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this is due to the news of live from berlin a crisis meeting is underway that could decide the fate of germany's domestic intelligence chief. mohsin is under fire for questioning the authenticity of a video showing migrants being chased by extremists and now senior politicians are calling for him to be sacked also coming up a leaked report says priests in germany wait and sexually abuse nearly four thousand children over seven decades and then the church failed to punish most of the abusers just a little bit of a t.v.
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. show all of. the leaders and dignitaries from around the world gather in ghana to pay their final respects to former u.n. secretary general kofi annan at a burial service. and risking their lives and just to get an education. for me and my brothers were on our way to school suddenly lots of shooting started so we all go down and it was really scary there was nowhere to hide so we need the children living on the frontline of the conflict in eastern ukraine. i'm sunni so misconduct to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel is holding an emergency meeting with other key party leaders to discuss a dispute surrounding the head of the domestic intelligence service. michael's junior co. alicia partners the social democrats are demanding that she fired moss
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and that's after he questioned the authenticity of a video showing migrants being chased by demonstrators in the eastern german city of can its critics also accuse mohsen of passing sensitive information to the far right a.s.d. . and let's bring in our political correspondent christopher spring gate for more on this story christopher if you can hear me we don't see you yet but i hope you can hear me at the social democrats are you are they want mohsen gone will they get their way. at the moment i can't see that happening and that's quite simply because the man who would have to fire mohsen is the interior minister hasse's e who for he's one of the leaders talking in the chancellery behind me with chancellor merkel and the leader of the social democrats and trillion dollars and the interior minister holds the whole for gave his backing to mostyn last night he
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repeated that backing this morning so he would have to perform an incredible view turn to then reverse his position and fire. and i should mention that the whole for the interior minister is also the head of the variances to party of charge some. conservatives the christian social union and that party faces state elections in the very next month so the last thing they need is for that top man in berlin to climb down in the way that will be necessary for him to fire mawson christopher let's look now at why the domestic intelligence chief is at the center of the storm of controversy here originally faced criticism over the candidates video now he's accused of leaking security information to the far right populist the party let's take a closer look at those allegations. hun's york masson the head of germany secret service is under scrutiny again
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a new investigation by german media suggests the spy chief passed on sensitive information he's accused of providing data to germany's far right populist party the f.t. weeks before publication one of the f.t. members told german media which details were discussed i meet them us and we did both with mr marson about the report although it was in the vailable in printed form yet we talked about various figures of interest such as right wing extremism left wing extremism and islam is threats should be. germany's opposition parties are outraged by such a dissemination of internal data weeks before the release because it's such a warning to the law the federal minister of the interior publicly announces the report from yet this came i know no other example of this information being released to a political party before the official publication of the report. according to germany's domestic intelligence service the secret meetings came at quote the explicit request of the federal ministry of the interior.
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if this is indeed the case then the minister has given a civil servant the license for political action which should not have been given the politicians are supposed to drive the nation's policies not ministry officials . again germany's top domestic spy stands in the middle of a heated debate. christopher looking at that controversy could this turn into yet another crisis that could threaten the stability of germany's governing coalition. well we'll have to see what the talks what kind of results come out of the talks that are going on behind me in the chancellor's office my feeling is that they will find some sort of compromise i think that this these crisis talks are more about political party political maneuvering in particular on the part of the social democrats andreea knowledges their leader a very keen to sharpen party's profile that's one of the things that in recent
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years the social democrats have suffered in the shadow of chancellor merkel that profile has become weaker and weaker and i think this is about the s.p.d. about hundred dollars showing that they are going to be uncomfortable coalition partners this time around. krista first brigade reporting from outside the chancery here in berlin thank you very much. you're welcome. now the catholic church in germany says it is distressed and ashamed by the findings of a new report into the sexual abuse of children by priests the independent report commissioned by the catholic church found that clergy men had abused or rate nearly four thousand children over a seventy year period starting at the end of the second world war most were boys under the age of thirteen one victim told you about the violence he was forced to endure as a young choir boy when he was eight years old little kaiser was one of the world renowned catholic choir boys in the southern german city of work he lived in
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a boarding school where he was sexually abused by priests for several years two years ago he shared the painful memories that still haunt him iranians but of a consumer into the prefects room. down with my pajama bottoms. head into his lap. you thrashed me and groaned loudly. out. i only realized later that he pleasured himself by rubbing his genitals on the back of my head. in the study the catholic church noted three thousand six hundred seventy seven victims of sexual violence over a period of nearly seventy years the victims were mostly male and mostly children one thousand six hundred seventy priests are accused of committing the crimes. observers complain that the church didn't release all its documents to the investigation and that abuse survivors weren't given the chance to be heard the
