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just one chance to stick with to get to the education. today on the. news. because in germany to learn german or japanese. why not learn with him d w z e learning course because vic. i want to welcome to another edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee from black beverages to crazy kitesurfing we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming off. picture perfect a new illustrated tribute to the beatles. french favorite mom back is
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a top wine with it lasting tradition. and surfing supreme riding the waves in northern germany. it's been over forty years since the british band the beatles broke up and its members pursued solo careers but is still a beatle mania lives on in people's hearts and minds and now their story can be retraced in a new book it's by two british graphic designers who take readers on a visual journey and illustrate the mark the beatles left on pop music history or we talk to the authors to find out more about this unique project. they were british world famous and incredibly successful no band has ever shaped music history like the beatles albums sold millions of copies and almost everyone
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can sing along to their heads with me. visualizing the beatles is a graphic journey back in time which brings the fab four to life in fine detail. its unique point is that it tells the story of the beatles through fix without a single photo of them. i was special about this book is that there is a huge amount that's been written about the beatles and you know every angle has been except this one so we wanted to add something different something unique to the beaches council of. all the facts and figures are compiled for each of the iconic bands albums in detail in photographic some information about tours. charts standings and even the most used words.
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the book also examines the band members guitars and depicts the revolving hairstyles from the classic beatle cut to the long mane to abbey road. the creative graphic illustrators live and work in hereford england. school when we were in already. in two thousand and ten the duo started designed by so england's first agency for info graphic. they found and filled in each and swiftly became a leading agency for information design their clients now include i.b.m. google universe. and the united nations one of the things we do. so. they want us to create something fun something engaging we worked out how much
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it would cost to make a real life suit. including its breathing apparatus gravity prosthetic legs and arms. graphic and yet. over one hundred news outlets including time magazine and mash have linked to their overview of star wars characters. they got the idea for the beatles book in two thousand and fourteen. we've always wanted to do even if book the big. choice. the significance of the band is obviously phenomenal there's a huge backlog of work to work with a huge amount of data for us to examine it just the idea of choice for us is information that. they expressed their devotion to the band through their devotion to detail for every album there's a diagram listing the instruments used on it revealing the bigger picture of the
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beatles compositions growing more and more complex. not only has the beatles music acquired iconic status over the years their outfits have to. it's the beatles war. because the music with them you can see they start off very formal always seated and believe that the looking the same goes through the shea stadium seats here on the first u.s. tour. through to the iconic sergeant pepper's ones and the real holly psychedelic of the mid sixty's through to becoming more difficult each time that. i mean for me not to be. just. the rooftop concert at the apple records headquarters was their last life performance together i made simmering disputes the group broke up soon after rob thomas and john freeman can
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relate to that personally. i. don't know off the right i'd say we really really do arguments. she was strange but we don't we have a discussion we go with my i. think. the beatles story certainly didn't end with their breakup collectors' items continue to command vast sums at the top of the price list are john lennon psychedelic lee painted rolls royce nearly two million euros and the handwritten lyrics to all you need is love. visualizing the beatles after all these years of just listening to them. and saying in the u.k. actor michael caine leads an all star cast a new film about a london jewelry heist that plus a day in the life of a geisha in rome and a controversial art collection on display here in berlin those stories coming up in
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today's express. can or should be celebrated its premiere in london on wednesday the film's stars michael caine he leaves the bounds of retired criminals to pull off britain's biggest jewelry heist the film is based on true events from twenty fifteen when full of healthy men are still safety boxes of jewelry with a ten million euros for london's jewelry district happened on the king of thieves goes on release on september the fourteenth the first. visitors to rome are currently finding out more about meeting patients. the hash tag a should a festival. for japanese geishas provides visitors with an insight into them and ceremony. the festival runs until the fifteenth of september at various locations throughout
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the italian capital. of berlin exhibition is showing works owned by the late art dealer and to put on girl it five years ago fifteen hundred works of art were found in the apartment of gurlitz son cornelius. the discovery made international headlines because several pieces were suspected to have been looted by nazis. the exhibition showcases two hundred fifty artworks from the collection the origins of which have been established and tells the story of the artists. as well as the fates of the paintings former owners. the exhibition which was previously in vaughan and farron can be seen in berlin as martin copious about until january seventh. normally the colors of wine or rosé white or red but did you know that black is
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also an option now black wine like this one right here stems from the mile back grape and was given this name because of its extreme darkness now here in europe it's mostly produced in southwest france and that is where we're headed for our next report in this week's series creative it enters so let's find out now if black wine is really black which i see it's hot and see how this rich color affects the taste. the core region in southern france is one of europe's oldest wind regions its claim to fame is the murdoch great. prize for the best mother of twenty eighteen went to the chateau de meco has been the art owned by bet all the gold. mandate from core is also called the black wine because it's hard to see why there's a saying if you can look through it it isn't them out there. it's
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a grape very very difficult to grow bert here in. crikey mate. very night and. very. bad target a hole his father bought the chateau de meco as in one thousand nine hundred three . he turned it into a four star hotel with thirty rooms and a michelin starred restaurant. the castle ambience is part of the appeal. of the bishops' of. until a certain twenty some to read so you don't have a lot of. initiative from the certain some three.
