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tv   Treasures of the World - Tai - The Last Jungle Ivory Coast  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2018 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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let's. go into the environment magazine. on d w.
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national park three thousand five hundred square kilometers in the western part of the ivory coast. these ivorians are going to show us that. what they call their forest belongs in a way to all of us and that's why you know scott has declared it a world heritage site as a last remnant of the great jungle that once covered all of west africa. through the tiny national park from the reddish brown waters of the river hunted by the time it gets the water has passed through miles of plantations absorbing all the fertilizers and other chemicals involved in modern agriculture the national park acts like a felt. i've
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. it's the rainy season and the temperature is thirty five degrees celsius relative humidity is ninety seven percent and not of the water is taken up by the trees the trees return to the atmosphere and the wind carries it off to the north to the cyan
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. but the tiny unknown cannot provide this vast area of savannah with rain rain for neighboring money has declined drastically since forest clearing began in the ivory coast. the forests of the tiny national park have also shrunk a lot and much has changed in the surrounding villages the villages still have their forest but they can no longer live from it some of the puck ranges approaches turned gang people. in the hot humid rain forest has adjoining their instruments in preparation for the jungle concert the average always begun by just three or four individuals each insect has a pair of membranes on its abdomen which can vibrate making
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a loud high pitched drone. these early on and planning plants which use the trunks of trees to grow up to the light once they reach the treetops they grow back down again in free fall it stands on hot and woody no swinging from tree to tree on these. two biologists the tiny is a dense rain forest with jungle comes. the other choice begun by just three or four individuals each insect has a pair of membranes on its abdomen which can vibrate making a loud high pitched drone. these are liana's climbing plants which use the trunks of trees to grow up to the light once they reach the tree tops they grow back down again in free fall stems harder woody know swinging from tree to tree on these.
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two biologists the tiny is a dense rain forest with a relatively small number of species the few large mammals here are rarely seen but they do leave tracks footprints like this where a rare pygmy hippopotamuses crossed the path. searching them out for cracks the last big mayhap as any survived because they were so shy that even the most patient poachers couldn't find them. they haven't yet learned to trust the cease fire that's come with national park status line entry on you tube biologists gamekeeper's and velvet tourists. the tiny is not some primeval forest playground for adventurers it can manage perfectly well without human beings and even takes preventive measures in self-defense.
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senses must be alert in the forest you sniff the air taste it listen proceed cautiously and stop to listen again. even a moment's distraction a glance down to check for giant ants or scorpions can result in injury by a falling branch. straight past the animals you came to see. how wonderful if we could pick the animals into coming. this cool imitates. phantom had but it seems there are none are around to. suddenly the radio crackles out a summons chimpanzee sighted one kilometer to the northwest quickly quickly but
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quietly get to where they are but then stops to sight and creep up. and at the end you might get a glimpse of a black hairy arm breaking up and the right food or a doctor to get through the undergrowth and that's it those with a chimpanzee. that's the way it is in the dense rain forest and that's the way it should be too to see more like this you really need a lot of luck or an enclosed area. maybe someday they can pansies in the tyee will get used to the tourists or maybe we're human beings will learn to see our similarity risk relatives the way they used to sticks and stones to get food all the way to go hunting together.
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the chimps often prey on the red cannabis monkeys so they make sure to stay at a safe distance up in the trees. it's evening in the camp and the palm wine is flaring the party is used to celebrate a successful kill nowadays there's one when someone cited a group of chimpanzees when the old woman of the mountain a mythical figure and protector of the area demands another sacrifice of gods and
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pound one. party time for some but for others it's time to start rap at night the biologists in the far east change shifts a new one takes a look around with his night vision equipment things got black mammals a cold city and man comes from a substance they secrete which is used in perth eons this one's out hunting or maybe looking for berries signs of animals everywhere but like most forest dwellers snakes stand off and show themselves directly these half written clues point to a richness which is only revealed to the end that observer. attorney is a rain forest with relatively few species even so botanists of contracts the two
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hundred species of plants alone but there aren't many plants with bright flower the splashes of color are an exception found me out for my human settlements. these tracks on the mansion in oak wake up from a nap and nothing that nap at eight was a column as monkey and experienced scott can read a book. the smoke on the horizon is a telltale sign of slash and burn forest clearing just outside the boundaries of the national park files were once natural occurrences and accepted by the forest. where once a part of the ecosystem but the rain forest has been so much reduced by banning and clearing that it can hardly tolerate any more human activity.
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in the interests of future generations and out of respect for the natural way out it's vital to preserve what's left of the forest it's self sufficient it doesn't need people but it can tolerate a small number of visitors the kind you just look and listen without destroying the kind you don't make that presence felt too much to pass through with respect and all people carrying cameras but not chainsaws or guns and whether tourists at least they'll be no pictures.
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the great primeval rain forest has been damaged and reduced beyond japan the tiny is now one of the last remaining jungles in west africa. pleasaunce five. philip ca is one of the world's most successful d.j.'s.
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and our special this week we meet him backstage. qatada should i meant him and ahmed are not in your mind and even though. public school. there is an unusual treasure at the bottom of the into the attic scene. off the coast of croatia there and for us may contain wine that ages for about two years the customers then retrieve the wine themselves. so what makes this exclusive beverage so special. you're over. sixty minutes on d w.
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hello and welcome to our pop exports special. this week's show was all about german d.j. and producer felix yam we show this electro pop superstar up close and personal rock out with him on.


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