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tv   Treasures of the World - Segovia - The Setting for Power Games Spain  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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the face that you take one to mean you know exactly what it is you put it into another plant to come out exactly where it's gone i think we will be able to provide enough food for people by twenty fifty if we can make crops the will grow under seventy arid conditions this will achieve a much greater stability in the food supply that we have at the moment.
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thank you thank you have the feeling that it can't be a real city or that it might be the work of a sculptor a fantasy in stone massive and self enclosed thus the dutch writers say is notable months ago via. or maybe it's the work of some inventive set designer the. might be a fairy tale castle or what disney's workshop in the heart of the city is the cathedral which the spanish philosopher ortega you got at like into a mystical transatlantic line. the setting of so gold rio is the high plateau of spain's castillian heartland the name of the city dates from
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roman times when it was an important military base. in the first century a.d. the emperor trajan commanded an aqueduct to be built. but how shall we take account of it all demand seems now to bone the slave engaged in building the aqueduct the centurion homesick for rome all the individual destinies compacted into a single line in the book of events linked in the invisible labyrinth of time. the aqueduct touch across a wide valley almost seven hundred thirty meters to bring precious water from the white on a mountains to say go via to this day the one hundred eighteen arches span that
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valley in the lower town the slaves who constructed it had to pile the granite blocks twenty nine meters high wanting at dizzying heights. can. doubtless it was slaves to who secured huge bronze lettering to the aqueduct for at one time it bore seventeen meter long inscription according to this the potter pottery a the father of the homeland looked after his subjects. the shining words proclaim the roman golden age beside them stood a statue of the emperor trajan who had expertly contrived that the aqueduct should serve as a kind of triumphal arch glorifying his might. centuries later the kings of cause steel felt that this war tryst express their majesty best they chose the hour qatar of sugo via proudly commanding the country below it as
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their favorite place of residence behind these walls and battlements important scenes of spanish history were enacted the youthful isabella of steel was one of those who like to soldier and here her husband ferdinand of aragon was on his travels when word reached her that her half brother henry the fourth had died in fourteen seventy four. she had always been a woman's with to act and now too she proceeded purposefully with a sound grasp of strategy she sees the advantage of the moment and lost no time at all. after the funeral mass she laid aside her mourning clothes donned ceremonial garb and hastened to the city suddenly the goal she had long aspired to was within her grasp.
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isabella chose the city's finest square for her dramatic appearance. on the clock on my your she had a day is built and there she had her self proclaimed queen it was not until some days later that her husband learned of it. henceforth ferdinand and isabella were the catholic monarchs of spain and that set the seal on the country's faithful union of church and state. the conclusion of isabella's speech left no room for doubt queen and proprietors of the kingdom isabella queen of cars steve. ferdinand her lawful spouse. on the thrones of the costly in chains replicas of which are displayed on the archive thought is embroider the motto tonto montana montana tonto me each right as
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high as the other they had agreed upon the words before a battle. but isabella the catholics or to it at the settlement of signal via went home early in her favor. with her new chapter in spanish history began ahead lay the brutal triumphs of re christianization under the sign of the cross and moorish conquerors were persecuted . the jews were driven out of their quarters through the san andreas gate and in jew course they were expelled from the whole of spain. thank.
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god. and your emperor charles the fifth the grandson of isabella the other. qatar became a battleground it proved the bastion of loyal monarchists in battled against the rebels of the city. at that time so go here was a wealthy city but charles the fifth had increased taxes and curtailed the rights of the peoples deputations. the plot the san martin was the impressive stage on which one brotherhood story was enacted one bravo from one of the years a lustrous aristocratic families took a stand against the new ordinances a memorial honors the son of the city. was
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. in fifteen twenty one bravo led the first modern revolution in spain perhaps indeed in all of europe he demanded lower taxes and greater freedom for the people's representatives bodies the rising began in signal via and soon spread to other cities bloody battles ensued and the rebellion was crushed. one bravo and seventy three other common narrow were decapitated in sigel via. the city's old cathedral was left in ruins by the fighting for years later charles
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the fifth commanded then a new and splendid place of worship be built. the old cloisters had survived and stone for star. when they were rebuilt in the new cathedral truly a superlative achievement. the refined lady amongst cathedrals so go be as is called and there are times when it earns the description. it's no kindly god who dwells in this place quite the contrary this is
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a fortress expressing power and oppression in this station building crammed with whited sanctity the lofty walls repel the seas now to bomb on the basket the drill one of the last of the buildings on spanish serial charles the cliff then the cathedral chapter evidently decided deliberately in favor of the gothic style at a time when the rest of europe was already building in the renaissance man. a symbol of the unity of church and state was what they required one that sent a visible message far and wide forces not to bomb the building as triumphalism maidstone. in the center of the city at its highest point the cathedral was and is a mighty majestic sight it stands close to where the jewish quarter once was. packed the architectural style is known as bellino after isabella the catholic.
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to go via has been on you know as goes world heritage list since one thousand nine hundred five two thousand years have gone into the making of a unique city a compact city as soon as not a bone puts it more than twenty romanesque church is a numerous monasteries and convents are among the city's legacy standing humbly in the shadow of the grand monumental buildings. one such as this little church love and a group the church of the true cross alfonso the eighth donated it to the mighty order of the knights templar and gratitude for helping battle.
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history did not repeat itself here cees nooteboom says of the go via it simply went on for a very long time history what happened you knew ration of particles so tiny that they're no longer measurable only the big rough facts remain tied to dates to buildings or memorials so you go vs full of stone symbols of this kind the monuments of power and a majestic sight to behold. take
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off like you from football it is a simple game football a simple game. not really cut complete two majors a ball for ninety minutes. to mr cox talk about people who come there a lot of the teams it's difficult to understand if we will give you the answers every step of. the next time. that i just wish double wave. the beatles legacy. becomes an illustrated journey through charcoal endless love everybody knows the facts. but two british graphic artists know them. they wrote
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their reluctance to. do lomax in a sixty minute. education is it your rights but not. the money to move to craig's students have been destroying the. whole between rebel held territory and had to be secured both of their children come in just one chance plus the boredom to get to the educational. today on. the being may nineteenth sixty it's an outcry echoed around the. young people the build against their cuts just the mention. demanded nothing less than
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a home mississauga. one mill struggling mother's love. lives of those airplanes to deliver the seeds of civil rights the peace movement women's movement for local plans during this period. nine hundred sixty of the global level. this week to double. game. of. football is a simple game the my stuff and the best legal and a key word sherwood. champions. how friends welcome to our show a my name is coming over there are i'm chris is where we look at sunday and yeah
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hey there you go out a president and i we gonna talk about the champions league today.


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