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authors of the study also pointed out that the number of victims has probably been greatly underestimated during the study they examined forty thousand files and they found that every third reported case was dealt with by the church itself and forty percent of reported cases were brought to court. the study says perpetrators were often transferred to other parishes without the communities knowledge of what they had done. the received a one time payment of twenty five hundred euros for his suffering he and many others are demanding that the catholic church confront it sexual abuse crisis with more transparency. peter saunders is head of the national association for people abused in childhood based in the u.k. and he joins us in our studio now for more on this story peter we were watching that report together and you were nodding your head does these do these revelations
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here in germany reveal a pattern to you is this something that we're seeing globally. good afternoon undoubtedly i've been working with victims and survivors for well over twenty years and i've been aware of the dreadful failings of many institutions but certainly the catholic church seems to have led the way in terms of the sheer numbers i mean there was a figure mentioned of the number of thousands of children that have been abused i fear as with the grand jury report in pennsylvania that these are just the tip of an iceberg of these are victims survivors who have been able to be identified or have come forward many people would find it very very difficult to talk about it it is a tip of a global. scandal absolutely and the revelations here in germany came just ahead of a meeting in the vatican today you yourself had met the pope and you were working actually on his a child protection commission until recently but you said you were
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disappointed with your experience there why well when i met the pope four years ago i i had high hopes that something was going to change and i myself was abused by clergy as a child and. i met the pope yes and i really thought when he invited me on to his papal commission that something significant would happen and i very quickly realized that it was really little more than a sort of say a public relations exercise a talking shop if you if you've got an organization that is so determined to cover up and to protect itself then appointing a few people to sit on our commission that met twice a year really can't be seen as a serious attempt. to address this is very much is a huge kind of cult troll scandal within the catholic church and we just heard the your reporters talking about the church moving priests from place to place we've
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seen that in the u.k. we've seen it on australia america you name it happens everywhere and it's not just moving from parish to parish sometimes it's actually moving to other countries altogether and we know and i'm part of an amazing organization now called ending clergy abuse and many of us are gathering here in berlin this weekend for a conference we are aware that there are parts of the world where. some paedophile priests are still very active in ministry and much of that is in the southern hemisphere which doesn't get the media attention that we're able to get here in europe in order to say north america or australia you said in the past that you find the vatican resistant to change has nothing changed and why do you think that culture as you called it exists i think when i was on the vatican commission myself i. screamed out about the pace of change in the graceful pace of change and how nothing was happening and somebody said to me oh you know rome wasn't built in
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a day well it only takes a few seconds to ruin the life of a child with with abuse and rape. the institutions. carrott occur often characterized by a desire to protect themselves but of all the institutions that should be open and transparent caring and loving it should be religious institutions and i can answer the question as to why they persistently cover up and protect themselves in the way that they do but it's an absolute outrage and a crime that they have been able to get away with it for so long and the only reason that we are now seeing the pope calling bishops to a meeting in february the reason that we're seeing the pope calling the bishops in america to a meeting is purely because of survivors organizations like organizations like ending clergy abuse putting pressure on and refusing to remain silent any longer about the very great pain that was inflicted on far too many of us when we were
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kids a lot of very brave voices speaking out like yourself what do you hope will change what is your hope for the future for the church well i mean why would i have never ever known a kind of global response to this but we're seeing at the moment i mean the fact that so many of us are gathering in berlin this weekend and keeping pressure for me it's an indicator that the pope calling for this meeting in february i think the church officialdom and that this is not a criticism of the vast majority of good catholic people who are appalled at what's going on but this is about putting pressure on the church to have a genuine zero tolerance approach such that all the clergy that they know about and there are lots of them suddenly all around the world who are still abusing or exposed and all that information be handed to civil authorities so that kids can be protected in the future all right peter saunders head of the national association
