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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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check the country's constitution in the past week what he said and what he's accused of doing well it's raised a suspicions is he as tough on neo nazis and right wing radicalism as he claims tonight political leaders are deciding whether or not he should keep his job they'll have to ask whether or not they trust him first off in berlin this is the day. that he is convincingly taken a position against a far right extremism again and again i have known him for a while now you know. his public reputation has been seriously damaged. and what we've had today is not enough to make up for that so much. look good sucking all resignation and not proportionate after what he had to say to us today
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you see this so you know and that is why i would like to say that president mohsin still has my confidence as president of the domestic intelligence agency isn't out it's our opinion that there are at least doubts whether or not is the right person as head of the domestic intelligence service. also coming up tonight children sexually abused by catholic clergy the scandals and accusations are multiplying along with that pope francis can handle the crisis what we see with this clerical sex abuse crisis it comes in waves after wave after wave now there's the latest report in germany so it's almost like a perfect storm. but we begin the day with germany's top spy whose credibility may be headed for rock bottom. and is the chief of germany's domestic spy agency he leaves the federal office to. the constitution yet tonight political
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party leaders here in berlin are debating whether or not he is a real friend to the rule of law all in the past week he has fueled suspicion that the country's law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated by far right sympathizers last week mr mostyn contradicted the german chancellor when he cast doubt on the authenticity of videos purportedly showing min chasing down foreigners in broad daylight now there are reports that mawson met with a member of the far right party and shared confidential information why would the head of intelligence share anything with a party that just two weeks ago openly demonstrated with neo nazis all the answers could be politically explosive we have this report could the president of germany's domestic secret service bring down the government that's what the papers are asking social democrats a conservative one scaled mohsen must go if not they could quit governing coalition
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and an addict anyone at the head of a security institution of our country has to be absolutely trustworthy and it's obvious that this trust no longer exists yet so there must be consequences. for now conservatives are backing mausam he's accused of improperly passing on sensitive information to germany's far right populist party the f.t.c. and if the member told germany the data was contained in an released government report. when we spoke with mr marson about the reports it wasn't available in printed form yet we talked about various numbers and figures such as right wing extremism left wing extremism and islamist threats. s.p.d. chairwoman under the analysis met for crisis talks with merkel and conservatives on thursday but there was no breakthrough talks will continue next tuesday. and i'm joined now by my colleague who's dirs brigade he's been covering the story for us
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here in berlin good evening to you krista first so how widely is it that we'll be out of a job. well the interesting thing is that last night he looked as though he was going to survive this crisis but the tide seems to turn either during the night or this morning in particular the social democrats of the junior coalition partners in chancellor merkel's coalition have their stance stiffened quite considerably and they are fairly categoric in that demands for his resignation the opposition liberal free democrats they were also dillydallying last night but they now have stiffened their stance as well so i would say there's a very big question mark on how long. it is going to survive in his post there's one persistent rumor going around in this evening which is that the three leaders who are talking to each other coalition leaders who are talking to each to each
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other in the chances office today their best solution to this most elegant solution to this would be if masson himself decided to step down thereby freeing them from the responsibility of firing him. it was due to be used christopher's brigade speaking with me earlier when that anti migrant violence flared up in the east german city of camden its german lawmaker andreas nec a member of chancellor merkel's conservatives he was already concerned about mawson's dealings with the a.f.d. party here's what he said on the day two weeks ago a very frankly i've been of the opinion that if he should be supervised by the fossil shorts for many years i've never been fully accepting the argument that there was no reason to do that we have. at least reports about the head of the fossil shorts mr moss and having met on numerous occasions with senior representatives without him willing to disclose what was discussed. i think we
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should make clear that there is. no the faintest doubt about the integrity of our law enforcement authorities whether it's in sex and the on the federal level so warnings from andreas nick two weeks ago opposition parties are also calling for consequences constantine who is a german lawmaker for the opposition free democrats he spoke to me before the show . so mr couper do you think the country's domestic intelligence agency chief should he resign he should resign or he should be even dismissed by the minister of the interior hostile far we have now reached a situation in which there is no trust anymore within the coalition when it comes to the hat of the intelligence why don't you trust them anymore we don't trust them anymore because there has been happening so much in the last couple of weeks and months when it comes to the investigation about the attacks on but i try plots in berlin when it comes to the events in chemist's and also when it comes to the links