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or was growing my back even len. but during the nineteenth century a fitz plague the region and destroyed most of in yards the malbec great from cold war was only rescued from extinction by the friendless hard work in the nineteen fourteen's. media and studied every culture and dedicate their efforts to replanting mountebank they bought land which was once used to grow wine but was then abandoned because it was too hard to reach a fossil. in france people often talk about preserving cultural heritage france restores churches castles even old factories and now we're restoring our agricultural heritage but the one. we tried to do for was a customer what the how big. and then the can taste really what people drinking car during. before they started their own vineyards the couple
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worked for other wine growers for years with great success as experts in soil analysis they advised hundreds of in the world over for their own slopes they chose that very traditional back for auntie. to have works in so long time for the moment yes said we make we make we help people to print when you're outdoors who's a word and govern the thing and so she said why we can't. so that's her regime of the decision. the chateau de meco as produces on a very different scale it has more than six thousand five hundred texts as of land . also takes center stage at the hotel restaurant in twenty seventeen is the shift so was awarded a michelin star preparing regional dishes that go perfectly with the wine. i like to serve freshwater fish with a mile back. and then you want to do one goes especially well with now. it's
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a perfect. man actually originated in the coal region but it's not only associated with french wines about seventy percent of the world's my back great song grown in mendoza. the difference between a. quite important. this is to kind of. wine the difference is like. between because. most are agreed that there are different. wind from the south the fronts. one of the plants and this time on it's your it has to offer. brock is the owner and creative director of her own brand based in well the german born designer grew up with classical dance and was surrounded by the world of theatre she later studied
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tailoring at a scada which gave her the skills to eventually launch her own business well now the fashion designer is a fixture on the international scene and she still manages to take time out for her most loyal customers. german design a. studio and boutique in the center of bantu up she's been a fixture of the city's fashion scene since two thousand and six when she's not traveling the world to attend fashion shows she enjoys meeting with customers who visit her store any valve ike has been a regular for years the penny was funny was one of my very first clients i think she was one of the first people who came into my shop after i'd started out he opened the door and liked what she saw that was such a great feeling because i'd started from zero and i had no contacts here i just opened the store. since then henny has been coming by almost every month she regularly buys choice pieces from the news children's collection. box
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a day she's looking for an item for herself punishment box walk it's comfortable and easy to wear two factors hennie appreciates and so she doesn't mind paying two hundred fifty euros for sweater. why don't i always use natural fibers this is a mixture of wool cotton and discos so it's very selfish but i think it's really important for clothes to be selfish. on your spare bhakta tailoring apprenticeship at is cardio before starting design in hamburg and spending a year working in japan bochy taken her first steps towards becoming a fashion designer long before. what i think i was around twelve or thirteen when i began sewing my own clothes and it grew from then from then on i also knew i wanted to be a fashion designer i never considered doing anything else this is always been the thing for me was. so. the designers talent colby i
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ot's from norton the world famous belgian designer and a favorite of queen matilda of belgium. on a spare paulk works for to respond norton then launched her own label for women and children. as it cannot be clicked when i had children i began making clothes for them. and then little by little they turned into a collection. a piece from her children's line costs from fifty to two hundred euros for. the children's wear is especially popular in south korea but she has clients in twenty eight countries. she says antwerp is her ideal home base. as an example because you know where it is very international and i've always loved the cities with a whole lot because that gives them
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a special flat the mugs on them i used to live in hamburg and i really liked it there too also because it has a port but then i'm twelve has also been a good location for my profession because i'm often in paris and italy and neither one is far from here with the five. today has an appointment and twelve restaurant while ago the designer began designing interiors as well. isn't it so yes it is the new restaurant. if i did the interior design for it and they could pop it. in the nineteenth century the building was a coach house and here is almost finished with the interior it just needs a few last touches. that we're going to put an open fireplace here to turn this into a cozy corner where people can relax with a drink we did book and just unwind and enjoy a good type of thing and then. that'll put in
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a children's play area. on his family received a belgian design award for the interior in twenty seventeen her idea was to preserve the atmosphere and character of the old buildings while drawing on inspiration from her time in japan. in. this in all i often start out from a japanese aesthetic approach. which appreciates original forms and embrace his imperfections and also gain. assurances inda so here i wanted to preserve the original character. even those nuns why the walls and ceiling are staying as they are and while we only work with the natural materials with. the new fam paul cassidy stablished herself and her fashion design. moving on now to something for all you're doing your summer is out there
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now if you're feeling disorganized and in need of a message or memo board then a resident d.i.y. expert frenzy kui this has just the right idea for you now with some simple materials she shows us how to put together your own personalized message board to help you keep track of all your important appointments so pay close attention but if you miss something you can always see the video again on our youtube channel. hi i'm from this guy and i work a lot from home so this name a lot to help all too often that my day to day tasks i made this fundamental and i'm going to show you how to do it you will need a wooden box in the times you wanted to be mine measures teddy bears sixty centimeters. and empty notebook here too it doesn't matter what ties i chose the
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didn't a five. make sure the binding allows singer pages to be torn out is that. in addition you need a piece of caucus about the same size as you notebook and she felt this can be found in a hobby shop it can easily be cut to size with a box cutter but i kept mine to the following measurements. and then the only time would you. drill. some to find a strip of cloth. masking tape. secretly painted with your choice of color and a brush. and a sheet of colored postal box and acoustic. triangles on your card with masking tape. paint them in with one arm of the paint.
