document that is much more important now as a part and parcel of china certainly hong kong we must respect the constitution of the p.r.c. just nitride many everyone in germany you must respond to our constitution is the saying in same case in hong kong and certainly the situation of basic law and in place is they're at odds with each other you must note that the unit because system of hong kong actually basic law is that one is a law that has passed by the national people's congress of china so actually the basic law is under the constitution of the young and interpreted by the people's republic that is the existing legal system employed ca i want to make it unchanged i want to look at the public intimidation of the law professor earlier
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this year in april professor benny tie and experts in constitutional law became the object of a massive denunciation campaign by chinese and hong kong officials after he gave a lecture he was talking about independence for hong kong and he was very sickly described as a threat to china's national security who must be crushed said one commentary with a sledgehammer you want to see any time crushed with a sledgehammer is that what you want i can say professor benny tie certainly if he enjoyed his. his wife of fish in hong kong but he must obey the law in hong kong he should not and if think about independence in hong kong that is contrary to the north of hong kong it is contrary adler conclusion c is not against the law advocating independence is not against the he's a constitutional law expert he should know. here is a legal scholars but it doesn't mean that his opinion must be right you didn't
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answer the question when i asked you whether he should be slashing the sledgehammer i would say that if you promise that independence in hong kong that is contrary to the laws of hong kong is also contrary to the edges of hong kong people if it was against the law he would have been arrested in the rain in court you know that he wasn't instead they chose to denounce him because he was another against the law and actually now it was your story and so my question about whether he should be smashed with a sledgehammer you know sitting there yes or no that that history look whole in hong kong about the article trying to feel under the basic law i want to go to the question should he be straight or sled turmoil is that related to the smash up with a sledgehammer as recommended by the people's daily the mouthpiece of the communist party in china should he be smashed with a sledgehammer are i would say that he must obey it and it's better not to want so there's a question i. why are you afraid of upsetting china i know you can't give me a straight answer to
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a straight question. about how about whether he should be smashed with a sledgehammer as recommended by the people's daily in beijing i think here he must be quite he should be criticized by hong kong people. is the chinese state so weak and fragile that a constitutional law expert who talks about independence is a threat to a country of one point four billion people come on really a threat are they so fragile so in secure in beijing these days no look i think as a legal professor he must fully understand that we should not put more independence in hong kong it's not allow and the north says yes as you shouldn't is and it's under the law says you shouldn't not know china under the basic law to say that we we are a part a part and parcel of the of the people's republic of china under the best you know it all she has free speech and for in your freedom of association most which has a limitation that is decided by china must obey in
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a compiler's with the basic law and respect one country two systems and you should not see any movement for independence and more makes you so afraid of it is it because china is breathing down your it is not there it is that her office while you say almost nobody supports independence in hong kong you know this as well as i do we have a woman one point four billion nation it's all not showing out and a lot of merit here a diverse you know people in her own cars about whites who are wired independently you should not do something unlawful and use a lot of something one is not about how many people support your idea year. it isn't i'm really surprised about this because you know you're pretty a simply not prepared to fight for what's been agreed in the basic law you just what about freedom of speech with a with so many times readers that we just want to keep you just want to keep the
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central government in beijing happy this is your a no will hold the door always that i cannot agree with for you while you say we support the freedom of speech in hong kong but as i said at the right has a limitation when you enjoy your rights to freedom ok let's look at some of the limitations must do something within the legal framework that let's look at some other limitations mr chen being excluded from public office because of your political views in twenty sixteen six pro-democracy candidates were disqualified from the election because they backed independence in march this year several activists including the student leader agnes chow were disqualified from owning the election because her views weren't to the liking of china. that wasn't that's a violation of article twenty six of the basic law isn't it permanent residents of hong kong shall have the right to vote and to stand for election in accordance with the law for eligibility of africana one internationally or hong kong actually
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we have of naches lation and under the legal position. you must miss all of these quite period otherwise you will be at this court of i doubt your twenty six doesn't say anything about your values your view is that if. they disagree with the will of the administration we have two legal channels and you can't go to the court to fight for your job right in hong kong. you should know that we still have to show it dependence in hong kong you should have to fight for this right mr attorney if this isn't real and in the basic law no article twenty say yes if the administration at. the size is right under the norse certainly you made a lot agree with that if that's the case should go to court to fight for your legal interest that is our legal system and i can say this all along meant ten by the