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for people abused in childhood thank you so much for joining us and you're a very welcome. now to some other stories making headlines around the world myanmar's de facto leader aung san suu kyi has defended the jailing of two borders journalists earlier this month she said they had violated the country's official secrets act and were not being punished for investigating allegedly army massacres muslims they received seven year sentences. germany is close to agreeing on a deal with italy to return migrants german interior minister course they will fight told parliament that only signatures were awaited the agreement allows germany to turn away migrants at its border with austria if they have already been registered as refugees in italy evacuations are underway in the northern philippines where a typhoon is heading in from the pacific it's described as the country's worst storm this year it is likely to make landfall as soon as this weekend the civil defense agency said it is deploying relief goods and disaster equipment. that the
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u.s. eastern seaboard is bracing for the arrival of hurricane florence the category two storm is expected to make landfall late this evening most dangerous hurricane to hit the region in a generation four meter storm surge and heavy rain could cause widespread flooding and millions of households may lose electricity. let's go right to d.w. correspondent my ash waiter she's in a lizabeth city north carolina hi mario so big warning there storm expected to make landfall tonight what are you seeing and what are you seeing in terms of preparations. well sumi as you can see behind me this is part of downtown elizabeth city contains i'm told one of the best bars in the city and it's all boarded up now we arrived here just as they were finishing putting up the final boards to protect some of these houses here. around the state people are sort of starting to batten down the hatches they've been granted a bit of a reprieve because the storm has slowed and it was expected to hit today and now
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that's been delayed till tonight or possibly even tomorrow morning but that doesn't mean that people are taking this any less seriously even though the storm has lessened to a category two one hundred ten mile per hour winds are nothing to play around with and one of the big fears is because the storm is so slow moving that it could be even more damaging that it will stall out when it hits the coast and just dump all of its rain on land causing massive flooding we're standing just a block away from a river that opens up into the atlantic ocean and they're expecting a good three to eight feet rise in the water to overtake the land here what are authorities biggest concerns my as the storm approaches. the biggest concern is definitely going to be the flooding as i said they're expecting a huge rise in the level and i saw one estimate that said north carolina is expecting somewhere around ten trillion that's trillion with a t.
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gallons of water to be dumped on its ass to say nothing of what's going to happen in south carolina or even as the storm moves south possibly the northern part of the state of georgia a lot of people are also very concerned about what's going to happen to people who possibly can't get to shelters if they're elderly or if they're just able to simply if they don't want to leave homes and then if they change their mind later on just like they do want to go to a shelter how to reach out to those people and how to best get those people to safety and we spoke with some officials last night that said they're doing everything they can to reach out to people let them know that if they are staying in their homes they're taking their lives into their own hands for people who are unable to leave what sort of damage are they worried about in terms of their property i have definitely as i said flooding is going to be the number one concern for a lot of people especially along the coast here they're expecting these huge storm surges in parts of south carolina possibly up to several meters of course there's
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always the concerns with with hurricanes projectiles flying through the wind again it is a category two but they're warning that it is the upper end of category two and this is still a life threatening situation that we're facing here a lot of people who may simply be disconnected and not know why the weather suddenly turned so bad because there is a lot of the small population here a lot of elderly folks who live in this area so we may see some people who are sort of stuck in their houses and not able to get out but again we've heard some officials say they're doing their best to get the word out and collect to the people who may need help. maya schwager in a little bit city north carolina maya thank you very much. you're watching news still to come with the syrian government intent on retaking the country's last rebel stronghold there are fears of a looming humanitarian catastrophe in the province of italy will ask the head of the red cross what can be done to help civilians caught in the war zone. by
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first warnings from the head of the european central bank today ben you have more on that ten years on from the global financial crisis the e.c.b. chief mario draghi says there's no room for complacency calling for strong regulation to avert another financial crisis the bank is trimmed its growth forecast today while announcing it's set to wind back economic stimulus from october on words the monthly purchases of government bonds are going to be cut in half to fifteen billion euros these purchases are executed to keep troubled european economies afloat but the e.c.b. did leave its key interest rate untouched at an all time low of zero percent. and joins us now from frankfurt our financial correspondent would you say the e.c.b. is on track is it doing the right thing despite the outlook and those trade tensions . i would say the european central bank is on track it's exactly doing what it
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announced at the last meeting it's cutting back the asset purchases and it announced that it will end those asset purchases by the end of the year the net purchases this is that is the e.c.b. has said a few things to calm the nerves on the markets to it intends to reinvest as it says the principal payments from maturing bonds for an extended period of time after the end of the net purchases and in any case the e.c.v. says as long as necessary to maintain favorable liquidity conditions and an ample degree of monetary accommodation so this really is good news for people on the markets it means that the shift from quantitative easing to quantitative tapering is very soft very cautious and very market friendly ok so it's taking measures somewhat soft measures but tell me did the e.c.b.