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between the ife the and the german when the stock and are these the are these examples are these events where you have proof that he's done something wrong or are these rumors and suspicions that you're acting on well yesterday there has been a five hour session of the committee on interior theories and we've been asking him mr marson are you aware of the consequences of what you are saying about demonstrators about violence on german streets that you are causing it to may be a lie that that has been happening and has been reported by by media and he is not aware of the consequences he might not have a mad intention when it comes to his own words about what he causes with his words is more uncertainty and that's a very bad thing for head of an intelligence agency and you said that he's living in his own little world what do you mean by that that he doesn't see the consequences and the context of want is happening we are in
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a situation where the entire german society is debating about migration there are terrible murderous happening people are dying and people are demonstrating against this which is totally fine as long as it's peaceful then again we have a right wing protesters there are jewish institutions that damage the jewish restaurant was harmed in in camden's and we have the use of nazi symbolism also on the streets and this is a very very very very difficult situation for the entire. german society and there should be head of intelligence agency that understands that we need to stay calm instead of spreading conspiracy theory do you think he's aware that his actions could be fueling suspicions that law enforcement in germany has been infiltrated by right wing sympathizers i mean some people are saying that maybe even he is a right wing sympathizer i do not think that he is a right wing sympathizer i think that what he did was trying to fulfill his duties
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as that of the intelligence agency but we are now in a situation where he doesn't need his own standards anymore because he said that he tried to calm down the debate that's what his aim was when he published the interview in beirut and this this was simply not happening the opposite happened after his interviews does no room anymore to make it happen but not everyone shares your opinion that we've got the interior minister mr as a whole for himself saying that he stands behind mr moss and that's not going to change in the foreseeable future so what's going to happen if he keeps his job well the fact that hoss the whole thing is still in favor of mr maass and staying in office has to do with the election and the vireo obviously that c.s. is not doing very well and we are expecting another better is not a good result for them in the very elections and obviously the chancellor is allowing that says to do anything they want before the elections so it can behave in a way as he wants do you think the chancellor and you say that about say over do you
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think the chancellor is she in control of her cabinet and of her government obviously not she is not in control because this week she would have had the opportunity to say something. about the situation she just mentioned one sentence about the events and chemists and she there's a lack of leadership there is no true management of the interior security in germany neither by the c.s. will neither by the chancellor and the obvious result of this like of leadership is that the head of the. agency is going public with his own opinion final question we know these talks about the fate of mr must and they will pick up again next tuesday will the chance there will she fire him. i don't think so i think they will go into another round of waiting until the end of this coalition maybe i don't think that the s.p.d. is strong enough to reach it constantine who thank you very much. will
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still to come on the day children on the front line in eastern ukraine risking their lives for an education just me and my brothers were on our way to school suddenly lots of shooting started so we all got down it was really scary there was nowhere to hide. pope francis met leaders of the u.s. catholic church today amid an ever widening scandal over clergy sexual abuse of children the batek and is reeling from crises around the world involving the molestation of children by priests and allegations of systematic cover ups that date back decades after today's meeting of the pope ordered an investigation into an american bishop accused of sexual misconduct with adults and he accepted the bishop's resignation the pope has also called for a summit next february for senior clergy to discuss the protection of children his worry about the future of the church can be heard in his comments made today to one
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hundred thirty new bishops take a listen. you have to select people can fully and you have to evaluate them and. we will not have a future if we do not face the spiritual abyss of the scandalous weakness. in. me says god i don't. well while the pope was making that statement in rome the catholic church here in germany says that it is distressed and ashamed by the findings of a new report into sexual abuse the independent report which was commissioned by the church itself found the clergyman had raped and abused nearly four thousand children over seventy years starting at the end of the second world war we're joining me tonight here at the big table is peter isley he is with c a global dot org ending clergy abuse he's also a founding member of snap the survivors network of those abused by priests peters
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good to have you on the day i mean we've got a long list here don't we we've got. we've got ireland we've got the will be seen in south america we've got pennsylvania and now we've got germany i heard someone this week say this is the nine eleven for the catholic church do you agree well i'll tell you where it's going to end up is africa and that that's where it's the most dangerous for children right now but yeah i mean it's this is been a long time coming and this is a historic opportunity for true reform and change but there's a lot of forces that are resisting that change when you're saying that in africa the abuse may be going on right now yes but we haven't found out about that and we were just finding out about the abuse that happened here in germany how do you compare what's what we're seeing in germany with what we just saw in the united
