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to do some work for them for the first time had a feeling of being part of something. means of those events today. the seeds of civil rights. peace movement women's place during this period. sixty. three don't. i want to welcome to another show with me your host megan lee from a death defying climbs to designing super yachts we're covering lots of ground today here's a look at what's coming up. on the rocks scaling the peaks in green. economy
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increase why british wines are the next big thing. and on the truck how icelandic horses came to germany. we kick off the show on the cliffs of media now they are located in central greece and play host to one of the largest complexes of eastern orthodox monasteries now you might know them from james bond he climbed them in an action scene in the film for your eyes only while the meteoric clips attract climbers from all over the world because all of the routes and on peaks with amazing views of the landscape well he joined a group of climbers for an exciting adventure captured on film thanks to a cooperation between this broadcaster and the so-called multi drone project.
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the meteorite rock formation in central greece is a magical place of stunning beauty turned to paradise for rock climb is. back again this past cialis from the nearby village of castro he loves climbing hand like so many others. like me it's my life everything because every morning going up. i see the oaks and they say. i hope must go there. i love the place it's my life. it's the one these cliffs were formed over twenty million years ago from deposits of rock sand and month left by the streams which flowed through him at the time. to this day natural caves in the region still bad traces of former hermitage is
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this is where since the nineteenth century pius individuals chose to live in total isolation the caves could only be reached via a tool wooden lattice in the twelfth century monks began building large them on the streets in the area today meteorite is best known for places of worship fixed atop the rock peaks up to three hundred meters high an initially they could be accessed only with route planned as a windlasses but the twenty four monasteries once built most line ruin today just six and still inhabited what made pious people flock here. these are the rock in short protection against intruders and brought you closer to god and the rock formation of their spellbinding effect on people to scoff oh. it's so stunning that in one thousand nine hundred eighty parts of the james bond movie feel eyes only starring roger moore was shot here.
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in one scene bond climbs up on to one of the peaks in pursuit of a villain. just takes down below seven off the rock the thirty meter freefall was performed by more stunt double rick sylvester. and if you really loved roger moore. he spent his free time strolling around town going to restaurants. because this is an interesting backdrop. it's an instant. and we were on good terms with more stunts and when ever they had time off we go climbing together. and then we'd hang out in the cafes and billiard balls of kind of back and chat. aristides mitchell nazi always was sixteen years old when for your eyes only was shot for a long time me trying not to you it served as the president of the meteorite
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climbing club he still enjoys scaling ropes today and often meets other climbers here. but again. upper pairing to climb the iconic spindle monolith. to germans kicked off the meteoric climbing craze during the one nine hundred seventy they set the first time in roots and drove safety hooks into the rocks. is the first one to reach the peak ensuring that fine gael less baths he always can safely follow. he hasn't scaled the spindle and twenty years. one is there every time a sign is the summit read. about ceo's says he scaled his very first role as a ten year old. free solo because we don't. think of what the olds we saw that month. look at us the crazy young boys.
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climbing with what the. vaca says taking one of the region's most scenic climbing routes the pillow of dream. because doors better know yanis is making sure. it's safe. it's freedom it's no you know your limits and. it's. out of the books. like trying to relax when you are not been likes push the song are going to sink my life without. becoming. plan to explore more and more of this goal just.
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from those dizzying heights where you take it down a notch for a brief look at other stories making headlines on the culture scene here in your. london's design museum is exhibiting works nominated for the prize for the most innovative and sustainable design from the past twelve months. you know we only have one planet to live on so it's not about a topic to think about for sure i think design has always been a very responsive to support. your winner of the beazley designs of the year will be announced on november fifteenth every year since two thousand and eight nominees are chosen by design experts from around the world in the fields of fashion architecture digital transport product and graphic design the show runs until january sixth two thousand and nineteen.
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its breakthrough in scandinavia longest railway tunnel four tunnel boring machine speech named after a major female figure in the region history have been digging through hard rock for two years workers from nearly seventy countries are involved in the project which is set to be completed by twenty twenty one the twenty kilometer long tunnel as part of a new high speed rail link between also low and southern norway. the northern lights are back on monday night the first run around borealis were visible to the naked eye as they danced for i was about the northern finnish town of. local photographers called it one of the most spectacular and natural light shows and they're predicting a good season for northern lights. if. we continue now with this week's series creative in the hours where we take
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a look at why in production in various regions across europe production is booming in england believe it or not thirty years ago this would have hardly been possible due to the wet climate. but drier and warmer weather is helping the vines this plus sparkling wine production is increasing across england and wales in two thousand and fifteen england's best sparkling wines won a total of seventeen gold medals at the international wine challenge what looks like french champagne producers should be slightly worried as comfort to sion across the channel seems to be increasing. on. going on. piano while grapes are being harvested at the shop and vineyard. duncan schwab is pleased with how the grapes and the english wine industry have grown i think when we started i started thirty years ago and i think there were maybe five in yards in england is
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now maybe six hundred thousand yards in england between all of us we produce maybe four five million bottles of wine but i visited a vineyard mom last year that was producing four or five million bottles of wine on its own so so we're very small drop in the ocean but i like to think we're a very good drop in the oceans. there are many reasons why wine production is flourishing in england one is that you man for english wines has increased and investors are now willing to plough money to binion's but it's mostly thanks to climate change which has improved growing conditions everything starts early so seasons are very much earlier than they used to be and then they go on the very mild still in october november it doesn't get cold down here so we have a very long ripening period. that's because here in devon near the head of the rescue very of the river dart they benefit greatly from the warm current of the gulf stream.