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really do whatever it took as mario draghi promised back then. well i'm sure that you know there are monetary policy whizzes or you know experts that could come up with more innovative idea of ideas of what the european central bank could have done but if we take into consideration that the balance sheet of central bank is now at more than four and a half trillion euros that's forty percent of g.d.p. forty percent of the value created in the countries of the eurozone this is definitely a very bold move and it was enough at least i can say to convince speculators that it makes no sense to speculate on the break up of our currency union our economic with is in frankfurt. businesses are reducing or delaying investments in the united states its central bank the federal reserve
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says the trend is due to concerns about washington and beijing's trade war so if you fix of the tariffs have been modest they've boosted some production costs according to the fed several american companies warned the motown could hurt their businesses after president don't trump said washington was ready to impose tariffs on all chinese imports on wednesday the u.s. government proposed another round of trade talks with beijing. and apple has unveiled its latest month line up with the customary fanfare the tech giant says the i phone ten s. and its biggest sibling the ten s max out a fast as i phones is about liquid proof and have the most secure facial into cation technology in a spot for apple is counting on handsome profits from the ten as macs with the company's biggest display so far. that doesn't always mean the efforts back to sydney first and the battle for it live in syria thank you ben well u.n.
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officials and aid agencies are working vigorously to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the syrian province of idlib which may become the last battle of the country's civil war with the assad regime set on taking syria's last rebel stronghold his forces and their allies have stepped up their bombardment of the province it is home to an estimated three million people among them are tens of thousands of opposition fighters including al qaeda linked militants now officials estimate up to nine hundred thousand people could try and flee the rebel area they say an exodus about scale could severely tested humanitarian aid response . now one of the edge groups on the ground in syria is the international committee of the red cross and its president peter marra joins us in the studio thank you so much for being with us mr maher were you visited syria after the seizure of eastern in the spring what is your assessment of the humanitarian situation now in the province well at the present moment in de hole of syria what
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challenges is that you have basically two different movements on the one side you have broad stretches on the control of the syrian government and these parts of syria are in need of where people go back to their homes that we have a need of long term unique humanitarian assistance and on the other hand you have an emergency situation to which we have only sketchy or no access and therefore everybody in the i.c.r.c. and you mentioned the u.n. is of course preparing to hopefully be able to respond if a serious situation emerges if the conflict extent waits and that the same time of course we do engage with all sides also to highlight the costs of military operations the humanitarian cost of the military operations. and also to hope to have space for diplomacy at the present moment because divin what we can
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imagine that the situation is it is important that everything is done to prevent the accentuation and the of the conflict speaking of diplomacy you've been meeting with german officials you met with the german foreign minister met with the german president as well what do you looking for the international community to do here when i think everybody knows there are important countries involved with interests in aid but in the greater region and i think it is of critical importance that these countries come together and find a political solution as humanitarian actors we have highlighted for seven years now of this conflict that we can solve the conflict as humanitarian actors we can mitigate the consequence of the conflict we can engage for the respect of international humanitarian law but these are no solutions for the conflict it's the political actors who have to converge in their position and find solutions which
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do not have the negative feedback that we all fear on the civilian population and yet those political efforts have been ongoing also for seven years to try to find a diplomatic solution and yet nobody seems really willing to stop the bloodshed do you feel like your warnings are falling on deaf ears well there is a part of their fears indeed because we have seen outrageous violations of international humanitarian law in that conflict and beyond we have seen enormous consequences on the civilian population and nevertheless there didn't seem convergent political energies going to stopping that conflict we hope that. we fear what could happen is also see there's an opportunity finally to change course and to converge on policies which have less dramatic humanitarian impacts for the people on the everybody knows what the figures are every not one. he knows how complex the situation is as fighters and civilians are intertwined in
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a very complex environment and we certainly understand that this is an extremely challenging situation also for the political and military actors we gear up and we prepare of course to be able to operate not only in this emergency situation but beyond given that very complex situation just briefly do you have hope for a lasting peace in syria well we have always had hope whether it is realistic to have this hope for tomorrow and the day after day is may be vicious but what we would hope is that finally we see a top bring down the level of violence and hopefully some normalcy coming back to the average syrians and we are certainly here also to support that process in the future all right peter marra the president of the international committee of the red cross thank you so much for joining us on our program thank you very much. you're watching news we'll have more news and business for you coming up after the break.