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hong kong people and is quite a part of and as you know that. there are a feel kind of days there now take their case to the court and challenge the decision of the administration if they are right that the court will give a fair fit and a fair decision why does china get increasingly paranoid about hong kong we had earlier this year when zemin head of the chinese government's office in hong kong warning that hong kong had become a prominent risk to the country's overall security. little hong kong is a prominent risk to big church leaders curity that's a serious church it is also borderline when you are lawyers or say the contacts flushable security you should you should know that actually there's actually a loophole in hong kong because at least we have the obligation to make our own article trying to feel for the lashon of security laws in hong kong after
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nineteen ideas seven but now it's more they tried the years hong kong week still have not yet carry out our obligation to have no security laws i think that is a loophole as you can see from that what you haven't and there is a last little security put me to publish about that to call you a prominent risk that you scared for your job and you can just get you a job you present you present a prominent risk to your life because of the basis of that they said. see that now there are people in hong kong they can. home ok the independence movement in hong kong and we cannot have our national security legislation to to regulate such kind of a pivot is i don't think that is they are what we want to exist in hong kong. what you have in hong kong is increasing influence from china who do things like
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kidnapping booksellers which they did in twenty fifteen you happy about that as well you know sellers that disappear across into mainland china and then denounce their activities and say they promise not to publish fabrication i don't see any longer i think that's a legal thing we're trying our value back case in hong kong and as you deal with anything on the whole government has to make investigation about that and we certainly know most of concern you may have investigated but you didn't come up with any result since you waiting for the opportunity of formal peace out of the administration to hong kong how long you're going to wait you know what happened china kidnap them and force one of the i think least until it enunciation investor previous activities in shared or confront otherwise you i don't think we can't have a fair comment about such a case in hong kong where do you think happened i mean they go missing for months and then they come back and they are there for
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a day and they say ok it's all right and then they disappear over into the mainland again and you think this isn't china kidnapping this is the kind of future you want we're the people are. we where they get on forced disappearances we know what happened in the case otherwise i don't think you can have a fair comment about that you seem determined to spend a lot of time and effort over and the chairman and his national party there was a government outcry over a speech he gave. at what was it the hong kong from correspondents club just just a few days ago the government spokesman said it was totally unacceptable again for someone to advocate independence. i ask you again if he broke the law why not arrest him but you don't you seek to intimidate him instead. first our. executive council member are not you know i don't feel i'm now in
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a good position to comment on the particular case of hong kong because such kind of cape case. may go to the extent we can source so i would lock comment on a particular case in hong kong but i would say that no one should do something harmful to the hong kong people that it's quite important they're talking about it being a threat to national security where exactly is the specific threat to national security in a speech that they churn gave to the phone correspondents club days ago i was say that i was not a how is that a threat to national security you went somewhat i would not come at comments on this part of your case but if anyone there are encourage other people to shoe to independence i don't think it's good to hong kong and you use these vague accusations of violating or harming security to intimidate people who
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hold different views this is the aim this is what you do now isn't it you know under international law as amnesty international pointed out under international law the burden of proof is on the government to demonstrate that a real not just a hypothetical danger exists and national security you haven't done that with the national party and yet your government is planning to bury it and see how to cut inside it i think that the court will give you a fair to say ship after that certainly people may have different roles now you may say that you know me support. some people in hong kong but other people are there but you not agree with that so the final outcome depends on how the court in taba did last. and the national party you put a lot of energy into curtailing the rights or trying to curtail the rights of people who speak about independence but you have absolutely nothing to say about the repeated and colossal violations of human rights that take place on the
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mainland why is this are you simply just concerned with political expedience not principles not principles like rights and freedom you don't care about that so i mean you care about curtailing the rights of somebody who wants to talk about independence certainly not it's a popular see you doesn't it in honduras should we respect afy one wife in hong kong certainly we want to put hat or our right under the basic law and. we hope that hong kong and china and central government or of us will respect and care for the basic. or our rights but i don't think government clearly doesn't want the beijing government doesn't exist doesn't respect those rights you know if that's the case hong kong had not work after night in ninety seven and actually you can see after nine hundred ninety seven hong kong remains that unchanged remains the same and hong kong still kept our to the market after night
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and i did some research on him in easy task in march this year the most senior human rights office of the united nations. said his office was monitoring reports in china of arbitrary detentions enforced disappearances ill treatment and discrimination directed at human rights defenders lawyers legislators booksellers and members of communities such as tibetans and weak as this is the reality as seen by the united nations about human rights respect in china today and you are silent about that you're not silent about somebody who makes a speech talking about independence here but you're silent about these massive violations of him. and rights that's hypocrisy is in the nose so they need i would say there are i mean i'm with someone living in hong kong and someone living in policy i know what happened in here we know that we are here and why situation has