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states the german catholic church today saying it's a shame. well you know the thing about shame ok is what are you going to do about it. there's no doubt that there's a personal feelings of shame but what changes are you going to make and so for instance in germany right now. there is not written into church law zero tolerance for priests that sexually abused children and is not there and you have to completely trust this senior management that they're going to do the right thing and they don't have to do it under their law and if they break that zero tolerance it doesn't matter as this is the senior management that you're going to trust with handling this issue children are at risk they've covered up these sex crimes right now the pope is going to gather together in february and again there's a sense of urgency here why it why wait so long so why is he waiting so i don't know why easy. but would tell me that we hear that there are forces in the vatican
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that are trying to prevent any reforms and that the pope is maneuvering as best he can to reform without the whole project exploding is that this is a realistic that the widespread systematic abuse of children if you look at the numbers in germany and the united states conservatively and you extrapolate that globally there have been some thirty five thousand clerics thirty five thousand priests that have sexually assaulted children around the world they have done so within a system that covers up for them that hands for exam and moves that there is mind boggling in it and it also speaks to use this word it does something evil if you will that it's been going on for so long and over the entire planet that this is the problem with with pope francis in trying to understand how he understands as he gave a sermon on tuesday it's st peter's and he talked about satan and what he specifically said was that what satanic is the revelation about these crimes but the revelation
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of these crimes is what is really the problem but that's not the problem with the problem is that they need to be revealed so it's really difficult sometimes to understand where he is on the one side you know he seems a very compassionate about this he's very bothered about this on the other side there's concerns about what he did as a jesuit prevention what his. record is in himself in argentina when he do you think that's the problem do you think he's trying to cover or protect his record and at the same time you know reform moving forward is he called you know with his past his own past in his own future this is a thing we don't know but what we can say for sure is that we have a system that has does not have a law or if you sexually abuse a child in your priest that you can take it out of ministry they don't have that and we also have a system that does not have a law that if you've covered it up you're not going to be a bishop anymore local authorities have to find out if there has been a crime in their local authorities you know they can intervene right but they don't
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know if it's being covered up and it's covered up by church canon though isn't it and i'm talking about the confessional confidentiality if i confess to a priest he can not tell anyone even if i've told him to i've committed the crime against a child well that in that instance yes but a lot of these reports are not coming through the confessional and they're not getting to law enforcement law enforcement historically has not. properly investigated these crimes if you look at the grand jury in pennsylvania and elsewhere law enforcement generally around the world has failed to intervene and they're starting to intervene now what do you think the priesthood is that it sounds like we're hearing one case after another that it was it became a place for sexual predators to hide and survive is there what we're uncovering the most disturbing question about this is what you sort of mentioning is that it's sexual predators that are attracted the priesthood that may
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be part of it but is there something about the system in a way that if you're in it long enough that might in a way kind of produce sexually or are you talking about celibacy for example celibacy maybe one thing i mean that this often is done understood by left and right so forth for the liberals the problem is celibacy i don't know. if priest having sex or having more sex is going to solve the problem for the other side is homosexuality and they're trying to make this link between homosexuality and pedophilia that's what the the right wing of the right or the bishops of the right in their planned pope francis that is absolutely unacceptable there is nothing nothing whatsoever to support that link and it's dangerous to to make that link so what you see are factions trying to take control of the church right but that's not what this is about what you see historically and you still see now is that liberal bishops cover up sex crimes and conservative bishops cover up and just try this is much deeper than that divide we've got about a minute left so tell me what would you like to see the pope do because at the end
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of the day the pope is really the only person who can say and punish a bishop for example or a cardinal what would you like to see pope francis do to morrow i want to see him and we need to see him do like what he did with catechism change the death penalty he went did this on his own and what he needs to do is three things he can do with the stroke of a pen he can do tomorrow one zero tolerance to make it a law in the catholic church that you cannot abuse a child remain a priest secondly zero tolerance for bishops and cover up sex crimes he can do that and thirdly they need to have a global registry of these offenders right now the vatican has almost four thousand cases of priests that they know they have determined have raped and sexually assaulted children around the world what are they doing with those cases and what are they doing with that information i mean that they're keeping it secret isn't that covering up sex crimes right there not letting that information out where over time we had more time to talk appreciate you coming in what you shared with this is valuable we appreciate your insights tonight peter eisler.