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i. asked sensory overload deli. just about everything. and. people. got hurt. and still needing story. leap into the fray. here including spot. hijacking so. we're arguing. the news was being hijacked was which still has become the script is a reality show it's not just good vs evil us vs the why and
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why. in countries like russia china turkey people are told. and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about me. or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was bored of golf and i were you know it. was. her first day of school in the jungle. i mean listen. doris grant moment arrives to. join the military on her journey back to freedom.
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you know we're interactive documentary. tour on the new tame returns home on d w dot com among its earnings. welcome back you're watching news our top story the head of germany's domestic intelligence service is under fire accused of passing sensitive information to the far right party the social democrats who are in a coalition government with chancellor angela merkel have demanded that he be sacked. and the catholic church in germany says it is distressed and ashamed by the findings of a new report into the sexual abuse of children by priests the report found that clergy men had abused nearly forty thousand children over a seventy year period. of the conflict in. eastern ukraine has largely fallen out of the headlines but violence still flares up there regularly despite an official
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cease fire however the two sides pro russian separatists and ukrainian government forces recently agreed to lay down their weapons to allow children to go back to school after the summer break it's an informal agreement but as nick conley found in the frontline village. it comes as a great relief for the children who have to risk their lives every day just to get an education. and the morning and then of the trip to school without any shots being fired. reason enough for people here to be thankful for now the so-called school ceasefire seems to be holding after leaving home on the separatist held side these people have passed through no man's land before crossing a narrow bridge and showing their passports. we're not allowed to film the moment the children and their parents cross the bridge or ukrainian military mind is a nervous they say are unexpected parents could provoke the separatists. out to
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meet the students from the other side of the river the school principal. she introduces us to dash and her two younger brothers. the one who accompanied you saw is everything all right i didn't see you yesterday all this might seem normal now but it was only a few days before the summer holidays that the last major round of shelling since everyone scrambling to cover. this economic. school teach them one hundred sixty pupils age six seventeen that's just half the number before the war the others have long since left. east and west together the patriotic pose to reads something this school does every day keeping children from both sides talking to each other. we meet dasher again she's been making the journey across the front line some three years now just me and my brothers were on our way to school suddenly lots of shooting started so we all got down it was really scary there was nowhere to hide.
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so. we head down to the school cellar water candles and desks for all the peoples that's the extent of the provisions here in the schools improvised bomb shelter doors of crush not near the door don't believe anyone who says you can get used to war you never do. three children have died in the since the war began to preschoolers and one former student or just bucca i still remember the desk where he used to sit and his handwriting. he was a talented boy. psychologically everyone has suffered the foliage will only see. us she shows us what's left of the primary school buildings across the road gutted by a direct hit it was only because the shelling happened so in the morning that no one died. it's time for lisette to return to class from their desks her people can
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see deep into separate to sell territory. from the classroom to the front line is a matter of just a few hundred meters and credit for crossing that front become part of everyday life for many of the children here and so is the shooting. there's not a single window in this entire school that hasn't needed to be replaced in the four years since the shooting began. and finally were allowed down to the river without the children. beyond the bridge between the front lines no man's land and it's through this under the gaze of snipers from both sides the students pause every day . as the school day ends we join the children as they head back to with the checkpoint the experience of crossing the front day in day out hasn't put her off she tells us she wants to study to become a teacher so that she can come right back to that to teach in her words.
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world leaders past and present gathered and ghana's capital today for the state funeral of former un secretary general kofi annan. really. we need some. yes really strong. six thousand mourners paid tribute telling his record as an advocate for humanity and world peace and i'm going to a national he died in a swiss hospital last month at the age of eighty the current secretary general of the united nations remembered his predecessor. like few in our time for fianna would bring people together. and unite them towards a common goal for our common humanity. there is an old joke. the art of diplomacy is to say nothing especially when you are speaking.
