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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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you know. this is d.w. news live from berlin hurricane florence begins lashing the u.s. east coast and could continue for days authorities are warning of the slow moving storms torrential rains and storm surges will make for a lethal conditions even the florence and winds of the it is also coming up another powerful storm bears down on the northern philippines hundreds of thousands of people are being evacuated from coastal areas as residents prepare for a super typhoon. plus he wanted to help his family flee the war in syria
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t.w. goes to the un darian prison where often it is now serving seven years on charges of terrorism and you. and mary in evanston it's good to have you with us. the outer edges of hurricane florence have reached the u.s. east coast lashing coastal towns and states of north and south carolina with strong winds and heavy rain the hulking storm has weakened to a category one hurricane with maximum sustained winds at one hundred fifty kilometers per hour but it's florence's size that has forecasters worried as it pushes slowly inland more than six hundred kilometers across it could linger for days and about a meter of rain on vast areas and with the storm yet to even make landfall the
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region is already seeing signs of the flooding promise to come. the north carolina coastline was first to feel the impact of hurricane florence. asked the storm placed in its leading edge sent sea water searching through residential areas. tens of thousands are already without power will start he's predicting lethal conditions to come the worst of the storm is not yet here but these are the early warning of the days to come. surviving this storm will be a test. team work comments. some one point seven million people have been warned to evacuate in north and south carolina and virginia authorities remaining residents not to be food by news that
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winds was slowing as the storm approached land its huge size and slow pace mean potentially days of torrential rain ahead. the biggest concern right now is the risk of flooding because florence is a huge storm and it's slowing down and it's expected to stall as soon as it really properly hits land hits the u.s. coast meaning that it will dump its entire weight of water. and the agency response teams are bracing for deadly storm surges and catastrophic flooding. some ten million people are in florence this path. well a major storm is also imminent in the philippines evacuations are under way ahead of super typhoon which is set to make landfall on saturday the philippines weather bureau says the storm is nine hundred kilometers wide and is packing maximum sustained winds of well over two hundred kilometers per hour more than four million
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people live in its path. this satellite image leaves no room for doubt the super typhoon is packing a punch and it's heading straight for the northern philippines. coote typhoon looks set to be the most powerful of this year's pacific storm season if its path doesn't change it will make landfall in the northeastern province of an authorized user of a huge storm warnings across dozens of provinces in the north of the philippines more than four million people live in regions at risk from the storm some eight hundred thousand have been evacuated from their homes in areas most likely to be hit by heavy rains and winds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour. that i'm scared i think it is they said this is a very powerful typhoon more powerful than the recent monsoon rains that's why we're frightened. that. guy and province is a major rice and corn producing region and harvest season is just about to begin so
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typhoon money could hardly have come at a worse time. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world this hour u.s. president donald trump has disputed puerto rico's new official death toll from last september's hurricanes trump tweeted that democrats inflated the number to make him look bad last month authorities there raise the toll from sixty five to nearly three thousand based on a computer analysis of the death rate after the storms and the eighteen year old man has been killed by falling debris amid a series of gas explosions in the u.s. state of massachusetts dozens of blazes broke out in several towns north of boston injuring at least ten other people hundreds were evacuated from their homes investigators suspect an over a pressurized pipeline was to blame. well here in germany a dispute over the country's intelligence chief is straining the country's
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governing coalition germany's chancellor and key party leaders have held a crisis meeting aimed at resolving the fate of huns georg mohsen on the americans coalition partners the social democrats want mohsen to resign following controversial comments he made about recent far right protests in the city of chemists. could the president of germany's domestic intelligence agency bring down the government that's what the papers were asking social democrats a conservative had scaled mohsen must go if they could quit governing coalition of those but so anyone at the head of a security institution of our country has to be absolutely trustworthy it's obvious that this trust no longer exists so there must be consequences. musson is accused of improperly passing on sensitive information to germany's far right populist party the f d n a f d member told german media the data was contained in an
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unreleased government report. i mean them us and we spoke with mr marson about the report it wasn't available in printed form yet we talked about various numbers and figures such as right wing extremism left wing extremism and islamist threats. critics point to other instances where they say mohsin has favored the far right or been less than forthright about past conversations but for the time being his conservative boss interior minister horst say hoffa has backed the secret service had. so. i'd like to tell you that mr marson has my confidence as head of the office of the protection of the constitution. say hoffer and s.p.d. chairwoman andrea met for crisis talks with mikel on thursday but in the end it was only announced that talks will continue next tuesday perhaps giving masson time to decide to step down. well for more on this story let's bring in political