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eastern ukraine has largely fallen out of the headlines but people there still live with the fear of violence despite an official ceasefire the two sides pro russian separatists and ukrainian government forces recently agreed to lay down their weapons to allow children to go back to school after the summer break now it's an informal agreement and as nick connelly found in this frontline village it's a very thin line of security for children who risk their lives every day just to get an education. another morning and another trip to school without any shots being fired. reason enough for people here to be thankful for now the so-called school ceasefire seems to be holding off to leaving home on the separatists side these people have passed through no man's land for crossing
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a narrow bridge and showing that postulates. we're not allowed to film the moment the children and their parents cross the bridge ukrainian military mind is in the us they say are unexpected parents could provoke the separatists. out to meet the students from the other side of the river the school principal lisa. she introduces us to dash on her two younger brothers. the one who accompanied. sasha is everything all right i didn't see it yesterday. all this might seem normal now but it was only a few days before the summer holidays the last major round of shelling since everyone scrambling to cover. this epidemic year school teach them one hundred sixty pupils age six seventeen that's just half the number before the war the others have long since left east and west together the patriotic pose to reads something this school does every day keeping children from both sides talking to
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each other. we meet dasher again she's been making the journey across the front line some three years now just me and my brothers were on our way to school suddenly lots of shooting started so we all got down it was really scary there was nowhere to hide. so. we head down to the school cellar water candles and desks through the people's that's the extent of the provisions here and the schools improvised bomb shelter. and they did that almost don't believe anyone who says you can get used to war you never do. three children have died and since the war began to preschoolers and one former student. i still remember the desk where used to sit and his handwriting. he was a talented boy. psychologically everyone has suffered no knowledge here. she shows us what's left of the primary school buildings across the road
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gutted by a direct hit it was only because the shelling happened so early in the morning that no one died. it's time for lisette to return to class and their desks oh peoples can see deep and to separate to sell territory. from the classroom to the front line is a matter of just a few hundred meters in. crossing up front it's become part of everyday life for many of the children here and so is the shooting. there's not a single window in this entire school that hasn't needed to be replaced in the four years since the shooting began. and finally were allowed down to the river without the children. beyond the bridge between the front lines lies no man's land and it's through this under the gaze of snipers from both sides the students pass every day . as the school day ends we join the children as they head back towards the checkpoint the experience of crossing the front day in day out hasn't put dasher
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off she tells us she wants to study to become a teacher so that she can come right back to find that to teach in her words. for world leaders past and present gathered in dawna's capital today for the state funeral of former u.n. secretary general kofi uno. some. six thousand mourners have paid tribute to the diplomat hailing his record as an advocate for humanity and world peace the service followed three days of national mourning anon was a national citizen of ghana he died in a swiss hospital last month at the age of eighty the current u.n. secretary general paid tribute to his fellow diplomat. like few you know time
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will bring people together. and unite them towards a common goal for our common humanity. there is an old joke the art of the promise east to say nothing especially when you are speaking. coffee and i say every scene sometimes we don't work. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter in the news corps you can write directly to me don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow live another day of the never got.
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the beatles legacy. becomes an illustrated jenny she told. us live everybody knows the fab four. but two british graphic obtuse know them. the road to school. next up. kick off life the
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football is a simple game football a simple game. not really not. a ball for ninety minutes. to mr let's talk about. there are a lot of the teams it's difficult to understand we will give you the answers at least. sixty. i just wish double wave. education is a human rights but not. by me to ukraine students have been destroyed i. call between rebel held territory and had to be secured by the children have one chance crossed the border to get to
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the educational. today on the. nico piece in germany to learn german english binnacle. why not learn with him d w z e learning course because fake. ever want to welcome to another edition of your own max i'm your host meghan lee from black beverages to crazy kitesurfing we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up.


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