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cos you are now you say every scene. sometimes without a word. correspondent he isn't gonna capitol following today's events for as high as they could to to see you tell us more about the ceremonies today. well the burial service has just and where mr kofi annan has been laid to rest there was a. religious service because he was a christian it was attended by wald leaders including the u.n. secretary general and. president president of liberia. the president of course among. his just like me. who really is a calm personality and kofi annan is known around the world for his diplomatic efforts but tell us about his life in ghana before that role
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well before you actually traveled abroad to the united states of america to study and also get a supposed to international relations he grew up like an ordinary guy in the original of ghana a young man although he was born to a father was achieved in the region he was still grew up actually. schools in ghana up to the investor level before he tried to further his education study international relations and go to the u.n. and. actually rose through to become the head of that agency what is his legacy what does he mean to people in ghana and also in africa. many people look up to him the thing that he is very he was a compass and someone who brought calmness to difficult situations and a wish that. could be adopted by politicians in ghana he
4:38 pm
said gonna actually to on today international front and many gun years look up to that you know africa has done same because of the continent on the wall street and many people to pay their last respects to he said that he was the model of diplomacy and a mom that is needed enough reka to calm the various calamities that i've taken place on the continent down. isaac speaking to us from thank you very much. to thailand now where wildlife monitors say exotic and endangered species are being sold at an alarming rate online the watchdog group traffic has recorded a significant increase in activity among facebook groups offering live animals for sale including some species that are under international protection and we have our social media editor federico baggio with us here for more on the story how big of a problem mrs king well traffic started looking into this backing twenty sixteen
4:39 pm
they tracked twelve different facebook groups and over the course of just one month they saw that they found that more than one and a half thousand animals were being sold on those groups and that was by researching only about thirty minutes per day and these are the kinds of posts that they found this is for example if a two month old whites' handed gibbons it was offered for sale for about five hundred dollars and it's really cute but it's considered an endangered species so the fact that he's been sell it's been sold there for for this little money that's very alarming for a conservationists and facebook traffic has been monitoring these facebook groups over the last two years and they said that they found sales there for over two hundred different different animal species we're seeing some more of them here and these facebook groups have
4:40 pm
a lot of members they had back in two thousand and sixteen they had one hundred thousand that number has now doubled so the problem clearly still persists and actually we spoke with the head of a traffic southeast asia division and she told us that the number of sales has not decreased on the country is has perhaps increased ok so we saw some pictures of endangered species there but are all of these sales illegal i mean in a lot of cases they are illegal in thailand has prohibited the. the sale of certain animals and actually about half of the species that traffic found on those facebook groups the full. laws but thailand's laws mostly protect animal species that are native to the country so species that are no native in that case there is a little bit of a graze own in the sense that they are it's not prohibited under title laws to sell
4:41 pm
them but obviously it is in violation of international conventions and internet international agreements made to protect endangered species all right so that leaves it up to facebook what is the company doing there where of the problem and of the activity that's taking place in thailand and also the latest reports by traffic and this is what they said in response facebook does not allow the sale or trade of endangered species or their parts and we remove this material as soon as we are aware of it we are committed to working with traffic and law enforcement authorities to help tackle the illegal online trade of wildlife in thailand but conservationists are saying that there needs to be more coronation between networks and law enforcement bodies not just in thailand but also in other parts of southeast asia like the philippines or malaysia where they also found that similar activities are also taking place in terms of animals being bought and sold on
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online writer social media editor federico basu thank you for bringing us the story thank you. you're watching good news still to come the toronto international film festival known as the unofficial launch of oscar season is in its final stages we take a look at some of the highlights from tiff two thousand eighteen. but first ben is back with more business and some good news finally for the truly were very good news it's surged after a decision by the central bank to raise the interest rate by more than six percent turkey's financial authorities met today in a last ditch effort to halt the layers dramatic descent or at least slow it the currency value has plunged more than forty percent against the dollar this year analysts had argued for a drastic interest rate hike to keep prices from further skyrocketing but turkish president richard tie a better one had opposed such a move claiming higher interest rates would worsen the country's economic problems