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correspondent but aren't. so despite all of this controversy surrounding mohsen leading members of chancellor merkel's coalition met for nearly two hours yesterday and still could not agree on his fate what does this tell us. well the problem is the continuing tensions within are going to mco its coalition on the one hand she is dealing with the social democrats who invent fact have escalated the series to situation and provoked this crisis by demanding that. the chief of the domestic intelligence service should be fired on the other hand she deals with her. sister party from bavaria the c.s.u. leader of the sea is she was also the interior minister and. direct boss in other words if. the intelligence chief were to be fired the interior minister would have to do that he has refused to do it he has said he continues to support him as we
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have just seen in the clip so if it is to be forced out of office either has to decide to do that then she also has the interior minister all some other solution has to be formed at the moment people are saying there is a possibility that mohsen could be persuaded to resign on his own accord that is probably what's going to happen in the next few days that the pressure on him is going to be raised and yet to earlier this week mohsin was grilled by two parliamentary committees and he defended his stance how did he explain himself. well for that we have to go back to the situation in kenya that's in east germany where a german citizen was killed presumably by an asylum seeker by a migrant and a video emerged during the discussions after that there were a lot a lot of protests thousands of people went on the streets and there were allegations that people who were foreign looking were being chased by right wingers
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by extremists by nazis a video emerged showing such scenes and an intelligence chief who obviously being intelligence chief is regarded to someone who knows what the facts in fact are he said that this video was not authentic that in fact was not true it was authentic and he said well in the end the video was distributed by an extremist left wing group and as a result he had to start a process authenticity and he continues to say that he would have said these things even even now even after all the criticism he remained completely on moved by the criticism in fact on the other hand the social democrats then accused him of promoting the kind of story about this situation of the right wing as well showing sympathy for right wing politics himself. political correspondent hands but many thanks indeed you're watching d.w.
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needs still to come. he says he was helping his family leave the war in syria then how did this man end up in a hung jury in prison we'll have the story coming up a bit later in the program. now three years ago world leaders made a commitment to eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere by twenty thirty but a new report just published by the overseas development institute warns that despite this pledge four hundred million people will still be living in extreme poverty by that year a person is considered to be an extreme poverty if he or she lives on less than one u.s. dollar and ninety cents a day extreme poverty totals have declined globally from eight hundred million five years ago to an estimated six hundred ten million today but in africa poverty is on the rise the continent is already hardest hit with africans accounting for about
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two thirds of the total number of people living in extreme poverty. funny for char reports from nigeria the country with the world's highest rate of extreme poverty. a lot of poverty we are passing by people who live in inhumane surroundings need to tour seen one family they were evicted from their heart just like pence of thousands of others in recent years in lagos bus col a father of five was already poor before the eviction but he says at least he had a life we heard about now we don't have a now no real house no fishing no business during the day we can stay here to prepare one meal but at night we have to sleep outside in the rain this is something no human being should experience. today smeal tomato soup and this part of a must few to several families in the neighborhood. this is just one family an
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estimated eighty seven million people that's roughly half of nigeria's population are thought to be living on less than one dollar ninety cents per day nigeria has overtaken india as the country with the largest number of people living in extreme poverty. but. these young men and women are newly minted volunteers in their slums they are being trained how to let others know what kinds of prized a half before the are evicted the ultimate goal is to stop extreme poverty from spreading i want to change the poverty level in my community and provides eleven. that means knowing how to mobilize other people so that lawmakers do their job and solve the deteriorating situation in. magen chapman founded the justice and empowerment initiative five years ago she says eviction creates more extreme
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poverty unfortunately the government is not working with those people hand in hand to eradicate poverty and help them to find a solution to their situation instead the government is putting in place policies. actually criminalize the livelihoods of the urban poor and demolish and destroy their homes the government wants to turn waterfront slums into attractive property it's a must be shut down because a breeding ground for crime and home full to the environment but for hurtful flavius residents on the brink of extreme poverty the slums for better or for worse their home well in two thousand and fifteen more than one million migrants entered europe from the middle east and north africa many were from syria iraq and afghanistan seeking to escape war and poverty plaguing their homelands many asylum seekers followed this route north as they made their way into europe but hungary
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took a hard line stance authorities there built a fence along the southern border and imprisoned many migrants who managed to cross it. d.w. has spoken to one man who says he tried to help his family reach germany only to end up in hungary in jail i mean s.-e. reports. one of hungary's best known prisoners is waiting to meet me in this budapest prison. to the government he's a dangerous terrorist others say he's a political prisoner. othman tells me he does not know why he's here. and never understand what homecoming birdsong. was one what do you think of when you think of terrorism what does terrorism mean to you. to listen who at least minimal make won't kill me. he has hatred for other people to lead on this is because he has he has to do something from paper one of the four who