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been improved a day by day and we certainly hope that we will cover fire or the best understanding in the international community is this misunderstanding what's a misunderstanding it's a very violations of human rights a little too much but the i think that the country has its own problems when you're talking about why it's all about china when right where do we match i even we don't say even though the only solution is the problem has even though i think they have a problem here when i sing we don't but we're talking about africa diverted to talking about other countries we're talking about our country that of china all of them and good part of china yes i think we have now we are trying to improve our community every day just and i other countries the latest report by the hong kong journalists association says that as hong kong has become more polarized between pro beijing and pro democracy factions it's media hong kong media have experienced
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growing interference by the chinese or thirty's you said earlier you have free speech in the whole gulf they're saying and they know what they're talking about because they're in charge of the journalists they have their members in all the media they're saying they're getting increased interference by the chinese authorities one of you is not up to like i can say the mass media in hong kong they are quite dependent and i don't think they will be in time and they too are why doing something you know hong kong. according to reporters without borders china you can see from the mass media in hong kong. there are many many opinions against the hong kong government against the central government they are still in hong kong that is the will situation so one course hong kong hong kong in the world press freedom in the x. has gone from fifty fourth place to seventy third over the last five years you proud of that are. the only is that the mass media in hong kong
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still quite independent and they will not be intimidated by by and the r r passion from the hong kong and this treasure not essential government that is that we are that i see in hong kong today well they say they are being intimidated they're saying the being threatened they're saying the journalists to be encouraged to self censor and you saying what they just don't know what i'm talking about can see from the loose paper every day there's still much criticism is allowed in hong kong in twenty sixteen you said. you you said you were king to push chinese subjects in secondary schools especially history and you said the situation was urgent and it was necessary to make chinese history compulsory as every student should be clear about the nation's history do you think that concourse children are going to be clear about chinese history if they get the same highly censored version of history that exists on the mainland. when i poll more with the chinese
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history in secondary school are just put forward to the bash in the secondary school where do i attack are talking about a curriculum in the schools we leave it to the to the education for fashion no we don't interfere with the syllabus or the curriculum and all these things you comment on it goes kerry lammas commented quite a bit on how the handover was seen twenty twenty. years ago twenty one years ago she's commented quite a bit so you know you'll not when we are convinced from the subject we are talking about the chinese history in the secondary school we only talk about we are not talking about is science that if things in the last decade that is if something political in nature that expression literally the last ten year period still not yet have conclusion about there certainly is not in the syllabus of the chinese history but as i said before we would not interfere with the syllabus curriculum
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we had young zimmy in her we had signs in and from the central government there is an office in hong kong he said. he wants people to dwell on not on the unfortunate historical events but on china's successes he said it's time to change biases against the communist party in the chinese government and objective li and comprehensively learn about the mother learned and its constitutional system that we work with so you know it's history taught about the good things that happen out of where we are talking about the syllabus and curriculum in the schools actually is decided by a professional committee which is composed of education professional on the doubt no politician in this committee told me this mr chairman do you think that hong kong children in the next ten years are going to learn about what happened in the cultural revolution the one point seven million people who are killed are they
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going to learn about the massacres that took place in beijing in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine are they going to learn about that in their history books i would say don't in mainland china you will do it to go to the hands of profound so you wash your hands if you couldn't care less what you say politics you cry care less as a politician here or even the allegation open agitation professional now who is the matter of education as a politician we should not interfere with that you're washing your hands of it but the fact is they're going to be taught history with big holes in it they're going to be taught history that is a p r presentation of how well china has done over the last hundred years and therefore you must trust the teachers in hong kong and the education board that tells them what to do you know educational bought as i say the committee is sick compost of education professional only they have china telling them you hear clear
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where their loyalties lie in the future after are those other well i don't think it's a fair comment about that. our's cho thank you very much michael copeland so. the book. gibbs. the books to. get. the be
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. the best. her. tongue speaks. but.
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