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chalky saw it here is comparable to that found in frances champagne region and now that southern england gets more sun that it used in the conditions are right for sparking the wind from britain. i'm english talking one has a character all of us are in we're we're not necessarily emulating what champagne does but we're sort of up to learning. how they could. use it and gaining that knowledge and putting it into our own special styles we want an international were awarded our sparkling wine in italy recently out of the last ten years an english wine is won it six times so every time the italians open the winning bottle it's another english wine happy.
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altogether the big news in the region around the shop and produce fifteen different varieties of wine. duncan schwab's winery is located ten minutes away right on the report dot com today he and his staff of pompous did food pundits put of grapes or around one thousand five hundred kilos. i want a bit light but in the mid afternoon it quickly becomes clear that this being out is in england not in france or germany because it's tea time. but without them anything. but it's far from quitting time first the great sauce strips of best stems and leaves then they're freshly pressed. the result is around a thousand liters of must with the help of compressed air it quickly goes from the grape to the glass the alcohol is produced during fermentation. going on right so
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you. know whether you're going to borrow we're going to put it into barrels now for another eight months and it be ready for filing something to go yeah a refund so i don't happen. wine and sparkling wine from england a growing success made possible by climate change. one now's a good time to let you in on our draw all this week we've been asking you where you would like to enjoy a glass of wine if you have a photo then spend it and you will find all the details on our website our time now for a sneak peek into someone's humble abode and for today's election were headed to poland to the home of two architects now they build their dream home in the middle of a park and we met up with the owners to hear more about the concept behind this modern structure. the home of
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architecture and mario chits is right on cliff since he parked on the outskirts of the polish city of ruts well. below what. the tour starts up stairs only the garage and utility rooms are at ground level the homes are two hundred square metres of living space has been divided up according to a clear principle or how it's a part of nature is. about we diverted into free zones utilities the zone day zone and night zone with bedroom roughly the mark of the needy area is a large living space inspired by japanese architecture the couple has been to japan several times. on the dining room and open plan kitchen
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are also located on the first floor the adjacent terrace is conveniently located for dining out of doors. and. to stay. connected with. dining room and the stable was designed by us to do more to that to race weekend it's. a dining set with our friends we are inside and outside the exteriors clad in copper and wood to blend in with the natural surroundings. the couple have been living in their dream house since twenty fourteen at that time all three children had moved out and the two architects were able to make their ideas a reality in natural surroundings on a narrow piece of land. this theory goes up right through the
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middle of the house and takes us into the house is a one time area it's mainly open plan here as well. when we're going to go to look. at the residence are still screen from prying eyes. were there we're going to keep. trying. to start. over thirty. in addition to the bedroom and bathroom floor also has a guest room and large wardrobe. the openness of the design and the views outside make the house seem bigger than it really is the natural setting makes the house particularly beautiful in summer but
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what's the atmosphere like during other seasons. below for winter were the surrounding it is very white and it is part of our house because our house is white inside still. when we have. when we have. fall all threat and yellow and blue looks amazing no matter what season the architects enjoy their open yet very private house set in leafy green surroundings. next up a heart warming story where thousands of horses were saved from slaughter. and the
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one thousand fifties a german businesswoman on a trip to iceland heard that some five to six thousand animals were to be euthanized animal rights activists raising the alarm bells and then dozens of private german citizens stepped in to adopt the animals and what has happened to them since then here's a closer look. icelandic horses are known for their strength and sturdiness they're among the most popular horse breeds in germany and this is mainly because of the nineteen fifties movie series and the actions of animal loving businesswoman also the shamble. bigot passed on and her husband founded a stud farm for icelandic courses near great bean in northern germany today their son lives past john runs the farm they're united in their love for this unique course breed which is native to iceland but how did this animal get to germany. up until the one nine hundred fifty s.