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won. it is syrian but is lived for several years in cyprus with his cypriot wife in two thousand and fifteen he set out to help those parents and his brother's family flee to europe. they arrived at the hunger in border the day after it was closed they were blocked along with hundreds of other refugees who lack basic necessities protests broke out. tried to translate between the police and the protesters. but i. but when communication broke down she joined in throwing rocks. and had planned to return to his family in cyprus but never made it home he was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison these people are not peaceful they
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are not simply want to go through hungary big area danger and that they should use a very clear and present that's up to date the court ruled that the intent to coerce police with violence is an act of terror. within the context what happened at the border but we do not think we. about what crime it cost to swing a couple of rocks. even if it's not the right thing to do in the situation through a show like this. is not. what covers terrorism in a statement to d.w. the hungary and government defended the decision of the court writing there has been a campaign lasting over a year including the involvement of the international press to prove that ahmed age is an innocent man. hungary will continue to protect its borders will defend its christian culture and its right to reject immigration. after man feels he is a victim of politics. my friend who can my doing these think i want to ask you one
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question you want americans and america they do these. young. this prison has been home for off middle age for nearly three years he says his only plan for when he gets out is to see his family once again. his parents and brother's family live in germany now as refugees. they were able to take an alternate route through europe to apply for asylum. when i mean wife is visiting with their daughters from cyprus she has been struggling to understand why hungary singled out her husband for punishment how come. i am you know how can you prove that you have by putting someone in the jail by saying he's a. one ahmed was arrested his daughters were four and six. when he sees them again he will be eleven and thirteen if his sentence is not reduced.
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time for some business news with monika and there's a big anniversary for the global financial war it is it's not one to celebrate necessarily marianna because this weekend marks the tenth anniversary of the bankruptcy of u.s. investment bank lehman brothers an event of course that sent shock waves around the world and it also sent everyone from sanish property owners to american investors running for cover the most immediate impact was felt by lehman brothers employees twenty five thousand of them found themselves out of work overnight the bank was a giant the fourth biggest investment bank in the world sport's not too big to fail lehman become so deeply involved in mortgage origination that it had effectively become a real estate hedge fund disguised as an investment bank and washington was willing to save the bank remember this remains the largest bankruptcy filing in u.s. history and that right up to today. my colleague last
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hired to sneak in to talk with us a little bit about that event because you spent several years of course in new york as our wall street correspondent and you have firsthand experience of what it was like that today when lehman brothers collapsed tell us about that well monica was really interesting times generally not only the day times had been tense for a while and wall street because you got to remember after two thousand one wall street had become pretty confident strong gains banks were strong real estate was strong and then just around two thousand and eight the real estate bubble burst and suddenly banks had losses things didn't look so rosy anymore and then with the bankruptcy on of f. morning on september fifteenth in two thousand and eight people really suddenly realized there was a huge problem because it was also not only lehman brothers this was of course a jihad to be bailed out merrill lynch had gone under morgan stanley was suddenly gone and people who learned about what was really going on on wall street as well
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there was fraud there was a prime mortgages and the banks were suddenly real evil doers culprits of major crisis and i think it was in that time that a large part of the country to turn against wall street so this was really an interesting time on wall street because the mood really changed with the bankruptcy of lehman brothers so with with with a lot of people turning against wall street i should also imagine it must have been a challenging time to work there as a market correspondents and thank you so much for telling us all this and of course the fact that the banks back then were strong is something that we see today as well in the aftermath of the lehman brothers collapse and the subsequent global financial crisis that then you as a ministration implemented measures known as the dot frank wall street reform and consumer protection act it was signed into law by former us president barack obama in july two thousand and ten since may two thousand and eighteen many features of
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those regulations scrapped. how much adversity can a bank withstand that's the question stress tests were designed to answer they were a key feature of the dodd frank act which was signed into law in two thousand and ten each year the federal reserve assesses how a banks can cope with unfavorable economic scenario like a stock market crash or a long term recession. a financial institution that fails is required to increase its capital reserves. u.s. president donald trump has long been a critic of dodd frank he maintains that the regulation goes too far these reforms are back in may he scrap some of the rules for small and medium lenders the legislation i'm signing today rolls back the crippling dodd frank regulations that are crushing community banks and credit unions nationwide they were in such trouble one size fits all those rules just don't work. before trump's rollback
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all banks that had fifty billion dollars of capital had to take part in stress tests under the new measure only banks that have two hundred fifty billion dollars or more are subject to the tests but many on wall street want the deregulation to go further they want more flexibility and in other words the freedom to take more risks critics say easing restrictions on banks could prompt the next financial crisis. now more flexibility more lending more risks well which been there before back in two thousand and seven the subprime mortgage crisis came to a head in the u.s. so let's take a moment and look back at the events that led to the financial crisis. mortgages seemingly for anybody who wanted one. many u.s.