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to its regulators have also decided to ban all real estate business in foreign currencies all transactions will now be handled in lira. it's also another attempt of course to support the county which continue to tumble even after many to export liras with dollars like the president had told them to let's rope in craig our analyst in london along with our wisdom bowl correspondent dorian jones craig starting with you how much of a boost is that right rise given the lira. it's give me quite a boost so far i think for two reasons firstly is that the actual rate hike itself surpassed expectations by around two percent which is always going to be a good reason is that there was still i think a little bit of warre that the central bank would shoot what markets were expecting because of the pressure being put on the quit on its president so the fact that it's got a ball sends a strong signal to markets that it is still independent and it will still act in
4:44 pm
that manner in order to support the currency and support the markets i bet investors are relieved to add one didn't want this rate rise but it's even bigger and actually the biggest in his fifteen year rule. the only question now is whether it's going to be in north to actually calm investors or whether more is going to be needed further down the road we've seen in argentina for example we saw significant rate hikes previously and even that we need that in the fifteen percent rate hike quite recently in order to try and calm invest the nerves and they may not be enough so there may still be more needed the central buying showing its independence is in the stream an important first step during a question for you doesn't this all make ed a one look bad. well i think there will be relief across the country the currency didn't suffer further falls and that was the expectation that if the central bank didn't act decisively the currency would again be under pressure and those holes have ties to
4:45 pm
country but at the same time it does come in the face of a very strong warning by the president against increasing interest rates to the central bank how his supporters will see that going forward will be unclear but i think the priority across the deep political divide these this country gets a grip of dealing with this currency crisis and ultimately the looming economic recession that many are expecting in the coming months ahead so relief all round but how are people coping with the crisis. well i think the first state of affairs in this country is that people are in massive shock that the currency has fallen so significantly and they are dealing with the reality of that a massive surge in inflation inflation is nearly twenty percent is expected to go up as high as nearly thirty percent people are already coming to terms with those things raising prices or buying schoolbooks food prices are soaring is a big concern and that is i mean the pork of the street but going forward there is
4:46 pm
a realisation there will be a likelihood of a recession and that means job losses the country's awash on social media of talk of big companies in trouble and the fear is that there will be a major rise in unemployment so there is realisation that the country is facing very very tough times ahead even in spite of this action by the central bank and the fear is that if those talk time to go to get worse the president could possibly intervene put more pressure on the central bank to reverse its stance and that would be a big concern among investors as well as the concern that investors make far more steps be taken on the fiscal side as well craig you mentioned more measures need to be taken what needs to be done to ward off recession. alternately we need to see stabilization in the currency markets forty. key to any chance of either avoiding a recession or more likely not ensuring that it's not quite a horrible recession and i think in all of that we've got we need to get investors on side and therefore set up first step by the central bank is important fiscal
4:47 pm
sensibility also needs to ensure that that's the part that people are also extremely concerned about because the seems to be this side the that you can spend and spend and spend your way out of problems and historically that doesn't appease investors and you do tend to see capital flight they're the two most important things i think that we need to say one of which is currently being ticked right thanks for the import craig earlier in london and dorian jones is down before us. does it take you to toronto. that's right the toronto international film festival better known as the test is drawing to a close time to have a look back at what's been creating a buzz there we have robin merrill from our culture desk with us robin so trying to is not one of the big festivals like venice or khan but they've had some pretty big premieres this year they have indeed the in fact the red carpets being a watch with he would stars for the last well over
4:48 pm
a week now it's nearly ten days last night it was nicole kidman as she is signing off autographs taking notes selfies cause she was that new film boy raised a coming of age drama which follows the son of about his preaching in america forced to take part in gay conversion therapy that's you know to try and stop him being gay an interesting topic anyway there's been lots of other interesting films premarin premiering there as well we doze from steve mcqueen of course the guy who made twelve years a slave robert redford's last movie so he says himself the old man with a gun in the title is kind of self-explanatory plays a bank robber who robbed banks for fun read it because he's he thought. is also the long awaited sequel of hallo we in the scary movie that i still have the cigs on a wednesday night regard for votes years ago which starred jamie lee cuz it stars
4:49 pm
her again in the sequel so also featuring that body michael meyers and she's for revenge jamie lee says but i can't say anymore let's have a look at those three starting with steve mcqueen's widows about a robbery with a difference. after a heist goes wrong killing all men involved the wives of forced to pick up the pieces husbands are coming. finally. i was in the field plans for his next shot i want to just clear the passage for sure chester anyway because i'm the only one standing between you and a bullet in your head. widow's follows future filmmaking success for director steve mcqueen and expectations are high when i'm on set i have done is fair but it is all about making for your friend but the fear is always going to be around is how you make him a hole where
4:50 pm