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icelandic horses were mostly confined to their native land. a few germans knew of their existence. is what it took a while for these horses to gain mainstream acceptance in germany where warm and cold blood common us traditionally small penny sized horses have not been one thousand to germany just by magic events. but then a german film producer bought five icelandic horses to feature in the one nine hundred fifty s. three part human off movie series which was filmed in northern germany. the movie project features the arrogant figure eight about wearing a red jacket and white john pearse begins to hide a sick little his main protagonist dickie then gives a shit about the horse to ride plessy an icelandic course. yes i've seen this this time and even though i'm too young to be long to the him in wolf generation i
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really enjoyed watching the movies. they were shot here and we love them we want to be wild ride horses and just enjoy life like in the films. but in fairness leaving his. audiences loved the him and old movies and the powerful icelandic horses in particular but even though nobody wanted to buy them until german business woman was a lush on board travel to iceland going realized locals didn't just use the animals for writing. that was already. i was there during summer and heard that of the six thousand fellows born each year five thousand a slaughtered. the meat is eaten and hides exported. so i thought how great it would be to take these horses to germany. in germany the public was horrified that the foals are regularly slaughtered. you dodge and germans love
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animals and so many spoke out against the practice of killing the fellas just. so the young horses were shipped to hamburg. suddenly lots of people wanted to buy icelandic horses from poisonous on board they came to see all the advantages of this powerful brain. mission not only can be sources be kept outside they must be kept outside to stay healthy if you kept icelandic horses locked up inside for twenty four hours a day they wouldn't survive they must be kept outside evil and all those things i don't. use prostitutes farm boasts one hundred icelandic courses and across germany there are seventy thousand of the beautiful green. and finally if you spent any time on the mediterranean this summer then you probably saw one of many super yachts cruising along the coast well for those who are going to afford it it is
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a step into the lap of luxury designing the interiors first is a nice business and a dream job for designers who managed to break into it while we caught up with one company from germany. to make a yacht's there are huge luxuries and very expensive this is the seafaring world of the super rich. a company in western germany produces the interiors for these floating palaces for billionaire clients from the u.s. russia and the middle east. thomas of all to is federer's project later today he's looking for the right material for an on board movie theater in moment on the fifth with the most well i'm currently busy getting a mega yacht seventy four meters long the project has a surface area of about one thousand square meters the vessel will cost hundreds of millions of euros the materials for it are unusual. i
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know what can hold this is the skin of a sting ray that we sometimes use it's basically like letter just letter from a re. the razor bread. we don't select the materials rather than resign or sends us a list of specific ations often with more than forty to fifty materials sometimes more that have to be built into the ship and of course all need to be color matched . then it's on to the furniture workshop for the yards one hundred eighty people work professor in the small city of leading scholars and most are local carpenters . here on the bedside tables they've been made for a special surface which is finished in indonesia so we have to send them halfway around the world. much of the finished furniture pieces and on outside bags.
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visions of the yachts are destined for good weather regions where people would rather be outside than inside so the exterior areas are always larger which means they need more furniture. managing director stefan hoddle contract external workers for complete the project of the. first you know. when you get a so-called turnkey job that is the complete fitting like the one in the bahamas we did recently then we bring the decorators and the carpenter with us from looting house. and everything else that's included in the order that he would on the wall but him off of them. the young carpenters that fair are especially glad to go abroad and to see firsthand the entire scope of the project. on location we can immediately take stock of the project here in the workshop you can lose sight of. whole thing but with such big projects you can see just how large the
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yachts off and project leader thomas want to tread carefully when it comes to matters of taste. there are projects that you may like better and projects where you say well it's not really my thing but ultimately it's about the professional workmanship and what the customer wants. because after all the customer is always right. well of course of that customers able to afford a super yacht right and with that it is time to say go buy well don't forget to check us out on social media including facebook and instagram as always thanks for joining us and we will see you again tomorrow hopefully from our studios here in the german capital for more from the world of european culture and lifestyle. next time on heroics in their new book the british graphic designers john printing
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and rob thomas take readers on a visual journey through the history of the family for if you think you know everything there is to know about the beatles think again and this book is full of interesting and entertaining facts that might surprise you visualizing the beatles next time on your own next.
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education is a human rights but not. the money to move crazy schools have been destroyed. between rebel held territory and had to be secured by the children come in just one shops crossed the border to
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get an education. today on the c.w. . they're going to an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia. has already. returned to pass a law. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines birth. home to millions of species a home for saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate news to green energy solutions and
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reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation mobile ideas the multimedia environment series on t w. and if there's time doing its. part of an incredible it's a whole new world of the phone line in cyberspace screaming sickness anything of the best and sexual frustration true success don't have to get used to these robot you know it's just exploring new frontier in sex and love three point zero. stuff and the twenty fifth on w.
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plate. to me. to move. on. this is deja vu news of live from berlin a crisis meeting is underway that could decide the fate of germany's domestic intelligence chief. mohsin is under fire for questioning the authenticity of a video showing migrants being chased by extremists and now senior politicians are calling for him to be sacked also coming up a leaked report says priests in germany raped and sexually abused nearly four
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thousand children over seven decades and then the church failed to punish most of the abusers.


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