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banks seemed willing to lend to anyone regardless of whether they had the means to repay those loans things came to a head in the spring of two thousand and seven when record numbers of people defaulted on those loans. at the beginning of april new century a real estate investment trust filed for bankruptcy it had been a major issue or of subprime mortgages. next to face the music was german corporate bank i k b on july twenty seventh after running into funding problems it received a bailout from the german state development bank k f w. then on august ninth the mortgage crisis hit financial markets as more people defaulted on their loans banks and investors began losing money banks lost trust in each other worried that they wouldn't get their money back this fear was reflected in a rise in interbank lending rates. on the twenty first of january two thousand and
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eight germany's stock exchange lost seven percent in value the biggest drop since nine eleven in the days afterwards the u.s. fed lowered interest rates again. two months later on march sixteenth bear stearns was bought by rival j.p. morgan with cash barred from the fed it had been the fifth largest investment bank in the united states. on september sixth the federal takeover of u.s. government sponsored mortgage lenders fannie mae and freddie mac. . a little over a week later another blow when u.s. investment bank lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy. the u.s. government chose not to step in. stocks around the world crashed as banks lost even more confidence in each other. the following month german chancellor angela merkel and then finance minister patched on book had this message for savers. bizarre
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telling savers that their deposits are safe the shows and an attempt to avoid a run on the banks of. what began as a us subprime mortgage crisis soon had an effect on the global economy trade slowed down dramatically the result in the year two thousand and nine the us economy contracted by almost three percent and the german economy shrunk by five percent. well back to the present time now and the c.e.o. of amazon jeff bezos on his wife mackenzie basis have launched a two billion dollar fund for charity it will help homeless families and create a network of kindergartens in the low income communities bezos is among the world's richest people his net worth has risen by more than sixty billion dollars this year alone a founder of amazon faces criticism many feel that his company exploits its workers and paste them poorly he says has now joined the list of wealthy individuals
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contributing huge amounts of money to charities. it was the car that's defined a generation and one of germany's most iconic brands but now the venerable reed w.b. tells time is coming to an end fox has announced it will halt production of the beetle in twenty nineteen bringing an end to the cost seventeen via history but it's not all bad news for people fans will be used to more editions of the cult before the beetle rides off into the sunset. it was news coming to you live from berlin at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the club. on our website that is d. w. dot com thanks she. stood.
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up. more intrigue on international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week with a model for example of the syrian conflict quickly moving into what some call it entertaining but of course the cost of human life and what happens after an aside victory those are the questions we'll be asking the hard to reach out to. quadriga next d.w. . shake off life. football is
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a simple game football a simple game now not really kamakura two majors a ball for ninety minutes and at the end mr chicago let's talk about people in the tsunami a lot of the. time it's difficult to understand if we give you the answers at least we'll try. for sixty minutes on t.w. live i just wish double wave. some other. time doing that is just silly. north korea incredible it's a whole new world. concern for strangers in the street. it's a new era of sexuality and. relaxation is beefing up the. sexual
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frustration too much i still have to get used to these robots no one is just exploring the new frontier in sex and love or to. cut on september twenty fifth on g.w. . cut. after seven years of fighting that have left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced the devastating conflict in syria appears to be moving toward a decisive battle russian and syrian warplanes have been bombarding the outskirts of it live in northwestern syria the last remaining rebel stronghold over three million people are trapped in the city this week the united nations warned of an impending humanitarian.


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