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peeling all the mess think they'd be full of the paint dries completely. use the box cutter to remove the notebook's comma and tear out the pages until it looks. kind of any ragged edges criticism. now do you choose our culture to work together to form a kind of open power i use the brush to smooth over the beads of you let it dry. i praise besides right on to my college posts i bought cast them out and glue them on to them. and. now all three elements are finished and you will have to decide exactly where you want to position them measure office sent out your blog and mock it.
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remember that the apology ought to be down so it can hold pens and pens. mark spots flipping holes in the apple cart of your box lay your box on two blocks of wood so you don't drill into the t.v. and then drill out the holes as my practice string. through the holes and tie a knot. to the tree and then went on to the spokes model for them and let everything dry and you're very declarative memo body is ready to hang on the log. you do you have a bought said no limits to your creativity you can leave out the paint and keep it well minimalist all you can make even more kind of.
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yes very creative all right finally we take to the north sea coast for a bit of kite surfing this is a great area at any time of the year because of the windy conditions but surfers would be well advised to wear a wet suit as the waters up north are always a bit chilly. as long as there is a strong wind blowing kite surfing providing spectacular photo opportunity years. it looks harder than it is the kind of his body is harnessed to the cart so far i'm saying it requires less strength and windsurfing dollars. and kite surfing suddenly has advantages over indoor sports. and it's just a whole lot of fun to jump really high for example and then fly through the air
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doing. some feat. and was more fun than flying. during the summer but there are plenty of kite surfing locations on germany's baltic and north sea cars. both for fun and competitions in a number of different disciplines. for onlookers it was a sight to behold. british style is the supreme discipline in current surfing and one of the best examples you know looks from hamburg she's been a kite surfing since she was seventeen she posted on
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a surfboard at the age of three as the youngest member of a surfing family. to eventually kite surfing got to be trending but i waited because it was still a bit risky at the beginning risky but the safety systems just weren't quite perfected yet about that kid and to say ok well wait a little and then he tested it and the year later on i gave it a try and. answer every now not says being a kite surfer. if i'm ever since. right and with that we were out for another show don't forget to follow us on social media for more on the program as always thanks for joining us we're seeing and tomorrow. next time on your i'm max. lying in storage at the bottom of the adriatic the navajos mysterium from creationists and even have enough in yards any juice for two
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years on the wane find out how this affects the flavor of picture me why. next time or a matter. of . law.
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kick off life football is a simple game football a simple game no not really a hard time controlling two majors a ball for ninety minutes and at the end mr mexico let's talk about even if there are a lot of the teams are how it's difficult to understand if we give you the answers every east will try. very hard enough on t.w. live i just wish double wave.
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the don't entice immigrant hire scheme for jurors or dealing with any and then i killed many civilians in the irish coming including my father while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself like this totally but suddenly life became alledge kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d.w. made for minds who are fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the art of war here's what's coming up. on t.w. oh they do still superhero on a mission to chapters smart women smart talks smart strange
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alleging this and by no means missed out on more increasingly dangerous stuff up close made from. germany state by state. the most colorful. the earliest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program on line w dot com highlights. from the first time. to tell our story of an incredible it's a whole new world to live in cyberspace straight lovesickness so you
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think of the best and sexual frustration. i still have to get most of these robot you know is this exploring new frontier in sex and love three. and twenty fifth w. m d. germany's coalition partners have held a man. agency talks over the future of the head of the domestic intelligence service hans-georg mohsen junior coalition partners the social democrats want muslim to go for his divisive comments about recent far right protests in kenya its but interior minister horst c. hoffa is backing mohsen coalition talks will continue next week. evacuations have begun in the northern philippines ahead of typhoon man court which is expected to.


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