a fair is whatever is well for him somehow. this is for guns guns from where figuring out. all my kids to know that i didn't just sit there and take it i did some. here's three i'd like to open up an account all my life tab a mentality i haven't much is going to. destroy. the old man and the gun tells the fact my story of the jail escapee and serial bank robber who spends going straight. to. their express grave face of hell was a light hearted trial about aging and regret and robert redford's swan song really . were located just up the drama spawn true story yeah these are one of the water. scarred by
4:51 pm
the events that took place forty years ago laurie strode once again faces off with the skate serial killer michael meyers. halloween picks up with a nine hundred seventy eight slasher movie left off reuniting miles with nick castle under the mask with strode. by jamie lee curtis the final confrontation is one audiences thought they would never see i dare anyone to say the things that forty years later we would be remaking or making a sequel to the movie we made one hundred seventy eight forty years ago on. sitting here cringing. at your theory i think for the both of us that director michael moore has a new movie out as well and there's certainly plenty of fodder coming guess with the subject if you can guess the new would be right the movie is called fire and
4:52 pm
hype eleven nine the date referring to the eleventh no no way the ninth of november when we all thought would wake up to hillary clinton winning the election but she hadn't donald trump and won the election this is not surprisingly a classic subject for michael moore and his documentaries although it actually takes it rather further radii i mean it's pretty pessimistic about the future of america it's quite near the state and i and it's a cool to on it's really from him it's scary not in the way that how to wean is scary we still watch it really but here's what michael moore himself has to say about the film. well it's also very much of who we are as americans because he didn't fall out of the sky. he's been around a long time and we've behaved in a certain way for a long time that. that when you look back now you can see how the the road was
4:53 pm
paved for him. to get the american dream. is. resisting. the president's power here. ladies and gentlemen the last president of the united states. and you're just saying frightening in a different way yeah it is it is really i mean it's not a documentary to watch for a quiet night on the side for this it but certainly one to watch i mean it's hard hitting stuff anyway much more of the trunk so focused on a website d.w. dot com slash culture our culture editor robin merrill thank you very much for. time for a round of sports now and drivers in the world rallying championship they have to
4:54 pm
say extra focus this week as they negotiate a new race in turkey no one has ever experienced this rocky terrain on the course nor marmaris before thursday's shakedown had championship driver to view uncomfortably close to the road edge in his hyundai the belgian has labeled the route a lead into the unknown reigning a five time world champion sebastian or ga had similar difficulties in his four day he raced in the last rally of turkey in two thousand and ten but on very different roads. tennis star naomi osaka has returned to her native japan to a big welcome having become the country's first grand slam singles champion she defeated her idols serena williams at the u.s. open last weekend there was huge controversy with williams being docked a game for calling the umpire a thief but osaka told a news conference in tokyo that the incident the negative crowd reaction did not take away from her success. for me i don't feel that.
4:55 pm
because i wouldn't even know what. look i'm expected to feel because i feel like since it was my first final and it was my first grand slam victory. overall i thought really happy and i know that i accomplished a lot. and i don't think i even. thought about feelings because there's no experience for me to draw on any other grand slam final wins. her one more item when space tourism finally does take off how do you suppose its wealthy pioneers will want to celebrate with champagne of course anticipating that day a french champagne maker has come up with a bottle specially designed for weightless drinking then it asked the world's fastest man you know i'm you saying bolt to joint company executives to test the bottle on a zero gravity flight looks like a tricky business no word on what a bottle of this bubbly would cost.
4:56 pm
the franc you for watching give you news still go we'll have an update on your headlines at the top of the hour.
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to see sensory overload delhi. has just about everything i want to see of it. howlers. people discuss her. claims mullins to us an aging story. sleep in the fresh. impulse lightly and in fifteen minutes.
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education is a human rights but most. divide between ukraine students have been destroyed. between rebel held territory and had to be secured both of their children have just one chance across the border to get to the educational. today on the. plane. coming from beethoven and. his work god is fortunate. in the months to come and favorite place. of unfinished bombing twenty. odd. come in until sixteen and i'm crying i go around the world.
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young people in the field against the fence generation. it was impossible dusty from the stupidity insistence from the street demanding nothing less than a whole new system of. middle struggling clubs with the vietnam war plane that should roll up my generation and watch the blood wars every day. those muslim remember the minister for the first time i had a feeling of being part of some. in. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement the women's movement for home planet during this period. ends in sixty eight. the global. this week.
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this is data of the news live from a crisis meeting is on the way that could decide the fate of germany's domestic intelligence chief hans mohsin is under fire for questioning the authenticity of a video showing migrants being chased by stream it's now senior politicians are calling for him to be sacked also on the program. a leaked report says priests in germany raped and sexually abuse.


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